Merchant and Navy Ship events
1919 - 1938

5/1 1919

GLADYS. Off No 98824. Built 1891 for Charles Hill , Bristol. 1897. Shaw Savill & Co., Bristol. No name change. 1912. Taital Shipping Co. ( Cheney ,Eggar & Forrester , managers), Bristol. 1918  GAPER SHELL.(name as recorded) Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co., London.  Converted to motor tanker. 1919. 5th January. Wrecked on Matamede Island , near Angoche, while on passage Singapore to Beira with a cargo of benzine and kerosene.

16/1 1919 U.S.S. Lake Erie (N. O. T. S.), gross 1,948 tons; In collision with British steamship Hazel Branch and sank off Lavernock, 5 miles from Cardiff, Wales; salvaged; no casualties.
29/1 1919 U.S.S. Piave (N. O. T. S.), gross 6,868 tons; grounded and sunk off the English coast near Eastleigh, about 200 yards east of Gull lightship in the Dover Straits; no casualties.
8/2 1919

French dreadnoughts VERGNIAUD and MIRABEAU took part in unsuccessful fights off Sevastopol against the Bolsheviks. MIRABEAU stranded in a snowstorm on the Crimean coast near that port. She was refloated in April after removal of the forward 305 mm turret and side armour and towed to Toulon by JUSTICE.

German submarine U-16 foundered in the North Sea en route to surrender.

10/2 1919

German submarine UC-91 lost by accident in the North Sea, en route to surrender.

20/2 1919

German submarine UC-71 sunk by accident in the North Sea, en route to surrender.

21/2 1919

German submarine UC-40 sunk by accident in the North Sea, en route to surrender.

23/2 1919

Launching of USS Osmond Ingram (DD-255), first Navy ship named for an enlisted man.

U.S.S. Sixaola (N. O. T. S.), gross 5,017 tons; caught fire and partially sank at pier at Hoboken, New Jersey; towed to shipyard; 2 killed. [SS Sixaola was used as a passenger ship in WWII and was torpedoed and sunk June 12, 1942 in the Caribbean.


5/3 1919 French sloop KERSAINT was lost by stranding on a reef at Tahiti.
6/3 1919

Cameo. Lugger. Destroyed in a storm at Darwin.

Lone Hand. Government launch. Destroyed in a storm at Darwin.

Maggie. Schooner. Destroyed in a storm at Darwin.

7/3 1919

The Norwegian monitor Thor stranded on the SW of Hoftøya outside Verdens Ende in Vestfold county during a storm. Thor was being towed, but the cable broke and the vessel stranded on the island and sank later on. The crew of two men lost their lives in this accident.

14/3 1919

Steamship Yselhaven, gross 3,557 tons; sunk by mine off coast of Scotland, 20 miles off Coquet Island; 10 killed.

19/3 1919

Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstads AB, Sweden laid down yard.no: 198 a general cargo steamer of 1.860 brt. Ordered by Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Goteborg.

2/4 1919 Thorskogs Mek. Verkstad, Lodose, Sweden launch BIRGER a icebreaking tug ordered of Goteborgs Bogserings AB.
4/4 1919

Sölvesborgs Varvs- och Rederi AB, Sweden laid down yard no: 5, a schooner, ordered by O.A.Assarson, Hven.

15/4 1919 Varvs- & Rederi AB Brage, Norrkoping, Sweden laid down a Aux. schooner build by oak/pine of 214 grt.
28/4 1919 U.S.S. Piave (N. O. T. S.), gross 6,868 tons; grounded and sunk off the English coast near Eastleigh, about 200 yards east of Gull lightship in the Dover Straits; no casualties.

U.S.S. Gypsum Queen (S. P. No. 430), gross 361 tons; struck a rock, blew up and sank, while rounding Armen Light, France; 16 killed.

?/5 1919

AB Sandvikens Skeppsdocka & Mek. Verkstad, Helsinki, Finaland Laid down general cargo steamer RIGEL ordered by Lovisa Vesijärvi Järnvägs AB, Finland.

2/5 1919

U.S. subchaser No. 58, displacement 77 tons; burned by a gasoline explosion at Charleston, S. C.; total loss; commanding officer slightly burned.

5/5 1919 U.S. subchaser No. 343, displacement 77 tons; sunk by an explosion setting the vessel afire, while moored inside the breakwater in His Majesty's dockyard at Ireland Island, Bermuda; one killed, five wounded.
8/5 1919

Gotaverken AB, Goteborg, Sweden, launch motorvessel STUREHOLM ordered by Svenska Amerika Mexico Linien, Goteborg, Sweden.

Gotaverken AB, Goteborg launch steamer WARGON ordered by Wargons AB, Sweden.

19/5 1919

A/S Kobenhavns Flydedok og Skibsværft, Copenhagen sign a contract with D/S Torm on building a steamer of 1.740 grt. Yard. no: 149.

20/5 1919

Steamship Lake Placid, gross 2,535 tons; sunk by a mine 20 miles off Vinga Light, near Gothenburgh, Sweden; no casualties.

21/5 1919

Bolshevik destroyer MOSKVITYANIN (1906, 570t, 2-11pdr, 3tt). The Bolsheviks organise a naval force including old destroyers transferred from the Baltic for operations on the inland Caspian Sea. In action against an improvised British Caspian Flotilla armed with 4in and 6in guns to the northeast off Alexandrovsk, several Russian ships are sunk including the 'Moskvityanin'.

4/6 1919

British submarine L.55 (1918, 960t, 6-21in tt, 2-4in). With the British Baltic Squadron blockading the Bolshevik naval base of Kronstadt on Kotlin Island laying off Petrograd, warships on both sides are lost. On the 4th (some accounts say the 9th) L-55 is in action with Russian patrols and sunk by the gunfire of destroyers Azard and Gavriil. She is later raised and commissioned into the Soviet Navy as L-55.

11/6 1919

Steamship Yankee, gross 2,418 tons; sank in collision with Italian steamship Argentina off Fire Island, N. Y.; no casualties.

14/6 1919

U.S.S. Patrol No. 7 (S P. No. 31, motor boat), sunk while in tow of U. S. subchaser 241 and tied up to U.S.S. Yoho (S. P. No. 463) between Scituate, Massachusetts, and Minot's Ledge about 15 miles southeast of Boston Light Vessel, Massachusetts; later raised and sold; no casualties.

16/6 1919

Bolshevik light cruiser OLEG (1904, 6,600t, 16-5.1in). British light forces based on the north side of the Gulf of Finland in Finnish waters sail to attack Kronstadt. Evading the protecting destroyer screen, coastal motor boat CMB-4 (Lt Agar) armed with a single 14 in torpedo, sinks the anchored Oleg during the night of the 16th/17th, but most of her crew are saved. CMB-4 escapes safely under heavy fire.

21/6 1919 British minesweeper SWORD DANCE (1918, 290t, 1-6pdr). As Allied operations continue against the Bolsheviks on the Dvina River, south of Archangel, the shallow-draught 'Sword Dance' is sunk by Russian mines.
26/6 1919

Destroyer USS Tattnall commissioned.

27/6 1919

Destroyer USS Bailey commissioned.

28/6 1919

Cruiser USS Capetown launched.

Destroyer USS Noa launched.

Submarine USS R-10 launched.

Destroyer USS Osmond Ingram commissioned.

30/6 1919

Bergsunds Mek. Verkstad AB, Stockholm, Sweden laid down a stemer of 801 grt. Ordered by av Norrtelje Rederi AB, Sweden.

Destroyers USS Bancroft & J Fred Talbott commissioned

?/7 1919

AB Svenska Maritimverken, Trelleborg, Sweden Laid down a stemer of 1.100 grt. Ordered by Erling Lund, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway.

AB Oresundsvarvet, Landskrona, Sweden laid down a turbine steamer of 2.280 grt. Ordered by Oversoiske Compagni, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1/7 1919 British submarine HMS L-23 launched.
2/7 1919 British submarine USS S-39 launched.

British destroyer HMS Stronghold commissioned.

3/7 1919

British minesweeper FANDANGO (1918, 290t, 1-6pdr). In operations on the Dvina River, mined and sunk. Sister ship Sword Dance lost a few days before.

Destroyer USS Shubrick commissioned.

12/7 1919

U.S.S. Richard Buckley (trawler, British owned), displacement 550 tons; sunk by a mine near Shetland Islands; 7 killed; 2 wounded.

16/7 1919

British fleet sweeping sloops GENTIAN and MYRTLE (both 1916, 1,250t, 2-4.7in). With the Bolshevik bases defended by dense minefields, two more British ships are lost on mines in the Gulf of Finland.

19/7 1919

AB Oresundsvarvet, Landskrona, Sweden laid down a turbine steamer of 1.778 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Fredrika, Kramfors, Sweden.

30/7 1919

U. S. S. G-2, submarine; accidentally sank near New London, Connecticut; 3 killed.

5/8 1919

Trosvik Mek. Verksted A/S, Brevik, Norway laid down yard no:9 a 600 grt motor vessel ordered by Skeppsredare Haraldsen, Skien, Norway.

9/8 1919

AB Oresundsvarvet, Landskrona, Swedenlaid down a turbine steamer of 2.325 grt. Ordered by  Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden.

U. S. subchaser No. 184, displacement 77 tons; rammed and badly damaged by an unnamed Merchants & Miners Steamship Co. steamer in fifth naval district, Norfolk, Virginia; no casualties.

17 - 18/8 1919

Attack on Kronstadt Naval Base - Late on the 17th, eight British 55ft type Coastal Motor Boats led by Cdr Claude Dobson in 'CMB-31' head out of the Finnish base of Bjorko Sound only 30 miles from Russia's main naval port. Supported by RAF bombing raids, they break into the inner harbour in the early morning. Cdr Dobson directs the boats headed by CMB's '31', '79' and '88'. Lt Agar VC in 'CMB-4' remains outside on guard. As the attacks develop, old armoured cruiser 'PAMIAT AZOVA' (1890, 6,000t) serving as submarine depot ship Dvina is hit by 'CMB-79' and sunk. In the rapidly moving action, 'CMB-79' (1917, 11t, 1 or 2-18in torpedoes) is then lost. The commanding officer of 'CMB-88' is killed and Lt Steele, second-in-command takes over and presses on. Accounts vary, but both Dobson's 'CMB-31' and Steele's 'CMB-88' appear to have made one hit each on the two biggest ships. Dreadnought 'PETROPAVLOSK' (1914, 24,000t, 12-12in) sinks in shallow water and is salvaged later, and pre-dreadnought Andrei PervozWannI (1908, 17,400t, 4-12in) seriously damaged. The British boats fail to hit the Russian guardship, destroyer Gavriil which sinks two more of the attackers ('CMB-24' and 'CMB-62' or 'CMB-67' - accounts vary). The surviving five boats escape.

25/8 1919

HMS Pegasus accidentally blows up alongside HMS Glowworm in Bereznili, Archangel-Obozerskaya area of North Russia.

26/8 1919

AB Oresundsvarvet, Landskrona Sweden laid down a turbine steamer of 4.575 grt. Ordered by Oversoiske Compagni, Copenhagen, Denmark.

31/8 1919

Swedish steamer PEKING owned by Angfartygs AB Svenska Ostasiatiska Kompaniet, Goteborg departured Karatsu, Japan for Port Said, and not heard of after this date and is belived to be sunk with all crew. The steamer was build by Burmeister & Wain 1908, 3.506 grt.

?/9 1919

AB Sandvikens Skeppsdocka & Mek. Verkstad, Helsinki, Finland launch steamer RIGEL ordered by Lovisa Vesijärvi Järnvägs AB, Finland.

1/9 1919

British destroyer VITTORIA (1,100t, 4-4in, 4-21in tt). Two recently completed 'V' class destroyers of the Royal Navy are sunk within a few days of each other in the Gulf of Finland. On the night of the 1st, Vittoria is torpedoed by Bolshevik submarine Pantera off Seiskari Island some miles to the west of Kronstadt.

4/9 1919

U. S. subchaser No. 38, displacement 77 tons; damaged by mine explosion in North Sea; salvaged, no casualties.

British destroyer VERULAM (1,100t, 4-4in, 4-21in tt).- northern Baltic, Gulf of Finland off Seiskari (or Seskaer) Island - Russian mines. One source dates her loss on the night of the 3rd

8/9 1919

Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstads AB, Goteborg, Sweden laid down yard.no: 195 a steamer of 671 grt. Ordered by Hugo Silvén, Saffle, Sweden.

10/9 1919

Helsingborgs Varvs AB, Helsingborg, Sweden laid down a steamer of 1.043 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Nordsjon, Goteborg, Sweden.

U.S.S. Katherine K (S. P. No. 220), gross 14 tons; wrecked near Key West, Florida; later sold; no casualties.

U.S.S. Mary Pope (S. P. No. 291, motor boat), gross 13 tons; wrecked; no casualties.

11/9 1919

BAYRONTO a British steamer which was abandoned and which then foundered during a hurricane off Key West. All passengers were saved.

16/9 1919

Steamship West Arvada, gross 6,044 tons; sunk by mine 16 miles north of Terschelling Light, Holland; 1 killed.

British monitors M-25 and M-27 (both 1915, 540t, 1-9.2in). The Allies have decided to withdraw from northern Russia. As the evacuation gets underway, M-25 and M-27 of the White Sea Squadron have to be abandoned when the Dvina River water level falls. They are blown up to prevent capture by the Bolsheviks.

17/9 1919

Bergsunds Mek. Verkstad AB, Stockholm, Sweden sign a contract of a icebreking steamtug of 51 grt. Ordered by AB W. Gutzeit, Helsinki, Finland.

25/9 1919

Swedish barque SUSANNE, Goteborg, departured New Orleans for Avonmouth, Bristol channel with a cargo of pitchpine. The ship have not been heard of after this date and is belived to be lost with all crew. Build at Norway 1892, 512 grt, owned by Transoceana Rederi AB, Goteborg. The ship had a crew of eleven men. Master Erik Franke, Oskarshamn.

U. S. subchaser No. 95, displacement 77 tons; struck mine; salvaged; no casualties.

11/10 1919

Joh. E. Olssons Skeppsvarv, Falkenberg, Sweden launch MARGIT, a 130 grt. Sailship of oak. Ordered by Chr. Hviid-Nilsen, Halmstad, Sweden.

Keel laid at Oskarshamns Mek. Verkstads & Skeppsdockas AB of bn: 262, a cargo steamer of 2.160 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg.

15/10 1919

Keel laid at Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstads AB of a cargo steamer of 1.816 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg.

18/10 1919

The English submarine H-41 sinks while alongside a depot ship at Blyth after being holed by the propeller of the destroyer HMS Vulcan.  Salvaged and scrapped.

19/10 1919

The steamship Roma went down at Hestholmen, Norway during a journey from Bergen to Sarpsborg with a crew of thirteen men. In Vatlestraumen Roma gets in to heavy current and is stuck on Hestholmen, and short time afterwards the vessel start to take in water. Some hours later Roma disappears in the deep despite the crews attempts to keep the vessel afloat. The crew thereafter rows in to Bergen and reports that Roma has sunken in deep waters.

21/10 1919

Russian destroyers GAVRIIL, KONSTANTIN and VLADIMIR (1916/17, 1,260t, 4-4in, 9-18in tt). As four Russian destroyers of the same class escape from the Bolsheviks, three are lost in a British minefield off Kronstadt in the Gulf of Finland with heavy casualties. Only Azard escapes. The ships were to be handed over to the Royal Navy.

22/10 1919

U.S.S. Tecumseh (ex-Edward Luckenbach) tug, displacement, 221 tons; sank at the navy yard wharf at Washington, D. C.; raised and salvaged; none killed; 3 wounded.

25/10 1919

Submarine HMS H-50 launched.

28/10 1919

Destroyer USS Sands launched.

Trawler HMCS Armentieres paid off.

30/10 1919

Destroyer USS Schenk commissioned.

31/10 1919

Destroyer USS Broome commissioned.

1/11 1919

U. S. subchaser No. 256, displacement 77 tons; sunk by gasoline explosion; no casualties.

11/11 1919

AB Öresundsvarvet, Landskrona sign a contract on a turbine steamer of 3.313 grt. Ordered by D/S A/S Ada, Kragerö, Norway.

13/11 1919

Steamship Council Bluffs, 2,450 grt, sunk by mine in Irish Sea, no casualties

15/11 1919

Swedish passenger steamer PAMPUS (144 grt / 1877) Grounded between Landsort and Södertälje when on a voyage Goteborg – Stockholm. Later refloated, towed to Stockholm and broken up.

16/11 1919

Oskarshamns Mek. Verkstads & Skeppsdockas AB, keel laid of a steamer of 2.217 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg.

18/11 1919

The barque Pallas ended her days on Stalsberget on the south side of Jeløya outside Moss city. The barque was on a journey from Leith in Scotland to Kristiania ( Oslo ) with a cargo of 830 tons of coal. Pallas laid in Scottland in the beginning of November and the barque were short of two men since it was quite hard to find crew in the time after the world war one. The night before the accident heavy winds and snow fall appeared and with heavy thoughts of all the mines that still were floating around in the North sea and the coastline of southern Norway after the war they had enough to think about on the journey to Norway. The night of destiny it came bad weather along the coast and heavy wind and snow made the condition difficult for the ships out in the sea. The weather conditions was getting worse during the evening and the snow made the visibility like zero, and at four o'clock in the morning Pallas stranded on Sauetogrunne outside Stalsberget. The sea flowed in through the starboard side of the barque and it was soon after ordered that the crew should get into the lifeboats. The lifeboats with the captain and his crew drifted up the fjord and they came to land first at ten o'clock in the morning. In the weeks that followed the cargo and other inventory and equipment were rescued from the wreck, which thereafter ended up as a total wreck near land on Stalsberget.

20/11 1919

Oskarshamns Mek. Verkstads & Skeppsdockas AB launch bn: 262 BERNICIA a steamer of 2.172 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg.

22/11 1919

Limhamns Skeppsvarv AB launch BRETAGNE a steamer of 1.403 grt. Ordered by A/S Færder, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway.

?/12 1919 Lundby Mek. Verkstad, Goteborg deliver steam tug VIKING II to Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg.
?/12 1919

Schooner MARGRETHE of Stockholm, Master: Isberg, stranded at Skagen a few hundred meter from the ports breakwater and was a total wreck. The crew was saved.

1/12 1919

Steamship Kerwood gross 3,651 tons; sunk by mine in Irish Sea; no casualties.

3/12 1919

Varvs- & Rederi AB Brage, Norrkoping launch BRITTA, a motor schooner build by oak and pine of 214 grt.

5/12 1919

Steamship Liberty Glo, gross 5,763 tons; struck by mine, 10 miles west by north of Terschelling, Holland; salvaged; no casualties.

9/12 1919

Oskarshamns Mek. Verkstads & Skeppsdockas AB launch bn: 260 REGIN a cargo and passenger steamer of 1.377 grt. Ordered by Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm.

15/12 1919

AB Öresundsvarvet, Landskrona launch YOKOHAMA, a turbine steamer of 2.280 grt. Ordered by Översöiske Compagni, Köpenhamn.

20/12 1919

Codanværftet A/S, Köge, Denmark launch ROSEN, a motor schooner of 382 grt, ordered by Rederi A/S Dragör, Copenhagen.

22-23/12 1919

Finnish torpedo boats C 1, C 2 and C 3 crushed by ice and lost while returning from Koivisto.

29/12 1919

British armoured trawler Catspaw sunk in pos N 56 21,20 ; E 16 34,20 off Segerstad, Öland. The crew is buried in the churchyard of Segerstad. The swedish Salvage Company Neptun was accepted for the purchase of the wreck for 500 pounds "subject to the destruction of the gun on board and the return to the Admiralty of any books or documents which may be salved".

5/1 1920 AB Vulcan, Turku, Finland launch the ARANDA a cargo and passengersteamer of  620 grt. Ordered by Kapten M. Grönroos.
10/1 1920 The French liner Afrique was bound for West Africa when she developed engine trouble in the Bay of Biscay on the night of Saturday, January 10th, 1920. Wireless calls were sent out in response to which the Ceylan, also of the Chargeurs-Reunis, came to the rescue. There was a strong northerly wind and a boisterous sea which swept the Afrique toward the shallow water covering the Roche-Bonne Reefs about 50 miles from La Rochelle. Unfortunately the seas would not permit of the Ceylon taking the disabled steam­ship in tow and she could only stand by in the hope of rendering assistance when the weather moderated. On Sunday evening, the 11 th, the steamship Lapland came on the scene, as did the Belgian liner Anversville. None of these vessels could give any aid and at about 3 o'clock on the morning of the 12th the wireless messages from the Afrique ceased and after striking on the reef she gradually filled and sank. The total number on board the liner, which was commanded by Capt. Le Du, was 585, of whom 105 were first-class passengers, 69 second-class, 70 third-class, 214 steerage (of whom 192 were Senegalese Tirailleurs returning to West Africa) and 127 crew. The survivors totalled 32, of whom three were third-class passengers and the remainder soldiers and crew, the number lost, therefore, amounted to 553, the largest in any French maritime disaster since the loss of La Bourgogne in 1898. (Chargeurs Reunis; 1907; Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson; 5,404 tons; 408,5 x 48,3 x 27,7; 3,000 i.h.p.; 11 knots; triple­expansion engines.)
12/1 1920 Kockums M.V. AB, Malmo, Sweden deliver yard.no: 138 steamtug MJÖRN of 168 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Transatlantic, Goteborg, Sweden.
13/1 1920 British submarine HMS H-50 commissioned.
16/1 1920 AB Öresundsvarvet, Landskrona, Sweden sign a contract on a m.general cargo ship of 2.972 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Sverige - Levanten, Goteborg, Sweden.
18/1 1920 The American steamer MARCONA (5.400 ton) stranded and sunk at 01:00 during a storm at the  reef Nidingarna on the Swedish west coast. 49 men of the crew, of which 38 was Chinese parish. Only 1 man of the crew 23-year old mate Alfred O. Morasso from New York, born in Gibraltar, was saved.
11/2 1920 Swedish steamer VIOLA (1.278 grt / 1882). Grounded and sank at the entrance to Ystad, Sweden when on a voyage from Sunderland to Ystad with a cargo of coal. Her crew was saved. She was later raised and repaired.
21/3 1920

Carawa. Steel steamer, 3530 tons. Built at Middlesborough, 1907, as the Tural. Lbd 350 x 49.8 x 23.4 ft. Reg. by the Australian Government in 1914 as a supply ship and renamed Carawa. From England to Australia via New York, wrecked on a reef off San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Group in the Pacific.

24/3 1920 U.S.S. H-1, submarine; sank off Margarita Island, Baja California, Mexico during salvage operations; no casualties.
2/4 1920 Italian torpedoboat SAFFO sank after running aground near Scalanova Bay, Turkey.
26/6 1920 Destroyer USS Hopkins launched.
1/9 1920 U. S. S. S-5, submarine; sank about 40 miles off the entrance to Delaware Bay; no casualties.
14/10 1920 Tarto Peace Treaty signed. 3 S-class torpedo boats, 6 sweepers etc. had to be handed back to Soviet Union.
27/10 1920

Submarine USS S-23 launched.

Destroyers USS Hulbert & Pope commissioned.
28/10 1920 Destroyer USS Barry launched.
29/10 1920

Destroyers USS Dallas & Williamson commissioned.

Submarine USS S-30 commissioned

5/11 1920 The fullrigged Stella went down westside of Lyngvær southwest of Smøla under a journey from Newport News in USA to Gothenburg with a cargo of coal. Onboard the vessel is a crew of twenty two men. The vessel was damaged on the rudder at the Norwegian coastline under a storm, and the captain therefore decides to seek shelter i the closest harbor. On November 4th they are outside Grip lighthouse, and the pilot comes on board to bring the vessel in to Kristiansund. But again the weather gets bad, and on the afternoon on November 4th 1920 Stella smashes in with a speed of six knots on the reefs at Lyngvær. Stella is stuck on the reefs all night through, and on the morning on November 5th the vessel starts to sink. The crew gets away from the sinking ship, and shortly afterwards they are picked up by the salvage vessel Parat. Stella sank on a depth of five to thirteen meters, and after the accident most of the cargo and some inventory was salvaged.
13/11 1920 Norwegian steamer Morgana which was on a journey from Norfolk, USA to Vardø city and loaded with coal, ended her days in the waters just outside Bodø. The ship was originally from England and was laid down in Sunderland in 1892, but was bought up and transferred to Norway only six years later. She then got the name Songa 7 and served several years in international traffic. At the end of the year 1919 the ship was sold to Mr. Jespersen in Tønsberg who named the ship Morgana. Only eight months later the ship was again sold, and this time to Mr. Andersen in Bergen. And this was going to be last owner of the ship. On the 13th of November 1920 the ship was on her last part of the journey between Norfolk and Vardø when she in the middle of the night under bad weather, stranded on the Fuglesangene outside Bodø city and was stuck there. To all luck the weather was getting better, but the situation was still critical and they sent out the SOS signal. After a while the Dutch ship Larenberg came to assistance, and twenty four men of the crew were picked up and transported in to Bodø city. The captain and nine men decided to stay onboard to try to rescue the ship, but again the weather was changing to the worse and during the night Morgana went down in to the deep. The captain and his nine men who were left onboard had abandoned the ship in time and had got to land. They were soon reunited  with the rest of the crew who earlier had been taken in to the city. In the days that followed some of the inventory was salvaged, but the ship remained in the deep and was soon forgotten.
16/11 1920 Russian destroyer ZHIVOI sunk.
18/11 1920 British steamer SCARPA stranded and became a constructive total loss, later salved and sold by underwriters to Greek owners, repaired and renamed AMAZON.
20/11 1920 Ekensbergs Varv & Mek. Verkstad, Liljeholmen, Sweden Launch bn: 155 FENJA, a barge of steel, of 660 grt. Ordered by Stockholms Transport & Bogserings AB.
27/11 1920 Helsingborgs Varvs AB deliver GUSTAF ADOLF, a cargo steamer of 1.043 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Nordsjön, Gothenburg.
30/11 1920 Chrichton, Åbo, Finland deliver a coast guard steamer (bn: 2091) to the Polish Government.
1/12 1920 Oskarshamns Mek. Verkstads & Skeppsdockas AB, Sweden deliver bn: 260 REGIN, a cargo and passenger steamer of 1.377 grt. Ordered by Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm.
2/12 1920

AB Finnboda Varv, Stockholm deliver bn: 303 FINN, a motor vessel of 1.597 grt. Ordered by Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm.

A/S Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen, Denmark launch FORMOSA a m.general cargo ship of 7.100 grt. for a Swedish company.
20/1 1921 The English Submarine K-5 failed to surface after diving during a fleet exercise in the Bay of Biscay.  57 men lost.
3/3 1921 SS Hong Moh (Singapore) - The Hong Moh stuck the White Rocks on Lamock Island near Swatow (Shantou) on the southern coast of China. She broke in two and sank with the loss of about 1,000 lives out of the 1,100 aboard.
26/3 1921

Smith & Rhuland launch 40 m long schooner Bluenose, built at a cost of $35,000; designed by William J. Roue of Halifax, both for fishing and racing. In 1921, under Captain Angus Walters 1882-1968, she wins the Halifax Herald International Fisherman's Trophy, emblematic of the fastest ship in the North Atlantic fishing fleet; wins 5 times, never afterward defeated for this trophy; also returned from her first trip to the Grand Banks as highliner of the Lunenburg fleet, having caught more than any other ship. The government put her likeness on the ten-cent piece in 1937 but had already put on a 50c stamp back in 1928. She stopped racing in 1938. Bluenose was sold in 1942 to Havana interests; she was wrecked on a reef off Haiti in 1946.

British steamer ITUNA sunk off Santa Maura while on a voyage Piraeus – Corfu with a cargo of meal. (Build 1884 by Dobson & Charles, Grangemouth (# 81); 457 grt, 268 nrt; 160.1 x 25.2 x 11.8 ft; 2cyl.Comp. (Hutson & Corbett, Glasgow), 70 ihp; Owner J. Gasan, Valetta, Malta, UK flagg).

9/4 1921

Eriksbergs M.V. launch motor vessel ROLAND of 2.500 grt ordered by Ångf. AB Tirfing, Göteborg.

Eriksbergs M. V. launch steamer FRANCONIA of 2.500 grt.  Ordered by Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Göteborg.
11/4 1921 AB Öresundsvarvet, Landskrona deliver GUDMUNDRÅ a turbin vessel of 1.776 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Fredrika, Kramfors, Sweden.
13/4 1921 Kockums M.V. deliver yard no. 139 steamer ARDENNIA of 1.515 grt. Ordered by Förenade Ångf. AB Götha, Göteborg.
21/4 1921 Bergsunds Mek. Verkstad AB, Stockholm deliver INDUS a steamer of  803 grt. Ordered by Rederi AB Stjärnan, Karlstad, Sweden.
?/5 1921 Elmaren. Steel motor vessel, 5725 tons. (Built and reg. in Sweden, 1920. Lbd 436.8 x 56.2 x 27.6 ft.) Wrecked in the Chargos Group near Mauritius while on a voyage from Melbourne to Hull, May 1921.
7/5 1921 AB Götaverken launch motor ore carrier STRÅSSA ordered by Trafik AB Grängesberg - Oxelösund, Stockholm.
12/5 1921 AB Öresundsvarvet, Landskrona deliver ADOUR a turbin vessel of 3.313 grt. Ordered by D/S A/S Ada, Kragerö, Norway.
18/5 1921 AB Lindholmen - Motala, Göteborg launch steamer BOREN for Rederi AB Transatlantic.
1/7 1921

Steamship Liberty Glo, gross 5,763 tons; struck by mine, 10 miles west by north of Terschelling, Holland; salvaged; no casualties.

Steamship Mopang, gross 3,545 tons; sunk by mine in the Black Sea at entrance to Gulf of Bougas; no casualties.
18/7 1921 German light cruiser FRANKFURT sunk in aerial bombing experiments off Cape Henry, U.S.A.
6/8 1921 The American ship Alaska struck on Blunts Reef 40 miles south of Eureka, Calif. and sank. She was carrying passengers and general cargo. (Alaska S.S. Co.; 1889; Delaware River Co.; 3,709 tons; 327 x 45 x 18,8; 543 n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.)
20/8 1921 USS submarine K-4 (SS-35) Rammed by schooner CON RIEN, schooner's bow crushed, it sank, crew taken off by K-4.
3/9 1921 The German steamship ABESSINIA was wrecked on Knavestone Rock, Farne Islands. (Hamburg-Amerika Packetf. A.G.;1900; Palmer's Co.; 5,753 tons; 451-3X51-9x28; 642 n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.)
9/9 1921 Portoguise steamer S. THOME grounded SE Cape Lopez while on a voyage Sao Thome – S.Antoine. (build 1890 at Abercon SB Co., Paisley (# 83); 727 grt, 442 nrt: 184.8 x 28.0 x 18.8 ft; 3Exp. (Hanna, Donald & Wilson, Paisley), 590 ihp; owner Julio Pinto, Lisboa, Portugal).
29/10 1921 Destroyers USS Decatur & Perry launched.
5/11 1921

AB Götaverken launch LAPONIA, a ore motor vessel of 5.630 grt. Ordered by Trafik AB Grängesberg - Oxelösund, Stockholm.

The steamship Neptun stranded on Flatskjaer outside Vestfold county. The vessel was on a journey from Moss to Færder to help a ship in need of assistance when she stranded. The vessel had through many years served as a rescue vessel, but had to herself yield for mother natures strengt this day. One of the more known salvage operations Neptun participated in, is the salvage of inventory and cargo from Fred Olsen Lines luxury ship Scotland that stranded in Langesundbukta in 1911. Some of the gear on board Neptun were later salvaged after the accident, and soon thereafter people forgot about her until recently some sportsdivers refound her again in 1994 after research in archives and time magazines.
16/11 1921 John Alce. Auxiliary ketch, 33 tons. Built Gosford 1906. Owned by the Commonwealth. Destroyed in heavy weather near the Darwin jetty.
18/11 1921 Sölvesborgs Varvs- och Rederi AB launch bn: 5 SYLVA a schooner ordered by O. A. Assarson, Hven.
3/12 1921 Janna. Three masted steel barque, 1612 tons. Built in 1896 as the Lindley, then Anna; bought by Norwegian interests in 1920 and named Janna. Lbd 244.1 x 37.6 x 22-5 ft. Left Sydney for London on 3 December 1921 loaded with wheat, but was not seen again.
4/6 1923 British steamer TREVESSA foundered in the Indian Ocean after a storm at pos. 28.45S / 85.42E when on a voyage Freemantle, Australia - Antwerp. Of the 44 persons onboard 33 was saved. (Build as IMKENTURM at Flensburg for DDG Hansa, Bremen 1909).
11/7 1930 German passengersteamer Munchen after docking and discharging passengers and most of its crew from a voyage from Bremen, Germany, a fire broke out in a paint locker which quickly spread to another storage hold; the massive fire and explosion resulted in a five-alarm fire with all fire equipment in New York City being sent to the burning ship. The fire could not be controlled and it sank next to the wharf it was docking at. In one of the largest shipping salvage efforts of its time, the München was raised and towed to a dry dock and repaired and returned to service. Shortly afterwards the ships owner renamed it the General von Steuben.
4/2 1932 During the night at 12:30 am. the M.S. Bidwell an oil tanker belonging to the Sun Oil Company In Marcus Hook, Pa. exploded and burned at the Sinclair Dock. Seventeen men aboard were killed including the Captain, Joseph Rivers of Hollis, New York. His wife Viola Rivers aboard at the time was injured and rescued from the frigid waters of the Delaware River by Edward J. Cartain of Chester who swam to her resue. He was employed at Sinclair Refining and subsequently awarded the Carnegie medal for heroism. The Captain's Wife Viola Rivers, was treated at Chester Hospital and subsequently relocated to Chester. Several of the deceased were from Chester, others from Linwood, Pa. and Philadelphia. A little known fact is that the second mate, 33 years of age from New York, was the natural father of Veronica Lake the hollywood actress. The Bidwell survived another 31 years and was torpedoed once during WW2. After logging 2 million miles it was sold to the Greek Government. The last Master was Captain Fredrick Burgess. Two sons of the late Captain Rivers, both served on the Bidwell as merchant seamen before its demise.