Merchant and Navy Ship events
1946 - 2000


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3/1 1946 British steamer EMPIRE TIGACHI (MOWT). Ashore at Nidingen, Sweden - total loss.
12/1 1946

Destroyer USS Wiltsie commissioned.

Submarine HMS Auriga commissioned.

Frigate HMAS BARWON commissioned.

13/1 1946 Frigate HMCS Longueil sold for scrapping Victoria BC. Superstructure scrapped Victoria 1947 & hull sunk as a breakwater Kelsey Bay BC in 1948.
29/1 1946

Danish minesweeper ME 1016 runs aground off Jernhatten at the southeast coast of Djursland, Jutland. The ship could not be salvaged.

Racing schooner Bluenose sinks after striking a reef off Haiti; built by Smith and Rhulandat at Lunenburg, and launched March 26th, 1921, the ship was invincible in races. She was sold as a Caribbean cargo ship in 1938.
1/3 1946 British passenger ship EMPIRE WAVENEY (MOWT managed by Cunard-White Star Line). On fire at Liverpool - total loss. 1947 Scrapped Dalmuir
9/4 1946 British Coaster EMPIRE BRIDGE, MOWT managed by Springwell Shipping Co. Struck wreck of s/s FORT MASSAC while salvaging cargo and sank at 51.53N 01.32E
18/4 1946 Norwegian S/S Ramø got through the second world war undamaged after she had sailed for the Northraship for five years. During the war both Germans and Allied put out a large number of mines in Norwegian waters, and in the end of the war there were both magnetic and acoustic mines spread all along the coast. In Henningsvær harbor the Germans had put out seven magnetic mines and in November 1945 six of these were removed. On the 18th of April 1946 the ship Ramø arrives to Henningsvær to load fish for her further journey towards Greece. The captain on Ramø had gained information about the minefield, but the area was earlier trafficked by larger ships than her, so Ramø anchored up without further thoughts about the danger. Three days later when the ship still was anchored in the harbor the accident occurred. The seventh missing mine was counted for, and flames, smoke and water went sky high when the mine exploded under the stern of the ship. Ramø sank at once and fourteen of the crew died. The survivors were picked up by boats which came for assistance .
21/4 1946 British Coastwise tug EMPIRE CHRISTOPHER (MOWT naval work, Burma / Singapore). Mined and sunk off Burma at 14.09N 98.03E
29/4 1946 Minesweeper HMCS Caraquet sold to Portugal & became NRP Almirante Lacerda. Deleted 1975.
30/4 1946

Georgetown Victory, US troopship of 7,604 tons built in 1945, having sailed from Freemantle, Australia with 1200 Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel on board for repatriation at Glasgow, ran aground late at night on rocks south of Killard Point, Ulster. All were taken off but she later broke in two and later was scrapped were she lay. She had been a number of miles off her proper course for Glasow and the inquiry was held in secret.

Destroyer escort USS Solar exploded at her berth at the Naval Ammunition Depot in Earle, New Jersey while unloading ammunition. 165 members of her crew and dockworkers were killed in the explosion and 65 were injured. Decommissioned 21 May 1946. Stricken 5 June 1946. Her hulk was towed 100 miles out to sea and scuttled in 700 fathoms of water on 9 June 1946.

11/5 1946 British steamer GRETA FORCE (914 grt / 1928). Mined and sunk 1,5 miles off North Bishop’s Rock, on a voyage Barry to Irlam with coal.
22/5 1946 German merchant freighter AEOLUS handed over to England and renamed "Empire Witham", later "Choysang" (owned by German Dampfschiffahrts Ges. Neptun, Bremen, build 1943, 1923 ton.)
15/6 1946 Svinesundsbron (Svinesund bridge) between Sweden and Norway open.
16/6 1946

The Dutch MEERKERK was waiting near the Middle Steenbanken for a pilot. Due to this long waiting, the Meerkerk drifted into an area that wasn’t cleaned from mines. The mine exploded by the stern between deck 4 and 5. The explosion caused a lot panic under the passengers. A lot of them jumped over board, disregarding the advice not to do it. During the disaster 12 people lost there lives. Despite a number of attempts to recover the ship, it was officially considered lost on June 19th. (The Meerkerk was build by Vulkan Vegesnek in 1916. It measured 152 meters in length, 18,2 meters wide and had a displacement of 7.995 BRT. The vessel sailed under flag of the "Verenigde Nederlandse Scheepvaart Mij.")

24/6 1946 Destroyer USS KEPPLER launched.
2/7 1946 Norwegian steamer AGNES struck a mine and sank off Haiphong when on a voyage Haiphong - Hong Kong with general cargo, 15 died. (A/S Agnes; 1919; Wed. A. van Duyvendijk; 1,311 tons; 239,8 x 36,6 x 15,8; 127 n.h.p. ; triple-expansion engines.)
2/7 1946 Destroyer USS RICH commissioned.
7/7 1946 Rederi AB Svea’s steamtanker SVEABORG, which was severely injured by an explosion in Texas City on 27/12 1945, arriving at the Kockums shipyard in Malmö for repairs after a 32-day towing of a Dutch tug. Some clarity on the cause of the accident has not been achieved.
31/7 1946 German merchant freighter ADOLF BINDER handed over to Belgium and renamed "Liége". (owned by Aug.Bolten, Wm.Miller's successor, Hamburg, build 1942, 3515 ton.)
1/8 1946 AMERICAN FARMER collided in the Atlantic with the Liberty ship WILLIAM J.RIDDLE and was abandoned, rebaorded later by another USL crew and then there was a bit of a fight over her with a British ship which took her in tow, then reboarded by the Americans and sailed to Falmouth arriving bows down on 8 August. Repaired and returned to service.
2/8 1946 British steam tanker BALEA (Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co, London). Exploded and sank, at Haifa. Scrapped 1952.
25/8 1946 British steamer EMPIRE PEACOCK (MOWT managed by Royal Mail Lines Ltd). Scuttled at 47.55N 08.30W with cargo of gas ammunition.
27/8 1946 Tug CNAV Beaverton while enroute to Quebec City to assist the grounded HMCS Warrior, sank following  a collision with the SS Empire MacAlphne off Cap aux Oies, NE of Quebec City, PQ, in the St Lawrence River. Beaverton's master and one crewmember were lost
12/9 1946 Steamer Helena Modjeska, (7200 grt), stranded on Goodwin Sands. A common "no cure no pay" contracts signed with the Dover Salvage Board, which, however, abstained from the salvage attempt, which it regarded as a ship wreck. New salvage contract was concluded, however, with another salvage company, who immediately get to work. On September 21 the ship broke in two just forward of the engine room and the storms moved the vessel two halves about 500 meters from the original location. On October 22 the aft ship was salvaged and October 29 the forecastle. The two halves was towed to a shipyard and became in 1948 re-built together. The value of the salvaged vessel with the cargo was about 10 million SEK.
29/9 1946 American BRIG. GEN. M. G. ZALINSKI (sometimes listed as just M. G. ZALINSKI) struck a rock and sank on Pitt Island, Grenville Channel, south of Prince Rupert BC (voyage Seattle WA for Whittier AK). (US Army Transport Service (USAT) ex Ace 41, ex Lake Frohna 24 built in 1919 of 2616 grt at American Ship Building Co, Lorain OH)
4/10 1946 KRISTINA THORDEN departing from Gothenburg, destinated to Boston with a load of cellulose, iron and steel products.
9/10 1946 At 4 o'clock on the night the fire broke out in the interior amidships on KRISTINA THORDEN when the ship was in pos. 56 ° N and 30 ° W. Captain Matheus Anzjön, commander of the S/S STAVANGERFJORD was awarded the 1948 Emile Robin's award for Norwegian Captains for the rescue of 12 passengers from the M/S KRISTINA THORDEN in the North Atlantic.
11/10 1946 British steamer GLAMORGANBROOK (Comben Longstaff & Co). Sprang leak and sank off Scarborough
22/10 1946 The Corfu Incident - the destroyer HMS Saumarez struck a mine whilst passing down the channel between Corfu and the Albanian coast. 36 crewmen were killed. Her consort HMS Volage took her in tow, but she in turn struck a mine, losing eight crewmen. Volage nevertheless continued to tow Saumarez to safety, passing the towline over her bow and steaming astern. The International Court of Justice ruled that the mines had been laid after the end of the war, and awarded the UK £1 million in compensation, which was never paid.
23/10 1946 The French submarine MILLE (ex U-471) leaves port for the first time after repairs.
24/10 1946 Swedish motor vessel KRISTINA THORDEN arrived Uddevalla Sweden, towed by motorvessel SELMA THORDEN.
26/10 1946

Arthur Sewall (USA), Liberty Ship. 7,176 tons. Loaded with chemical ammunitions at Bremerhaven and scuttled in the North Sea.

Destroyer USS Robert H McCard commissioned.
27/10 1946 Heavy cruiser USS Toledo commissioned.
29/10 1946 Light cruiser USS Manchester commissioned.
11/11 1946 British steamer EMPIRE PITT (MOWT managed by Moller Line Ltd, London). Aground and wrecked in Seine Estuary.
13/11 1946 U-977 is torpedoed of Massachusetts, USA by the US Navy during exercises.
15/11 1946 At the Karlskrona naval yard destroyer UPPLAND is launched, a sister vessel to the 1945 launched destroyer ÖLAND. Deplacement is 1800 tons, speed 35 knots. Over 4000 people with Prince Wilhelm, cabinet ministers and Vougt Sköld and many senior officers witnessed the launch, which, however, latched up so that the destroyer only came one third in the water. A few days later they managed to pull "UPPLAND" from launching bed.
18/11 1946 Swedish steamer LILLEFJORD (150/14, Owned by Einar Lundgren, Gothenburg, Sweden), grounded and sank at Tjuvholmsundet, north off Lacko in Lake Vanern with cargo of cement in sacks. Refloated 19/7 1947 and repaired at Karlstads Varv.
27/11 1946 Norwegian merchant ship LAKNES, (Norwegian Government). Aground and sank at Ronglevaer, Norway.
2/12 1946 Minesweeper HMCS Middlesex, wrecked, while enroute to assist fishing vessel Ohio which was in distress in mountainous seas halfway between Sable Island & the coast of Nova Scotia, after losing her propeller.
6/12 1946 German U-2326 is transferred to France in 1946 and sinks in an accident on this date, 17 dead. Raised and broken up.
9/12 1946 French passengership LIBERTÉ (ex German EUROPA) brooke loose from moorings in a gale while being refitted at Le Havre, Scuttled to prevent capsizing. Refloated and reconstruction begun at St. Nazaire 1947.
12/12 1946 Soviet submarine TS-16, the former German U-9 is broken up sometime shortly after this date.
23/12 1946 After sailing from Leith with a cargo of potatoes, and still in the Firth of Forth, the British steamer ARBROATH had a engine oil casing fractured. This caused further damage to the number 3 piston. The ship managed to berth, under her own power, before there was a total engine failure. The intended destination was to have been Grimsby.
26/12 1946 AM-MER-MAR, (Libertyship #134). On a journey to Larvik with a cargo consisting of soybeans when the accident occurred late on the evening. The vessel stranded on Oddskjaerene due to incorrect navigation. The skipper had found out about the wrong's and tried to correct this, but it was to late. In the days to come the vessel stood high on the reef and part of the cargo were rescued. The final stroke comes on January 1st. 1947 under a heavy southwest storm which drags the vessel down into the deep. Am-Mer-Mar sinks down to twenty meters depth. Stavanger Skipsopphuggings Co. arrives on the site later and cuts up the hull, but mainly leaves the mid- and bow part of the wreck alone since they reckon it lies to deep.
1/1 1947

Belgian steamer CARITAS I sunk at Schoone Waardin, near Flushing, by collision with Dutch steamer JAN STEEN (7.147/1942) when on a voyage Ghent – Lisbon. Ship stranded to avoid sinking but she broke in two and sank the following da at pos. 51.26.32 N, 03.37.54 E.

5/1 1947 MOSCHA D. KYDONIEFS (242) 3874 g.t., 375ft x 52ft, speed 9 knots, built > 1915 by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co, Howden-on-Tyne as BRONZE WINGS for > Hallett & Co, London. 1917 owned by W. L. Scott, London. 1917 sold to > Universal Steam Nav. Co, (P. Samuel & Co), London renamed NOELLE, 1922 sold to Redcroft S.N. Co.(1921) Ltd, London (Lewis Lougher & Co, Cardiff) renamed LADY CHARLOTTE, 1936 to D. A. Kydoniefs, Andros, Greece renamed MOSCHA D. KYDONIEFS, 1946 to Mme Evgenia J. Chandris, Piraeus renamed VARVASSI,  5.1.1947 ashore near Needles, Isle of Wight on voyage Bona – Southampton with cargo of tangerines and ore - total loss.
20/1 1947 Australian hopper dredger EMPIRE GRASSLAND (Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners). In tow to Melbourne, broke adrift and presumed sank off Western Australia.
23/1 1947 Swedish steamer MARIA GORTHON (1.572 grt / 1930). Sailed at night 22/1 from Gdynia, Poland for Stockholm, Sweden with a cargo of coal. She struck a submerged wreck just outside the port and was seriously damaged. When she started taking water, she put back to Gdynia, but sank in the harbour with only the forepart above the water. The crew was rescued by a tug. In April 1947 she was raised and towed to Landskrona, Sweden for repair.
4/2 1947 J. C. JACOBSEN. Danish ship on a voyage from Antwerp to Copenhagen, sprang a leak and sank 11 miles N.E. of Pit lightship. The master and chief engineer were lost. A lifeboat was later washed ashore. (Det Forenede Dampskibs Selskab; 1890; Burmaister & Wain;1,221 tons; 219-3x31 -1x20-J; 116 n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.)
11/2 1947 First launching of guided missile (Loon) from a submarine, USS CUSK
19/2 1947 Swedish steamer SIRIUS (off.nr: 8766, Rederi AB Iris, Stockholm), mined and sank off Pula,  Yugoslavia.
24/3 1947

Norwegian steamer GARNES struck a mine north of Terschelling while on a voyage from Antwerp to Emden in ballast. Taken in tow but sank at 53 26N 05 02E.

British passenger steamer MONARCH OF BERMUDA gutted by fire while being reconditioned for passengerservice (she served as a troopship during WW II)
9/4 1947 Götaverken AB launched a 25,000 ton whale factory ship, the largest ship built in Scandinavia, the ship was named KOSMOS III.
12/4 1947

Swedish motorship ACACIA mined and sunk at Blenheimsgrundet off Falsterbo. She was on a voyage from Stockholm to Cadiz. Crew and passenger saved by the Swedish motorship SAMELAND. (Rederi A/B Svenska Lloyd; 1946; Eriksbergs M. V. AB; 2,078 tons; 328X44-6X15-9; oil engines.)

Kockums M.V. AB, Malmö, Sweden launched bn: 291 SEATTLE, a motor vessel ordered by Rederi AB Nordstjernan, Stockholm.

16/4 1947 America's worst harbor explosion occurred in Texas City, Texas, when the French ship Grandcamp, carrying ammonium nitrate fertilizer, caught fire and blew up, devastating the town. Another ship, the Highflyer, exploded the following day. The explosions and resulting fires killed more than 500 people and left 200 others missing.
23/4 1947

Samtampa, This Liberty ship en-route in ballast from Middlesbrough to Newport, South Wales, got into difficulties in hurricane force winds in Swansea Bay and her distress call was answered by the Mumbles Lifeboat, the Edward Prince of Wales. The Samtampa went aground on Sker Point, Porthcawl with the loss of her entire crew of 41. In attempting to save her all eight of the lifeboat crew were also lost - the lifeboat being found the following day on rocks near Sker Point.

HMS WARSPITE, To many this was the Royal Navy's most famous battleship. Her survival from her launch on 26th November 1913 to her loss on this date en-route to the breakers has to be at the very least a tribute to her builders for constructing a virtually indestructable ship. She formed part of the 5th Battle Squadron during the First World War. During the Second World War 1939-1946 she took part in the 2nd Battle of Narvik, and the Battle of Calabria in 1940, the battle of Matapan in 1941. This was followed by the bombardment of Normandy where she was damaged by a mine. Previously, in 1943 she was badly damaged by a glider bomb off Salerno. And all this in addition to countless other operations throughout the War. In 1946 she was sold for breaking up on the Clyde but en-route the tow parted and she went ashore in Prussia Cove, Cornwall. She was eventually broken up where she lay.

28/4 1947 A six-man expedition sailed from Peru aboard a balsa wood raft named the Kon-Tiki on a 101-day journey across the Pacific Ocean to Polynesia
2/5 1947 British steamer WICKLOW HEAD (Ulster SS Co (G.Heyn & Sons) Stranded on Port Mouton Island, NS, broke up.
25/5 1947 The British steamer ARBROATH while on passage towards Kirkcaldy from Hull. A violent collision occurred with the CITY OF CHARLEROY, a steamer of some 869 gross tons, that vessel had been bound towards London from Goole. The ARBROATH was damaged by having her bulwarks stove in towards the end of number 2 hold hatch. Many shell plates received severe indentations while others were open to the sea.; the adjacent   bridge structure was also severely damaged. On the CITY OF CHARLEROY a hawse pipe was smashed, together with several shell plates being ripped open.
27/5 1947 The former German U-boats U-18 & U-24 were scuttled south of Sebastopol by Soviet submarine M-120 with torpedoes.
9/6 1947 Swedish motor vessel LENA BRODIN, on a voyage Stockholm - New York - Recife catch fire in the cargo hold 3. Despite unsuccessful attempts to extinguish the fire, sends out SOS. Steamer Mathew J.O. Brien SUCCOR saving the passengers and crew. Later the heavy damaged vessel is towed to Shelley Bay, Bermuda and was put on land. In August 1947 announced that the ship is "Constructive total loss" and will be sold as scrap.
12/6 1947 The British steamer ARBROATH while manoeuvring in Camperdown dock, the ship refused to answer her helm, when the steering gear malfunctioned. The result of this sudden and rather dramatic diversion caused the ship to strike the quayside several times causing numerous indentations, some of which were quite impressive. The resulting damage was repaired here at Dundee harbour.
22/6 1947 British Tug. FAIRPLAY TWO (Fairplay Shipping & Towing Co, London), capsized and sank while towing s/s KUURTANES, Flushing Roads. 13.8.47 Salvaged, sold and repaired 1948 and renamed IFRANE, (Soc.Cherif de Rem.et Sauv, Casablanca.)
16/7 1947 Canadian destroyer HMCS MICMAC collides with SS YARMOUTH COUNTY off Halifax. 10 sailors and 1 civilian killed on Micmac.
17/7 1947 At 10 a.m. the 406-ton Indian passengership Ramdas sank near Gull Island, ten miles from the Colaba Point. Over 600 of the 700-odd people aboard the ship, which was bound for Rewas, died. According to the master of the ship, Sheikh Suleman Ibrahim, the ship had been streaming ahead at slow speed after leaving at 8.05 a.m., when it was struck by a high swell on the starboard side. All the passengers from this side rushed to the port side, which became overweight and resulted in the ship listing heavily and capsizing within the next two minutes. Strangely, there were no reports of rough weather on the morning of July 17.
24/7 1947 U-190 is sunk in "Operation Scuttle". This Type IXC/40 U-boat, launched 3 June 1942 had surrendered on 8 May 1945 and been commissioned into the RCN. U-190 was finally paid off 24 July 1947 when it was sunk by rocket fire from RCN Firefly aircraft off Halifax on the site where U-190 sank HMCS Esquimalt in April 1945
27/7 1947 British steamer EMPIRE LARK (MOWT managed by Sir R.Ropner & Co., West Hartlepool), scuttled with cargo of chemical ammunition at 47.55N 08.25W.
7/8 1947 Ten men were killed when an explosion occurred in the 10,000-ton British steamer Mahia and set fire to her cargo of matchsticks and sodium nitrate. Eighteen dockers and painters were cleaning the fittings between decks when they were trapped by the explosion and fire. Only eight were rescued. The cargo also included newsprint, and this, with the matchsticks, was quickly set ablaze by burning drums of sodium nitrate. Seven hours later the fire was under control.
9/8 1947

British steamer LEIGHTON scuttled with gas shells at pos. 56. 22.N 09. 27 W. Built 1921, 7412 t by Macmillan and Son Dumbarton. Formerly owned by Lamport and Holt. Sold to Glasgow breakers on 28/6/46.

9/9 1947 Kockums M.V. AB launched bn: 292 GOLDEN GATE ordered by Rederi AB Nordstjernan, Stockholm.
12/9 1947

German merchant freighter ALWINE RUSS owned by Ernst Russ, Hamburg, build 1921, 988 tons. Handed over to Greece and renamed "AIKATERINI"

27/9 1947 ELISABETH, (barque, owned by  Olof L. Laurell, Oskarshamn) stranded 2' W Due Odde, Bornholm, on a voyage Stettin - Oskarshamn and was wrecked.
11/10 1947

MV Gulf Stream (ex-HMCS Wolf) wrecked off Powell River BC.

14/10 1947

USCGC Bibb rescued 62 passengers and 7 crew members of the transatlantic flying boat Bermuda Sky Queen in mid-Atlantic.

21/10 1947

Submarine HMCS U-190 expended as a target by warships & a/c, in approximate area where U-190 sank HMCS Esquimalt 14 Apr 45. A copy of the schedule for Operation Scuppered indicates: U.190 was painted yellow with red horizontal stripes & towed into position by the tug Riverton the sequence of events was to be as follows: 1. 2 Swordfish spot & report a damaged U-boat on the surface: 2. Fireflies attack with rockets: (this attack actually sank the boat) 3. Destroyers attack with 4.7" gunfire: 4. Seafires attack with bombs from 5,000 ft. 5. New Liskeard delivers Hedgehog attack as boat sinks.

29/10 1947 Swedish motor tanker SKANSEN collided near Furusund, Sweden with Transportbolagets, Stockholm tug VIKING.
7/11 1947 Kockums M.V. AB deliver bn: 291 SEATTLE to Rederi AB Nordstjernan, Stockholm.
11/11 1947

British coastal tanker AQUEITY, (F.T.Everard & Sons, London), mined and sunk at 53.32N 05.02E.

17/11 1947

Frigate HMCS Capilano sold & became Mercantile Irving Francis M. Foundered in tow 1953 off Cuba.

20/11 1947

U-234 is scuttled by US naval forces during trials off Cape Cod.

U-889 is scuttled by the US Navy near New England after being used for torpedo trials.

21/11 1947

U-858 is scuttled by the US Navy near New England, USA after being used for torpedo trials.

27/11 1947 U-530 is scuttled northeast of Cape Cod by US Navy during exercises.
3/1 1948

The Swedish steamship Allan struck a mine and sank about 30 miles off Swinoujscie. Nine of the crew were saved. (Harry Persson; 1903; G. Brown & Co.; 640 tons; 180,6 x 29,2 x 11,1; triple-expansion engines.)

6/1 1948 TEAZEL. Foundered with all hands off Maughold Head, Isle of Man
9/1 1948

Russian steamer PODOLSK (U.S.S.R.) Ashore near Woosung, China. Sank 11/1 1948.

19/1 1948

British tug ORIANA (The Admiralty). Mined and sunk in Blackwater River.

12/2 1948

Kockums M.V. AB launched bn: 293 LOS ANGELES ordered by Rederi AB Nordstjernan, Stockholm.

22/2 1948

Extensive damage occurred to the steamer, GRANTA (Built 1940. gross tonnage 2841 tons) after colliding with the EMPIRE ISLANDER in the lower part of Gravesend Reach in the Thames. The GRANTA was outward bound, while the EMPIRE ISLANDER was inward bound from Blyth. Only moderate damage was sustained by the EMPIRE ISLANDER

27/2 1948

Scheepswerft Hoogezand, Groningen, Holland deliver motor vessel A. R. RÅWALL to Råwalls Rederier, Råå, Sweden.

11/3 1948 Smith´s Dock Co. Ltd., South Bank-on-Tees, Middlesbrough launched the steamer SPICA ordered by Rederi AB Iris, Stockholm.
13/3 1948

Uddevallavarvet AB deliver motor vessel ALLY THORDÉN to Thordén Lines, Uddevalla, Sweden.

Lindholmens Varv, Göteborg deliver motor vessel THREE RIVERS to Leif Höegh, Oslo, Norway.

Lindholmens Varv, Göteborg launched motor vessel HÖEGH CYGNET ordered by Leif Höegh, Oslo, Norway.

15/3 1948

Kockums Mekaniska Verkstad AB launched motorvessel TRITON ordered by Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Oslo, Norway.

Öresundsvarvet AB launched motor vessel MAGNE ordered by Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden.

16/3 1948 Sölvesborgs Varv launched motor vessel GAMMA ordered by AB Coasting (Broströms), Göteborg, Sweden.
18/3 1948

West German ship owners get permission to a limited extent resume shipping on the rest of the world.

Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstad AB deliver reefer ship ARCTIC OCEAN to AB Oceankompaniet, Göteborg, Sweden.

INGRID, (motorgaleas of Hönö, Sweden), on a voyage Gothenburg - Hamburg with herring, grounded on Anholt Österrev but refloated by Svitzers Bjergelaug on Anholt and continued the journey.

3/4 1948

The Danish motorship Bjarke was on a journey from Gdynia in Poland to Kristiansand with a cargo of coal when she stranded at Grønningen. The crew on board who counted twenty five men got in the lifeboats after the accident and rowed in to Kristiansand, where the crews only injured where taken care of at the hospital.

28/4 1948

Soviet submarine SC-307 disarmed & converted to floating charging station PZS-5.

14/5 1948

Israel is established as a Jewish state following the partition of Palestine

M/V Rutland ended her days outside Dirhue in Vestfold county. Rutland had earlier been in two accidents, but this time the ship had to yield for the forces in the sea. The ship was on a journey from Bergen to Oslo when she stranded in the night after the captain had misunderstood light from land with the lighthouse Barkvedlykta. The crew radioed for assistance after the accident, and early in the morning the rescue vessel Uræd showed up. They made several attempts to get the ship of ground, but all attempts were unsuccessful. On the afternoon the same day the ship tips over and sink down in the deep. later Also the rescue vessel Ula appear at the scene, and they manage to rescue the cargo and most of the inventory onboard.

23/5 1948

When passing up the river Tyne from Hull, and bound inwards towards Newcastle, the British steamer  ARBROATH sheered off course, and collided, with the Passenger pontoon for the East Howden Ferry. The force of the collision was such that the pontoon was holed, while the passenger bridge connecting the pontoon to the quayside was wrenched over to one side and badly damaged. As this was a very busy river crossing it was extremely fortunate that at the time of the collision, the Ferryboat ALKER was discharging passengers at the opposite side of the river. The ARBROATH sustained a certain amount of damage at the waterline, with a buckled bow and rivets sprung.  Much to the dismay of the local population, the whole East Howden Ferry operation was forced to close down for several days while repairs were carried out to both the pontoon and the connecting bridge.

23/5 1948

4 USS Navy submarine delivered and commissioned into Turkish Navy. USS BRILL was named as TCG 1.İNÖNÜ, USS BLUEBACK as TCG 2.İNÖNÜ, USS BOARFISH as TCG SAKARYA and USS CHUB as TCG GÜR. These new submarines replaced old submarines with the same name.

13/6 1948

EMPIRE ISLANDER  run aground off Octeville, after several attempts to refloat herself by using her own engines, it was found impossible. The ship did not move, but remained hard and fast aground. Assistance was required, the captain signed a form of salvage agreement with the attendant salvage vessel's master. Two salvage tugs then passed towlines aboard the stranded vessel and commenced to haul. At first there was only a slight movement of the vessel, but as the two tugs continued with their efforts they were rewarded with further movement. After nine long, and strenuous hours, with the salvage tugs exerting maximum pulling power, and the hawsers threatening to break under the tremendous pressure, the ship finally slithered free. At last, as the vessel refloated, and the ship was once more under her own power, but escorted by the salvage vessels, she departed for the port of Rouen on the Seine, in France, where she arrived safely on the following day. Once the vessel was docked, a survey of the hull revealed that little damage had occurred, and that there was only a little flooding in the number 1 tank. As no further damage was evident, the ship immediately left Rouen for West Hartlepool where she was dry-docked and receive a full survey.

18/6 1948 The former German U-boat U-3008 is taken out of service by the USN.
18/7 1948

Belgian steamer MARIE sunk after collision with steamer BHARATKAND (2.905/ 1943) in dense fog 8 miles NE Ushant when on a voyage Rotterdam – La Pallice with a cargo of iron ore.

22/7 1948

Swedish motor ship DAGMAR SALEN had fire on board about 19 nm. off Delaware on voyage Baltimore – Philadelphia in ballast. Towed in to Newport News and was declared as a “total loss”. The wreck was sold to A/S Mosnes Shipping.

1/8 1948

Sajavia. Mission boat. Ashore at Point Arrowsmith in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

19/8 1948

Ex-HMCS Arleux foundered off White Head Bay NS.

22/8 1948

British steamer EMPIRE SUCCESS (MOWT) Scuttled with cargo of poison gas bombs in Bay of Biscay.

29/8 1948 Greek owned merchant ship HELLENIC BULBUL, Yannoulatos (Far East) Ltd, Hong Kong. Ashore at 21.53N 90.48E, later sank.
2/9 1948

USCGC Bibb rescued the crew of the Portuguese fishing vessel Gaspar.

22/10 1948

A collision occurred between the 940 gross ton Motor vessel CAMEO, (built 1937) and the British steamer  ARBROATH when proceeding to the buoys at Greenhithe, after arriving from St.Brieuce in France. The CAMEO, bound towards London, with a cargo of Limestone from Llandulas in North Wales received extensive damage to her bulwarks, the ARBROATH received only a few minor indentations to her own bulwarks.

25/10 1948

Danish passenger steamer CARL (409 grt / 1884). Sank in a severe storm off Russarö in Bay of Finland. 14 persons killed.

18/11 1948

U-1105 is sunk during explosive trials in the Chesapeake Bay, USA. She is later raised.

21/11 1948

British steamer COLWITH FORCE (805 grt / 1918). Stranded and capsized in River Ouse outside Goole whilst on passage Goole to Plymouth with coal. Later salvaged and broken up.

4/12 1948 Kiangya. A Chinese passenger steamship which blew up and sank in the mouth of the Huangpu River 50 mi (80 km) south of Shanghai. The suspected cause of the explosion was the Kiangya hit a mine left behind by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. The exact death toll is unknown, however, it is thought that between 2,750 and 3,920 died with 700-1,000 survivors being picked up by other vessels.
20/12 1948

Dona Paz. Philippine passenger ferry. Foundered in collision with Oil tanker Vector about 110 miles South of Manila

10/1 1949 U-926 became the Norwegian submarine KNM Kya. She would serve until 1964.
19/1 1949 The tanker Gulfstream collided with USCGC Eastwind. The collision and resulting fire resulted in the deaths of 13 men, 9 of who were chief petty officers.
4/3 1949 The EMPIRE ISLANDER, that was bound for Sunderland from London, and just entering the harbour, was involved in a collision with the PASS OF MELFORT. (A Steam Tanker of some 757 tons gross, built at Blythswood in 1926) that was just leaving Sunderland harbour. The PASS OF MELFORT was struck on her port quarter, damaging both deck and hull framing, bulwarks, railings and opening up a huge hole in the side of the engine room.
11/5 1949 Siam changed its named to Thailand
12/5 1949 Three miles off Whitby bound towards Dundee from the Thames, carrying a cargo of over 500 tons of bagged cement. At approximately 1500 hours, when in a bank of dense fog, the 4227 gross ton Finnish steamer, AINA MARIA NURMINE, (Built 1912), bound towards Immingham from Middlesborough, collided with the British steamer ARBROATH.   The ARBROATH received massive damage to her port side in number two hold just forward of the engine room, shell plates were ripped open to form a huge hole that was both above and below the water line   At 1510 hours, as water poured into the stricken ARBROATH, the AINA MARIA NURMINE transmitted the following mayday, "Urgent assistance required. M.V.ARBROATH badly holed port side, just forward of bridge housing. Number 2 hold full of water. Water in engine room. Gradually sinking. Master injured. Crew of 10 abandoning ship. I am now standing by". This message was received and acknowledged by, Stonehaven Radio Station. A further message to Stonehaven from the, AINA MARIA NURMINE reported that she had picked up all 10 crew members.  A further message received at about 1700 hours stated that the, ARBROATH was still afloat, and was being towed by the Finnish ship. The message added that, "All the crew are safe, and efforts are being made to bring the damaged ship into Whitby, it also added that this was extremely doubtful as the ARBROATH was seriously damaged, and her after deck was under two feet of water". Messages were constantly maintained between the boats and the shore, and very soon after 1800 hours the Finnish ship, with the ARBROATH in tow, made good progress towards Whitby.  It was reported that the danger of the, ARBROATH sinking was thought to have passed, and the intention was to bring her to Whitby, and run her aground onto the beach. The port side of the ARBROATH, was seen to be split wide open from her keel to the deck. As soon as the ship was aground the ships master, Captain John Cox of Dundee, was given medical attention. The crew, with some discomfort, decided  to remain onboard overnight.
29/5 1949 Steamer INCHMARK (Inchmark SS Co (Williamson & Co), Hong Kong). Aground at 07.05S 132.03E, total loss.
1/6 1949 The British steamer ARBROATH (See 12/5 1949) arrived safely at Dundee, under her own power.
24/6 1949

Destroyer HMCS Iroquois recommissioned.

Frigate HMCS La Hulloise recommissioned.

USS Crowninshield, commissioned as HMS Chelsea, as part of the destroyers-for-bases deal on 9 Sep. 1940. Chelsea had been transferred to Russia as Dzerki in 1944. She returns to the Royal Navy on this date
27/6 1949 Chinese liner Taiping collides with a collier off south China.
1/8 1949 Panamanian steamer NORBELLA (Floridian-47 ex Stuart Dollar-36, ex Mandarin-22, built 1921 Kiangnan Dock & Eng., Hongkong), stranded south of Kristiansund, Broken up 1949.
8/8 1949 The English submarine Sceptre is heavily damaged by a battery explosion.  No men lost, but damage so severe that she is scrapped.
26/8 1949 On 18 July 1949, submarine USS Cochino put to sea for a cruise to Britain, and arctic operations. Her group ran through a violent polar gale off Norway, and the joltings received by Cochino played their part in causing an electrical fire and battery explosion, followed by the generation of deadly hydrogen [chlorine] on 25 August. Defying the most unfavorable possible weather conditions, men of Cochino and Tusk fought to save the submarine for 14 hours, performing acts of skillful seamanship and high courage. But a second battery explosion on 26 August made "Abandon Ship" the only possible order, and Cochino sank on 71°35' N., 23°35' E. All Cochino 's men were rescued by the valiant Tusk who had lost seven of her own men in the attempt to save Cochino
8/9 1949 British steamer CHAKSANG (Indo-China SN Co). Sank Hong Kong after sabotage explosion. 1950 Raised and scrapped Hong Kong.
18/10 1949 British collier MAYSTONE (Thomas Stone Shipping Ltd, Swansea). Sank after collision with HMS ALBION in tow near Longstone Light, Northumberland.
21/10 1949 CYDONIA (148802) 3517 g.t., 365ft x 49ft, 9.5 knots. Built 1927 by J. Blumer & Co, Sunderland for Joseph Robinson & Sons, North Shields (Stag Line). Severely damaged by a mine 32 miles North of Strumble Head while on voyage Workington to Cardiff and beached the following day. 2.11.1949 refloated but beyond economical repair and scrapped at Milford Haven.
23/10 1949 EMPIRE ISLANDER, On course for Ridham Dock, from Newcastle On Tyne, with a cargo of coal. During the night, when approximately one mile due east of the Sunk Light Vessel a collision occurred with the Swedish ship REGULUS. That vessel was a steamer of some 852 tons gross and was bound for London from Pateniemi in Finland; she sustained substantial damage to her frames and severe indentations to the hull in the region of the engine room. The EMPIRE ISLANDER did not appear to be damaged.
26/10 1949 Submarine USS Grampus commissioned.
22/11 1949 SS Harcourt Kent (ex-Camco II, ex-HMCS Fergus) foundered off Cape Pine Newfoundland.
6/12 1949 Norwegian S/S Kong Sigurd sank on a depth of 235 meters after a collision with the Danish ship M/V Selandia in the Oslofjord and went down after nearly forty minutes. After the accident a rescue mission was launched be Einar Høvding who managed to save more than 225 tons of the cargo which consisted of copper.
8/1 1950 The steamship FAR went down after a stranding right outside Rasvåg south of Flekkefjord under a journey from Tyne in England to Copenhagen with a cargo of coal. On the night on January 8th the steamship Far get of course and strand with a bang on Kåløya, and not long after a rescue vessel arrives to assist and bring the crew to land. No one is hurt in this accident. After the stranding the vessel is stuck and the storm which rages the area destroys much of the hull on Far. Big parts of the wreck were later salvaged on the site.
12/1 1950 HMS Truculent. Submarine. Sank in the Thames Estuary after a collision late in the night with the Swedish tanker Dvina
17/1 1950 Liberty. Cargo vessel, ran aground under the Pendeen light in the night. Crew of 35 rescued. Sold for salvage.
12/2 1950 British coaster WING HING (Wallem & Co, Hong Kong). Ashore on fire at Chilang Point, north of Hong Kong - total loss.
17/3 1950 The steamship JARL went down at Ivarholmen outside Risvær under a journey from Florø to Bodø with a cargo of fish. At Ivarholmen Jarl stranded, and the crew had to leave the sinking ship quickly. Not long after the stranding the cargo loosened and the ship capsized and disappeared in the deep. Jarl was bought in to Stavanger in 1889 under the disponent Sigvard Bergesen and did through the years service as a transport vessel for fruit in the route between West Indian islands and USA. Until the outbreak of the second world war the vessel did service in the North Sea with transport of coal and fish.
11/4 1950 Norwegian motorship GEISHA had a cargo explosion in the Atlantic Ocean and was abandoned on fire in position 39 03N 41 37W. She was on a voyage from San Antonia via Callao (outside Lima, Peru) to Antwerp with niter and zinc concentrate. 1 man was killed, the others were picked up by the Italian ship Maria Paolina and taken to Lisbon.
27/5 1950 RATTRAY HEAD (ex: EMPIRE ISLANDER) was in collision at Kruisschans Lock at Antwerp with the M.V. GLENEARM (built 1938. 9869 gross tons). The GLENEARM that was just sailing for London and Kobe, with a general cargo, was extensively damaged. Only slight damage was received by the RATTRAY HEAD which after the exchange of the usual verbal courtesy's carried on her way.
7/6 1950 Phoenix. Barge, 100f. Disappeared between Truscott and Darwin. She was heavily loaded with road making equipment and fuel, and may have founded after an explosion. All crew lost.
15/6 1950 U-953 scrapped in England after extensive trials.
25/6 1950 North Korea invades South Korea beginning Korean Conflict.
19/6 1950 Indian steamer INDIAN ENTERPRISE (India SS Co, Calcutta). Sank after explosion at 25.31N 35.27E in Red Sea. She had a cargo of 7.000 ton explosive. Of a crew of 74 only one survivor.
3/7 1950 USS Valley Forge and HMS Triumph participate in first carrier action of Korean Conflict. VF-51 aircraft (Valley Forge) shoot down 2 North Korean aircraft. The action is first combat test of F9F Panther and AD Skyraider.
15/7 1950 Liner 'Franconia' runs aground off Ile d'Orleans in St. Lawrence after leaving Quebec City for Liverpool
5/9 1950 British steamer EMPIRE GLADSTONE (MOWT). Ashore near Sydney - total loss.
8/10 1950 Minesweeper USS Pledge struck a mine and sank off Wonsan, Korea.
12/10 1950 US ships Pirate and Pledge strike mines in Wonsan harbor and are sunk.
9/11 1950 British Merchant Ship SENIORITY, F.T.Everard & Son, London. Sank after going ashore on Bo Vich Chuan Rock, Hebrides.
21/11 1950 Norwegian steamer "KUL" (1.310 ton) Ex."ALLAN", ex."TELLO", ex."GRORUD" (Red. A/S Thorvald Halvorsen) Built 1907 in Glasgow. She was carrying iron ore and a deck cargo of timber from Ronnskar to Eitrheim on 21/11/50 when the cargo shifted in heavy seas and she capsized and sank near the "Almagrundet" lightship, Vasteraas (Sweden).
26/11 1950 Norwegian steamer SELNES (Einar Wahlstrom, Norway). Beached West Barrow Sands, Thames Estuary after collision with CITY OF BRISTOL, total loss.
1/12 1950 Danish Steamer I. P. SUHR, Dansk Kulkompagnie, Denmark. Capsized and sank off Sandhammaran, Sweden.
2/12 1950 Greek steamer METAMORFOSIS (D.A. Psychoyos, Piraeus). Stranded on breakwater outside Ymuiden - total loss.
15/12 1950 Early in the morning the one year old ship Rongevær went down at Tjømeboen under snow and harsh weather. The ship was on a journey from Høyanger to Holmestrand with a cargo of aluminium and a crew of five men when she went down. The ship stranded on Tjømeboen and sank after ten minutes, and the captain whom had tried to call for assistance over radio managed only by chance to get in to the lifeboat before the ship went down. The crew got safely to Færder Lighthouse, and later that same day the wreck was checked by the salvage vessel Uller which found out that Rongevær had sunken to a depht of twenty meters and could not be salvaged. The cargo of aluminium was salvaged the following year.
24/12 1950 Italian steamer SANTAGATA (A.Lauro, Italy). Aground on Goodwin Sands, total loss
1/2 1951 British steamer ELETH (Wm.Thomas & Sons, Liverpool). Cargo shifted, capsized and sank near Dundalk.
3/2 1951 Seven of the crew of the 8,670 ton Liberian tanker' Atlantic Duchess were trapped below decks and killed when two explosions rocked the ship In dock at Swansea, U.K. Eleven men, including the tanker's captain were taken to hospital. They were burned in a fierce fire which followed the explosions and kept firemen from getting aboard for three hours. About two hours after the first two explosions a third occurred while firemen were cooling down damaged parts of the tanker; six firemen were injured.
The dead, mainly the ship's officers, were found in the crew's quarters below where the explosions occurred. They were trapped when the blast damaged doors blocking their escape. At the height of the blaze, flames enveloped the ship's bridge, shooting nearly 40 feet in the air. Firemen rushed from Swansea and neighbouring towns put up a wall of water and foam to stop the fire spreading to a nearby tanker. A special watch was kept on oil feeder points on the quayside.
The third explosion ripped the tanker from stem, to stern and she began to take water rapidly. Flames spread from the boiler room to the bridge.
23/2 1951 The Danish Hospital Ship Jutlandia leaves Copenhagen on its first out of three missions to Korea, serving under the United Nations, commanded by Captain Kai Hammerich. The expedition ends as Jutlandia returns to Copenhagen on October 16, 1953 after completion of its 3rd mission.
26/2 1951 The Danish torpedo boat RAAGEN (former. T 59) is lost in the North sea after collision a the British MTB (MTB 5518). RAAGEN is salvaged later this year and repaired.
2/4 1951 British steamer KETOS (Hector Whaling Co, London). Had engine room explosion at 02.25N 30.30W and sank the following day.
11/5 1951 While in port Newcastle Upon Tyne and moored alongside berth number 23. A minor collision occurred with the OLIVIAN COAST (a motor vessel of some 740 gross tons) and the British steamer ARBROATH. Damage was sustained to the bulwarks and frames.
14/6 1951 BARRGROVE (142279) 5222 g.t., 412ft x 52ft, 10 knots, WWI Standard type ship, built 1918 by Northumberland Shipbuilding, Howden-on-Tyne as the WAR ANEMONE for the Shipping Controller, managed by Phillips, Phillips & Co. 1919 sold to Navigazione Generale Italiana, Genoa renamed STROMBOLI, 1927 sold to Barr Shipping Co, Ltd, (Barr, Crombie & Co), Glasgow renamed BARRGROVE. 1941 owned by Reardon Smith Line (Sir William Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd, Cardiff), Glasgow. 1946 transferred to Leeds Shipping Co (same managers), 1947 sold to Cie. de Navegacion Glaucos S.A., Panama (G. Lemos Bros) renamed GAROUFALIA, 14.6.1951 stranded in fog at Siau Kung Tau (36.13N 120.44E) on voyage Japan - Tsingtao in ballast.
15/8 1951 Wahine. Steel steamship, 4436 tons. Built Dumbarton 1913. Lbd 375 x 52.2 x 25.6 ft. Having run as a ferry between Wellington and Lyttleton, NZ, in 1951 she was refitted as a troop ship; on her first voyage to Korea, struck Masella Reef in the Arafura Sea and abandoned after the failure of attempts to refloat her. All saved.
26/8 1951 The Finnish motorship Alca was sunk by an explosion at 11 p.m. four miles outside Sodershav lighthouse. (Rederi A/B Varma; 1919; A/B Ostersidvarvet; 439 tons; 156,5 x 28,9 x 11; 112n.h.p.; oil engines.)
4/10 1951 British Coaster SALTFLEET, Ouse SS Co, Goole. Stranded and sank in fog, off Goole.
6/10 1951 The Greek steamship Adrias, carrying 700 passengers, was wrecked in heavy weather on the E. end of Falconera Island. (Epirotżki Steamship Nav. Co.; 1893; Harland & Wolff; 2,082 tons; 311 - 3 x 38 - 3 x 15 - 1; triple-expansion engines.)
7/10 1951 The former German U-boat U-2513 is sunk by USS Owens off Key West.
23/11 1951

11 mines explodes at the Mine Workshop at Naval Base Copenhagen, caused by a fire. 16 persons lost their lives, mainly firemen from the Copenhagen Fire Department and Falck's Rescue Services. Almost every building belonging to the Naval Mine Warfare Department in the area were flattened.

5/12 1951 The steamer SANDEID came in on the afternoon up in a storm at the entrance to Mastrafjorden and disappeared in the deep shortly after, together with eight lives. Sandeid was built in Stavanger in 1892 under the name Sandnæs, and was put in service as a coastalfreighter by the company Sandnæs Damp. The ship was also the companys first ship. A few years later the route to Bergen and nearby areas was extended, and in the beginning of the century Sandnæs was looked upon to be too small to such a transport. The ship was therefore sold to Stavanger Dampskipselskap on September 2nd 1903 and rebaptised to Sandeid. And thereafter the ship was used in traffic in tha areas around Ryfylke after several modernizations. Sandeid had through her years in traffic along the Norwegian coast experienced several accidents where human lives where lost. On her last journey this cold December day there were onboard Sandeid a crew of eight men under Captain Racin Frafjord, six passengers and a pilot. Sandeid was deleted from the shiplists in Stavanger in January 18th 1952.
12/12 1951 Belgian steamer JEAN MARIE (Vloeberghs Reederij, Belgium). Cargo shifted and she sank at 58.40N 20.30E.
22/12 1951 The barge Borregård 3 was under tow from Drammen to Sarpsborg in ballast, when the cable suddenly breaks south of Hankø. Since the barge did not have an engine which could help to decide the direction, she drifted inn towards Dekningsskjær and stranded. In the days that followed the salvage vessel Ula arrived the site, but Borregård 3 position on the reef made any rescue impossible.
30/12 1951 British steamer ST. KEARAN, (Glen-Mary-47), 394/21, owned by J. & A. Gardner & Co., Ltd, Glasgow, stranded and wrecked at Ardmore Point.
18/2 1952

During a severe "nor'easter" off the New England coast, the T-2 tankers SS Fort Mercer and SS Pendleton broke in half. U .S. Coast Guard vessels, aircraft, and lifeboat stations, working under severe winter conditions, rescued and removed 62 persons from the foundering ships or from the water with a loss of only five lives.

7/3 1952 Swedish steamer ROSSÖ Sprang a leak on the ship when she was six and a half miles NE by E of Eyemouth (near Abry Head). In  respons to her S.O.S., surface craft searched the area, but found no trace after the ship or her crew of 22. (Captains Hugo Nylén and Per Berg, Chief enginer Curt Strömstedt and 8 swedish. 11 men of her crew was foreigner).
21/3 1952 US Navy reveals that 30 sailors were killed in a gun turret explosion on the heavy cruiser St. Paul during shelling of the North Korean coast. It's reported that most of the 30 dead suffocated due to gunpowder fumes. It's the largest U.S. naval disaster of the war, and it wasn't caused by enemy action
26/4 1952 USS HOBSON sinks after colliding with USS WASP; 176 lives lost
4/5 1952 ALFIOS, (???) Liberty Ship, 7,176 tons. Foundered off Saigon Lat: N:010.20.00 Long: E:107.03.00. Stern section salvaged. ex- ALEXANDER WILSON
25/5 1952 The American tanker A. C. Dodge was in collision on. She caught fire, broke in two and sank on May 27th. Eight of the crew were lost. (Ira S. Bushey & Sons; 1942; R. T. C. Shipbuilding Corpn.; 1,147 tons; 243-7X37-1x14-1; 241 n.h.p.; oil engines).
26/5 1952 USS Hobson sinks after colliding with USS Wasp; 176 lives lost.
14/6 1952 Keel laid for 1st nuclear powered sub the Nautilus.
3/7 1952 SS United States sailed out of New York harbor on her maiden voyage. She would pass Bishop's Rock, off the English coast, three days, 10 hours and 42 minutes later, setting a record that stands to this day. The New York Times splashed the crossing on its front page, noting that the ship departed New York carrying "1,660 wildly waving passengers and the pride of a nation.'' The ship's average speed was 35.6 knots.
14/7 1952 British Heavy Lift Ship EMPIRE MARSHAL (MOT managed by Pandelis Shipping Co). Damaged by engine room explosion at Pusan - constructive total loss. Laid up.
28/8 1952 Russian logger SRT-339 foundered.
1/9 1952 British steam tanker DERWENTFIELD (Northern Petroleum Tankship Co (Hunting & Son) Had a explosion at Balik Papan, Borneo. Scrapped Osaka 1953.
8/9 1952 When SS Foundation Star sent a distress signal that she was in tremendous, rough seas and in danger of breaking in half, four Coast Guard vessels and three commercial vessels proceed to her assistance and rescued the crew before the ship broke and sank
6/11 1952 Panamanian steamer FAUSTUS (Cia.Nav.Acapulco, Panama (Embiricos Ltd, London). Wrecked off Hook of Holland. Sank 7/11 1952.
1/12 1952 U-995 becomes the Norwegian submarine KNM Kaura
3/12 1952 The Danish torpedo boat HAVØRNEN (ex. T 53) runs aground at Scroby Sands off Great Yarmouth, England, during an exercise. The torpedo boat is salvaged during January 1953 and later refitted for active duty.
15/12 1952 Soviet submarine SC-117 lost due to unknown reasons.
25/1 1953 Liverpool England - Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Canada destroyed in a dockside fire at Gladstone Dock, Liverpool and became a total loss. Hulk refloated and towed to Italy, broken up at La Spezia 1954.
31/1 1953 Launched in 1946, the channel ferry PRINCESS VICTORIA with 174 passengers and crew members on board capsized and sank near Mew Island, off Belfast, Ireland, in the late afternoon. The vessel was trapped by a severe gale early in the morning while she tried to reach Ireland, and her stern doors, used for loading cars, were thrown open; the ship subsequently foundered. One hundred twenty-one persons were drowned.
14/2 1953 British steamer STANLEY FORCE (586 grt / 1920). Foundered after striking submerged wreckagesouthwest of Cap La Hauge on passage Guernsey to London with granite.
10/3 1953 The Liberian ship Angy caught fire, exploded and broke in two about 1,000 miles E. of New York. The efterpart was taken in tow on March 12th but sank on the next day. Twenty-eight survivors were picked up by the s.s. Claiborne. (Monrovia Shipping Co.; 1937; Deutsche Werft; 9,937 tons; 492,9 x 66,1 x 36,4; 11 knots; oil engines.)
28/3 1953 During entrance to Rønne harbor an explosion occurred in the engine room on board the mine layer LOUGEN, commanded by Lieutenant, count, Karl-Christian Trampe. 3 men are killed and another 7 were severely injured.
4/4 1953 Returning the from NATO manoeuvre Blue-Sea, Turkish submarine TCG DUMLUPINAR collided in Dardanelles off the Nara Point with the Swedish freighter Naboland and sunk. 81 submariners died in this accident.
16/4 1953 The royal yacht BRITANNIA is launched by the Queen.
24/5 1953 The Swedish motorship Andaman collided with the Panamanian Fortune in a fog, near the South Goodwin lightship and sank in 25 fathoms. She was on a voyage from Gothenburg to Calcutta. (AB Svenska Ostasiatiska Kompaniet; 1947; AB Götaverken; 4,765 ton; 439 x 58,6 x 21,2; 1,260 n.h.p.; oil engines.)
29/5 1953 American steamtanker DELAWARE SUN wrecked at 24.38 N / 124.43 E.
14/7 1953 SS Jacob Luckenbach under charter to PFEL was outbound from SF to Yokohama. When 11 miles off the Golden Gate she was in a collision in dense fog with the SS Hawaiian Pilot, which was inbound from Honolulu. Jacob Luckenbach was struck at the forward end of number five hold and sank within an hour. Its crew was rescue by the Hawaiian Pilot, which suffered extensive damage to the bow. Later, the wreck was located 6.5 miles off the San Francisco lightship in 25 fathoms. Salvage was considered impractical. (Luckenbach S.S. Co.; 1944; Ingalls S.B. Corp.; 7,869 tons;468-5x69-6x29-5; turbine engines.)
15/8 1953 MV Le Francois ex HMCS French damaged in hurricane off Cape May NJ. Hulk abandoned to underwriters
8/9 1953 While in the River Humber, on passage towards Hull, from the river Tyne. A collision occurred between the ADMIRAL DE RUYTER, a Dutch motor vessel and the British steamer ARBROATH. The ARBROATH was not damaged.
12/9 1953 When the 6,000 ton ore carrier SS Maryland grounded off Marquette, MI, a Coast Guard helicopter, in the face of driving wind and rain that required the combined efforts of both pilots to hold the controls and stabilize the aircraft, removed 12 crewmembers with a breeches buoy without any casualties
21/1 1954 USA launches the USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine.
13/2 1954 British coaster SEABLUE (Instone Lines Ltd). Struck wreck of EMPIRE BLESSING and sank near Flushing.
15/3 1954 USN LCM collided with a 26-foot whaleboat at Yokosuka. 3 crew and 5 libertymen rescued & transferred to destroyer HMCS Cayuga for treatment. Later taken ashore to USN Hospital Yokosuka.
30/3 1954 British steamer EMPIRE WINDRUSH (MOT managed by New Zealand Shipping Co). Sank off Algeria in tow after engine room explosion.
6/5 1954 The Japanese ship Ajikawa Maru ran aground in heavy weather off Goto Island, W. Japan and sank. One of the crew was killed, 14 were missing, and there were 13 survivors. (Osaka Shosen K.K.; 1944; Kawaminami Kayo K.K.; 780 tons; 178 x 31,2 x 17,9; 9 knots; oil engines.)
27/6 1954 British steamer SPRINGFJORD (Springwell Shipping Co). Bombed and on fire at anchor San Jose, Guatemala during revolution - total loss.
22/9 1954 The steamship NORDSTJERNEN disappeared in the deep at Ranøy in Raftsundet under a journey from Svolvær to Stokmarknes with a cargo of passengers and mail. In the accident five peoples perish, including one of the crew members. On her last voyage Nordstjernen gets of course, and in the middle of the night she hit a reef at Ranøy.
26/9 1954
Toya Maru (Japan) - A Japanese passenger ferry that sank during Typhoon Marie in the Tsugaru Strait between the Japanese islands of Hokkaidō and Honshū. It is said that 1153 people aboard were killed in the accident. However, the exact number of fatalities remains unknown because there were victims who managed to get on board the ship unticketed and others who cancelled their passage just before the incident.
9/10 1954 The Norwegian motorship Emma Bakke caught fire after an explosion about 250 miles west of Casablanca. She was abandoned and 40 crew and nine passengers were picked up by the s.s.Corrientes. The Emma Bakke sank within the next two days. She was on a voyage from Philadelphia to Istanbul.
30/11 1954 South Goodwin, lightship. Capsized after running aground. 5 lost, 1 survivor, saved by helicopter.
14/2 1955 The Japanese trawler Akebono Maru No. 6 was in collision with the South Korean Frigate No. 61 and sank eight miles N.E. of Ukushima. Twenty-two lives were lost. (Nichiro Gyogyo K.K.; 1947; Mitsubishi Jukogyo K.K.; 342 tons; 145,3 x 24,3 x 13,4; oil engines.)
2/3 1955 British steamer INCHKEITH (Williamson & Co, Hong Kong). Ashore Andaman Islands, total loss.
7/6 1955

Ore steamer SAIVO (9.200 ton), owned by Trafik AB Grangesberg - Oxelosund on voyage to Holland with a cargo of iron ore, collided in dense fog with the Panamanian steamer WINDWARD ISLANDS about 14 miles NNE Hammaren on Bornholm and sinks. The crew of 32 is saved by Windward Islands, which only get minor damage, and landed in Sweden.

Swedish steamer KORSÖ (4.600 ton)  collided with the Swedish steamer S.M. STJERNA, (1.000 ton) about 4 miles south of Gedsers lightship in dense fog. ”S. M. Stjerna” which was at anchor, sunk. Crew saved.
16/6 1955 HMS SIDON. Royal Navy Submarine. Sank with the loss of 13 lives when alongside the depot ship HMS Maidstone in Portland Harbour when an experimental type (high-test peroxide) torpedo exploded. The torpedo had no warhead fitted but a weakness in this adaptation of an existing torpedo type either allowed this highly volatile propellant to leak, or there was a reaction inside the torpedo. The force of the blast inside the tube blew open the bow cap and internal door allowing water to get in. As the boat was on the surface water entered only relatively slowly and she did not sink immediately. Attempts to stop her from sinking were unsuccessful.
12/7 1955

Orenstein - Koppel und Lübecker Maschinenbau, Lübeck, W. Germany launch motorvessel BOLMAREN for Rederi AB Transatlantic, Gothenburg, Sweden..

Gotaverken AB, Gothenburg launch motorvessel KRISTIN BAKKE for Knut Knutsen O.A.S., Haugesund, Norway.
13/7 1955 Liverpool steamer GEOLOGIST (6.155 ton d.w.) with a crew of 42, sank off Trinidad after collision with liberian vessel SUN PRINCESS.
14/7 1955 Gotaverken AB, Gothenburg deliver motorvessel CONCORDIA SUN to Skibs A/S Hilda Knudsen, Haugesund, Norway.
15/7 1955 CRISTOFORO COLOMBO, (30.000 ton), Italys newest and fastes passen­ger ship, departure Genova for her maiden trip to New York.
16/7 1955 Dutch steamer SEINE (Wm.Muller & Co, Holland). Sunk in collision off Dungeness with Russian tanker DROGOBITZ.
18/7 1955 Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Wallsen on Tyne launch passenger ship BERGENSFJORD, ordered by Den Norske Amerikalinje, Norway.
21/7 1955

Uddevallavarvet AB deliver motorvessel SUNGRAN to A/S Rederiet Odfjell, Bergen, Norway.

U.S. Navy’s nucelar submarine SEAWOLF launched.
27/7 1955 Helsingborgs Varv deliver Fyrskeppet nr 8 Reserv (Lightship nr. 8 Reserv) after a complet rebuilding at the yard. She was originally build at Oskarshamn 1870.
28/7 1955 Indian coaster VIR PANDIAN (A.Gill & Co, India). Ashore and abandoned Gopinath, India - total loss.
27/9 1955 British Merchant Ship EMPIRE CLAIRE, (Ministry of Transport.)  Scuttled with war materials at 56.30N 12.00W
1/10 1955 AB Asiverken, Amal, Sweden deliver tanker VERITAS III to Vattenbatarne Veritas, Gothenburg, Sweden.
3/10 1955 Kockum AB, Malmoe, Sweden launch their 28:e submarine for the Swedish Navy, she is named SALEN.
6/10 1955 Swedish steamer FRANS GORTHON (1.822 grt / 1937). Badly damaged by fire whilst discharging phosphate at Gaddviken, Sweden.

Norwegian motorship THORODD on a journey from Karmoy to Tofte paper mill when suddenly the cargo loosen up. After a short time the vessel starts to tip over, and Thorodd starts to take in water. The crew sets course for Risør to save the vessel, but when the masts lies under water the crew decides to abandon the vessel. The crew soon gets picked up by another boat, but the proud vessel with so many services behind her ends her days in the water north of Lyngør. THORODD was built in the USA just after WW1, then with the name Fleurus, and put into service until 1924 by the French Navy. The vessel was then sold to Norway and put into civil service. In 1934 Fleurus was sold to Thorodd Ltd and renamed M/V Thorodd. The spring of 1940 the vessel were put into service as a neutrality guard boat until the war broke out in Norway and then sent northward and used among other things, transporting POW's. The vessel experienced a few smaller engagements with the German invasion force before she ended up in England. Here the vessel quickly were rebuilt as a minesweeper  and put into service cleaning up mines around the area of Abeerdeen and Dundee. On the 14th of September 1944 the vessel was taken out of service of minesweeping and spent the rest of the war without doing nothing... After the war Thorodd returns to Norway and is put into civil service again with several different owners and tasks.

8/10 1955 The worlds biggest aircraft carrier, SARATOGA, (60.000 tons) launched at the Naval Yard, Brooklyn, New York.
15/10 1955 Russian logger SRT-4209 'NARA' runaground at Faroe Island.
17/10 1955 Swedish motortanker TANKBORG grounded and sank at Oregrundsleden, Sweden.
18/10 1955 The third and last icebreaker for U.S.S.R, KAPITAN MELEHOV, (5.360 tons depl.) and 10.500 ahk, Launched at Sandvikens Skeppsdocka, Helsiki, Finland.
19/10 1955 Aalborg Skibsvaerft, Aalborg, Denmark, launch passenger ferry GRIPEN, for Oresundsbolaget, Sweden.
20/10 1955 M/aux. MERRY stranded in severe storm on Tannskar off Vinga, Sweden, captain lost his life, the rest of the crew saved
22/10 1955 Lidingoverken K/B, Lidingo launch motorvessel CHRISTOFER for Sten A. Olsson Handels AB, Gothenburg, Sweden.
25/10 1955 Minesweeper HMCS Chignecto laid down at Lauzon PQ. Built by George T. Davie & Sons Ltd. (Minesweeper, Bay Class, 396 tons, 152x28x8ft, 16kts, crew 3/35, 1-40mm).
29/10 1955 HMCS St. Laurent commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy at Montreal PQ; first of series of 14 new destroyer escorts.

Novorossiysk (Soviet Union) - The Novorossiysk was moored in Sevastopol Bay, 300 meters (1000 feet) from shore and opposite a hospital. At 1:30am, an explosion of undetermined origin occurred. The Novorossiysk capsized and sank with the loss of 608 sailors.

19/11 1955  
25/11 1955 Liberian steamer KISMET II (Cia.Nav.Ircar S.A, Liberia). Wrecked Cape Breton Island 47.50N 60.30W. 
7/1 1956 The Panamanian cargo ship Alvi struck a mine and sank on a voyage from Söderhamn to Velsen. (Compania de Nav. Tulev, S.A.; 1913; W. Harkess & Son; 1,500 tons; 247 x 38 x 14,6, 175 n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.)
18/2 1956 KAPTAN UZUNOGLU, (Kara Mehmed Uzunoglu, Istanbul, Turkey), wrecked on rocks near Eregli in fog on voyage Istanbul to Zonguldak in ballast
14/4 1956 HMCS TORONTO transferred to Norway; renamed GARM
24/4 1956 HMCS Prestonian paid off and loaned to Norway and renamed Troll
2/5 1956 Citrine. Motor vessel 779 tons, foundered in a gale off Cadgwith, Cornwall. Cargo of limestone.
12/6 1956 British coaster WARRI (Elder Dempster Lines Ltd). Aground east of Lagos - total loss.
25/7 1956 51 people died when the Italian liner Andrea Doria sank after colliding with the Swedish ship Stockholm off the New England coast
8/7 1956 KIMI MARU No. 2, 328/58-m.v., owned by the Kobe Sekiyu Kaisha, sank off Todogasaki, in Iwate Prefecture, after she had been in collision with MEISHIN MARU, 930/44-m.v., owned by Y. Kishimoto.
27/10 1956 Minesweeper HMCS Thunder launched Port Arthur ON.
29/10 1956 During the Suez Canal crisis, Israel launched an invasion of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.
1/11 1956 PAUL SOLENTE, 4,038/49-dredger, formerly owned by the Suez Canal Company, which was scuttled by the Egyptians at Port Said and raised 13/10/57, has been renamed RAMSES and left Port Suez 8/7/59 bound in tow for Lubeck, where she is to be reconditioned.
17/11 1956 Swedish motor tanker SEBOU in collision with Swedish s/s GAPERN at Akerstrom, Gota Alv, Sweden south of the locks at Lilla Edet. Both ship was heavely damaged but was able to go to Gothenburg. GAPERN, which was on voyage to London with cargo of pulp, developed a leak, and fore part of port side damage. The bow of SEBOU was damaged.
30/12 1956 The Costa Rican steamship Adelfotis, Capt. Hocken, went ashore during a fog on December 30th, 1956, near Quoin Point, S. Africa, and broke her back. (Agelef Shipping Co. S.A.; 1925; New Waterway S.B. Co.; 2,310 tons; 290 - 8 x 44 - 9 x 19 - 4; 250 n.h.p. ; triple-expansion engines.)
3/1 1957 Mina Cantequin. Spanish coaster, 660 tons, returning to Spain from Newcastle when she hit a rock at Coverack in a gale. The crew were rescued by lifeboat but the ship drifted on to Lowland Point and became a total loss.
15/1 1957 Norwegian tanker JANINA (Anders Jahre & Co, Norway). Abandoned on fire near Lisbon at 41.33N 09.33W. She sank 18/1 1957.
25/1 1957 The Danish naval cutter TERNEN, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Erik Erling Olsen, are lost off Ravns Storø in Greenland, presumably caused by icing conditions. The whole crew of 8 officers and men are lost.
3/2 1957 IZMIR, 6,041/55-m.v., sank off Izmir, but was refloated and brought to port 10/4/58,  and arrived at Bremerhaven 21/6/59 to be repaired and reconditioned by the Seebeck Werft of the A.G. Weser.
8/4 1957 Tug Glenfield (ex-HMCS Glenfield) was being used for towing log booms down the Saint John River into the pulp mill. The winter of 1956/57 when the River froze over, it was decided to send her to Steel and Engine Products in Liverpool, NS. (Irving owned) for a refit. When the tug was ready to return back to Saint John, their shore captain went to bring her back. Departed Liverpool NS for Saint John NB. According to reports she was seen passing Yarmouth NS heading into the Bay of Fundy, then she was seen later beyond Yarmouth, at that time the weather had turned into a real bad storm in the Bay of Fundy. Glenfield was missing & presumed capsized & sunk, crew of 5 lost. The only trace that was ever found was a wheelhouse door.
5/12 1957 ROSALBA, (Normanville-51, Hillglade, Inston), 1,591/21, owned by F. Longobardo, Italy, went aground. Refloated 4/1/58. Was found to be not worthy of repair and has since been broken up at Perama.
24/12 1957 COLUMBINE, 374/34; steamer, Hay & Co. (Lerwick) Ltd., Lerwick, Stranded on North Head, Peterhead while on passage from Baltasound to Middlesborough, and later broken up.
5/1 1958 The Panamanian steamship Aloha was on a voyage from Mormugao to Muroran when she sprang a leak and sank off the N. coast of Luzon. (International Union Maritime Corp.; 1920; Pacific Coast S.B. Co.; 6,063 tons; 402,5 x 53 x - ; triple-expansion engines.)
6/2 1958 Panamanian steamer ST. ELEFTERIO (Cia de Vapores San Elefterio Panama). Sprang leak and sank at 21.54N 64.46W.
6/4 1958 Panamanian steamer  PAN OCEAN (Pan Ocean Nav.Co, Panama). Sank 160 miles NW of Alexandria at 33.15N 27.55E.
28/4 1958 SAN FLAVIANO, 12,278/56-tanker, owned by the Eagle Tanker Co., Ltd, which was sunk by air attack during the Indonesian revolt. The forepart of  was salved and whilst being towed from Balik Papan to Hong Kong was driven ashore near Manila 27/5/60 by a typhoon. It was, however, refloated 5/6/60 and was later taken in tow again for Hong Kong.
12/5 1958 British coaster CLIFFVILLE (John S.Monks Ltd, Liverpool). Sprang leak and sank at Glasgow. 1958 Raised and scrapped Dublin
28/5 1958 Submarine USS Stickleback accidentally rammed & sunk by destroyer escort USS Silverstein during training exercises off Hawaii.
21/7 1958 The Panamanian ship Allegra sprang a leak and was abandoned in a sinking condition in lat. 16° 43' N., long. 60° 16' E. Twenty-three of the crew were saved. (Cia. Armatorżale Italiana; 1928; Furness S.B. Co.; 4,350 tons; 374,3 x 52,2 x 27,6; triple-expansion engines.)
8/8 1958 Liberian steamer ST. NICHOLAS (Supreme Nav.Corp, Liberia). Ashore 135 miles SSW Kingston, Jamaica - total loss.
19/8 1958 LASTOVO, was refloated 19/8/58.
(LASTOVO, 1,039/22, General cargo steamer, (ex: Beograd-53), owned by Jadranska Linijska Plovidba, Yugoslavia.)
22/8 1958

The motorvessel TOM B. went down near Oksø outside Kristiansand city  after she had driven straight into a cliffwall near Oksø under harsh weather. The crew was after the accident rescued, and nobody got injured. The wreck of Tom B has been teared much down in the years after the accident, and today the wreck lies in three pieces on twenty meters depht on the east side of Oksø.

U-843 is raised from the Kattegat where she was sunk in April 1945.
24/8 1958 ALCYONE, which was aground at Crete 24-28/8/58, has been declared a constructive total loss.
(Ange-58, Ayton-56, Macbrae-49, Carlbeath-37), 2,117/24, owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Co., Inc., Panama.)
28/8 1958 Norwegian m.v Tommy was on a journey from Halden to Brevik when she started to leak and water started to stream into the hull. The captain on the ship set course for Sandefjord to get assistance but it did not take long before the engines stopped because of the flood in the vessel. Without engine power the captain could not do much, and the vessel drifted away without control. Soon after the vessel struck the reefs of Holskjærene and sank. The crew of two men got into the lifeboat and were picked up by the ship Lyngør who had seen the emergency signals from the crew.
5/10 1958 TUPAVUORI, 10,214/54-motor tanker, owned by the Neste O/Y., sank at Nadendal following an explosion, was refloated 20/7/59 and was then sold to the Neptun Salvage Company who are considering her future. It is probable that she will be scrapped. Her hull left Abo 9/10/59 bound in tow for Mathildedahl for scrapping. Her engines have, however, been retained.
18/10 1958 STANVAC JAPAN, 17,409/53-tanker, was severely damaged by an explosion, she was later sold to Bj. Ruud-Pedersen, Norway, who has renamed her ESCAPE, and intends to have her rebuilt in a European yard. She left Bombay 10/1/59 in tow, bound, initially, for Aden.
23/10 1958 EARSDON, (Lewis Crosthwaite-50, Colonel Thys-32), 234/12-tug, owned by France, Fenwick, Tyne & Wear Co., Ltd, which was sunk in the River Tyne and raised 11/12/58 was found, on examination, not to be worthy of repair, and has accordingly been sold to J. J. King & Co., for demolition at Gateshead
30/10 1958 DIRKEN* (Slice-49, Hellekis-36, Sonja-33), 235/11-m.v., owned by the Rederi AB Ankaret, Sweden, has been condemned as a result of the damage she sustained when aground off Grauten 30/10-2/11/58. She was towed to Farosund when refloated.
2/11 1958 DIRKEN* (Slice-49, Hellekis-36, Sonja-33), 235/11-m.v., owned by the Rederi AB Ankaret, Sweden, was towed to Faro­sund when refloated.
3/11 1958 LAKE BURNABY, 6,140/52-m.v., wrecked on Bancoran Reef . The stern section was later salved, and efforts was made to tow it to port, on behalf of the new owners, the Javellana Shipping & Trading Co. of the Philippines.
8/11 1958

CITE DE LONDRES, 130/15-m.v. was raised 8/11/58 and is now being reconditioned for service.

2/12 1958

DORSODURO (Stad Haarlem-53), 4,569/29, recently sold by the Lloyd Veneziano, Italy, to Japanese shipbreakers, sank in a position 4.20 N, 106.10 E, while on voyage from Singapore to Kobe. She was carrying a cargo of phosphate. Her crew of 23 was saved.

GENTIANA, capsized and sank off
Simrishamn while on a voyage from Karlshamn to Hamburg with a cargo of oil in drums. One of her crew was lost.
(GENTIANA, 452/56-m.v., owned by the
Trelleborgs Angfartygs AB, Sweden.)

HILDEBRAND, 7,735/51, broke in two 2/12/58.

3/12 1958

B.T. V, sank in Skelleftehamn Roads after she had been in collision with the Swedish motor vessel GLIMMAREN, 3,214/39. She was, however, moved to a safe anchorage 18/12/58 for the winter and salvage operations will be commenced in the Spring. She was refloated 17/5/59 and towed to Skelleftehamn for repairs next day.
B.T. V, 419/44-motor tanker, owned by AB
Bensintransport, Sweden.)
GLIMMAREN, 3,214/39.)

PRODROMOS, and KING MINOS, were in collision about 12 miles from Dungeness. The latter ship was extensively damaged but arrived the following day at Boulogne under her own power; the stern of PRODROMOS was cut off in the collision, and she had to be beached in a sinking condition, 2½ miles south of Rye, by the French motor tug JEAN-BART, 716/56 which had taken her in tow. She was, however, later refloated and arrived at Boulogne, 11/12/58. PRODROMOS was later sold to Belgian shipbreakers.
PRODROMOS, 7,194/43,
(Centurion-54, President Pretorius-52, James B. Hickok-48), owned by the Cia. Nav. Prodromos, Liberia.)
MINOS, 10,930/58-m.v., owned by the Hellenic Star Greek Maritime Co., Ltd, Greece.)

4/12 1958 ANNALISA, went aground on Portimao Bar while on a voyage from Lisbon to Genoa, and became a total loss. She was was refloated 25/3/59.
(Pierandrea-55), 500/54-m.v., owned by Navalsicula Armamento e Trasporti Marittimi, Italy.)
5/12 1958 ALEX, sank in the River Waal near Nijmegen, after being in collision with the Dutch tug BERDIEN.
(ALEX, 148/29-m.v., owned by S. Kiepe, Germany.)

PORJUS, went aground north of
(PORJUS, 464/44-motor tanker, owned by L. Kristensson and partners, Sweden.)
6/12 1958 LAIS, sank during the night 6-7/12/58 south-west of Eckero while on a voyage to Stockholm.
(LAIS, 154/04-m.v., owned by A. H.
Ostrom and J. Nordberg, Finland.)

SQUAMISH QUEEN, had sunk off Barkley Sound, although without loss of life.
(SQUAMISH QUEEN, 178/43-m.v., owned by the Anglo-British Columbia Packing
Co., Ltd, Canada.)

8/12 1958 HEBE NOBEL, went aground in the River Scheldt during the night of 8-9/12/58. She was refloated 3/1/59.
HEBE NOBEL, 196/28-m.v., owned by D. Baak, Netherlands.)

IVAN C., was destroyed by fire which broke out when she was laid up at Rimouski,
IVAN C. 148/38, wooden motor vessel, owned by G. Cote, Canada.)

9/12 1958 GEORGE H. HASTIE, recently sold by North Eastern Fisheries, Ltd, to German shipbreakers, sank off Amrum while on her last voyage, to Hamburg. There were no casualties.
(GEORGE H. HASTIE, 229/16-trawler.)

PRINSES IRENE, was severely damaged by fire which broke out while she was fitting out at Hardinxveld.
(PRINSES IRENE, 7,200g-m.v., launched 12/7/58 by Van Vliet, Hardinxveld, for the Oranje Lijn (Maats Zeetransport), N.V., Netherlands.)

SVALAN, went aground at Herta, Gotland, after developing engine trouble while on a voyage from Visby to Ronehamn.
SVALAN, (Zwaluw-52), 225/26-m.v., owned by K. A. E. Larsson, Sweden.)

10/12 1958

ANNELIS CHRISTOPHERSEN, and on a voyage from Leningrad to Bilbao, was in collision in the Kiel Canal with ANNIK, which was on a voyage from Vilvorde to Odense. Both ships were extensively damaged.
(ANNELIS CHRISTOPHERSEN, 998/51-m.v., owned by W. H. Christophersen, Germany.)
(ANNIK, 1,381/40, owned by the Flensburger Trampreeder G.m.b.H., Germany.)

, went aground near Suusaari in the Gulf of Finland while on a voyage from Leningrad to West German ports, and was abandoned by her crew.
ANTON WILHELM, 425/50-m.v., owned by A. Boyksen, Germany.)

ROYAL PACIFIC, went aground at Santa Elena Point, Guayaquil and became a total loss.
(ROYAL PACIFIC, 312/51-m.v., owned by the Royal Pacific Corporation, United States.)

11/12 1958

EARSDON, 234/12-tug was beached and placed on slip for examination 15/12/58.

A. SAN RAFAEL; ran aground in the Gabeiras Islands 11/12/58 while on a voyage from Gijon to Ferrol. She sank, with the loss of seven of her crew of ten.
(Lazaro-42, Besos), 398/62, owned by Nav. Com. Aspe S.A., Spain.)

13/12 1958

ARNOLD, sank near Hesselo Island after her cargo had shifted in heavy weather during a voyage from Halmstad to a West German port. Her crew was saved.
ARNOLD 242/30-m.v., owned by H. Schepers, Germany.)

16/12 1958 MIRADOR, has sustained severe damage as a result of a fire which broke out following an explosion while she was transferring fuel oil to the United States naval oiler OCKLAWAHA in Iskenderun Roads, Turkey. Two of her crew lost their lives and the fire was not extinguished until 19/12/58, by which time the afterpart of the ship had been gutted.
MIRADOR, 21,020/58-tanker, owned by the Mirador Cia. Nav. Panamena, Panama.)
17/12 1958 CHIYO MARU 148/47-motor fishing vessel, owned by the Daito Gyorui K.K., Japan, sank 300 miles west of Wake Island after developing a leak.
18/12 1958 ELISABETH BOLL, (Marianne-55), 389/20-m.v., owned by Gerhard Boll, Germany, went aground west of Landsort, Sweden. Was refloated and brought into Stockholm 28/3/59, has been condemned and is to be scrapped.
21/12 1958

GABRIELITO, 126/42-wooden trawler, owned by Pesquerias Gabriel Gonzalez, Spain, was abandoned in a sinking condition in a position 36.5 N, 7.5 W.

TRIESTINO, (Nirit-57, S. Antonio II-51), 353/45-wooden auxiliary, owned by Mario Fragiacomo, Italy, sank near Sibenik following an explosion. She was on a voyage from Monopoli to Rijeka. Six of her crew of seven were lost.

23/12 1958 BREIM, was considerably damaged when she was in collision in the New Waterway with the Finnish steamer NORBY, 3,117/22 while on a voyage from Limhamn to the Persian Gulf.
(BREIM, 5,455/49-m.v., owned by the A/S Borgestad, Norway.)

SIERRA BERMEJA, 398/58-m.v., owned by Maritima del Norte, S.A., Spain, sank, 25 miles from Cape Machichaco while on a voyage from Antwerp to Bilbao.

26/12 1958 KUNSAN, 3,827/45-m.v., owned by Korea Shipping Corporation, Korea, was blown ashore at Mukho, 37.31 N, 129.8 E. She was later abandoned as a total loss.

SANDWICH, 2,606/20, owned by the Cia. Avia de Vapores, Panama, went aground on Alacran Reef, Mexico while on a voyage from Cuba to Tampico.

DOGME, 1,816/43, owned by the Dai Han Coal Corporation, Korea, was blown ashore at Mukho. Later refloated, reconditioned and returned to service.

27/12 1958 OINAS, went aground in the Stockholm Archipelago and although refloated after discharge of part of her cargo, was found to have sustained such heavy damage that repairs were not economical, and she has been condemned. She left Stockholm 10/2/59 bound in tow for a shipbreakers' yard at Vordingborg. At the time of her casualty she was on a voyage from Kasko to Manchester.
(Borgila-39), 1,457/10, owned by the Helsingin Lloyd O/Y, Finland.)

TENSYA MARU No. 11, capsized and sank near Fukushima, north of Tokyo. Thirteen members of her crew lost their lives.
(TENSYA MARU No. 11, 499/58-m.v., owned by the Kambara Kisen K.K. Japan.)

28/12 1958 P.Q. JAMES WHALEN, 313/05-tug, owned by the J. P. Porter Co., Ltd, Canada, sank off Iroquois Lock, Montreal.
30/12 1958 AFRICAN QUEEN; ran aground on Fenwick Island, Maryland, while on a voyage from Covenas to Paulsborough and broke in two. Salvage operations on the two sections are in hand. The stern section refloated 24/9/59 and arrived at Norfolk 26/9/59 to be dry-docked for examination.
AFRICAN QUEEN, 13,800/55-tanker, owned by African Enterprises, Ltd, Liberia.)

NOROY (Gjendin), 104/01, owned by the Hovding Skipsopphugging, Norway, sank at Sandnessjoen during a storm.

31/12 1958 ASIA MARU, was extensively damaged by fire which broke out after she had been in collision with two tank barges in the River Mississippi while on a voyage from Baton Rouge to Japanese ports.
(ASIA MARU, 8,327/57-m.v., owned by the Daiichi Kisen K.K., Japan.)
4/1 1959 IRIONA, 3,965/27, owned by the Empresa Hondurena de Vapores, Honduras, went aground on Utila Island (16.6N, 86.55W), but was refloated 11/1/59.

MINSTER, 3,194/50-m.v., owned by Stephenson Clarke, Ltd, sustained considerable damage when she was in collision near Shoeburyness with the tanker BRITISH TENACITY, 8,439/39-m.v.

SALVADOR, 181/30-tug, owned by Cia de Nav. Fluvial Argentina, Argentine, foundered in the River Plate, in the Martin Garcia channel in heavy weather, while on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Concordia.

5/1 1959

CORNELIA MARIA, 218/52-motor trawler, owned by the Visscherij Mij. Cornelis Vrolijk, Neterlands, sank off Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, after being in collision with the German trawler GUSTAV BORGNER, 398/49. Her crew was rescued without loss.

RUNODD, 169/33-m.v., owned by E. Onarheim, Norway, went aground off Etne, Sunnhordland. Refloated 6/1/59

7/1 1959 TAYYAR (Albatross), 409/78, owned by T. C. Munakalat Vekaleti Devlet Denizyollari ve Limanlari Isletme U.M., Turkey, was aground at Ayvalik while on a voyage from Istanbul to Izmir, and later sunk.
8/1 1959 HOHENEICHEN, 499/56-m.v., owned by Poseidon Schiffahrt G.m.b.H. Germany, capsized and sank off Sandhammaren while on a voyage from Soderhamn to Lubeck. One member of her crew was lost.

9/1 1959

The fishery cruiser FREYA, 274/54, owned by the Scottish Home Department, sank 4 miles south of Wick, after being capsized by heavy seas. Three members of her crew lost their lives.

RUBICON, 499/51-m.v., owned by D. Schothorst & W. Schuitema, Netherlands, went aground on the east coast of Majorca while on a voyage from Belfast to Savona, but was refloated 2/2/59 and then sold to Spanish buyers.

10/1 1959 BERNIERES, 7,278,142, owned by the French Ministry of Marine, and managed by the Soc. Nav. Delmas-Vieljeux, sustained serious damage, when she was in collision off Goeree with CINDERELLA, 6,922/33-m.v., while on a voyage from Port Gentil to Dunkirk, via Amsterdam.

GOLDEN MASTER, 8,695/58-m.v., owned by the Skibs A/S Golden West, Norway, struck a reef east of Tauranga and was beached off the port while on a voyage from Nauru to Auckland. After repairs, she was refloated 25/1/59.

Hop, 3,973/24, sold by A. Kjerland & Co. A/S, Norway to Belgian shipbreakers went aground off Flushing while being towed from Arendal to Antwerp. She was refloated and arrived at Flushing 11/1/59 sailing again 14/1/59 for Zeebrugge.

ALHENA, 7289/40, owned by Van Nievelt Goudriaan & Co., Netherlands, sustained severe damage when she was aground in the River Scheldt 10-11/1/59

11/1 1959

BAR HAVEN, 1,138/48, owned by the Canadian Ministry of Transport, went aground at Ragged Point, N.F., and the passengers on board were taken off. The crew, however, remained on board, and the ship was refloated, 13/1/59.

MARINA DI SAPRI (Marina-54), 132/46-wooden motor vessel, owned by Guido Trevisan, Italy, sank near Pula while on a voyage from Venice to Pula.

12/1 1959 GEORGE ROBB, 217/30-trawler, owned by George Robb & Sons, Ltd, Aberdeen, went aground in Deer Sound, Orkney, but was refloated 26/1/59.
13/1 1959 IMROZ (Salvage Duke), 1,125/43-salvage vessel, managed by the Denizcilik Bankasi T.A.O. on behalf of the Turkish government, to whom she was on loan from the Royal Navy, was gutted by fire 13-14/1/59 following the second explosion aboard MIRADOR, 21,020/58, which she was engaged in salvaging. Eleven of her crew were lost.

MIRADOR, 21,020/58-tanker sank at Iskenderun after a second explosion which was followed by fire, which also destroyed IMROZ. Five of her crew were lost.

14/1 1959 PELAYO, 2,579/47-m.v., owned by MacAndrews & Co., Ltd, went aground on Leghorn outer breakwater while on a voyage from Liverpool to Naples and sank in shallow water. Lifted 28/7/59 and beached in shallow water for final tightening. Drydocked 14/9/59. Was later declared a constructive total loss.
18/1 1959 PIET SCHIPPER, 121/25-m.v., owned by P. J. Schipper, Netherlands, went aground at Kortgene.

VALIANT EFFORT, (Pitsa H-58. Nicholas C. H.-54, Sea Gale-53, Seagale -51, Rufus W. Peckham-51), 7,205/43, owned by Ocean Carriers Corporation, United States, was abandoned by her crew after her steering gear had broken down in a gale near Cani Island, Tunisia. She subsequently drove aground and was a total loss. She was on a voyage from Galveston to Calcutta.

20/1 1959 MARIA AMATA, (Domenico Ievoli-55, Emilia Nunzia-52, Andre Marie-51, Augustin le Borgne-51, Rensfjell), 1,122/18-wine tanker, was abandoned by her crew after fire had broken out while she was on a voyage from Valencia to Carthagena. She was later towed to port, but had been completely gutted by the fire.

SILVANA, 332/21-motor trawler, owned by J. H. Thorsson, Sweden, was abandoned by her crew after being trapped in ice near Hudiksvall. She subsequently drove aground and became a total loss.

21/1 1959 MICHAEL K. TEWKSBURY, 6,657/06, owned by the Midland S.S. Line Co., Inc., United States, was driven by ice and a gale against a bridge over the Buffalo River at Buffalo, N.Y., demolishing the bridge and causing considerable damage to the ship.
24/1 1959

NATONE, (Wongala-56, Wyatt Earp), 430/19-wooden auxiliary, owned by Sydney-Ulverstone Shipping Pty, Ltd, Port Moresby, Papua, went aground 100 miles north of Brisbane and subsequently broke up.

YANDRA, 918/28-m.v., owned by Coast Steamships, Ltd, Australia, went aground and sank on the South Neptune Islands in fog. She was sold "as lies" at an auction 19/2/59 for scrapping to W. Brown and G. Hines.

26/1/1959 LAURA GABRIELLA T. (Lalla T-57), 616/57-m.v., owned by the Navimar Nav. Mar. Fluviale, Italy, sank near Antipaxos Island (38.51N, 19.41E), with the loss of eight of her crew.
27/1 1959 ADELE ANDALO (Carl Mathies-57, Gothia-52, Siirto-41, Ferm, Alcides, Wilhelm Biesterfeld), 836/21-m.v., owned by Calabro Siciliana di Nav., S.p.A., Italy, sank 45 miles south of Malta in heavy weather while on a voyage from Syracuse to Tripoli, Libya. Four of her crew were lost.

MANTHOS 309/33-m.v. Greek flag, went aground at Porto Rafti while on a voyage from Piraeus to Stylis. She was refloated 30/1/59, but had sustained severe bottom damage.

30/1 1959

HANS HEDTOFT, 2,875/58-m.v., owned by the Royal Greenland Company, Denmark, struck an iceberg off the south coast of Greenland while on the return leg of her maiden voyage from Julianehaab to Copenhagen. The last radio message received from her was at 9.06 p.m. G.M.T. that day and said that she was sinking. An extensive search failed to reveal any trace of the ship or of the 55 passengers and 39 crew who were on board.

1/2 1959

ELY (Thetis-55), 4,123/30, owned by the Cia. Auxiliar Maritima, Ltda, Costa Rica, foundered in Dunkirk Roads where she had been towed by the tug JEAN-BART, 716/56-m.v., following a collision in the English Channel 30/1/59 with the Liberian motor tanker ANDREAS, 13,262/56, while on a voyage from Antwerp to Tampico.

WESERSTEIN, 6,795/53, owned by the Roland Linie S-G.m.b.h, Germany, went aground in the River Scheldt while on a voyage from Brisbane to Hamburg, and although refloated 4/2/59 she had sustained extensive damage.

BORRA, 174/47-m.v., owned by F. Russo, Italy, went aground at the eastern entrance to the Corinth Canal, but was refloated 13/4/59 and repaired.

2/2 1959 The tugs FAIRPLAY I, 160/51-m.v., and FAIRPLAY VII, 175/43, owned by the Fairplay Schlepp-dampfs. Reederei Richard Borchard G.m.b.H., Germany, sank in the Lower Elbe while engaged in salving the Norwegian tanker SOLFONN, 19,810/56, which had been aground since 31/1/59. The tanker was refloated 2/2/59. The tugs were refloated and arrived at Hamburg 12/2/59 for examination and reconditioning.

GOVERT GRINDHAUG (Heinrich Baumgarten-58), 467/37-m.v., owned by Govert Grindhaug, Norway, sank outside Bergen after grounding while on a voyage from Aalesund to Germany.

3/2 1959 Keel laying of USS Enterprise, first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, Newport News, VA.
4/2 1959 STRATHCOE, 215/16-trawler, owned by Bruce's Stores (Aberdeen), Ltd, was wrecked on San Too Head, Hoy, Orkney. Her crew was saved.

ALLADALE, (Aquilla-54), 450/07, owned by Richard Abel & Sons, Ltd, Liverpool, on charter to the Fleetwood Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd, heeled over and became submerged at Fleetwood. She was refloated 11/3/59 and handed over to her owners, at Fleetwood, 16/3/59.

CANTENAC, 1,004/54-g.t., owned by Worms et
Cie, France, went aground two miles N.E. of Aoukacha Point, near Casablanca while on a voyage from Saffi to Granville. She was refloated 21/2/59.

(Depute Abel Ferry-35), 2,015/21, owned by Mustafa Cemaloglu Ferit Inal, Turkey, went aground near Zonguldak in bad weather and it will not be possible to refloat her.

5/2 1959 AUSTHOLM, (Sigerford), 108/02-m.v., owned by P. Hersvik, Norway, sank off Floro after being in collision with the Norwegian motor vessel VERMA, 336/50 while on a voyage from Aalesund to Skudesneshavn. Her crew was saved.
6/2 1959

IRINI, (Tramontana-56, Arator-53, Equator-52, Atlanta-39, Shahristan -34, Ninive, Turkistan), 4,465/11, owned by Santa Irini Cia. Mar., Ltda, San Jose (Panamanian flag), went aground in the River Scheldt while on a voyage from Antwerp to Yugoslavia and later broke in two. Salvage was impossible and she was broken up as lies.

7/2 1959

MARY-BRIGITTE, 110/55-motor trawler, owned by Jules.le Goff, France, foundered three miles off Blasket Light House, Irish Republic, after grounding. All her crew were lost.

PITHO, 165/14-tug, owned by the Singapore Harbour Board, capsized and sank at Singapore after colliding with the Japanese steamer TAKESHIMA MARU, 8,853/52. Five of her crew were lost. She was refloated 15/3/59.

8/2 1959 ARIANA, (Despina-58, Ninna Dan-55, Ninna Lau-48, Ninna-43, Niobe­42), 1,184/21, owned by the Cia. de Nav. "Pytheas", S.A., Lebanon, went aground on Vodnjak Island, some twenty miles SSW of Split while on a voyage to that port from Odessa. During salvage operations, 14/2/59 she foundered in deep water.

CAPE DAUPHIN, (Benjamin C-54), 179/46-motor fishing vessel owned by National Sea Products, Ltd, Canada, sank in heavy weather 120 miles S.E. of Cape Race. Her crew was rescued.

JULI, 657/47-trawler, owned by Baejarutgerd Hafnarfjardar, Iceland, disappeared off N.E. Newfoundland, about 180 miles N.E. of Gander, during 2/59. She was last heard of 8/2/59 and is presumed to have foundered that, or the following, day in heavy weather with her crew of thirty.

9/2 1959

BLUE WAVE, (Bonnybridge-51), 289/50-motor trawler, owned by the Bonavista Cold Storage Co., Ltd, Canada, reported by radio that she was on her beam ends and iced up in a position 65 miles southwest of Cape St. Mary, Newfoundland. Beyond three boats no trace has since been found of her or her crew of sixteen.

FRANCES, 8,172/44, owned by the A. H. Bull S.S. Co., Inc., United States, sustained extensive damage when she was in collision in the Mobile Ship Canal in fog with the German motor vessel LUBECK, 5,895/56.

10/2 1959 KYRRE, 126/41-m.v., owned by Partrederiet M.S. Kyrre (Manager A. Oldervoll), Norway, was reported to have sunk off Orskjaerene, Hustad­vikja, after grounding.
13/2 1959 HELEMAR-H, 499/57-m.v., owned by A. A. Hoogerwerff, N.V., Netherlands, went aground in Dunmore Bay, Irish Republic, while on a voyage from Amsterdam to Waterford. She was abandoned by her crew, but was refloated 19/2/59.
14/2 1959

GUNN, (Dan-57), 181/40-m.v., owned by Hans Wikse, Norway, sank between Skjaerholmen and Buholmen.

15/2 1959

DANNIDO, (Taldir-56), 393/47-motor trawler, owned by the Association Rochelaise de Peche a Vapeur, France, went aground near Cap Gris Nez in fog and became a total loss.

SPETSAI GLORY, 5,185/27, owned by the Cia. Mar. de Isola Spetsai, Costa Rica, went aground on the S.W. coast of Crete, but was refloated 21/2/59 with some damage.

17/2 1959

OCEAN TRADER, (Alabama-54), 6,991/31, owned by the Walter Shipping Co., Ltd, Hong Kong, went aground at the entrance to Tokyo Bay during bad weather while on a voyage from Aguada to Chiba. She sank 25/2/59. It was her owners' intention to dispose of the ship for demolition on completion of the voyage during which she was wrecked.

19/2 1959 MARIOS II, (Volos-48, Empire Consort-45, Gisela L.M. Russ-45), 1,175/42, owned by Sakalis & Loannou Brothers, Greece, sank near Skyros island. She had been abandoned the previous day following an explosion in her boiler room and was in tow for port. She had been on a voyage from Stratoni to Piraeus.

NOVAYA SIBIR, 3,816/55, owned by the Sovtorgflot, Russia, went aground off Bergen while on a voyage from Aarhus to Murmansk and was abandoned as a total loss.

20/2 1959 ANASTASSIOS, 4,834/37, owned by San Anastasias Cia., Ltda, San Jose, Costa Rica (Greek flag), went aground in Esbjerg Roads whilst on a voyage from Aalborg to Jeddah, but was refloated 7/3/59. She suffered such serious damage when aground 20/2-7/3/59 that she was abandoned as a constructive total loss. Sold to Em. Z. Svitzer's Bjergningsselskab, who in turn have sold her to Belgian shipbreakers. She arrived at Ghent, in tow, 10/7/59, for demolition.
21/2 1959

HELENE B. SCHUPP, (Helene-53, Weichsel), 742/97-m.v., owned by J. H. T. Schupp, Germany, capsized and sank thirty miles west of the Danish coast while on a voyage from Szczecin to Rotterdam. Her master was lost.

ATA, (Nizeti-57, Flamenco-52, Irish Rose-46, Mall-42, Germinal, Lake Harney), 1,901/18, formerly owned by the Soc. di Nav. Mar. Katama, Italy, which became a constructive total loss as a result of grounding damage sustained 21/2/58 off Zanzibar, left Zanzibar 18/3/59 bound in tow for Dar-es-Salaam for demolition.

22/2 1959 SUN RAY, (Starkist-47), 359/45-motor fishing vessel, owned by Steve Kral, United States, sank off the Peruvian fishing banks.
24/2 1959 CALLISTO, 5,844/51-m.v., owned by Hudig & Veder (Maats. Zeevaart), sank in the North Sea near the North Hinder Light Vessel after being in collision in fog with the Liberian cargo vessel ANDROS STREAM, 8,479/43, while on a voyage from Pepel to Ymuiden.
25/2 1959

ORE TRANSPORT, 20,910/54-bulk carrier, owned by Universe Tankships, Inc., Liberia, went aground in Mobile Bay while on a voyage to that port from Puerto Ordaz, but was refloated undamaged 4/3/59.

28/2 1959 JIMENOA, 476/43-m.v., owned by Caribbean Enterprises, Inc. Dominican Republic, was abandoned after grounding on Serrana Bank, some 350 miles S.W. of Kingston, Jamaica, in a position 14.25 N, 80.15 W, and sub­sequently became a total loss

USS Strong rescues 13 Arab fishermen from Bahrain when their fishing boats foundered in a storm.

1/3 1959 JALANTA, 12,228/52-m.v., owned by Anders Jahre & Co., Norway, The bow section of the tanker was cut off when she was in collision 5 miles southeast of the Ambrose Channel Light Vessel with the American liner CONSTITUTION, 23,719/51. The section, about 100 feet long, was salved and towed to the Bethlehem Steel Company yard at Hoboken, where it is being rejoined to the ship
3/3 1959 SPIGA, 7,153/43, owned by the Cia. di Nav. Giuseppe Mazzini, Italy, was beached at the entrance to Tokyo Bay after springing a leak while inward bound from San Francisco. She was, however, refloated 14/3/59 and towed to Tokyo.

STELLATUS, (Herma Gorthon-51), 1,827/36, owned by the Rederi AB Brubor, Sweden, went aground 21 miles south of Duncansby Head in fog while on a voyage from Abo to Ellesmere Port. She was abandoned, and broke in two 10/3/59

11/3 1959 HOLDERNESS, (Grangetoft-55, Gledburn-36, Maindy Tower), 982/20, owned by the Holderness S.S. Co., Ltd, went aground and wrecked on the Sow and Pigs Rocks off Blyth while outward bound to Londonderry with a cargo of coal.

STELLA CARINA, 555/48-trawler, owned by Derwent Trawlers, Ltd, was beached off Hull in a sinking condition after being in collision in the Humber with the collier MENDIP, 1,362/50 which was at anchor. STELLA CARINA was refloated 27/5/59.

VORMANN RASS, 999/56-m.v., owned by the Lenox A.G., Germany, was severely damaged aft by a fire which broke out in her engine room when she was south of Prawle Point while on a voyage from Dublin to Antwerp. She was towed into Plymouth the following day by the minesweeper ACUTE, and after the fire had been extinguished and temporary repairs effected, was towed to Vlaardingen for repair

12/3 1959 CAPITAINE LIMBOR, 7,176/45, owned by the Cie. Mar. Belge (Lloyd Royal) S.A., Belgium, went aground on Tiran Island in the Gulf of Aqaba, but was refloated 22/3/59

JALAVIKRAM, 4,573/58-m.v., owned by the Scindia Steam Navigation Co., Ltd, India, extensive damage was sustained when she was in collision in the River Elbe, with the British motor vessel PORT JACKSON, 9,827/37, which was herself beached with heavy damage, but was subsequently refloated and docked for repair

14/3 1959 The Russian tanker JDANOV, 7,961/55-m.v., sustained serious damage when she was in collision in the Dardanelles with the Norwegian liner OSLOFJORD, 16,844/49-m.v., which was on a cruise.

SACHI MARU, 934/44-m.v., owned by the Kobe Sambashi K.K., Japan, foundered off Kanaiwa, in a position 36.36 N, 136.34 E after her cargo had shifted in heavy weather. Her crew was saved

15/3 1959 MARCEL MOUNIER, 1,973/54-motor tanker, owned by the Soc. Navale Delmas-Vieljeux, France, went aground at the entrance to the Salum River, but was refloated little damaged 26/3/59
17/3 1959 LISA C., 660/43-motor wine carrier, owned by A. Cinciari S.p.A., Italy, went aground off Mazagan, Morocco, while on a voyage from Kenitra to West Africa. She was, however, refloated 21/3/59 after jettisoning 237,000 gallons of her cargo of red wine.

USS Skate (SSN-578) surfaces at North Pole.

18/3 1959 SANTA HELENA, 2,964/45, owned by Transmaritima Comercial S.A., Brazil, was reported to have grounded some 25 miles south of Santos while on a voyage to that port from Rosario. She was refloated 16/4/59
19/3 1959 COLLINGWOOD, 4,545/07, owned by Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd, Severe damage was caused to the engine room by fire which broke out while she was lying at Windsor, Ont.
21/3 1959 COMANDANTE LYRA, (Southland-40, Excellency-36, Liberty Land), 5,052/19, owned by the Lloyd Brasileiro Patrimonio Nacional, Brazil, was abandoned after fire had broke out when she was off Porto Laguna, South Brazil. Attempts to tow her to port failed.
22/3 1959 ROSE-MARIE, 149/11-auxiliary motor vessel, owned by E. & G. Olofsson, Sweden, was reported trapped in the ice in the Stockholm Archipelago.
23/3 1959 KHOLMOGORY, (Molotov-57), 2,332/30, owned by the Sovtorgflot, Russia, sank off the island of Wangeroog, after being in collision in fog the previous evening with the German motor vessel BISCHOFSTEIN, 5,794/55-m.v., while on a voyage from Antwerp to Ventspils. One of her crew was lost
24/3 1959 BIRGIT, 1,296/18, owned by the O/Y Danfin Shipping Ltd, A/B, Finland, sank in the harbour at Helsinki, where she had been in service as a floating grain warehouse.
25/4 1959

St. Lawrence Seaway opens for traffic as the first ship enters the locks south of Montreal; 650 km. waterway between Montreal and Lake Erie.

USS Eversole rescues 14 Chinese Nationalist fishermen from their sinking fishing trawler in the Formosa Strait.

26/3 1959 BIERUM, 400/48-m.v., owned by J. & H. Damhof, Sr., Netherlands, capsized at the S.W. Welgelegen, Harlingen, where she was being repaired. She was, however, parbuckled by winches and righted 1/4/59.

VALCHEM, 10,416/42-t.e. tanker, owned by the Heron S.S. Co., United States, was heavily damaged aft when she was in collision off Atlantic City with the Grace Liner SANTA ROSA, 15,371/58, while on a voyage from New York to Baytown in ballast. The forward part of SANTA ROSA was also extensively damaged. VALCHEM was later declared a "total loss" and sold to J. C. Berkwit & Co., and arrived in tow at Baltimore 12/6/59. She was laid up while consideration is given to the possibilities of converting her into a storage barge.

28/3 1959

ANTONIN DVORAK, 7,176/43, sold by the United States Department of Commerce to the Patapsco Steel Company broke adrift, from the tug OIL­TRANSCO, 175/43-m.v., while in tow from Wilmington, N.C., to Baltimore for demolition, and went aground near Cape Hatteras. She was refloated 22/4/59 and arrived in tow at Baltimore 24/4/59 for scrapping by the Patapsco Steel Company

31/3 1959 OREL, 118/43-motor sealer, owned by Mrs K. G. McDonald, Canada, sank in the Cabot Strait after springing a leak
2/4 1959 WIDDALE H, 274/54-motor tanker, owned by John Harker, Ltd, went aground near Nash Point in the Bristol Channel while on a voyage from Swansea to Worcester. Was later sold as she lies to Metal Trading (Swansea), Ltd, and broken up "at situ".
3/4 1959 RAMSO, 1,891/47, owned by the Rederi AB Kirsta, Finland, was beached off Sheerness after being in collision with the British tanker CLYDE EXPLORER, 8,644/50-m.v., while on a voyage from Hango to Ridham Dock. She was, however, refloated 10/4/59
7/4 1959 SELFISK, 135/49-motor fishing vessel, owned by Kare Pedersen, Norway, sank northwest of Grimsey, north Iceland. Her crew was saved
8/4 1959 CHRISTIAN I, (Emden-53), 134/14-auxiliary, owned by Vera Christensen, Germany, sank off Serjo Lighthouse after developing a list while on a voyage from Gillelje to Sonderborg. Her crew was saved. She was later salved by Ottar Harmstorff & Sons, and towed to Kiel for examination.
9/4 1959 URUBATAN, (Hellus-52), 632/44-m.v., owned by the Azevedo Cia. Ltda, Brazil, was so seriously damaged as to be a total loss as a result of an explosion which occurred while she was lying at Ilheus. Her cargo of asphalt caught fire, and ten people on board lost their lives.
11/4 1959 JOACHIM SCHULTE, (Alfred Theodor-57, Reg 1-53, Olaf Bergh-50, Rigi), 5,833/21, owned by Schulte & Bruns, Germany, grounded on a wreck in the Kattegat, northwest of the island of Anholt, and was abandoned the following day. During heavy weather in the night of 18-19/4/59 she sank. At the time of the casualty she was on a voyage from Murmansk to Wismar
12/4 1959 SUNMOIRA, 2,341/53, owned by Odd Owren, Norway, went aground at Lanoraie, Montreal, but was refloated, little damaged, 28/4/59
13/4 1959 HOLDERNITH, 963/44, owned by the Holderness S.S. Co., Ltd, went aground off Burnham on Sea 13/4/59 while outward bound from Combwich to Glasgow. She was, however, refloated undamaged 20/4/59
16/4 1959 RIVER AYR, (Charles Carroll), 202/18-trawler, owned by A. W. King, Aberdeen, sank 16 miles S.E. by S of Bard Head, Bressay, Shetland Islands, after springing a leak the previous day
18/4 1959 HARBOROUGH, 6,671/56-m.v., owned by J. & C. Harrison, Ltd, sank in the Weser Estuary after striking the wreck of KHOLMOGORY in thick fog while on a voyage from Gdynia to Buenos Aires. Her crew was rescued without casualty.
23/4 1959 KORA, 4,102/52-m.v., owned by the Cie. Mar. des Chargeurs Reunis, France, went aground on the Swallow Rocks off the Liberian coast while on passage from Dakar to Abidjan, and was abandoned as a total loss 30/4/59
24/4 1959 BYGDOY, (Felix Heumann-49, B. A. Sanne-33, England, Thorhild), 2,486/21, owned by the Soc. de Bois pour Constructions de Logements, Tripoli, Lebanon, went aground at the entrance to Accra harbour while on a voyage from Lattakia to Duala, and became a total loss.
25/4 1959 SHOZAN MARU, 140/49-motor tanker, owned by the Showa Yusosen K.K., Japan, sank off Miyako, North Japan, after being in collision with the same owners' SHOUN MARU, 444/53-motor tanker
29/4 1959 Eight of the crew of Anton von der Lippe's motor tanker FARMAND, 11,142/58, were killed in an explosion which occurred in her engine room when she was some 780 miles N.W. of Fremantle while on a voyage from Adelaide to Bahrein. The explosion completely disabled her, but she was taken in tow and brought into port.
1/5 1959 FERNGULF, 5,295/41-m.v., owned by Fearnley & Eger, Norway, sustained severe damage when fire followed an explosion shortly after leaving Vancouver for the east coast of the United States.
2/5 1959 MOTOMAR, (Bahia Blanca-51, Scania), 414/20-m.v., owned by Navemar S.A. de Nav., Argentina, foundered in a storm in the Gulf of San Matias, in a position 40 S, 59 W, while on a voyage from Port Madryn to Buenos Aires. Seven of her crew of 18 survived
3/5 1959 RIO JIBACOA, 3,654/46, owned by the Banco Cubana del Comercio Exterior, went aground four miles east of Cayo Bahia de Cadiz, while on a voyage from Savannah to Cuba, but was refloated 12/5/59 undamaged.
5/5 1959 NICOLAS KAIRIS, (R. M. Williamson-47), 7,244/43, owned by J. N. Kairis & Partners, Greece, went aground four miles N.E. of Kuchino Shima, in a position 30.30 N, 129.52 E, and was abandoned. After inspection, salvage was considered impracticable. She was, at the time of her loss, on a voyage from Haifa to Tokyo.
8/5 1959 HOLMBURN, 841/57-m.v., owned by the Holm Shipping Co., Ltd, New Zealand, was seriously damaged by fire which broke out while she was lying at Lyttleton. Two members of her crew were killed.

MANOLITO, 7,210/43, owned by the Olmedo Cia. de Nav., Panama, (Costa Rican flag) sustained serious damage when she was in collision about six miles from the entrance to the River Oder with the Danish steamer HAFNIA, 2,060/24.

9/5 1959 WANG ARCHER, 7,607/45, owned by the North Atlantic Marine Co., United States, was aground three miles west of Freeport, Grand Bahama while on a voyage from New Orleans to Bombay. Refloated 17/5/59.
10/5 1959 PIETRINA, (Charlotte), 1,214/90-iron auxiliary barkentine, owned by H. J. Miller & Co., Uruguay, went aground on English Bank, off the Uruguayan coast, in bad weather and was abandoned the following day. Her entire crew was rescued.
11/5 1959 RIO CHUBUT, (Castelbianco-41, Pearlstone-39, Ovingdean Grange-36, Zapala-35), 4,900/24, owned by the Argentinian Flota Mercante del Estado, was driven aground on a reef between Capes Polonio and Santa Maria, near La Paloma. She was on a voyage from Brazil to Buenos Aires. Her crew was rescued.
13/5 1959 SAVOYARD, (Soerabaia-56), 234/55-motor trawler owned by the Societe de Peche et de Congelation de St. Pierre et Miquelon, went aground when leaving St. Pierre and has sustained such serious damage that she was to be sold "as lies" as a wreck.
16/5 1959 DABAIBE, (Uhlenhorst-48, Koidula, Lundy Light-32, Scottier, Kingsgate), 3,741/09, owned by the Cia. Dabaibe de Nav., Panama, broke in two and sank in a position 34.52 N, 19.28 E after springing a leak while on a voyage from Calais to Yokohama. She was on her way to the breakers.
17/5 1959

BLYTHE STAR, 305/45-m.v., owned by the Leven Shipping Co. Pty., Ltd, Australia, sank about 5 miles north of Burnie, Tasmania, after being abandoned when fire followed an explosion in her engine room while in Bass Strait. One of her crew was lost.

18/5 1959

BLAAEGG, (N. H. Knudtzon-49), 101/90-motor fishing vessel, owned by N. J. Blaalid and Partners, Norway, sank after springing a leak in a position 110 miles ENE of Lerwick.

MOSBORG, 12,490/52-motor tanker, owned by T. Mosvold, Norway, was extensively damaged aft by a fire which broke out in her engine room and spread to destroy the entire superstructure. Damage to her machinery is not known. She was taken in tow following the fire and arrived at Aden, 1/6/59. Arrived in the Tyne 29/6/59 in tow for repairs to her extensive damage by Smith's Dock Company, Ltd, South Shields.

20/5 1959

CHANNEL TRADER, went aground on the north tip of Burhou, near Alderney, in fog while on a voyage from Portsmouth to Alderney. She was abandoned by her crew and later sank.

22/5 1959 IRENE K, 7,176/42, owned by the Winchester Shipping Co. Ltd., went aground off Buenos Aires, but was refloated 2/6/59.
23/5 1959

ANDORA, 7,282/45, owned by the Bienvenido S.S. Co., Ltd, Panama, (Greek flag), went aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway, below Bertrand H. Snell Lock, while endeavouring to avoid a collision with the steamer MANITOULIN, 1,940/29, while outward bound from Fort William. She was refloated 28/5/59, but went aground again.

25/5 1959 OLUF SVEN, 866/52-m.v., owned by the Rederi Oluf Svendsen, Denmark, was abandoned and sank after springing a leak in a position 17.11, N, 64.28 W., while on a voyage from St. Kitts to Ciudad Trujillo.
27/5 1959 AGHIOS SPYRIDON, 7,214/44, owned by A. C. Hadjipateras, Greece, went aground some 80 miles west of Havana, Cuba, in a position 22.53 N, 83.48 W, while on a voyage from Hampton Roads to Japan. Subsequently a fire broke out in the engine room and further seriously damaged the ship.

BERKEL, 1,583/46, owned by the Rederi AB Svea, Sweden, was abandoned by her crew after fire had broken out following an explosion in the engine room. The explosion occurred north of Gotska Sandon in the Baltic while the BERKEL was on a voyage from Soderhamn to Rouen. She was taken in tow and arrived Dalaro, Sweden the same day. She was later declared a total loss, and arrived at Ystad 18/8/59 to be scrapped. 

TERUO MARU, (Terukuni Maru No. 8-57) 616/48-m.v., owned by the Hatomaru Kaiun Y.K., Japan, went aground at Tenjinbana, off Izuoshima and was abandoned.

29/5 1959 MITERA MARIGO, 8,961/58-m.v., owned by the Efpotmia Cia. Nav. S.A., Panama (Liberian flag), collided 20 miles N.E. of Ushant with the German motor vessel FRITZ THYSSEN, 10,613/58. She sustained severe damage and, after being escorted into Falmouth Bay, sank in Cross Roads that night.
2/6 1959 SIMON, 120/87-auxiliary schooner, owned by Gunnar Carr, Sweden, was driven aground off Kungsbacka Fjord after her anchor chains had broken. She had anchored following engine breakdown while on a voyage from Gotland to Karlstad.
6/6 1959 MONTE SAJA, 5,989/21, owned by the Naviera Aznar S.A. Spain, went aground in Iquique Bay while on a voyage from Taltal to Alexandria. Refloated 27/6/59.
7/6 1959 DACIA, (Ketty Danielsen-58), 299/52-m.v. owned by the Rederi I/S Dacia (A. C. Orssleff), Denmark, sank after springing a leak while on a voyage from Akranes to Thorlakhofn with a cargo of cement. Her crew and three passengers were saved.

THEOSKEPASTI, 7,138/43, owned by the Cia. Mar. Las Perlas, Panama (Liberian flag), went aground in the St. Marys River, off Detour while outward bound from Port Arthur to London. She was refloated 16/6/59, with little damaged.

9/6 1959 MARGARET ROSE, (Merlimau-56, Empire Maya-47), 567/45, owned by Gill Amin & Co. Private Ltd., capsized and sank off Dwarka while on a voyage from Bombay to Port Okha. 14 of her crew of 26 were saved.
11/6 1959 CLAUDETTE V, 400/47-m.v., owned by B. Vereault, Canada, was abandoned by her crew after springing a leak when some 60 miles west of St. Pierre et Miquelon. Her cargo of timber kept her afloat, however, and she was brought in tow into Burin 16/6/59.
12/6 1959 BENSON FORD, 8,170/24-m.v., owned by the Ford Motor Company, U.S.A., was aground in the Detroit River. Refloated 17/6/59.
15/6 1959 OCEAN LAYER, 4,534/48, owned by Submarine Cables, Ltd., caught fire while in a position 48.26 N, 19.3 W, during the laying of the new cable between France and Newfoundland. The fire started in the crew's quarters and spread rapidly to engulf the whole ship. She was abandoned by her crew of 98, all of whom were picked up, but was eventually brought into Falmouth, 21/6/59, by the German tug WOTAN, 729/39-m.v. Preliminary examination was shown her to be very extensively damaged, and she was expected to be a total loss. Sold to Dutch ship-breakers, left Falmouth 15/9/59 bound in tow for Hendrik Ido Ambacht, arriving in the New Waterway, 19/9/59.
17/6 1959 OLIN, 8,835/59-m.v., owned by the Ormet Shipping Corporation, Liberia, went aground in the River St. Lawrence near Nicolet after steering gear trouble while on a voyage from Contrecoeur to Sept Iles. She was, however, refloated 27/6/59 with little damage.
18/6 1959 SPRINGDALE, (Eastdale-55, Springdale-53), 1,636/37, owned by the Springwell Shipping Co. Ltd., (Comben Longstaff & Co. Ltd.), sank near Ornskoldsvik  after her cargo of timber had shifted in heavy weather during a voyage from Munksund to London.

BALEARES, 1,087/13, owned by the Casa Blanca Steamship Corporation, Panama (Costa Rican flag), was reported to have gone aground at Punta Hollandes, near Cape San Antonio, but was refloated 12/7/59. Arrived in tow at Miami 25/7/59, and is to be sold there "as is" by her owners, who do not intend to repair her.

20/6 1959 AVGI, 10,312/56-tanker, owned by the Beaver Shipping Co., Liberia, was aground in Suez Roads. Refloated 26/6/59 with little damage.
23/6 1959 GEORGIOS M. (Tampa-58), 4,701/23-m.v., owned by Cia. Mar. "Med­Cont", Lida, Costa Rica, sank after grounding in the Andaman Islands during a voyage from Rangoon to Colombo. She was endeavouring to return to Rangoon when she sank. Her crew was saved.

Collision between the SS SANTA ROSA and the SS VALCHEM, off the coast of New Jersey, with loss of life.

25/6 1959 SABINE, 7,698/40-tanker, owned by the Sabine Transportation Company, United States, sustained serious damage and had to be beached in Galveston Bay after being in collision with HESS FUEL, 11,621/43-t.e. tanker, while on a voyage from Houston to Tampa. She was, however, refloated and brought into Galveston for repair.
26/6 1959 EREGLI, 2,834/18, owned by Faik Zeren, Turkey, was reported to have gone aground a short distance east of Kos lighthouse in the island of Rhodes. She was refloated and arrived Izmir 4/7/59

MONROVIA, (Commandant le Biboul-54, Commandant Mantelet-51, Empire Falstaff-45), 6,674/43, owned by the Eastern Shipping Corporation, Liberia, sank eleven miles off Thunder Bay Island in Lake Huron after being in a collision the previous day in fog with ROYALTON, 7,164/24, owned by Scott Misener Steamships, Ltd, Canada, while on a voyage from Antwerp to Duluth.

27/6 1959 CHACARTEGUI 3, (Clavileno I-33, Juan Luis), 131/18-wooden auxiliary, owned by Manuel Llofriu Cerquena, Spain, sank at the entrance to Musel after springing a leak while on a voyage from Bilbao to Ferrol.

ISIS, 1,853/23, owned by the Khedivial Mail Line, Egypt, was aground in Tor Anchorage in the Gulf of Suez, refloated 29/6/59.

STANIEL, 628/43-m.v., owned by Lovering & Sons, Ltd, was beached three miles south of Lowestoft after fire had broken out in her cargo of straw while on a voyage from Boston to Jersey. Considerable damage was caused to the ship, which was refloated 29/6/59 and berthed. Later declared a total loss and sold to Dutch shipbreakers. She arrived in tow at Ymuiden 16/10/59.

29/6 1959 MONT NOTRE-DAME, 149/38-m.v., owned by Mathilda A. Desgagne, Canada, sank in the River St. Lawrence after being in collision with the ferry LAVIOLETTE, 887/47, while on a voyage from Martin River to Trois Rivieres. Her crew was saved.
30/6 1959 INGRID, 298/55-m.v., owned by Otto Diercks, Germany, sank about 3 miles north of Havringe lightvessel, off the east coast of Sweden, after capsizing during the previous night after her cargo had shifted in heavy weather. She was on a voyage from Koping to Oldenburg. Five of her crew of six were lost.

TAXIARHIS, 5,244/44, owned by Lebanesa Ltda, Lebanon, went aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway after being in collision with the German motor vessel CARL JULIUS, 6,202/53. She was, however, refloated 4/7/59 and taken to Montreal.

1/7 1959 SHORI MARU No. 5, 416/54-m.v., owned by the Matsuo Kisen K.K., Japan, went aground in a position 39.28N, 142.4E in Okama Saki, and became a total loss.
2/7 1959 ROMUALD TRAUGUTT, 6,726/13-m.v., owned by Polish Ocean Lines, went aground off the mouth of the River Elbe while inward bound for Hamburg from Calcutta.
3/7 1959

HOEGH SILVERSTREAM, 6,302/48-m.v., owned by Leif Hoegh & Co., Norway, sustained heavy damage when a fire broke out while she was lying at Calcutta and was not extinguished until 5/7/59.

4/7 1959 TONTINE, 8,225/55-m.v., owned by the Western & World Navigation Corporation, Liberia, went aground on Mismari Reef, twelve miles southwest of Jeddah. She was refloated 2/8/59
5/7 1959 ANTARES SIAM, 495/52-m.v., owned by the Soc. ltaliana Armamento Mediterraneo, Italy, was towed into Barcelona after being abandoned earlier in the day by her crew after fire had broken out while she was on a voyage from Lisbon to Marseilles. She is severely damaged.

ANVERS, (Sally Maersk-53), 5,153/45-m.v., owned by the Cie. Royale Belgo-Argentine (Armement Deppe, S.A.), Belgium, has been declared a total loss as a result of damage caused by a fire which broke out 5/7/59 following an engine-room explosion when she was lying anchored south of Cameron, Louisi­ana, during a voyage from Mobile to Antwerp. She was beached in shallow water, but has been so seriously damaged as to be beyond repair.

ASPA, (Stefanos-59, Dimitrios I-55, Stephanos-51, Draga-40, Gyuri-37, Cap Ferrat-37, Lieselotte, Turnus, Tarset, H.M.S. Kilburn), 653/18-m.v., owned by A. Veroutis, Greece, was reported to have sunk near the island of Rhodes in a position 36.1 N, 28E, after heavy seas had flooded her engine room during a voyage from Haifa to Constantza. Her crew was saved.

6/7 1959 BEAVERBANK, 5,690/53-m.v., owned by the Bank Line, Ltd (Andrew Weir & Co., Ltd), went aground in the English Channel, Fanning island, while on a voyage from Vavau to the U.K. She was refloated 24/7/59

PRINCE NOVA, (Erie Isle-41, Waubic-38), 451/09-m.v., owned by J. E. McQueen, Canada, was gutted by fire and sank at Pictou. In the fire, which also engulfed the wharf where she was berthed, very considerable damage was done to property ashore.

8/7 1959 DAIKATSU MARU, 140/47-wooden salvage vessel, owned by the Marita Shipping Company, Japan, went aground on the Bombay Shoal off Palawan and was abandoned the following day by her crew, all of whom were rescued.
10/7 1959 NORTH AMERICAN, 137/44-m.v., owned by Sverre Jangaard, United States, sank off Whidbey Island, near Seattle, after being in collision with a barge in tow of a tug. She was on a voyage from California to Seattle at the time.
11/7 1959 SAINT RONAN, 680/58-m.v., owned by J. & A. Gardner & Co., Ltd, sank three miles east of South Goodwin, after being in collision in fog with the Greek steamer MOUNT ATHOS, 7,176/43, while on a voyage from Fleetwood to Rotterdam. Three of her crew were lost.

SCARCITY, 586/48-m.v., owned by F. T. Everard & Sons, Ltd, was beached in Harwich harbour after being in collision off the port with B.P. MANAGER, 1,149/45-tanker. She was, however, refloated after temporary repairs and taken to Colchester 14/7/59.

14/7 1959 SALLY, (Vine-57, Vigo-53, Irisen-37, Iris-34, Borghild), 711/20, owned by the Cie. Mare Nostrum de Nav., S.A. 1956, Panama, sank twenty miles south of Losinj island in the Adriatic after developing a leak in her engine room while on a voyage from Trieste to North Africa. Her crew was saved.
15/7 1959 BANSEI MARU, 3,692/49, owned by the Kusakabe Kisen K.K., Japan, went aground near Naha, east of Taketomi Shima in Ryuku island, while on a voyage from Madras to Yokohama. She was refloated 22/7/59.
17/7 1959 The launch of MABELLA, 3,925g, Yard No. 98, commenced at the yard of the Pusnes M.V., Arendal, but she stuck half-way down the slip and was not completely launched until 27/7/59.
20/7 1959 HAVRE-AUX-MAISONS, 197/46-wooden motor vessel owned by J. T. Swyers Co., Ltd, Canada, sank after being abandoned following the fracture of her propeller shaft while on a voyage from Halifax N.S. to Brig Bay, Strait of Belle Isle.
23/7 1959 AVIOR, (Greathope-57), 2,452/26, owned by the "Avior" Cia. di Nav., Italy, foundered in the Arabian Sea, in a position 12.47 N., 54.21 E., after encountering violent weather while on a voyage from Rijeka to Bombay.

HELMA ENTZ, 12,430/58-tanker, owned by Thomas Entz Tanker G.m.b.H., Germany, sustained severe damage when she was in collision with the Japanese steamer SHOFUKU MARU, 6,891/45 in fog S.E. of Daio Saki, Honshu Island. Fire broke out aboard both ships and the HELMA ENTZ was partially abandoned. She was, however, able to reach port under her own power.

24/7 1959 GRAVATAI, 1,134/44-m.v. tanker, owned by Brasilmar Meridional de Nav. Ltda, Brazil, was reported to have gone aground near Cape Santa Marta Grande. She was refloated 26/7/59.
25/7 1959 ALGARROBO (Don Thompson-48, Uskbridge-36), 2,658/24, sold recently by Naviera Chilena del Pacifico, S.A., Chile, to shipbreakers at San Antonio, Chile, was driven aground at that port during a gale.

EBANA, 3,326/48, owned by Ebbesen Rederi Co., Norway, sustained severe damage and had to be beached near Chalmette after being in collision with a barge, in tow of a tug, while outward bound from New Orleans. She was later refloated and docked for repairs.

STELVIO, 4,408/58-m.v., owned by Adriatica Soc. p.A. di Nav., Italy,  sustained serious damage when she was in collision off Alexandria with the Italian motor vessel DONATELLA PARODI.

28/7 1959 RIVERGATE, (River Witham-55, Coverack-53. Empire Cononley-47, Dorothea Weber-45, Elisabeth, Midgard II, Midgard I, Lucy), 190/22-m.v., owned by the Hull Gates Shipping Co. Ltd (Craggs & Jenkin, Ltd), sank four miles N.W. of the Inner Dowsing Light Vessel. She had grounded off Lowestoft while on a voyage from London to Goole and after refloating, capsized.

A fire aboard the tanker WESTBROOK, 8,137/42, owned by Duff Herbert & Mitchell, Ltd (J. A. Billmeir, Manager), whilst laid up at Barry caused considerable damage to the amidships accommodation.

29/7 1959 FRANCISVILLE, 6,087/48-m.v., owned by A. F. Klaveness & Co., A/S, Norway, sustained severe damage when she was in collision south of Boston, with the American steamer MATHEW LUCKENBACH, 7,870/44.

QUEEN ELIZABETH, 83,673/40, owned by the Cunard S.S. Co., Ltd was involved in a slight collision in fog in the Ambrose Channel with the American steamer AMERICAN HUNTER, 8,433/44.

30/7 1959 ZIYA KALKAVAN, 327/16-motor trawler, owned by Ziya ve Riza Kalkavan Kollektif Sirketi, Turkey, capsized and sank at the Haskoy Slipway, Istanbul, after she had been unslipped with incorrect ballasting arrangements. She was, however, refloated 13/8/59.
31/7 1959 DOROTEA, 149/30-m.v., owned by D. Rust, Germany, was severely damaged when she was in collision in the Kiel Canal with JONNY JONAS, 499/57­m.v.
4/8 1959 BEKE, 1,207/55-m.v., owned by the Hungarian Danube-Sea Navigation Co., Ltd, Hungary, sank near Canakkale after being in collision with the Italian motor vessel SAN GIORGIO, 4,755/56, while on a voyage from Braila to Thessaloniki.

WUPPERTAL, 3,280/55-m.v., owned by the Hamburg-America Line, Germany was reported to have gone aground on Serranilla Bank, in a position 16 N, 80 W. She was refloated 16/8/59.

8/8 1959 HELEN BUCHANAN, 134/02-motor tug, owned by Helen B. Inc., United States, stranded and sank off Stamford, Conn., but was refloated 18/8/59.
9/8 1959 ERIK BLUMENFELD, 8,351/57-m.v., owned by Blumenfeld & Co., Germany, went aground on a coral reef in a position 5.12 N, 112.42 E.

SAN CRISTOBAL, (Carenero-49, Tonijn-37) 366/36-m.v., owned by J. Salazar, Venezuela, foundered some fifty miles off Corinto, Nicaragua, while on a voyage from La Libertad to Puntarenas.

10/8 1959 JEAN LAFITTE, 6,065/43, owned by the Waterman S.S. Corporation, United States, went aground S.W. of Ile de Re, but was refloated 18/8/59.
11/8 1959 NATIONAL PEACE, (Memory-57, Pit River-47), 10,645/45-t.e., tanker, owned by the Pan Cargo Shipping Corporation, United States, went aground on the N.W. tip of Kiltan Island, in a position 11.33 N, 73.01 E, near the Laccadive Islands, while on a voyage from Bahrein to Manila, and was abandoned by her crew. She was later abandoned as a total loss.

CARMEN ROMERO, (Amelia-39), 137/18, owned by A. Mosqueira Garcia and partners, foundered one and a half miles north east of Cape Penas while on a voyage from Musel to San Esteban de Pravia.

12/8 1959 IKAN MAS, (Admiral Vernon-57), 330/43-wooden motor vessel, owned by the Cathay Shipping Corporation, Panama, capsized and sank in the Musi River after being in collision with the Dutch tanker PERNA, 7,984/35­m.v.
14/8 1959 MUNKEN, 317/38-m.v., owned by A. Myrdal & P. Sanne, Norway, sank at the Wharf at Sandnes during the night of 14-15/8/59 while on a voyage from Heroya to Stavanger. She was raised 26/8/59 and was repaired.
15/8 1959 MARTIN B.,  393/45-motor fishing vessel, owned by Star-Kist Foods, Inc., United States, went aground sixty-five miles north of Callao, Peru, and became a total loss. One of her crew was lost.
22/8 1959 SHINSEI MARU No. 3, 345/55-motor fishing vessel sank.
23/8 1959 LOS INCAS, 1,574/30, owned by the West Indies Transport Corporation, Liberia, went aground off the coast of Honduras, in a position 15.50 N, 83.18 W, but was refloated 5/9/59.

NARANCO, 984/20, owned by Naviera Angel Alvarez, Spain, sank after being in collision six miles off Dungeness in fog with the Panamanian motor vessel GOLDSTONE, 8,684/58. One of her crew was lost. She was at the time on a voyage from Aviles to Rotterdam.

STAXTON WYKE, (Kingston Emerald-51, Lady Hogarth-46), 472/37­trawler, owned by the West Dock Steam Fishing Co., Ltd, Hull, sank twelve miles off Flamborough Head after being in collision in thick fog with the ore carrier DALHANNA, 11,452/58-m.v. Five of her crew were lost.

TATA* (Jelling-59), 500/58-m.v., owned by Cia. de Nav. Mar. "Netumar", Brazil, left Rio Janeiro bound for Salvador and has not since been heard of.

24/8 1959 GERONTAS, (Sheaf Mead-52, Sammex-47, Franz Boas), 7,270/43, owned by the Gerontas Cia. de Nav. Panama, sustained such severe damage when she was aground off Gdynia. 27/8/59 she was declared a total loss and sold to Frank Rijsdijk's Industrielle Onderneming for demolition at Hendrik Ido Ambacht. At the time of her stranding she was on a voyage from Vitoria to Gdynia and after discharge she sailed to Schiedam where examination showed that repairs would not be an economical proposition.
25/8 1959 PANU, 984/58-motor tanker, owned by the Henry Nielsen A/B O/Y, Finland, went aground in the Vasa Archipelago while on a voyage from Abo to Vasa. She was refloated 29/9/59 and taken in tow, but foundered while en route to Vasa.
26/8 1959 NAUPLIA, (Hasting-58, Danevirke, Vilja, Capax), 1,157/16, owned by L. E. Pahlsson, Sweden, left Helsingborg bound in tow for Malmo, but as she left the former port the tow broke and she went aground on the breakwater. She was refloated 31/8/59 but had sustained such heavy damage that she has been declared a total loss and sold to the Ystad shipbreakers Carl Persson & Sons, at whose yard she arrived 17/9/59.
28/8 1959 KATIA BANCK, 4,298/37-m.v., owned by P. Banck, Sweden, and ROOKWOOD, 6,246/52, owned by W. France, Fenwick & Co., Ltd, both sustained considerable damage when they were in collision off Father Point in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
30/8 1959 NAGATO MARU No. 3, 838/44-motor tanker, owned by the Nisshin Tanker K.K., Japan, went aground in fog near Omae Zaki, Shizuoka Prefecture.
31/8 1959 ROSITA SOLER, 342/54-m.v., owned by Antonio Armas Curbelo, Spain, was reported to have stranded twenty miles S.E. of Sidi Ifni.
4/9 1959 MYRNES, (Vardehorn-56, Dewy Rose-49, D.H.S.), 107/15-motor trawler owned by J. Kvalsvik, Norway, sank 90 miles off Dalatangi, Iceland, cause unknown, with the loss of her crew of nine.
5/9 1959 TANK EMPRESS, 15,797/50-motor tanker owned by Sigurd Herlofson & Co. A/S, Norway, was reported to have sustained severe damage amidships as a result of an explosion while she was lying at Bandar Mashur.
6/9 1959 TARRAGONA* (Castillo Calatrava-43, Cimat de Tarragona-39, Mari Tere), 825/20, owned by Matias Mallol Bosch, Spain, sank off the Gironde Estuary following an explosion in her engine room during a voyage from Gijon to Bor­deaux. Thirteen of her crew were lost.
8/9 1959 SILVER ARROW, 132/42-wooden motor vessel, owned by the Government of St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla, foundered in the roadstead at Basseterre, St. Kitts.
13/9 1959 BUSSARD, 499/53-m.v., owned by the Argo Reederei Richard Adler & Sohne, Germany, was abandoned by her crew after fire had broken out while she was on a voyage from Bremen to London. The fire was followed by an explosion, and the ship drifted ashore near Terschelling. She was refloated and brought into Terschelling 17/9/59 for examination.

OLYMPIA, (Inga Britt-59, Grane-51, Vineta-34, Margaretha Ausborn, Alwine, Hugin), 286/20-wooden auxiliary, owned by Captain E. Diestelkamp, Lebanese flag, sank near Gdansk shortly after leaving that port for Helsinki. It is believed that she struck a mine, but it could have been an explosion caused by combustion of her coal cargo.

17/9 1959 LA SELVA, 9,407/58-m.v., owned by Buries Markes, Ltd, went aground in the Beauharnois Canal while outward bound from Duluth to Rotterdam. She was refloated 23/9/59.
18/9 1959 ATLANTA, 6,971/42, owned by the Fratelli D'Amico, Italy, went aground at the north entrance to the Nakskov fjord, while on a voyage from Limhamn to Kuwait. Refloated 24/9/59.

MARIANNE, (Auks-53), 184/37-m.v., owned by S. Kullberg, Finland, is reported to have foundered in the Aland Islands after springing a leak.

21/9 1959 ORANJEFONTEIN, 10,549/40-m.v., owned by the Vereenigde Nederlandsche S.V.Mij, Netherlands, suffered severe damage when she was in collision in the River Scheldt with the Norwegian HAVTROLL, 5,169/56-m.v.
22/9 1959 ADELSO, 4,997/36-m.v., owned by K. G. Kallstrom, Sweden, grounded off Workington, when inward bound from Oskarshamn, but was refloated 28/9/59 without damage.
24/9 1959 MOTOTSUNA MARU, 650/59-Japanese m.v., sank in the Inland Sea of Japan, ten miles south of He Saki Light House, after an explosion while on her maiden voyage from Kanda to Tokyo. She is believed to have struck a mine.
26/9 1959 CHANGSHA, 7,412/49-m.v., owned by the China Navigation Co., Ltd (John Swire & Sons, Ltd, managers), was driven ashore off Yokkaichi, 9 miles west of Nagsya, by typhoon No. 15 "Vera", which caused very extensive damage in Japan, and sank and drove ashore a number of other vessels. It is expected that CHANGSHA, which was on a voyage from Melbourne to Yokohama, may take up to six months to refloat. She was refloate 11/12/59.

KAMOGAWA MARU No. 3, 285/34-m.v., owned by the Shimosaki Kisen K.K., Japan, was sunk at Nagoya by Typhoon Vera.

KOSHO MARU; 4,960/50-m.v., owned by the Daido Kaiun K.K., Japan, was driven ashore at Yokkaichi, by Typhoon Vera. She was refloated 27/11/59.

KYUSHU MARU, 7,276/53-m.v., owned by the Sawayama Kisen K.K., Japan, was driven ashore in Atsumi Bay, near Nagoya, by Typhoon Vera. She was refloated 19/11/59.

MIKAGE MARU, 2,731/49, owned by the Muko Kisen K.K., Japan, was driven aground at Yokkaichi, by Typhoon Vera. Refloated 21/10/59

SHORYU MARU, 5,602/50, owned by the Matsuoka Kisen K.K. Japan, was driven ashore in Atsumi Bay, near Nagoya, by Typhoon Vera.

TENSYA MARU No. 6, 594/56-m.v., owned by the Kambara Kisen K.K., Japan, was driven aground off Handa City, by Typhoon Vera.

UNYO MARU No. 23, 917/48-m.v., owned by the Nakamura Kisen K.K., Japan, was driven ashore in Atsumi Bay, by Typhoon Vera. Broke up and became a total loss.

YASUKUNI MARU, 4,485/58-m.v., owned by the Hamane Kisen K.K. was driven ashore in Owase Bay by the typhoon Vera, but was refloated 3/10/59.

YUBARI MARU, 4,250/25, owned by the Shimatani Kisen K.K., Japan, was driven aground in Atsumi Bay by the typhoon Vera. Refloated 28/1/60.

27/9 1959 BARBARA FRIETCHIE, 7,234/43, owned by the Liberty Navigation & Trading Co., Inc., United States, went aground at Grand Bahama during a voyage from New Orleans to Gdynia, but was refloated 5/10/59.

MANI, 955/58-m.v., owned by Luis Rial Paz, Spain, grounded forty miles south of Port Sudan while on a voyage to that port from Karachi. She was refloated 3/10/59 but had to be beached on Wingate Reef the following day to avoid foundering. She was later abandoned as a total loss.

TJITJALENGKA, 10,972/39-m.v., owned by the Koninklijke Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen N.V., Netherlands, was driven aground off Nagoya, by Typhoon Vera. Salvage is expected to take at least three months. She was refloated 16/12/59.

TENAX (147950) 3846 g.t., built 1925 by Wm. Gray, West hartlepool as the INGOLA for Maclay & McIntyre, Glasgow, 1940 sold to Tenax SS Co (Muir Young Ltd) renamed TENAX, 1946 sold to Chong Kwoh SS Co, Shanghai, China, 1947 to Cambray Prince SS Co, Hong Kong (John Manners & Co). 1948 reverted to Chong Kwoh SS Co, renamed KWOK SING, 1948 sold to San Antonio SS Co, Panama (Wallem & Co, Hong Kong) renamed SAN ANTONIO, 1951 sold to Mitsui Sempaku K.K., Tokyo renamed YUBARI MARU, 1952 to Shimatani Kisen K.K., Kobe, 27.9.1959 ashore in typhoon in Atsumi Bay, 1961 sold to Japanese shipbreakers

1/10 1959 GIORDANA, (Maria Cristina-49, Carla, Fede), 371/46-wooden m.v., owned by Rag. Giuseppe di Stefano, Italy, sank off the island of Marettimo, west of Sicily, during bad weather. Her crew was saved.
3/10 1959 CAP DOMINGO, 2,879/58-m.v., owned by Rudolf A. Oetker, Germany, was abandoned by her crew after being in collision off Buenos Aires with the Liberian tanker TRITON, 10603/45-t.e. She was, however, taken in tow and brought into port 5/10/59.

THORWALD, 582/49-motor tanker, owned by the Tankreederei De Vries & Co. K.G., Germany, capsized in the River Elbe and sank in shallow water after being in collision with the German steamer TEMA PALM, 6,255/53 while on a voyage from Amsterdam to Brunsbuttel. She was, however, refloated 11/10/59 and taken to the Mutzelfeldtwerft for examination.

6/10 1959 ANTARTICO, 5,507/14-m.v., owned by the Empresa National "Elcano" de la Marina Mertante, Spain, grounded at the entrance to Santander when inward bound from Teneriffe. Was later abandoned as a total loss after unsuccessful attempts to refloat her.

MALAYA, (Lulu-59, Royal-57, Nandi-51. Alba-37. Alga-37, Depute Josselin De Rohan-36), 2,057/20, owned by Transporte de Minerales S.A. Panama, foundered after being abandoned in a position 23.14 N, 117.35 E. She was on a voyage from Hong Kong to Kobe with a cargo of scrap iron and during a heavy swell the cargo shifted and knocked a hole in the ship's side.

7/10 1959 BRUXELLES, 6,623/52-m.v., owned by the Armement Deppe, Belgium, stranded on Isla Verde Reef, near Veracruz, during a voyage from Antwerp to Houston. Refloated 26/10/59.
8/10 1959 HIN ANN, 173/38-m.v., owned by Chua Yan Tong, Singapore, is reported to have foundered off the coast of Sumatra after springing a leak.
10/10 1959 AMADA II, 3,131/11, owned by Nitearo Cia. Mar. (San Juan), Ltda, Costa Rica, stranded heavily in the Dardanelles while on a voyage from Bourgas to Haifa. She was, however, refloated 12/10/59.
14/10 1959 CONSTANTINOS, 7,157/45, owned by the Conquistador Cia Naviera, Panama, went aground at Porto Grande but was refloated 23/10/59.

WILLIAM MCARTHUR, 2,393/24, owned by R. W. Miller & Co. Pty, Ltd, Australia, which went aground north of Port Jackson, but was subsequently refloated, has been found to be not worthy of repair, and has been sold to Hines Metals, Ltd, Adelaide, for scrapping.

15/10 1959 An explosion aboard ST. GOBAIN, 10,126/36-motor tanker, while berthed at T. W. Ward Ltd's shipbreaking wharf at Inverkeithing, was followed by a fire which caused considerable damage.
18/10 1959 FIRMITY, 411/44-m.v., owned by F. T. Everard & Sons, Ltd, went aground at the entrance to Wells ship channel but was refloated, little damaged, 30/10/59.

LARANAH, (Island Queen), 740/14, owned by the Chip Hong Nav. Co., Ltd., Panama, sank 100 miles SW. of Manila after striking a submerged object while on a voyage from Borneo to Hong Kong. Her crew was saved.

19/10 1959

RODOLOVEN, 106/71-wooden auxiliary, owned by P. Olsen Kvalo, Norway, sank while berthed at Aure but was refloated 4/11/59.

ZENKO MARU No. 10, 264/55-motor trawler, owned by Masagoro Okutsu, Japan, was wrecked 160 miles NNE. of Kumejima, Okinawa, but all her crew was rescued.

20/10 1959

THUNTANK IV, 620/36-motor tanker, owned by Helge Kallsson, Sweden, capsized in Lake Vener but was righted, refloated and beached at Lurobrott early in 11/59. She was later declared as a total loss.

21/10 1959

TRANSPOLLUX, (Transarctic-57, Leo M-55, Eastern Sun-54), 9,100/30-­motor tanker, owned by Transpollux Carriers Corporation, Liberia, went aground 12 miles south of Cape Corenti Lighthouse, Sicily,  and became a total loss. She was on a voyage from Trogir to New Orleans in ballast.

American tanker EASTERN SUN wrecked 10nm S Cape Corriente LS, Sicily.

22/10 1959 DAVARA, 145/47-m.v., owned by the Kimberley King Island Trading Pty Ltd, has been abandoned by her owners as a total loss as a result of damage sustained when fire broke out on board while she was lying at Stanley, Tasmania.

ESSO AARHUS, 16,865/56-motor tanker, owned by Dansk Esso A/S., Denmark, sustained severe bottom damage when she went aground on Shah Allum Shoal in the Persian Gulf. She was refloated 28/10/59.

23/10 1959 LIPARI, 7,229/42, owned by the Aeolian S.S. Corporation of Delaware, United States, went aground off Grays Harbor, while bound from Calcutta to Seattle, but was refloated 31/10/59, though with considerable damage.
25/10 1959 Destroyer HMCS Yukon laid down North Vancouver BC. Mackenzie-class, 2,380 tons standard, 2,880 tons full load, 366x42x13.5ft, Cruising 14kts, Maximum 28kts, Endurance 4,750 n/m at 14kts. Machinery Geared turbines, 2 shafts, 2 propellers, SHP - 30,000. Boilers 2 Babcock & Wilcox water tube. Crew 18/210, as training ship 10/160 plus up to 40 officer cadets. Armament 2-3in/70 caliber Mk.6 (1XII) forward, 90 rounds per minute to 10.5 miles; 2-3in/50 caliber Mk.33 (1xII) aft, 85d elevation, 50 rounds per minute, to 7.9 miles; 2 Mk NC 10 Limbo three-barreled mortars, range 3280ft; Mk.32 torpedo tubes (2xIII) for Mk.46 torpedoes, active/passive homing to 6.8 miles at 40kts. Paid off 3 Dec 93, subsequently sold for $150,000 to Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, later resold and sunk off Mission Bay CA July 2000.
26/10 1959 CARIBE, (Alacran-52, Idraet-44), 1,068/17, owned by Servicos Maritimos del Pacifico S. de R.L., Mexico, foundered at Manzanillo in a hurricane during the night of 26-27/10/59 and become a total loss.

CORZO, 331/43-m.v., owned by Tecnica Urbanisadora y Constructora, Mexico, foundered in shallow water at Manzanillo in a hurricane during the night of 26-27/10/59 and became a total loss.

SINALOA, (Port Paix-57, Nueva Esparta-55, Andromeda-46), 1,580/43­m.v., owned by Servicios Maritimos del Pacifico, Mexico, foundered off Manzanillo during a hurricane in the night of 26-27/10/59. Twenty-eight of those on board lost their lives; eleven were saved.

XALAPA, (Diane-56, Barbara-48, G.P.17, and originally the United States Navy LST.1125),  3,989/45-m.v., owned by Transportes Maritimos Mexicanos, Mexico, was driven aground at Manzanillo by the hurricane in the night of 26-27/10/59 and was a total loss.

SANTO TOMAS, 1,119/23, owned by the Cia. Nav. de Occidente, Mexico, sustained irreparable damage in the cyclone at Manzanillo 26-27/10/59.

27/10 1959 HINDLEA, (Fennel, 52- Suffolkbrook-48, Empire Isle-45), 506/41-m.v., owned by the Hindlea Shipping Co., Ltd, was abandoned off Moelfre Island, Anglesey, during a gale while on passage from Weston Point to Newport. She subsequently drove ashore at Amlwch, broke in two and became a total loss.

HINRICH SIEGHOLD, 941/57-m.v., went aground in Loch Scresort on the island of Rum and was abandoned by her crew.

Fermel. Wrecked off Meolfre Point Anglesey. Crew of 8 saved.

28/10 1959 OLAV BAKKE, 5,870/45-m.v., owned by Knut Knutsen O.A.S., Norway, went aground on Negritos Reefs, some 12 miles from Buenaventura, Colombia, while on a voyage from Antwerp to Valparaiso, and became a total loss.
29/10 1959 CONCAR, 990/57-m.v., owned by Tomas Ruiz de Velasco S.A., Spain, went aground near the Island of Sao Sebastiao, off the Brazilian coast, during a voyage from Torrevieja to Asuncion. She was later broken up in heavy seas.

MARISCO, (Heika-56, Moyra-46), 1,396/31, owned by the Cia. de Nav. Altamar, S.A., Panama, sank off Gythion, in the Gulf of Laconia, after being abandoned by her crew during a voyage from Varna to Genoa. She had been aground in the Bosphorus 14-15/10/59 and sank after springing a leak in her engine room.

11/11 1959 OLYMPIC BREEZE, 13,934/54-tanker, owned by Swansea Marine, Panama, S.A., Liberia, sustained severe bottom damage when she was aground off Trinidad.
12/11 1959 EL ZARATE, 536/11, owned by Smithfield & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd, Argentina, sank in shallow water after being in collision in the La Plata Channel with the Argentine tanker JUNCAL, 5,810/23. EL ZARATE was refloated 17/11/59.

MARGARITA ANA, 318/44-m.v., owned by J. E. Crosby, Puerto Cortes, Honduras, sank off Falmouth, Jamaica, after an explosion in her engine room.

NIKKAI MARU, (Taisho Maru-57), 2,713/44-m.v., owned by the Nissan Kisen K.K., Japan, foundered 300 miles south of Okinawa in a typhoon while on a voyage from the Philippine Islands to Shimizu. Three of her crew lost their lives.

MASCOT, 2,042/17, owned by Wallem & Co., Ltd., Hong Kong (Panama flag), was badly damaged when she was in collision at Donggala with the French steamer DANAKIL, 3,088/44.

13/11 1959 LOUGH FISHER, 994/50-m.v., owned by James Fisher & Sons, Ltd, Barrow, went aground on Oland Island during bad weather while on passage from Koge to Hamina. Broke in two during the gales 1/60.

NIDARHOLM, 2,483/20, owned by Oilver Borg, Finland, went aground NE. of Korpholmen while on passage from Oxelosund to Abo. She was refloated 19/11/59.

15/11 1959 KRAKVAGFJORD, (Cadiz-57, Republic), 108/76-wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by M. Gromvedt, Norway, foundered north of Kongsfjord, Finnmark. Her crew was rescued.
16/11 1959 ASAHIKO MARU, 6,912/44, owned by the Nakamura Kisen K.K., Japan was driven aground by bad weather at Jose Panganiban, but was refloated 22/11/59.

SILVER RIVER, (Andreas K-58, Lord Church-56, Kindat-49), 6,118/38, owned by the Silverstar Shipping Co., Inc., Liberia, Was driven aground near Ambulong Island by a typhoon while on passage from Manilla to Zamboanga. Was found to have sustained such severe bottom damage that she is not worthy of repair, and she has, therefore, been sold to Hong Kong shipbreakers. She left Manila Bay 13/2/60 in tow, and arrived at Hong Kong, 5/3/60. Foundered 9/6/60 when a typhoon struck the island.

17/11 1959 YONEYAMA MARU, 6,909/45 owned by the Itaya Shosen K.K. Japan, was abandoned by her crew in a position 20 N, 122 E after getting into difficulties in a typhoon. She remained afloat, however, and was taken in tow by the tug TAI KOO, 812/50. The tug had, however, to cast her adrift 25/11/59, but reconnected the tow again 1/12/59 and brought her into Hongkong 10/12/59.
18/11 1959 ROULA, 6,962/24, owned by the Marconquista Cia, Nav., Liberia, went aground near Kingston, Jamaica, but was refloated 9/12/59.
19/11 1959 HENRY W. STONE* 265/42-wooden m.v., owned by the Canadian Ministry of Transport, sank in Goose Bay, Labrador, after developing a leak.
20/11 1959 PRASSONISIA, 436/37-m.v., owned by J. Psimenos, Greece, went aground near Cape Irene, Lemnos, while on passage from Zonguldak to Genoa. Will not be salvaged.

PRESIDENTE FIGUEROA ALCORTA, 2,460/37-motor tanker, owned by the Argentine government, was involved in collision in the River Parana, 20 miles from Rosario, with the Dutch MARSHAVEN, 5,524/48-m.v. The two ships were locked together until MARSHAVEN was cut free 6/12/59. The Argentine ship remains beached in heavily damaged condition.

VALIANT FREEDOM, 7,255/45, owned by Ocean Carriers Corporation, United States, went aground off Isla de Pinos, Cuba, While on a voyage from Trinidad to Mobile. She was refloated 19/12 /59.

22/11 1959 SIMON, 120/87-wooden auxiliary schooner, owned by Gunnar Carr, Sweden, went aground in Lake Vener.

HEANGURA, (Helena-59, Bencas-55, Eskridge-52, Moses Gay-51), 1,884/43, owned by H. Andstrom, Finland, sustained such severe damage when aground in Ostra Kvarken 21-22/11/59 while on passage from Yxpila to Norway that she is not worth repairing. She arrived at Turku (Abo) 23/12/59 for demolition at Mathildedahl.

24/11 1959 ALMUT, (Frida-56), 308/19-wooden auxiliary, owned by H. K. Schutt, Germany, foundered off Helsinki after springing a leak While on a voyage from Viipuri to Lubeck. Her crew was saved.

GRANDE HERMINE, 211/56-wooden auxiliary fishing vessel, owned by Lagadec et Cie., France, drove aground on Islote Virginia, Rio de Oro, and sank. Her crew was saved.

HOLMGLEN, 485/56-m.v., owned by the Holm Shipping Co., Ltd., New Zealand, sank some 20 miles off Timaru after developing an increasing list in a gale while on a voyage from Oamaru to Wellington. Her crew of fifteen was lost.

TANAR, (Pan-49, Pennsylvania-47, West Nomentum)- 5,595/20, owned by Mehmet Dogan Successors, Nejat Dogan & Co., Turkey, sank in the North Sea, off the East Frisian Islands, after being in collision in fog with the Russian steamer KHARKOV, 6,170/18, while on a voyage from Oxelosund to Alexandria. Her crew was saved.

25/11 1959 COLLIER, 1,858/24, formerly owned by Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd, Canada, broke away from her tug while en route from Kingston to Hamilton, Ontario, for scrapping and went aground on Wolfe Island during the night of 25-26/11/59. Was refloated and laid up at Kingston, Ontario, waiting to be towed to Hamilton for scrapping.

EVANGELISTRIA, (Agioi Anargyroi-39, Korydallos-34, Maria Sophion, Evangelistria, Chardonneret), 321/18-m.v., owned by Mme. M. P. Protopappa, Greece, sank five miles south of Santorin Island after striking a sub­merged object on a voyage from Crete to Chalkis.

SHOEI MARU, 422/56-m.v., owned by K. Mihara, Japan, foundered near Ashika Base, Kyushu after encountering heavy weather while on a voyage from Amagasaki to Ainoura. Two members of her crew survived.

26/11 1959 G.O., (Thorfjell-54), 300/34-m.v., owned by G. Ottesen, Norway, sank after her cargo had shifted when off Varberg while on a voyage from Bandholm to Oslo. Her crew was saved.
27/11 1959 PANAGHIA K, 7,176/43, owned by G. G. Caravias, Greece, went aground near Novorossiysk. She was refloated 19/12/59.
29/11 1959 GEORGIOS A, 7,248/44, owned by the Ermis Maritime Corporation, Monrovia, (Panamanian flag), went aground at Cranberry Head, N.S. and although refloated the following day has sustained very heavy damage.

JEVINGTON COURT, 6,248/56-m.v., owned by Haldin & Co., Ltd., went aground in the Martin Garcia Channel while on passage from Rosario to Buenos Aires. She was refloated 10/1/60.

VILJA, 5,313/45-m.v., owned by H. Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Norway, went aground in fog off Brockville, Ont., while on a voyage from Toledo to London, but was refloated little damaged 13/12/59.

30/11 1959 BRAEMAR CASTLE, 17,029/52, owned by the Union-Castle Mail S.S. Co., Ltd, was driven aground by a gale at Gibraltar, but was refloated, little damaged, the following day.
2/12 1959 IYLDYZ, 297/42-m.v., owned by J. Malahieude, France, sank at Marseilles, where she was laid up, after developing a leak during the gale.

ZENITHA, (Elisabeth), 234/16-wooden auxiliary schooner, owned by the J. A. Hermansson Partrederi, Sweden, was driven aground at Kungen, off Onsalandet, during the night 2-3/12/59 and broke up.

4/12 1959 GULFTIGER, 12,668/45-t.e., tanker, owned by Blackships Inc, (Gulf Oil Corporation), United States, was severley damaged by an explosion when some 65 miles east of Cape Lookout, N C.

VRELO, 328/52-m.v., owned by the Obalna Plovidba Split, Yugoslavia, capsized at Porto Marghera, where she had been loading a cargo of coal and coke. She was refloated early in 2/60.

5/12 1959 NORDIC, (Nordia-51, Ulla-41, Alcor), 1,864/20, owned by F. H. Andersson, Sweden, went aground near Kalmar and although she refloated without any serious damage, it has been decided to sell her for scrapping.
6/12 1959 ELDA, 315/31-m.v., owned by D. Smit & G. Jonker, Netherlands, was driven aground off Boston Lines by the gale while en route to Hamburg from that port, but was refloated 14/12/59.

GEORGE ROBB, (Elise J. Carnie-36), 217/30-trawler, owned by George Robb & Sons, Ltd., Aberdeen, was driven aground at Duncansby Head by the gale and broke up. Her entire crew of 12 was lost.

7/12 1959 ANNA, (Braemar-36, Havbor, Bess, Bayard), 1,045/97, owned by the E. Fagerstrom O/Y, Finland, was driven aground near Fraserburgh after developing engine trouble during a voyage from Riga to Leith.

MARIALVA, (Antonio Serra), 111/37-tug, owned by SOFAMAR, Portugal, capsized and sank off Oporto, with the loss of all her crew of 17, while on a voyage from Lisbon to Leixoes with two barges in tow.

NAGASAKI MARU, 6,589/50, owned by the Sawayama Kisen, K.K., Japan, went aground on Helen Reef 2.56N, 131.46E while on a voyage from Tokyo to Dunedin.

REVELLO, 230/08-trawler, owned by G. F. Sleight & Sons, Ltd, sank 18 miles from the Spurn Light Vessel after springing a leak during the gale. Her crew was rescued.

SEEVOGEL, (Virgilia-56, Danklint-50, Martin Carl-46), 1,404/24, owned by the Georg Freymann Reederei, Germany, grounded off North Oland, during the storm and after being abandoned broke in two 11/12/59 and sank.

SERVUS, (Ransel-37), 360/33-m.v., owned by the Enid Shipping Co., Ltd, was abandoned by her crew after her propeller shaft had broken during the storm while on passage from Methil to Kirkwall and she drove aground the following day on the Caithness coast at Dunbeath Castle.

8/12 1959 MERKUR, 400/50-m.v., owned by Brink and Wolffel, Germany, was abandoned by her crew after she had got into difficulties in heavy seas while on passage from Grangemouth to Borgestad. One was saved, but the other seven lost their lives. The abandoned ship was subsequently taken in tow and arrived at Stavanger 10/12/59.

MONA, the Broughty Ferry lifeboat, went ashore at the entrance to the Firth of Tay after, it is believed, capsizing while going out to the aid of the North Carr Light Vessel which had dragged its anchors in the gale and heavy seas. All the eight crew of the lifeboat were lost.

10/12 1959 ELFRIDA, (Ekornes-47, Empire Conqueror-46, Ilse L.-M. Russ-45), 1,719/26, owned by B. Tetlie, Norway, sank some 35 miles S. W. of Lista. She had developed a leak in her engine room during the gale late on the night of 8/12/59 and her crew of 21 abandoned her early the following day, but no-one survived. The ship capsized before sinking.

FLAMINGO, 421/53-m.v., owned by E. Wagenborg's S.V. & E.B., Netherlands, sank in the River Elbe, after being in collision while on a voyage from Scarborough to Sundsvall with the German BRUNSWICK, 3/728/56-m.v. FLAMINGO has later broken in two and is unlikely to be salved. The forepart was raised and was in course of being recovered 22/2/60. The afterpart was raised during 3/60

TITAN, (Kondor-51), 141/40-motor tug, owned by the Bjergnings & Dykeri A/B Neptun, Sweden, foundered off Holmsund while going to the assistance of the Swedish BIRGITTA, 499/56-m.v. which was disabled by engine trouble during the storm. The tug is believed to have capsized, and all her crew were lost.

11/12 1959 SIGNE, 1,406/06, owned by J. Andersson, Sweden, sank at Helsingborg, where she is laid up, but was later refloated.
12/12 1959 EASTERN LUCKY, (Eastern Venture-58, Lake Frugality-47), 3,355/19, owned by the Hong Shipping Co., Ltd, Panama, foundered after being abandoned by her crew as a result of springing a leak some 80 miles off Swatow while on a voyage from Hong Kong to Yokohama.

DAPHNE & PHYLLIS, 200/46-wooden motor vessel owned by H. B. Dawe, Canada, was abandoned by her crew, on fire, off St. Pierre while on passage from Newfoundland to North Sydney, N.S.

14/12 1959 RED FALCON, (Cape Barfleur-54, Davy-51), 449/36-trawler owned by the Lago Steam Trawler Co., Ltd., disappeared off the West coast of Scotland during 12/59, with the loss of her crew of 19. She was last heard of 14/12/59 when she was abeam of Skerryvore Light house, in a storm which is believed to have engulfed her.
17/12 1959 GUAM PIONEER, (Los Aztecas-59, Mercur-58, Asta-54, Sorvangen-50), 2,283/29, owned by the Guam Navigation Corporation, Liberian flag, foundered 340 miles S.W. of Los Angeles while on a voyage from San Francisco to Kobe. Her crew was saved.

TALARIA, (Flatholm-48), 189/42-wooden m.v., owned by Odd Andreassen. Norway, foundered off the Lofoten Islands after being abandoned in a leaking condition.

18/12 1959 HAVBRAUT, 294/44-wooden motor vessel, owned by Arne Kalve, Norway, sank at Hurum after developing a leak while on a voyage from Drammen.
19/12 1959 ALBANO, 2,239/47, owned by Ellerman's Wilson Line, Ltd, Went aground at Rethymo, Crete, but was refloated 27/12/59.

GLOUCESTER, (Bonnie Breaker-59, Breaker-54, Cornell-39), 167/30­motor fishing vessel, owned by Sea Breaker Inc., U.S.A. went aground near Halifax, N.S. and sank. Her crew was saved.

20/12 1959 THOMAS L. DEVLIN, (Phyllis Belman), 211/15-trawler, owned by T. I. Devlin & Sons, Ltd, Granton, grounded on May Island, off the Scottish coast, and sank. Her crew was rescued.

JAMIN I, (Govan--59, Devon-50, Aros-38), 957/25, owned by Courtage et Transports, S.A., Belgium, which went aground off Helsinki while bound for Ghent to be scrapped, and refloated 5/1/60, has been declared a total loss as she lies at Helsinki.

22/12 1959 ARGO, 228/09-motor tanker, owned by A. R. Simonsson and partners, Sweden, was reported to have gone aground in Lake Vener.
23/12 1959 ANDOY, 127/46-m.v., owned by Ove M. Forsa, Norway, sank immediately after being in collision north of Aalesund with STEINRAVN, 498/59­m.v., owned by Jacob Kjode A/S, Norway.

TARA, 8,739/48-m.v., owned by Jugoslavenska Oceanska Plovidba Yugoslavia, went aground near Necochea when inward bound from the Mediterranean. She was refloated 2/4/60.

24/12 1959 WIKLA, (Tempo-36, Bruno-33), 1,180/09, owned by the Finska Angfartygs AB, Finland, Went aground near Uto Pilot Station while on passage from Copenhagen to Abo, She was, however, refloated 30/12/59. Was found to be not worthy of repair and has accordingly been sold for scrapping.
25/12 1959 ROSA VLASSI, (Corflow-59, Empire Lowlander-46), 1,958/46, owned by G. Vlassis & Co., Greece, foundered between Laurium and Makronesi after her cargo had shifted while on a voyage from Stratoni to Piraeus. Ten members of her crew lost their lives.

SEA BOY, 256/33-wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by the Franco­Italian Packing Company, United States, was abandoned in a sinking condition 330 miles south of San Diego after springing a leak, and finally sank off San Roque Island.

30/12 1959 PACO GARCIA, (Garcia No. 2, Asturias, Lewis), 197/97-trawler, owned by A. G. Trevilla and F. Garcia, Spain, foundered six miles off Cape Vidio, near Gijon, during a gale.

VALLEY FORGE, (Groton Trails-57, Horace H. Harvey-48), 7,202/43, owned by the Peninsular Navigation Corporation, United States, went aground about 65 miles SE. of Singapore in a position 1 N. 104.50 E., while on a voyage from Portland, Oregon, to Madras.

1/1 1960 LANAO, 558/44-m.v, owned by the Philippine Steam Navigation Co., Inc., Philippines, was driven aground in Pola Bay, Mindoro, in a typhoon.
6/1 1960 DOGU, (Dunkerque-50, Duc de Brabant-38), 2,534/25, owned by Lutfi Yelkenci, Turkey, Went aground at Karaburnu Point, while on passage from Zonguldak to Istanbul and later broke in two.

UMAN, (Irish Hazel-49, Empire Don-45, Irish Hazel-43, Noemijulia-41, Noetni, Barlby), 2,553/95, owned by Turk Silepcilik Limitet Sirketi, Turkey, went aground at Kefken Point while on passage from Zonguldak to Istanbul. She became deeply embedded in the sand, and salvage is not regarded as possible.

7/1 1960 GAMBLER, (Ourania Gounares-59, West Segovia-47, ), 5,701/19, sold by the Cia. Buente de Vapores, Panama, to Hong Kong shipbreakers, ran out of fuel in a position 35 N. 152.35 E. while bound from the United States to Japan with a cargo of scrap metal. She was taken in tow 10/1/60 by the tug CAMBRIAN SALVOR, but by this time she had developed a number of leaks, and subsequently foundered 14/1/60.

TOYOKUNI MARU, 7,420/56-m.v., owned by the Nittetsu Kisen K.K., Japan, went aground on Balabac Island, in a position 7.53 N. 116.52 E., while on passage from Tokyo to Manila. She was refloated 11/1/60.

WISCHHAFEN, 498/58-m.v., owned by H. von Bargen, Germany, foundered in the Gulf of Bothnia, off Rauma, after springing a leak while on passage from Lubeck to Mantyluoto.

9/1 1960 SNJEZNIK, (Beachy-59), 1,257/47, owned by the Kvarnerska Plovidba, Yugoslavia, capsized in Suda Bay, Crete, and sank. She was refloated 26/3/60.
10/1 1960 AHERN TRADER, (Ulster Coast-54, Scottish Coast-38, Lurcher), 774/22, owned by Ahern Shipping, Ltd (W. F. Dods), Went aground in a position 49.25 N. 54.22 off Gander Bay after her moorings had broken, and was abandoned, breaking up, the following day.
11/1 1960 ELLEN MAERSK, 4,904/50-m.v., owned by A. P. Moller, Denmark, was seriously damaged by fire at Hong Kong. She had to be beached, but was refloated 15/1/60.

JULIANKA, 488/51-m.v., owned by P. Witthein, Germany, Went aground in the Kalmarsund while on passage from Lubeck to Helsinki. She was refloated 25/1/60.

12/1 1960 LOUKIA (Fatina-59, Kylefirth-56, Hillsider-51, Spanker-47), 1,875/17, formerly owned by the Middle East Shipping Co., S.A.L. (C. F. Arghiris), Lebanon, and awaiting demolition at the yard of Sidiremboriki S.A.. Perama was driven aground in St George's Bay during a gale. She was refloated 27/2/60.

URQUIOLA, 8,309/37-motor tanker, recently sold by the Corona Shipping Corporation, Liberia, to Italian shipbreakers, drove aground near Cabo Falco after breaking adrift from the tug PRAIA GRANDE, which was towing her from Vigo to Spezia. She was refloated 27/2/60, and arrived at Spezia 8/3/60 for scrapping.

13/1 1960 APPLEGARTH, 231/51-tug, owned by the Rea Towing Co., Ltd, sank off Birkenhead after being in collision with the British steamer PERTHSHIRE, 10,496/36. Her crew of seven was lost. The tug was raised and beached 27/1/60.
15/1 1960 FJELLSTO, 298/57-m.v., owned by L. L. Eide, Norway, sank off the Hook of Holland after developing a heavy list while outward bound from Rotterdam for Oslo. Her crew was saved.
16/1 1960 OTTERHOUND, 860/27-tanker, owned by Irving Steamships, Ltd, Canada, capsized at St. John N.B., about and sank in shallow water. She later went adrift and has disappeared.
18/1 1960 WOLFRAM, (Lucerne-56, Bardal-51), 497/46-m.v., owned by Robert Bornhofen K.G., Germany, went aground near Solvesborg, when inward bround from Teignmouth. Her crew was rescued. She was refloated 25/3/60.

SIR EDGAR, (Silverlord-55, originally the corvette H.M.S. Anchusa), 1,095/41, owned by G. O'Brien Davis, Port Louis, Mauritius, foundered at Port Louis during the cyclone and was later handed over to the receiver of wreck, so that it seems that salvage is improbable.

19/1 1960 ARCHANDA, (Tom-54, Cramond), 3,056/19, owned by the Cia. Nav. Vascongada, Spain, went aground on Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde, and although she subsequently refloated she grounded again after being abandoned by her crew. And was filled with water and has become a total loss.
20/1 1960 BERMUDA, (Drieborg-56, Ameland-55, Grada-51), 199/32-m.v., owned by the Firma A. van Dijk, Netherlands, sank off the Hook of Holland, with the loss of her crew of six. She had been in difficulties while on a voyage from Kings Lynn to Antwerp and was in tow of the Dutch tug GELE ZEE when she capsized and sank.

LIEVE VROUWEKERK, 7,254/44, owned by the Vereenigde Nederlandsche S.V. Mij, Netherlands, ran aground at the south end of Vlieland Island during a storm while bound in ballast from Hamburg to Antwerp. She was refloated 26/2/60.

LUHESAND, (Marianne, Edo. Torland), 871/18-m.v., owned by Alnwick Harmstorff, Germany, sent out distress messages saying that she was making water after a hatch cover had been breached during heavy weather while on a voyage from Sauda to Rotterdam. She was then in a position 57.20 N. 5.12 E. and has not been heard of again. She had a crew of 12.

23/1 1960 SHINWA MARU, (Jalabala-52, English Monarch-47, Mariston-41), 4,882/24, owned by the Kotani Kisen K.K., Japan, was abandoned 180 miles west of Hana, Okinawa, after spring a leak while on a voyage from Mormugao to Muroran. She subsequently sank 25/1/60.

VARANGMALM, (Fernmoor-54), 4,273/28-m.v., owned by the Sameiet Varangskip (A/S Malmfart), Norway, which went aground off Bodo during the night of 23-24/1/60 while on passage from Hartlepools to Narvik, has been found not worthy of repair and has accordingly been sold to Dutch shipbreakers. She arrived in the Nieuwe Waterway in tow 4/3/60 bound for the breakers' yard.

24/1 1960 AROSA, 156/45-wooden trawler, owned by Fernando Perez Prol, Spain, foundered north of Berlenga Island. Her crew was saved.
25/1 1960 Turkish steamer YARASLI (Zeki v Ziya Son Izzet Kirtil, Turkey). Last reported, went missing in Adriatic Sea.
26/1 1960 KONG SVERRE, 868/14, owned by Det Stavangerske D/S, Norway, went aground at Kopervik while on passage from Stavanger to Bergen. She was, however, refloated 29/1/60.

USS John S. McCain rescues the entire 41-man crew of the sinking Japanese freighter, Shinwa Maru, in the East China Sea.

28/1 1960 LUISITA CROCE, (Loppersum-56, Harpalyce-37), 4,715/30, owned by F. Italo Croce, Italy, went aground five miles west of Cape Palmas while on a voyage from Naples to Takoradi and became a total loss.
3/2 1960 CARSTEN WITT, (Birgit-51, Nork II), 1,445/43-m.v., owned by Hinrich Witt G.m.b.H., Germany, foundered thirty miles off Bornholm after shipping water during stormy weather while on a voyage from Klaipeda to Rostock. Her captain was lost.

FILLEIGH, 5,668/57-m.v., owned by W. J. Tatem, Ltd, sustained heavy damage when she was in collision in the River Scheldt with the Belgian motor vessel SANTIAGO, 1,300/54.

INDONOR, (Ringhorn-59, Tindefjell-48, Astrid-45, Empire Pilgrim-42), 2,828/42, owned by the Pan Norse S.S. Co., Panama, went aground on Benkoang Island, in a position 5.44 N. 110.25 E., and subsequently became a total loss.

ONEGA, (Trollnes-59, Ludwig-46, Irmgard), 1,115/21, owned by Ole T. Flakke, Norway, left Gefle 3/2/60 bound, from Skutskar, to Rotterdam, and has not since been heard of. She is presumed to have sunk off the Stockholm Archipelago prior to 5/2/60 when an empty lifeboat was found.

4/2 1960 PESCADOR, 314/53-m.v., owned by Naviera Albargonzalez, Spain, sank two miles off Cape Penas after encountering heavy weather while on passage from Ribadesella to Aviles.

TOURAN, 107/42, owned by Cesar Camina Gonzalez, Spain, sank some five miles off Navia. Her crew was saved.

6/2 1960 PLITVICE, 3,840/05, owned by the Atlanska Plovidba, Yugoslavia, went aground on Abidos Bank in the Dardanelles while on a voyage from Odessa to Split, but was refloated 12/2/60.

PUNTA BEGONA, 691/46, owned by Francisco Chacartegui Arrina, Spain, went aground at Cape Torinana, and became a total loss.

8/2 1960 CLARA, (formerly the minesweeper YMS-281), 396/42-wooden motor vessel, owned by Clara Shipping Ltd, Port of Spain, caught fire while on passage to Antigua, and subsequently sank.
9/2 1960 MANCHESTER CITY, 7,278/37, owned by Manchester Liners, Ltd, Went aground in Cape Fear River, near Wilmington, N.C., but was refloated 18/2/60.
10/2 1960 USS Sargo (SSN-583) surfaces at North Pole
14/2 1960 LAERDAL, 324/39-wooden motor ferry, owned by the Fylkesbaatane i Sogn og Fjordane, sank alongside the quay at Bygstad after putting back after developing a leak. She was, however, raised 16/2/60.
15/2 1960 LEONORE, (Moormerland-55, Aalsmeer-53, Limburg-51), 341/28-m.v., owned by the Westfalische Transport A.G., Germany, foundered about 15 miles west of Vederso, Jutland, after getting into difficulties in stormy weather while on passage from Oxelosund to Emden. Her crew was lost.
18/2 1960 ADONIS, (Merida-56, Kuressaar-41, Inverawe-35), 2,467/14, owned by the Cia. Nav. y de Comercio Adonis, Ltda, Honduras, sprang a leak when N.W. of Corfu while on passage from Vassiliko Bay to Venice and was abandoned by her crew. She was later taken in tow, but sank 20/2/60 one mile from Otranto.

YUNG AN, (Fushimi Maru-60), 493/56-m.v. owned by the China Merchants S.N. Co., Ltd, Nationalist China, disappeared in the Formosa Straits during 2/60 while on passage from Keelung to Kaohsiung. She was last heard of on 18/2/60.

20/2 1960 LEILA CHRIS, (Globe-60, Sundia-57, Alk-54, Globe-37), 221/33, recently purchased by M. B. Christensen, Denmark from M. H. Wiren, Sweden, sank out­side Simrishamm after grounding while on passage from Ahus to Lubeck. She was refloated in May 1960.
21/2 1960 BRIGADIER, (Empire Frank-46), 268/42-tug, owned by Steel & Bennie, Ltd, went aground on Horse Island, off Ardrossan, and became a total loss.
23/2 1960 ENGONIA, 498/56-m.v., owned by Dammers & Van der Heide's Shipping & Trading Company, Netherlands, was abandoned by her crew thirty miles N.E. of Bilbao after her cargo had shifted in a gale while on passage from Pasajes to Antwerp. She capsized shortly afterwards and sank.
24/2 1960 DALSLAND, 495/58-m.v., owned by the Mathies Reederei, Germany sustained severe damage when she was in collision off Stockholm, with the Dutch motor vessel NORE, 495/56.

INDIAN MERCHANT, 7,659/44, owned by the India S.S. Co., Ltd, went aground in Marseilles Bay when outward bound for Calcutta. She was, however, refloated 1/3/60.

25/2 1960 ADRIATIC, (Vagabond Lady-36), 120/35-wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by S. Ivancic, United States, was reported to have sunk 50 miles S.W. of Cabo San Lucas.
26/2 1960 SINKAD, 190/43-wooden motor vessel owned by R. Bjorshol and partners, Norway, sank in shallow water at Hasselvik and although she was refloated 28/2/60, she is seriously damaged.
27/2 1960 ISTAR, (Alba-55, Gunilla), 875/47-m.v., owned by Nav. Daneo S.R.L., Italy, Went aground eight miles south of Casablanca while outward bound in fog from that port and subsequently became a total loss.
29/2 1960 YEWGLEN, 1,018/52-m.v., owned by John Stewart & Co., Shipping, Ltd, went aground at Beadnell Point, twelve miles north of Coquet while on passage from London to Leith and became a total loss.
4/3 1960 The International Salvage Association announced that they had started salvage operations on EMPRESS OF ASIA, 16,908/13 sunk by Japanese air­craft off Singapore 5/2/42.

HERMES, (Jupiter-55), 2,557/16, owned by the Epirotiki S.S. Navigation Co., George Potamianos S.A., Greece, was beached in Sileniai Bay after fire had broken out on board when she was laid up at Piraeus. She was refloated 9/3/60 but has been severely damaged and declared as a total loss.

LA COUBRE, 4,310/48-m.v. owned by the Cie. Generale Transatlantique, sank at the quayside at Havana, Cuba following an explosion while munitions were being unloaded. Considerable damage was done to shore installations, and the ship is very severely damaged indeed. She was refloated 19/4/60.

7/3 1960 USS Kearsarge (CVS-33) rescues 4 Russian soldiers from their landing craft 1,000 miles from Midway Island, which was drifting several weeks after their engine failed off Kamchatka Peninsula.
8/3 1960 BERGERAC, 3,607/55-m.v. owned by Fred Olsen & Co., Norway, sustained severe damage when there was a boiler explosion on board while she was lying at Oslo.

PLASSY, (Peterjon-51, originally the naval trawler H.M.S. Arran), 563/41­m.v. owned by the Limerick S.S. Co., Ltd, went aground and wrecked on Finnis Rock (Aran Islands), in Galway Bay while bound from Liverpool to Galway.

10/3 1960 CAPETAN CARRAS, 8,798/55-m.v. owned by the Tramp Chartering Corporation, Liberia, went aground on Nipah Shoal, 1.9 N, 103.39 E during a voyage from Bremerhaven to China, but was refloated 21/3/60.
14/3 1960 BRATT, 195/96, owned by R. Eck Olsen, Norway, grounded near the north coast of Tromsoya and after springing a leak partly capsized. She was, however, refloated 18/3/60.
15/3 1960 TROCAS, 7,382/27-storage hulk and former motor tanker, recently sold by the Shell Co. of Gibraltar, Ltd, to Spanish shipbreakers, went aground near Cabo Tinoso after breaking from tow while on passage from Gibraltar to Valencia. She was refloated 16/4/60 and towed to Carthagena for temporary repairs. After these had been effected, she was towed to Valencia, where she arrived 10/5/60 for scrapping.
17/3 1960 AVAHY, 604/50-m.v. owned by Domingues Peres Domingues, Brazil, was reported to have gone aground near Torres Lighthouse, Ilha dos Lobos while bound for Santos. She became a total loss.
19/3 1960 GULLFINNUR, (Saturn-47, Gylfi-47) 353/15-trawler, owned by the P/f Sjornan A/S (Fr. Blahamar), Faroe Islands, sank at Angmagssalik after sustaining ice damage.
21/3 1960 SORRENTINO, (Citta di Lecce-55, Samuel A. Fabens-48), 1,599/44, owned by G. Longobardo, stranded near Sile in the Black Sea while on passage from Leghorn to Odessa and became a total loss.
22/3 1960 STILBE, 498/43-motor wine carrier, owned by Le Quellec et Cie., Morocco, Went aground five miles east of the Black Sea entrance to the Bosphorus and sank, while on passage from Bourgas to Marseilles.
24/3 1960 ARMAND LAMBERT, 202/50-motor fishing vessel, owned by E. & A. Gautier freres et Cie, France, went aground on the S.E. tip of the Mull of Kintyre, and was abandoned by her crew.
25/3 1960 DON CRISTOBAL, (Gaupe-56, Kaernten), 323/41-whaler, owned by the Cia. Ballenera del Norte S.A., Peru, went aground about ten miles south of Punta Negra in a position 6.10 S, 81.4 W. and became a total loss.

MOBIL ASTRAL, 17,598/49, owned by Tankers Navigation Co., Inc., Panama, was severely damaged by explosion followed by fire while lying at Puerto la Cruz . Six members of her crew were lost.

PEGGY, (Prins Bernhard-58), 567/38-m.v., owned by M. L. Albuquerque & Cia. Ltda, sank in the Amazon delta.

PAIK KOO, (White Gull-53, Yamabashi Maru No. 16), 891/46 owned by the Taichang Business Co., Ltd, Korea, was wrecked on the east coast of Korea sometime prior to 25/3/60.

28/3 1960 TERRA NOVA, 379/48-wooden motor vessel owned by Earle Freighting Service Ltd, sank near Gannet Island, off the Labrador coast after sustaining ice damage.
31/3 1960 CELT, 147/46, owned by J. J. Hay, Ltd, went aground off Annalong Co. Down when inward bound. She was refloated 9/5/60

EULLY, 4,913/29, Was blown ashore at Keelung during a gale after she had anchored in the harbour while outward bound to Kaohsiung where she was to be broken up. She had recently been sold by the Cia. Na. Santa Cruz, S.A., Panama (Costa Rican flag)-by whom she was named ANDREAS G.-for scrapping and it may be that the name EULLY was for the voyage to the breakers' yard only.

3/4 1960 BELL, 138/17-motor fishing vessel, owned by the A/S Snorre (J. N. Osnes) Norway, was abandoned on fire about 110 miles N.W. of Foula, in a position 60.20 N, 4.40 W.
5/4 1960 Dutch caoaster VLIELAND, aground in fog, 2 miles south of Mohammedia whilst on a voyage from Casablanca to Kenitra with 200 tons of waste paper. Refloated with assistance of Moroccon tug EL KEBIR (323/54) and entered Kenitra undamaged.
6/4 1960 ERITS, (Deiro-58, Stavsund-56), 360/48-m.v., owned by A. Ersland, Norway, Went aground off the island of Bokn while on passage from Stavanger to Bergen, broke in two and sank with the loss of three lives.
14/4 1960 DYNAMIC, 17,743/58, owned by the Windward Shipping Co., Panama (Liberian flag), Went aground in the River Orinoco but was refloated 27/4/60 with little damage.

TROLLA, 1,944/58-m.v., owned by Torleif Torkildsen, Norway, went aground at Cap Haitien, while on passage from Puerto Cortez to Amsterdam. Salvage was not deemed possible and the wreck was sold to a Mr R. Nazon, of Haiti.

16/4 1960 ETHEL C., (Wrenwood-59, Collingbourne-49, Wrenwood-46), 2,847/43, owned by Trans. Mar. Castalia S.A., Panama (Lebanese flag), sank off the coast of Virginia, in a position 37.21 N, 75.15 W, after a leak had developed and there had been an explosion in the engineroom. She was on passage from New York to Newport News.

COINMAR TRADER, 250/26-m.v. owned by the Compania de Industrias Maritimas S.A., Panama, foundered alongside the pier at Kingston, Jamaica.

SEGRE, 2,747/44, owned by Naviera Pinillos S.A., Spain, Went aground at El Jadida when inward bound, but was refloated (although damaged) 24/4/60 and towed to Casablanca.

20/4 1960 CAPE MATAPAN, 321/25-trawler owned by B. Gelcer & Co. (Pty) Ltd, South Africa, sank after being in collision about two miles from Cape Town with the trawler BULBY, 361/46.
21/4 1960 SVERIGE, 820/29, owned by A/S D/S Oresund, Denmark, heeled over of her side while slipped at the Nordhavn Vaerftet, and it is felt that repairs may not be an economical proposition. Sold for scrapping and left Copenhagen 4/6/60 bound for Odense, where she is to be broken up.
26/4 1960 CABANILLAS, 141/52-trawler owned by Jose Lorenzo, Spain, went aground at Cape Trafalgar.
28/4 1960 CAVADELO, 180/44, owned by S.A. Industrias Navales, Spain, sank off Cape Penas when outward bound from Musel.

HUBA, 500/57-m.v., owned by C. Holscher's Scheepvaartbedrijf, Netherlands, went aground in Chinchoorro Reef, in a position 18.24 N, 87.21 W, while bound for Belize and became a total loss.

29/4 1960 HANNE S., 499/52-m.v., owned by A. E. Sorensen, Denmark, disappeared off the South Greenland coast sometime after midnight on 29/4/60 while bound from Ivigtut (which she left 27/4/60) to Copenhagen. There was a violent gale blowing at the time. 15 crew and 3 passengers were lost with the ship.

J.T. & S., 129/18-auxiliary Wooden schooner owned by M. G. Tyrrell, Dublin, was abandoned on fire 4 miles S.S.E. of Dartmouth and later sank. She was on passage from Arklow to Cowes at the time, and the fire was caused by a blowout in the engine room.

PETROVSK, 3,844/57, owned by the Sovtorgflot, went aground near Porkkala while bound from Kotka to Gdansk. Refloated 3/5/60.

30/4 1960 ALEXANDER ALISON, (Frances Peat-51), 385/30-motor ferry owned by the Devonport Steam Ferry Co., Ltd, Auckland, foundered in the Tasman Sea about 240 miles from Hobart. She was at the time being towed from Auckland to Hobart by the Union S.S. Co's KAITOA, 2,584/56-m.v.
3/5 1960 SAN JUAN, (Calatum), 293/08, owned by Jose E. Gomendio Ochoa, Spain, went aground at Punta de Taliarte, off Melenara, while on passage from Puerto de la Luz to Villa Cisneros, and became a total loss.
4/5 1960 OLAV CLAUS, (Kamma Dan-57), 3,487/49, owned by Ole Lauritzen, Denmark, was anchored and abandoned by her crew near Rijeka after fire had broken out and become uncontrollable while the ship was on passage from Jaifa to Rijeka. She is so severly damaged as to be a total loss. Later sold to the Yugoslavian shipbreaking concern Brodospas.
5/5 1960 FEDERAL EXPRESS, (HMCS West York) 1,040/44-m.v., owned by the Federal Commerce & Navigation Co., Ltd, Canada, sank in Montreal harbour after being run down by the Swedish motor vessel POLARIS, 2,035/45 while anchored. Before sinking, she was in collision with the Norwegian motor vessel THORSCAPE, 4,981/54. FEDERAL EXPRESS was later declared a total loss. Aft section salved & broken up 1960

MANCHESTER SPINNER, 7,811/52, owned by Manchester Liners, Ltd, went aground on Peckford Reef, N.F., in a position 49.31 N, 53.51 W., while on passage from Montreal to Botwood. She was, however, refloated 21/5/60 and is not seriously damaged.

9/5 1960 MELANIE FAIR, 619/43-tug, sank in the River St. Lawrence thirty miles west of Quebec after striking an obstruction. Refloated 12/5/60
10/5 1960 PIET SCHIPPER, (Cisterna-57, Southgate-56), 121/25, owned by P. J. Schipper, Netherlands, sank two miles north of Haisborough after her cargo had shifted while on passage from Antwerp to Boston.

SVALAN, (Zwaluw-52), 225/26-m.v., owned by K. A. E. Larsson, Sweden, sank in the Gota Alf after being in collision with THUNTANK II, 497/55­tanker, While on passage from Gothenburg to Trollhattan.

18/5 1960 ANDROS CORAL, (Seacoral-57, Coral Sea-51, Ora Ellis-47), 8,557/45,  owned by the Coral Cia. Armadora, S.A., Liberia, went aground on Dona Sebastiana Island, at the entrance to the Chacao Channel while on passage from San Juan, Peru, to Buenos Aires, and became a total loss.
19/5 1960 MONGABARRA, 5,029/45-m.v., owned by the Rederi AB Transatlantic, Sweden, foundered off Juist Island, in a position 53.46 N, 7.3 E, after being in collision with the B.P. Tanker Company's BRITISH WORKMAN, 8,575/49 -m.v. while on passage from Antwerp/Hamburg to New York, and later heeled over and sank.
20/5 1960 STANDARD PORTLAND CEMENT, 5,141/09, owned by the American S.S. Co., Inc., U.S.A., sank in shallow water off Port Huron after being in collision in fog with AUGUST ZIESING, 7,969/18. She was refloated 23/5/60.

Andros Coral (???), Liberty Ship. 8,577 tons. 511ft. Grounded SE of Dona Sebastiana Isle, Chacao Channel. Cargo of iron ore.

21/5 1960 BJØRGVIN (Norge), 911/09, owned by the Arendals D/S, Norway, went aground at Tonsberg Tonne, and sank in deep water there 24/5/60.
22/5 1960 CANELOS, (Sonja-38), 2,794/30, owned by the Cia. Nav. Haverbeck & Skalweit, S.A., Chile, was thrown aground near Carboneras after being driven three miles up river from Corral, where she was lying when the port was hit by the tidal wave following the earthquakes.

CARLOS HAVERBECK, (P. N. Damm-54, Spokane-46, Caritas 11-45, Spokane-44, P. N. Damm-41), 2,872/30, owned by Cia. Nav. Haverbeck & Skalweit, S.A., Chile,, sank in the bay between Niebla and Amargos after being struck by the tidal wave while lying at Corral.

PUYEHUE, 3,188/28, owned by the Empresa Maritima del Estado, Chile, is reported to have been driven ashore at Puerto Montt by the tidal Wave following the Chilean earthquakes.

SANTIAGO, 3,643/24, owned by Cia. Mar. Valck & Monckton, S.A., Chile, is reported to have been driven aground on Isla Mocha, near Puerto Montt, by the tidal wave following the earthquake.

23/5 1960 OZEAN, 420/53-m.v., owned by J. Grapel, Hamburg, sank off the north tip of Bornholm Island, after being in collision with the German FRITZ HUGO STINNES, 1,907/23.

UWE, (Nolso-55), 119/52-wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by the Empresa Pesquera Austral, S.A., Chile, was driven aground in Coliumo Bay off Dichato, by the tidal waves following the Chilean earthquake and became a total loss.

25/5 1960 BERND LEONHARDT, 6,135/55-m.v., owned by Leonhardt & Blumberg, Germany, sustained serious damage to her upperworks when she was in collision about 200 miles east of Cape Henry with the United States aircraft carrier SARATOGA.
1/6 1960 CALPEAN STAR, 14,232/29-m.v., owned by the Calpe Shipping Co., Ltd, Gibraltar, which sustained rudder damage in the Antarctic during 3/60 and arrived at Montevideo for temporary repairs during 5/60, left that port in tow 1/6/60 but while still in the entrance channel there was an explosion in a sea-water valve as a result of which the engine room became flooded and all power was cut off. She gradually foundered aft and was to be auctioned during 6/60 "as lies", partly submerged aft, beside the entrance channel.
3/6 1960 JUAN ILLUECA, (Vicente La Roda-45, Una), 1,508/99, owned by Sucesor de Vda, Enrique Illueca, Spain, went aground at Cape Penas during fog about midnight while on passage from Bordeaux to Gijon and became a total loss.
8/6 1960 SHUN LEE, (Hippopotamus-55, Shun Lee-52, Mausang-50, Yannis), 3,372/20, owned by the Shun Kee Nav., Co., Ltd, Hong Kong, went aground on Pratas Reef and became a total loss.
9/6 1960 SAN FRANCESCO, 7,111/43, lying at Hong Kong for demolition foundered when a typhoon struck the island.

TATSUKUNI MARU, 945/57-m.v., owned by the Nichinan Kisen K.K., Japan, was reported to have grounded near Kaohsiung.

13/6 1960 JAMES J. BUCKLER, (Outarde-60, Brulin-40), 2,241,24, owned by Canada, went aground on Red Islet, while on passage from Shelter Bay, P.Q., to Thorold, Ontario, and later broke in two.
18/6 1960 GEERTJE BUISMAN, 1,900/58-m.v., owned by W. F. Kampman's Bevrachtings Kontoor, Netherlands, went aground in Lake Michigan while on passage from Muskegon to Rotterdam, but was refloated 24/6/60.
27/6 1960 CHOLOMA, 3,736/45-m.v., owned by the Empresa Hondurena de Vapores, Honduras, was heavily damaged by fire while lying at Boston. The fire damaged a sugar refinery on the adjoining quay.
28/6 1960 DRANGAJOKULL, (Foldin-52), 621/47-m.v., owned by the Joklar H/F (Olafur Thordarson), Iceland, capsized and sank during a gale in the Pentland Firth, near Stroma Island, while on passage from Antwerp to Reykjavik. All on board were rescued.
30/6 1960 ALCIONE, 6,957/42, owned by the Fratelli d'Amico, Italy, and the Swedish motor tanker ATLANTIC QUEEN, 14,567/48, owned by Haakon Onstad, Sweden, both sustained extensive damage when they were in collision in Suez Roads.

CABO ORANGE, 3,232/59-m.v., owned by the Lloyd Brasileiro, Brazil, went aground about 15 miles from Porto Alegre While on passage from Rio Grande to Porto Alegre. She was refloated 19/7/60.

GEORGE MACDONALD, (Escalante-47), 10,165/43, owned by the Sinclair Refining Co., Inc., United States, sank some fifty miles off Charleston after a seawater casing had fractured while she was on passage from Houston to New York. She was taken in tow of the United States tanker J. E. DYER, 20,020/57.

2/7 1960 CARIBBEAN TRADER, 2,811/43, owned by the Plymouth Navigation Company, Liberia, Went aground near Nuevitas, but was refloated 2/7/60
3/7 1960 BRITT I, (Britta-57), 221/20-wooden auxiliary owned by A. B. Karlsson, Sweden, foundered off Host Ristna.

EXCHEQUER, 6,736/43, owned by American Export Lines, United States, went aground on Cheriyam Island in the Laccadives, 150 miles West of Cochin while on passage from Calcutta to Djibouti. She was refloated 11/7/60.

9/7 1960 ESSO PORTSMOUTH, 24,215/59, owned by the Esso Petroleum Co., Ltd, was seriously damaged by fire following an explosion while she was discharging her cargo of 32,000 tons of oil at the new Esso Refinery at Milford Haven ­ the first cargo to be discharged there. One member of her crew lost his life.
19/8 1960 SS Belle Isle (ex-HMCS Huntsville) sunk in collision off Trois-Rivieres.
17/9 1960 Panamanian steamer MAR FELIZ (Overseas Shipping Co, Panama). Aground Straat Kidjang. Later scrapped in Hong Kong.
31/10 1960 CLAN ALPINE, (Clan Line Ltd). Ashore in cyclone near Chittagong, total loss.
29/11 1960 Liberian Steamer FRANCISCO MORAZAN, (C.T.Trapezountios, Liberia). Aground South Manitou Island, Lake Michigan, total loss.
14/12 1960 Turkish steamer TARSUS gutted by fire following collision with Yugoslav tanker PETAR ZORANIC in Bosphorus.
22/12 1960 HS-3 and HU-2 (USS Valley Forge) helicopters rescue 27 men from oiler SS Pine Ridge breaking up in heavy seas off Cape Hatteras.
30/12 1960 Panamanian steam freighter GALATEA grounded at Pearson Reef in position 08.50N, 113.40E when she was on voyage Saigon - Philippines. Abandoned by her crew and was later declared as "total loss".
21/1 1961 LURCHER, sank in the Mersey after being in collision with STAMATIOS G. EMBIRICOS 8,878/56—m.v., while on passage from Liverpool to Glasgow and was abandoned to the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board after being raised 30/3/61, being sold by them to H. G. Pounds the following year has now been sold to T. W. Ward, Ltd, and arrived at Preston 31/3/64 for scrapping.
(LURCHER, (Saxon Queen-59, Yewmount-47), 859/39-m,v., formerly owned by Coast Lines, Ltd.)
26/7 1962 IGASA MARU, grounded off Saganoseki, Kyushu, while on passage from Karatsu to Aburatsu, and sunk and been declared a totally lost.
(IGASA MARU 889/44-m.v., owned by the Maruei Kisen K.K., Japan.)
16/8 1962 QUIBIAN, which arrived in tow at Cristobal 16/8/62 in leaky condition, foundered at her moorings in Colon Bay during the last week of 12/63.
(QUIBIAN, 731/30, owned by the Gran Flota Mercante Panamena, Panama.)
28/9 1962 RIO JACHAL, sustained fire damage while lying at New York, left Hoboken 25/4/64 for Buenos Aires following repairs and rebuilding.
(RIO JACHAL, 11,341/50-m.v., owned by Empress Lineas Maritimas Argentinas, Argentina.)
1/12 1962 BAYANNA, which went aground near Deseronto, was set on fire during 5/64 and the gutted hulk was subsequently towed to shallow water and there cut up for scrap.
BAYANNA, (Aragon-46), 1,643/96, owned by the Bayswater Shipping Co., Ltd.)
24/1 1963 JUNYO MARU,grounded in Susami Bay, Wakayama Prefecture and become a total loss.
JUNYO MARU, (Koan Maru No. 3—62), 672/41—motor tanker owned in Japan.)
30/1 1963 MACE PRIMO, which grounded at Cape Shabla, near Varna, 30/1/63 when on a voyage to Constantza, has been abandoned as a total loss.
MACE PRIMO (Cupido-61, Romelia-56, Serula-54, Holmia), 1,579/18, owned by Umberto d'Amato, Italy.)
8/2 1963 HANNI-LENE, went aground 8/2/63 off Saelvig, on the west coast of Samso.
(HANNI-LENE, 424/51 m.v., owned by G. Behrmann, West Germany.)
1/3 1963 ROSITA K, went aground 1/3/63 near Kunduz Dere, on the Turkish Black Sea Coast, While on passage from Constantza to Marseilles, has been declared a total loss.
ROSITA K (Spartia—63, Helga 61, Salso—59, Selnes—52, Fossli—52, Kaupanger 48), 1,572/30, owned by Karmiris Bros. & K. Mouzakia, Greece.)
29/4 1963 VALO I, is known to have been lost 29/4/63 off the S.E. coast of Greenland after striking an iceberg while en route to Greenland to be delivered to new Danish owners.
(VALO I (Gana-58, Nilde-56, Nil Desperandum), 110/86-wooden auxiliary galeas, formerly owned by S. G. Pettersson, Sweden)
25/5 1963 AL HASAN, which arrived at Chittagong, 25/5/63 after collision and grounding damage sustained while on a voyage from Karachi, has now been sold for scrapping.
(AL HASAN (Manx Fisher-49, Fort St. Antoine-47), 7,165/43, owned by the Muhammadi S.S. Co., Ltd, Pakistan.)
9/7 1963 KOFUKU MARU No.3, foundered near Genkai Island during heavy weather.
(KOFUKU MARU No.3, 225/59—m.v., owned by S. Yamamoto, Japan.)
5/8 1963 KILSTRAUM, foundered off the coast of Iceland 5/8/63 after developing a leak.
(KILSTRAUM (Verma—41, Molde—37, Namdal—37, Tustna—36, Bandak -34), 172/90—m.v., owned by A. Utkilen, Norway)
15/8 1963 SHINTATSU MARU, aground at Kinkazan, and become a total loss.
(SHINTATSU MARU 441/59—m.v. owned by the Shintatsu Kisen K.K., Japan.)
24/8 1963 SEIKO MARU No. 3, have been wrecked 24/8/63
(SEIKO MARU No. 3, 437/59-m.v., owned by T. Yoshida, Japan.)
4/9 1963 LAXO, grounded off Porso, and sunk.
(LAXO, 149/48 wooden m.v., owned by J. W. Backman, Finland.)
13/9 1963 PAUL GUFFLET, stranded 13/9/63 some 135 miles north-west of Pointe Noire and become a total loss.
(PAUL GUFFLET 101/47—motor trawler, owned by the Soc. Centrale d'Echanges Internationaux, France.)
5/10 1963 BAMBU, which sustained heavy weather damage while on voyage from Tripoli to Benghazi during 10/63 and grounded off Ras Taiunes 5/10/63, was found upon examination at Genoa not to be worthy of repair and has been sold to Italian shipbreakers.
(BAMBU, (Letizia-63, Pelagosa-54, Orsolina Bottiglieri—37, Lodoletta), 669/21, owned by the Cia. Armatoriale Sicula Adriatica, Italy.)
9/10 1963 HOKO MARU No. 32, foundered in a position 31.27 N, 132.2 E during heavy weather.
(HOKO MARU No. 32, 240/58—motor fishing vessel owned by the Hoko Suisan K.K., Japan.)
11/10 1963 TAISHIN MARU No. 1, grounded at Okinawa and become a total loss.
(TAISHIN MARU No. 1, (Nishi Maru No. 13—61), 153/48—m.v., owned by the Uchida Zosen K.K., Japan.)
26/10 1963 HAI FU, 7,650/45 grounded on Oahu 26/10/63 and was refloated 27/10/63. She left Honolulu 9/9/64 bound for Formosa in tow.
31/10 1963 MAR CANTABRICO, 6,632/30—m.v. left Port Arthur 31/10/63 bound in tow of the tug KORAL, 1,225/59-m.v. for Antwerp, where she arrived 11/12/63. She has been sold to the Belgian shipbreakers Jos. De Smedt, whose breaking yard is at Burght, near Antwerp.

SPLENDID SEA, 7,176/43, owned by Mutual Steamship Operators Ltd, Panama, went aground in Tokyo Bay 31/10/63 during a voyage from Chiba to Singapore, but was refloated 6/11/63.

1/11 1963 PAULINE C. WINTERS 140/23—wooden auxiliary, owned by D. Roberts, Canada, foundered off Boat Harbour, in the Strait of Belle Isle, 1/11/63 after springing a leak while on passage to Riverport, N.S.
6/11 1963 BRITISH GUIDE, 8,778/51-motor tanker, owned by the BP Tanker Co. Ltd sustained extensive damage when she was in collision in the River Humber in fog 6/11/63 with the Pakistani OCEAN ENTERPRISE 5,809/49 while on passage from Salt End to Sunderland. She later reached Sunderland under her own power, but was regarded as not worthy of repair and has accordingly been sold to Belgian shipbreakers "as is".

FINAMAR, 689/55-m.v., owned by Naviera Vasco-Catalina S.A., Spain, was beached near Borkum 6/11/63 after being in collision with the Polish SNIADECKI, 5,701/63-m.v. while on passage from Hamina to Las Palmas. She was heavily damaged, but was towed into Emden, 8/11/63.

LORD STANHOPE 448/35-trawler, owned by Wyre Trawlers, Ltd went aground on the south coast of Iceland, near Ingolfshofdhi Light, in a position 63.48 N, 16.40 W, 6/11/63, and was abandoned by her crew.

7/11 1963 WOODBURN, 9,407/58—m.v., owned by Common Bros. Ltd, went aground 7/11/63 on a reef 35 miles S.E. of Singapore while on a voyage from Telok Ramunia to Tokyo. She was, however, refloated 17/11/63.
8/11 1963 KIMOLOS (Kenrix-58, Roxton-50, Loch Fisher-46, Ngarua-37, Mara­boe-36), 481/31-m.v., owned by Ventouris Brothers, Greece, sank in the Baltic, off Odensholm Island, 8/11/63. Her crew was saved.

SEYHAN, 3,097/50, owned by the D. B. Deniz Nakliyati T.A.S., Turkey, sustained considerable damage when fire broke out 8/11/63 while she was on a voyage from Izmir to Antwerp. She was beached near Annaba (Bona) but was refloated 11/11/63 and brought into port.

9/11 1963 MARSTENEN, 2,499/59—m.v., owned by Vilhelm Torkildsens Rederi, Norway, went aground 9/11/63 some ten miles East of Escoumains while on a voyage from Demerara to Montreal, and although refloated 14/11/63 had sustained severe bottom damage.
10/11 1963 SUSANNE PAN, 149/60—m.v., owned by Fa. Borge Nielsen & Co., Denmark, capsized off Stralsund 10/11/63 and sank, although without any loss of life. She was raised 21/11/63 and brought into Stralsund for examination.
12/11 1963 NOWSHERA, 8,516/55, owned by the British India S.N. Co., Ltd, sank at Genoa 12/11/63 after a condenser inspection door had been removed when the main overboard discharge valve was open. She was raised, and after repairs, sailed for London 14/12/63.
14/11 1963 At 0655 the 510 foot Norwegian freighter FERNVIEW collided with the 309 foot DYNAFUEL on a foggy morning in Buzzards Bay. The FERNVIEW was able to travel to Boston MA under her own power but the DYNAFUEL sank. The U.S. Coast Guard determined the FERNVIEW to be at fault.

INAGUA Foam, was reported 14/11/63 to have gone aground near Manaus in the River Amazon. She was, however, refloated 8/12/63. Then subsequently foundered in the River Amazon and has been declared a total loss.
(INAGUA Foam, 3,141/45-m.v., owned by Inagua Foam, Inc., Liberia.)

15/11 1963 DYNAFUEL (Nodaway-46), 3,100/46- motor tanker, owned by the Sun Oil Company, United States, sank 15/11/63 in a position 41.28 N, 70.51 W, off Cape Cod, after being in collision with the Norwegian FERNVIEW, 6,732/61-m.v., while on passage from Newington N.H., to Newark N.J., the previous day. The collision was followed by fire on both ships, and FERNVIEW arrived at Baltimore 1911/63 with considerable damage.

LAVEROCK, 1,209/47- m.v., owned by the General Steam Navigation Co., Ltd was thrown aground in the River Douro 15/11/63 after the river had gone into flood while she was lying at Oporto. She was refloated 20/11/63 but had sustained extensive damage.

16/11 1963 NORDANHAV, 437/52 m.v., owned by Rederi AB Lecko (H. Kallsson), Sweden, went aground 16/11/63 two miles east of Darlowo, when inward bound from Sweden, but was refloated 1/12/63.
17/11 1963 NANO, 4,466/18, owned by Cia. Nav. Espanola S.A., Spain, went aground 17/11/63 on the Ile de Re when outward bound from Charente in ballast. She was, however, refloated 30/11/63, undamaged.

THOR, 149/14 wooden auxiliary schooner, owned by N. A. M. Yngshammar, Sweden, which had been laid up at West Orust, sank at her moorings 17-18/11/63.

20/11 1963 JANGADEIRO, 2,927/38-m.v., owned by the Lloyd Brasileiro Patrimonio Nacional, Brazil, sustained considerable damage 20/11/63 when she was in collision in Guanabara Bay with the Liberian ARION, 7,216/44.

The Bow and stern sections of FLORENTINO AMEGHINO, 6,948/25—tanker arrived at Rio Santiago 20/11/63 and 11/12/63 respectively. It seems likely that they will be scrapped. The two sections of  FLORENTINO AMEGHINO  have 1964 been sold for scrapping.

22/11 1963 EILBEK, sank in Lekhaven, Rotterdam, after being in collision while outward bound on a voyage from Hamburg to Lattakia, with the West German ARCTURUS, 1,566/52-m.v. EILBEK was righted 11/7/64, under water, and will later be raised. She was raised by floating cranes 5-6/9/64.
EILBEK, 2,536/56, owned by Knohr & Burchard, West Germany.)

OTTO PORR, 999/61—m.v., owned by H. Porr (F. Hagen, manager), West Germany, sustained extensive damage when she was in collision 22/11/63 with the Turkish DEMIRHAN, 7,047/44, south of Haugesund, while on a voyage from Onega to Newcastle. She was beached, but later towed to Haugesund.

THESSALONIKI (Obock-58, Mont Keto-57, Frimau-57, Astrality-54, Elizabeth Mary-54, Irania-48), 2,231/29 motor tanker, owned by the Greek Tankershipping Co., Ltd, Greece, went aground on Euboea Island in a position 38.41 N, 24.3 E, 22/11/63 while bound from Thessaloniki to Piraeus and became a total loss.

25/11 1963 SNURP III; 126/43 wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by the Peder Visnes Partrederi, Norway, sank in the Vigrafjorden, north of Aalesund 25/11/63 after being in collision with another ship.
26/11 1963 WESTLAND PRODUCER, 366/62—m.v., owned by Rederij Westland N.V. (Kamp's S & H. Mij, managers), Netherlands, sank off Garrison Point, Sheer­ness, 26/11/63, after being in collision with the Panamanian URANIA, 2,692/29—m.v., while on passage from Vlaardingen to Sheerness. She was, however, refloated 10/12/63 and beached. One member of her crew was lost.
29/11 1963 ABDULLAH, 2,014/45, owned by A. Hilmi Ozmelek ve Ogullari Donatma Istiraki, Turkey, went aground about one mile off Constantza 29/11/63 while on a voyage from Durres to Galatz. She was refloated 20/1/64.
30/11 1963 MARTIN BAKKE, 5,484/36 m.v., owned by Knut Knutsen O.A.S., Norway, went aground 30/11/63 in the River Scheldt when inward bound from Valparaiso to Antwerp, and although refloated 6/12/63 has sustained very severe damage. Was been found not worthy of repair and was sold to Jos. de Smedt for scrapping. She left Antwerp 11/1/64 bound for the scrappers' yard at Burght.
3/12 1963 LIONEL, 2,862/57-m.v., owned by D/S A/S Ostlandet (Alf Mohn, manager), Norway, collided with MANCHESTER MERCHANT, 7,651/51 off Montreal 3/12/63, and the collision was followed by explosion and fire which has caused very severe damage to the Norwegian ship, which is practically gutted amidships. She was beached on Ronde Island until 12/12/63 when she was brought to a local shipyard for examination. At the time of the collision LIONEL was bound from Chicago to Antwerp, via Montreal, and MANCHESTER MERCHANT was outward bound from Port Alfred to Manchester. LIONEL was later bought by Norwegian interests, and arrived in tow at Drammen 15/8/64 for rebuilding. It is intended that she shall be renamed SKAGATIND.
5/12 1963 CASTILLO MONTJUICH (African Mariner-40, Bois-Soleil-37, Wilhanndel, Andalusier, War Vigour ), 7,072/ 19, owned by the E. N. Elcano de la M.M., Spain, sailed from Boston 5/ 12/63 bound for Corunna, with a crew of 37 on board, and disappeared without trace. Her last known position was 43.12 N, 34.20 W, some 400 miles N.W. of the Azores, where she was reported 14/12/63.
6/12 1963 C. TRADER (Lauchlan McKay), 2,392/44-m.v., owned by W. R. Chamberlin & Co., United States, reported 6/12/63 that she had developed a leak about 100 miles S.W. of Seattle while on a voyage from Willapa to Astoria. She was taken in tow, but grounded at the mouth to the Columbia River 9/12/63 and became a total loss.
7/12 1963 INGEBORG, 299/31-m.v., owned by M. A. Flint, West Germany, sank in the River Elbe near Cuxhaven 7/12/63 after being in collision with the Danish MANCHURIA, 8,371/45 m.v. while on passage from Par to a Finnish port. She was, however, raised 18/12/63 and beached for temporary repair.

NEW TEH HU, 3,550/50, owned by Teh Hu S.S. Co., Ltd, Panama, was damaged by fire which broke out 7/12/63 while she was lying at Hong Kong.

TARNO, 279/00—m.v., owned by I. Gudmundsson, Sweden, is reported to have gone aground off Lolland, 7/12/63. She was later refloated and restored to service.

LUNA, went aground off Hamn, Senja, 7/12/63 and although she refloated on the tide, she had sustained such heavy damage that it has been decided to sell her in her damaged condition it is believed for scrapping. Sold for scrapping at Sandnessjoen. While bound there from Harstad in tow of the tugs CAPPY and SLEIPNER, she dragged her anchors off Bodo 23/1/64, grounded and later slipped off into deep water.
(LUNA 939/47-m.v., owned by Det Bergenske D/S, Norway.)

8/12 1963 FORT ALBANY; 617/42 m.v., owned by Beauchemin Nav., Ltd, Canada, sank in the River St. Lawrence, near Contrecoeur, about 54 miles below Montreal, 8/12/63 after being in collision with the Norwegian PROCYON 3,923/49, while bound for Sept Iles. Five of her crew were lost. She was refloated and arrived at Sorel, P.Q., 25/6/64.

BOYE (Hans-50, Julia-36, Villy-33, Hullam, Lilian, Bjornen), 282/18-m.v., owned by E. B. Kromann, Denmark, foundered north of Ventspils 8/12/63 after grounding while on passage there from Thorshavn. Her crew was saved.

KAMEI MARU 998/61-m.v., owned by the Seiko Kaiun K.K., Japan, capsized and sank in Tsugaru Strait, off the south coast of Hokkaido 8/12/63 after her cargo had shifted in heavy seas. Two of her 22 crew were saved.

MARGARET WICKS, 366/48 trawler, owned by Aberdeen Near Waters Trawlers, Ltd, went aground on the Mull of Oa, Islay 8/12/63, but was refloated 15/12/63.

REGINA, sank off Sandvik, Kalmarsund, after springing a leak.
(REGINA,(Kaleva—52) 246/1857—iron m.v. (built at Glasgow, history unknown except that she was fitted with an oil engine in 1944 and was lengthened in 1947) owned by the Toivo Nordlund Partrederi, Finland.)

9/12 1963 THOR ODLAND, 4,402/55—m.v., owned by D/S A/S Produce (J. Odland S.S., managers), Norway, went aground 9/12/63 on Middelgrunden while on a voyage from Kotka to Piraeus, but was refloated 19/12/63.
10/12 1963 ELIZABETH COOPER, 227/37-motor hopper barge, sank in the Manchester Ship Canal at Ince, 10/12/63 after being in collision with the sludge vessel MANCUNIUM, 1,390/46-m.v. She was removed from the fairway 16/12/63, but meantime all traffic in the Canal had been disrupted.

REINT, 240/19—m.v., owned by D. Stomberg, West Germany, sank in the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal 10/12/63 after being in collision with the Dutch inland waterway tanker PADUSIA, while on passage from Duisburg to Sweden. She was, however, raised the following day for examination.

SAINTE ADRESSE (Mosel), 943/42—m.v., owned by North Shore Shipping Lines, Ltd, Canada, was beached 10/12/63 off Escoumins in a position 48.25 N, 69.18 W after her cargo of beer and ale had shifted during a voyage from Montreal to Sept Iles. Her crew was rescued, but the ship is a total loss.

11/12 1963 MANCOX, ran aground 11/12/63 in Lake St. Clair, near Peach Island, while bound from Sault Ste. Marie to Nicholson Terminal Dock, River Rouge. She was refloated 12/12/63.
(MANCOX, 1,551/03, owned by Yankcanuck Steamships, Ltd, Canada.)

LAGUNA, left Imbituba 11/12/63 bound for Sao Sebastiao with a crew of thirteen, and disappeared. Wreckage was later found on Bom Abrigo Island.
(LAGUNA (Maria Rosa-51), 609/47-m.v., owned by Navegacao Antonio Ramos, Brazil)

12/12 1963 STELLA ALPINA, 847/46-m.v., owned by A. Pignato, Italy, went aground three miles west of Cabo Tortosa while on passage from Tarragona to Marseilles. She was, however, refloated 13/12/63 undamaged.
13/12 1963 The bridge structure of BITTENCOURT SAMPAIO, was extensively damaged by an explosion followed by fire while lying at Santos 13/12/63.
BITTENCOURT SAMPAIO, 10,203/51-motor tanker owned by Petroleo Brasileiro S.A., Brazil.)

GRONLAND, caught fire off the Eastern coast of Greenland 13/12/63. The fire originated in her engine room, and although she was abandoned by her crew, she was later towed to Reykjavik, where it was found that the major damage was amidships.
GRONLAND, 999/61-motor trawler, owned by Ludwig Jansen & Co., West Germany.)

JONETTA, capsized and sank off Namsos 13/12/63 during heavy weather while on passage from Stavanger to Tromso. Of her eleven crew, only the master survived.
(JONETTA (Sertan-62), 499/57 m.v., owned by Lars Rej Johansen, Norway.)

MADININA, sank 13/12/63 some twelve miles N.W. of St. Vincent while on passage from Trinidad to Martinique. Her crew is safe.
(MADININA (Sark Coast—53), 318/45—m.v., owned by G. C. Marshall and Others, St. Vincent.)

14/12 1963 METRI, 496/61—motor tanker, owned by Rich. Amlie & Co., Norway, went aground on Drogheda Bar, 14/12/63.
16/12 1963 BALTIC, 397/48-m.v., owned by G. Blaauw (Mgrs: Kamp's S & H Maats) Netherlands, was beached in the Kiel Canal in a sinking condition 16/12/63 after being in collision with EMIL BERGER, 2,289/44-m.v. while on passage from Rotterdam to Malmo.
18/12 1963 LOIDE SAO DOMINGOS, 5,408/47, owned by the Lloyd Brasileiro Patrimonio Nacional, Brazil, went aground in the Itapua Channel 18/12/63 while bound from Rio Grande to Porto Alegre.

CONSUL HORN 452/57-m.v., owned by H. C. Horn, West Germany, went aground on a reef off Cape Juby, 18/ 12/63 while bound from Haifa to Freetown, and after salvage attempts bad been unsuccessful, became a total loss.

19/12 1963 MARY PAULINE 175/20—motor fishing vessel, owned by P. H. Fudge Canada, sank between North Sydney, N.S. and Burin, N.F., 19/12/63 after being overwhelmed in heavy seas. Six of her crew of seven were lost.
20/12 1963 CORFU ISLAND, 7,075/43, owned by the Marathon Cia. Naviera, Lebanon, went aground 47.23 N, 61.54 W, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, 20/12/63 after her engine had broken down while she was on a voyage from Wismar to an Eastern Canadian port, and was abandoned by her crew.

ALLETTA, 500/56-m.v., owned by H. Groen (N.V. Carebeka, managers), Netherlands, was beached in the Thames in a sinking condition 20/12/63 after being in collision when leaving Ford's Jetty, Dagenham, with ENGLAND 2,271/47-m.v., owned by the Carrie Line, Ltd. She was, however, later refloated and left London 24/12/63 bound in tow for Rotterdam for repairs.

21/12 1963 DOUALA (Guatemala 60), 2,333/57-m.v., owned by the Cie. de Nav. Fraissinet et Cyprien Fibre, France, foundered in an approximate position 47 N, 58 W, south-east of Newfoundland, 21/12/63 after being flooded by heavy seas while on passage from Montreal to Bordeaux via Miquelon. 18 of her 29 crew were rescued.
22/12 1963 LAKONIA, 20,238/30-m.v., owned by the Shipping Investment Corpora­tion (Greek Line, managers) Greece, sent out distress signals at 11.30 p.m. 22/12/63 from a position 35 N, 15.15 W about 200 miles from Madeira saying that there was fire on board. She was on a cruise from Southampton to Madeira, Teneriffe, Las Palmas and Havre, and had on board 643 passengers and 385 crew. The fire spread rapidly from its originating point (believed at present to have been the barbers' shop) and the ship was completely gutted. She was abandoned by her passengers and crew, and altogether, at the time of going to press, there are known to be 886 survivors 537 passengers and 349 members of the crew - with 91 known dead and 64 missing. The Norwegian salvage tug HERKULES 799/60-m.v. took LAKONIA in tow 24/12/63, but she capsized and sank 29/12/63 in a position 35.56 N, 10 W, some 250 miles west of Gibraltar.

LINDI, 7,643/44, owned by the Cie. Africaine de Nav., Belgium, went aground off Porto Grande, 9/12/63 when entering the port from New Orleans, but was refloated 22/12/63.

23/11 1963 MOHAMMEDI, 7,026/47, owned by the Mogul Line, Ltd, India, went aground 23/12/63 on Nipa Shoal, a few miles south of Singapore, while on passage from Madras to Singapore. She was, however, refloated 1/1/64, slightly damaged.
24/12 1963 AMAZON, went aground 24/12/63 near Cape Bon, in a position 36.57 N, 11.6 E, while on a voyage from Venice to Buenos Aires. She was, however, refloated 8/1/64 and found upon examination not to be worthy of repair and was accordingly sold to Italian shipbreakers. She arrived at Spezia 29/2/64 for demolition.
(AMAZON (Panagos—59, St. Nicolas—56, Reynolds—51, Samcebu—47), 7,281/44 owned by the Amazon Shipping Co., S.A., Greece.)
25/12 1963 EDDYCREEK, 2,224/53 tanker, recently sold by the Admiralty to Genoese owners, reported to be shipbuilders, was driven aground 25/12/63 east of Capraia Island during a gate while on passage from Naples to Genoa. Purchaser is reported to be a Mr P. R. Abela, was refloated 1/2/64 and towed to Leghorn. She was later sold to the Fratelli Ricci for scrapping at Leghorn.

EISHO MARU 495/56-m.v., owned by S. Sumi, Japan, sank 25/12/63 off Choshi, with the loss of eight lives, after being in collision in fog with TENSYA MARU No. 10, 1,174/58-m.v.

STANCROWN, 8,002/56-m.v., owned by the Stanhope S.S. Co., Ltd went aground off Klaipeda 25/12/63 while inward bound from Canada. She was, however, refloated 10/1/64. Was sold by the Russian authority Sudoimport to the Danish shipbrokers and shipowners Poul Christensen, who renamed her ANETTE C. She was towed to Nakskov 5/6/64 and left later the same day in tow for Hamburg, where a decision is to be taken—after examination—whether she should be repaired and replaced in service, or whether she should be scrapped. Was later sold by Poul Christensen to Eckhardt & Co. Hamburg and resold by them to J. M. Ugland, Grimstad.

29/12 1963 LAKONIA* (Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt-63), 20,238/30-m.v. sank 29/ 12/63 some 230 miles from Lisbon in a position 35.56 N, 10 W while in tow of the Norwegian salvage tug HERKULES, 799/60—m.v. assisted by the Dutch CLYDE, 797/57—m.v., and the Portuguese PRAIA DA ANDRAGA, 517/52 m.v. and PRAIA GRANDE, 512/53—m.v. which were endeavouring to bring her into Gibraltar.
30/12 1963 CAPITAINE LOUIS MALBERT 4,261/51, owned by the Union Industrielle et Maritime Soc. Francaise d'Armement, France, sank in the Kattegat, off the West Coast of Sweden, 30/12/63 after being in collision in thick fog the previous evening with the Danish motor tanker ROSBORG, 12,410/57, in a position 57.7.30 N, 11.48 E, while on a voyage from Aarhus to Klaipeda. 19 of her crew of 27 were saved.
2/1 1964 LOOIERSGRACHT, sank in the River Scheldt near Terneuzen, after being in collision with LANGKLOF, 6,500/63-m.v. Three of her crew were lost. She was refloated 14/4 1964. She is a constructive total loss. She was later sold to the Reederei Schraa, of Leer, and is to be entirely rebuilt.
(LOOIERSGRACHT 500/59-m.v. owned by Spliethoff's Bevrachtingskantoor, Netherlands.)
3/1 1964 BEN BARVAS, went aground on Little Skerry, Pentland Firth, and after being abandoned by her crew became a total loss.
(BEN BARVAS, 294/57 motor trawler, owned by Richard Irvin & Sons. Ltd.)
5/1 1964 MONKIZ, capsized and sank when assisting FAIRSEA, 13,317/41-m.v. to unberth. Four of her crew were lost. The tug was refloated the next day.
(MONKIZ, 120/26-tug, owned by the Suez Canal Authority, Egypt.)
9/1 1964 DON TOMAS, went aground at Reventazon, in a position 6.10 S, 81 W. She was refloated 28/1/64.
(DON TOMAS, 320/41 whaler, owned by the Cia. Ballenera del Norte, Peru.)
12/1 1964 DEMETER, went aground ten miles south of San Lorenen, Ecuador, while on passage there from Callao.
(DEMETER, 2,240/45-m.v., owned by Demeter Commerce & Navigation Corp., Panama.)
13/1 1964 UMAN, 5,628/58-m.v., owned by the Sovtorgflot, Russia, sank in a position 36.35 N, 7.45 W, some 120 miles west of Gibraltar, after developing a list in heavy weather. 14 of her 38 crew were lost.
(UMAN, 5,628/58-m.v., owned by the Sovtorgflot, Russia.)
16/1 1964 DORI, was beached near Ponta Delgada, Azores, after developing a leak while on passage from Emden to New Orleans. Soon after being beached, there were two explosions and the ship sank in a position 37.44 N, 25.38 W.
(DORI (Praxiteles-62, Anassa-60, Phoenix-57, Edwin L. Drake-54), 7,237/43, owned by the Atalaya Cia. Nav., Liberia.)

SANDAL, went aground at Vallersund, north of Orlandet.
(SANDAL, 171/45 -m.v., owned by A/S Tananger, Norway.)

17/1 1964 RANGOR, went aground on Ness of Sound, Lerwick, and became a total loss. Her crew was saved.
(RANGOR, 269/59-motor trawler owned by the Rangor Fishing Co., Ltd, P. & .1. Johnstone, Ltd, managers.)
19/1 1964 KAP ARKONA, sank three miles west of Wandelaar after being in collision with the Norwegian motor tanker IDA KNUDSEN, 20,592/58, while outward bound from Antwerp for Lattakia. Her crew of 30 was saved.
KAP ARKONA (B. O. Borjesson—58), 1,838/46—m.v., owned by the Deutsche Seerdeerei, East Germany)
20/1 1964 SHINTOKU MARU No. 2, foundered in a position 41.33 N, 141.12 E, during heavy weather. One member of her crew was saved.
(SHINTOKU MARU No. 2, 486/59 m.v., owned by the Shintoku Kaiun Y.K., Japan.)
21/1 1964 TERRIER, went aground on Orrengrund Island while bound from Rauma and Kotka to Oslo, for South African ports. She was refloated 23/2 /64.
(TERRIER, 5,288/54 m.v., owned by Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Norway.)
23/1 1964 ALASKA MARU, and GARDEN STATE, both sustained heavy damage when they were in collision at the entrance to Tampa Bay. The former was bound from Moji to Mobile and the latter from Pusan to Mobile.
(ALASKA MARU, 8,311/51—m.v. owned by the Sawayama Kisen K.K., Japan.)
(GARDEN STATE, 7,645/45, owned by Global Bulk Transport Inc., U.S.A.)

SURAT, went aground some fourteen miles from Kushiro, while bound there from Yokohama, and although refloated 26/1/64 had sustained extensive bottom damage.
(SURAT, 8,925/48, owned by the P. & O. Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.)

JON GARDAR, capsized and sank in heavy weather on the Icelandic fishing grounds.
(JON GARDAR 128/60—motor trawler, owned by Gudmundur Jonsson, Iceland.)

24/1 1964

BULKFUEL, sold late last year to Japanese shipbreakers, was reported to be in trouble in a position 20.46 N 151.8 W while being towed from New Orleans to Japan by the Japanese tug BENTEN MARU, 994/61—m.v. She was, however, safely towed into Honolulu, 27/1/64. Left Honolulu 10/3/64 in tow of BENTEN MARU, bound for Mizushima.
BULKFUEL, 11,016/44—tanker, sold by National Bulk Carriers, Inc., United States.)

GLENVIEW, went aground on Chinchorro Bank, off Yucatan, in a position 18.35 N, 87.17 W, While bound from Puerto Barrios to Tampico, and later broke up and became a total loss.
GLENVIEW ( Ruth Ann—61, Belvaux—59, Bruxelles—56), 2,681/47, owned by Theo Naviera Inc., Liberia.)

25/1 1964 ARTEMISION, went aground at Gaidhouronisi, south of Crete, while bound from Port Said to Kalilimenes. She was refloated 17/2/64.
ARTEMISION, 7,176/44, owned by the Artemision S.S. Co., Panama (Liberian flag)

FLORA N, was beached some three miles S.W. of Ibiza after an engine room explosion had been followed by fire while she was discharging cement at Ibiza. She was towed out of the port, and beached to allow the fire to burn itself out. The ship is very extensively damaged amidships, and three members of her crew lost their lives.
FLORA N, (Max Manus—63, Troma—46), 5,029/37—m.v., owned by Therean, Lida, Panama (Greek flag)

PEROTE, recently sold by Chas. Kurz & Co., Inc., to shipbreakers at Veracruz, broke tow when some five miles from her destination and drove aground on a reef off Isla de Enmedio, becoming a total loss.
(PEROTE (Febcal—60, Perote—55), 10,585/43—t.e. tanker.)

26/1 1964 NYSJO, sank with the loss of all her crew of fourteen after being cut in two off the island of Hjeloy (between Hammerfest and the North Cape) by the East German TRATTENDORF, 8,490/62—m.v. during a blizzard.
(NYSJO 107/55—wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by Selmer Larsen, Norway.)
27/1 1964 MOGADOR, sank at Bilbao after developing a leak. She was, however, refloated by 30/1/64, and, little the worse for the accident, was to be repaired and restored to service.
(MOGADOR, 391/79, owned by Jose Guezuraga Urizar, Spain.)
28/1 1964 CIUDAD DE MARACAIBO, went aground in the Maracaibo Channel after being in collision, while on passage from New York to Guanta, with the Panamanian tanker TRINIDAD, 26,530/58. She was, however, refloated 2/2/64.
(CIUDAD DE MARACAIBO, 3,947/49—m.v., owned by the Cia. Anon. Vene­zolana dc Nav., Venezuela.)

MOTHER ANN, went ashore on Battery Island, at the entrance to Louisburg during a snow storm and later became a total loss.
(MOTHER ANN 239/47—wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by National Sea Products, Ltd, Halifax, N.S.)

30/1 1964 The barge GEORGE OLSON, stranded at North Jetty, Columbia River while being towed by the tug MIKIMIKI, and broke up.
(GEORGE OLSON (formerly the steamer of that name, Coos Boy 47, Lumbertown—40, Castle Town-36), 3,321/19, owned by Oliver J. Olson & Co., United States)

NANCY LEE, went aground two miles from Repskar when leaving Ykspihlaja. She was refloated 17/2/64
(NANCY LEE, 499/57—m.v., owned by Rederi AB Eva (O. Ostrom, manager), Finland.)

VERNICOS FANNY, was driven aground at Kalilimenes during a gale.
(VERNICOS FANNY, 135/23—tug, owned by the N. E. Vernicos Shipping Co., Ltd, Greece.)

31/1 1964 SHOEI MARU, have been wrecked at Tsui Innancho, 31/1/64.
(SHOEI MARU (Nanki Maru No. 7-52), 857/45-m.v., owned by the Tamanoura Kisen K.K., Japan.)
1/2 1964 TITAN, sank west of Lista in a position 58.5 N, 4.42 E after her hatches had been broached by heavy seas. Her crew of nine was lost.
(TITAN, 500/57 m.v., owned by N.V. M.S. "Titan" (Wijnne & Barends managers), Netherlands.)
2/2 1964 SECURITY, sank in the Lower Elbe after being in collision with the German CARPATHIA, 2,040/57 —m.v., while on passage from Arklow to Hamburg. Her crew was saved. SECURITY was raised 16/3/64 and taken to Pagensand the following day. She is to be auctioned for scrapping.
(SECURITY, 1,490/50 m.v., owned by F. T. Everard & Sons, Ltd.)
3/2 1964 AGIA ERINI L, foundered in a position 30.22 N, 153 E, some 600 miles S.E. of Yokohama, after developing leaks and hull fractures in very heavy weather while on passage from Portland to Kawasaki. Her crew was saved.
AGIA ERINI L, (Koumiotissa—63, Atlantic Water—61, Richard J. Hopkins - 5/), 7, 247/44, owned by Liberia.)

FLORITA, foundered near Quita Sueno Bank, in a position 14.13 N, 81.6 W after being abandoned by her crew after developing leaks while on passage from Puerto Cabezas to Guadeloupe. Her crew was rescued.
FLORITA, (Presidente Madero—48, Barranquilla—45, Inspiration-41, Kosmos I-39, Kosmos), 623/20—m.v., owned by Hermanos Ayo, Panama.)

KINGSGARTH, capsized and sank off the entrance to Avonmouth Docks after colliding with PORT LAUNCESTON 8,957/57—m.v., which she was assisting. Three of her crew were lost.
KINGSGARTH, 181/38—tug, owned by R. & J. H. Rea, Ltd.)

4/2 1964 NINIVE, went aground off the south-east coast of Rhodes, while on passage from the Middle East to France, and although refloated 7/2/64 had sustained very heavy bottom damage. She arrived at Port de Bouc 14/2/64.
(NINIVE, 19,674/55—motor tanker, owned by the Cie. Navale des Petroles, France.)

OCEAN REGINA, went aground in a position 5.33 S, 118.23 E, while on passage from Geraldton to China, but was refloated 11/2/64.
(OCEAN REGINA, 9,198/56 m.v., owned by the Cia. Fortunia, S.A., Panama (Greek flag)

8/2 1964 OINOI, went aground south of Suez in a position 29.20 N, 32.30 E, while on passage from Sweden to Port Sudan. She was refloated 18/2/64.
(OINOI, 2,036/41, owned by the Marvictor Cia. Nav., Panama (Greek flag)
9/2 1964 LAWOTO, stranded and capsized in a position 0.6 N, 109.5 E in the Kapuas River.
(LAWOTO, 520/53—m.v., owned by the Indonesian Government.)

SIDI-BOUZID, which sank at Safi 9/2/64 but was later refloated and taken to Casablanca for repair, re-entered service towards the end of 1965 under her new name SIDI-GHOZIA.
(SIDI-BOUZID, 169/63-motor tug owned by Ministry of Public Works, Morocco.)

10/2 1964 DIRK, sank in the River Weser, near Bremerhaven after being in collision with the United States Military Sea Transportation Service vessel BLUE JACKET while on passage from Bremen to Scandinavia. Seven of her eight crew were lost. She was raised 16/3/64 and towed to Blexen the following day.
(DIRK, 295/41—m.v. owned by G. J. Hasseldieck, West Germany)

TARIN, went aground off the island of Kea. She was refloated 18/2/64.
(TARIN, 6,984/43, owned by Comm. Giuseppe Bozzo, Italy.)

11/2 1964 MAIGU'S LUCK, was completely destroyed by fire while bound from Callao to Corinto. Her crew was saved and taken to Puntarenas.
(MAIGU'S LUCK (Mayon 1—59, Irma Catalina 59, Pacific Reefer—56, Papaya—50), 1,050/43—d.e., owned by Overseas Fishing, Ltd, Panama.)

ARNA, broke her moorings during heavy weather while lying at Hachinoe and drove ashore. She was, however, refloated 4/3/64.
(ARNA, 10,058/63—m.v., owned by S. M. Kuhnle & Son, Norway.)

14/2 1964 ISTROS II, grounded five miles from Jazirat al Kubr, in the Persian Gulf, while on passage from Gdynia to Kuwait. She was refloated 15/2/64.
(ISTROS II, 7,275/43, owned by
Veritas Shipping Corporation, Panama.)

ASUNCION MASIQUES, went aground near Cape Spartel. She was later abandoned as a total loss.
(ASUNCION MASIQUES, 140/18—wooden auxiliary, owned by Miguel Maniques Tabe, Spain.)

16/2 1964 STUBBENKAMMER, was beached outside Thessaloniki, after fire had broken out on board. She was, however, subsequently refloated and arrived at Piraeus 4/3/64.
STUBBENKAMMER, 1,860/48-m.v., owned by the Deutsche Seereederei, East Germany.)
17/2 1964 ANNA REVIDER, reported that she was in difficulties in heavy weather in a position 57.56 N, 4.29 E, after her hatches had broken during a voyage from Mo to Amsterdam. She was abandoned by her crew and foundered the following day some 60 miles off Egeroy Light.
(ANNA REVIDER, 794/53—m.v., owned by Carsten Rehder, West Germany.)

CIUDAD DE GUAYAQUIL, struck an oil rig platform in a position 28.35 N, 92.15 W, in the Gulf of Mexico while on passage from Galveston to Guayaquil. Although damaged, she reached port safely.
(CIUDAD DE GUAYAQUIL, 5,266/58—m.v., owned by the Flota Mercante Grancolombiana, Colombia.)

18/2 1964 AMBASSADOR, reported that she was in trouble in a position 38.6 N, 52.36 W after her engine had broken down in heavy seas while on a voyage from Philadelphia to London/Hull. The crew of 35 abandoned the ship but some later went back on board and 21 were eventually rescued, the other 14 being lost. The ship was taken in tow by the Dutch tug ELBE, but after the hatches had been broached, she sank 21/2/64 in a position 37.22 N, 48.51 W.
AMBASSADOR, 7,308/45, owned by Hall Bros. S.S. Co., Ltd.)

DAVID M, went aground off Hayle while inward bound from the Tyne. She was, however, refloated 26/2/64.
(DAVID M, 350/33—m.v., owned by the Wimaisia Shipping Co., Ltd (T. J. Metcalf, manager)

19/2 1964 FREE TRADER, went aground in Bizerta harbour but was refloated 25/2/64.
(FREE TRADER, 7,067/44, owned by the Pancristo Shipping Co., Lebanon.)

WILTRADER, went aground in Punta Indio Channel, while on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Rotterdam. She was, however, refloated 28/2/64.
(WILTRADER, 5,670/49—m.v., owned by A/S Awilco (Anders Wilhelmsen), Norway.)

21/2 1964 ARMATHIA, went aground on Fehmarn Island while bound from Hamburg to Wismar and when refloated 29/2/64 was found to have sustained serious bottom damage.
(ARMATHIA, 7,091/43—m.v., owned by the Alameda Cia. Nav., Greece.)
22/2 1964 RUPERT BRAND III, went aground at Cape Pine, N.F., and became a total loss although her crew was saved.
(RUPERT BRAND III, (Nordelite—58), 219/53—motor trawler, owned by the Packers Steamship Co., Ltd, Vancouver, Canada.)
23/2 1964 IMACOS, went aground on a reef at Sandy Island, Antigua. She was refloated 20/3/64
(IMACOS, 2,483/48, owned by Bechs Rederi A/S, Norway.)

WITTE ZEE, struck a rock off the coast of the Isle of Wight while engaged in attempting to salvage the Liberian BROTHER GEORGE, 7,303/42, which had gone ashore off Brook, I.o.W. in fog earlier that day, and although taken in tow by the French tug ABEILLE No. 10, the WITTE ZEE foundered about four miles south of Compton Bay that evening. The BROTHER GEORGE was refloated the following day; she had been on a voyage from Ellesmere Port to Rotterdam.
(WITTE ZEE, 328/46—motor tug, owned by L. Smit & Co's Sleepdienst, Netherlands.)

24/2 1964 MULBERRY HILL, went aground while entering Sete, but was refloated 29/2/64. She was on passage from Coatzacoalcos to Sfax.
(MULBERRY HILL, 7,121/44, owned by Halifax Overseas Freighters, Ltd. (Counties Ship Management Co., Ltd, managers)
25/2 1964 CISSOULA, was abandoned by her crew after being in collision in fog off Selsey Bill with the Swedish SOLKLINT, 494/56—m.v. She was, however, taken in tow by the tug SAMSONIA and brought into Cowes Roads.
(CISSOULA, 4,499/40, owned by the Aristides Steamship Co., S.A., Greece.)

VASSILIKI, was abandoned by her crew after developing a heavy list some 115 miles north of Cabo Villano while on passage from Nemours to Watchet. She was, however, taken in tow by the German salvage tug ATLANTIC and brought into Corunna 27/2/64.
VASSILIKI, 463/40 m.v., owned by J. Colocotronis, Greece.)

26/2 1964 BROTHER GEORGE, which arrived at Rotterdam 26/2/64 with grounding damage sustained while on passage there from Ellesmere Port, has been found not to be worth repairing and has been sold to shipbreakers at Alblasserdam, at whose yard she arrived 16/7/64.
(BROTHER GEORGE, (Dieppe-54, Robert Treat Paine-47), 7,235/42, owned by Garraway S.A., Liberia.)
27/2 1964 WISLOK, went aground at Krossandur, on the South Coast of Iceland and was abandoned by her crew, one of whom lost his life. she was refloated 6/4/64 but sank later the same day while in tow for Vestmann Islands.
(WISLOK 679/57—trawler, owned by P. P. D. Dalmor, Poland.)
28/2 1964 CARONA, sank in a position 53.31 N, 5.10E, after being in collision in fog with the Liberian EVAGELISTRIA, 7,231/43, about two miles N.E. of the Terschellinger Bank Light Vessel while bound from Hamburg to Galvez.
(CARONA 2,351/49—m.v. owned by the Swiss Shipping Co., Ltd, Switzerland.)

MANIKAM, struck a reef in a position 1.08 S, 108.51 E, while on passage from Djakarta to Pontianak and sank, although without loss of life.
(MANIKAM 411/52—m.v., owned by the Departemen Perhubungan Laut, Indonesia.)

SIERRA UMBRIA, capsized and sank about eight miles north of the Texel Light Vessel, in a position 53.2N, 4.31.30 E, after being in collision in fog with the Swedish TAURI, 2,334/49, while on passage from Hamburg to Morocco. Her crew was saved, they were able to jump off their ship onto the Swedish one before the former sank.
SIERRA UMBRIA, (Lukus Segundo) 686/59—m.v., owned by Maritima del Norte, Spain.)

1/3 1964 AMPHIALOS, broke in two some 230 miles S.S.E. of Liverpool, N.S., during heavy weather while on a voyage from Aruba to Halifax, N.S. The forepart of the ship sank quickly, but the stern section was taken in tow by the American tug CURB and towed to a position 41.9 N, 62.20 W (some 530 miles N.E. of New York) before sinking 5/3/64. Two of the 36 crew were lost.
(AMPHIALOS, (Bulkstar—63), 15,797/49—tanker, owned by the Nueva Valencia Cia. Nav., Liberia.)
3/3 1964 DRAWA, was abandoned by her crew near Eierland, in a position 53.16 N, 4.46 E, after fire had broken out in her hold while she was on passage from London to Szczecin with a cargo of phosphor and benzole. She was taken in tow by the tug HOLLAND and beached on a sandbank between Terschelling and Vlieland, but was completely burned out.
(DRAWA 480/58—m.v., owned by the Polish Steamship Company.)
4/3 1964 ALEXANDRA K, was in collision in the North Sea Canal with the Dutch AVERDYK, 7,646/44, while inward bound from Zonguldak to Amsterdam. The two ships were locked together, and the ALEXANDRA K. had to be beached at first to prevent her from sinking. The two ships were towed, still locked together, to Amsterdam the following day, the canal being closed to shipping meantime.
(ALEXANDRA K, 2,908/43, owned by the Cia. Merabello San Nicolas S.A., Panama)

STEFANOS III, went aground on Pakhia islet, off Niisiros Island, some sixty miles west of Rhodes, and became a total loss.
(STEFANOS III, (Loula-58, Chrysi Hondroulis-55, originally the R.C.N. frigate St. Lambert-46). 981/44-m.v., owned by Dem. Xanthopoulos, Greece.)

6/3 1964 BUNKER HILL, broke in two and sank in the Rosario Strait in a position 48.23N, 122.45 W after an explosion. She was, at the time, bound for Anacortes in ballast. Five of her thirty crew were lost.
(BUNKER HILL 10,590/42—t.e. tanker, owned by the Keystone Tankship Corporation, United States.)
7/3 1964 REVENCA, arrived at Trieste with grounding damage sustained while on passage there from Port Said, was been found not worthy of repair and was been sold to Sidemar, Trieste, for scrapping.
(REVENCA, (Matheus-61, Devonbrook—51, Adjutant-50, Myrtlepark), l,946/22, owned by the Silver Trading & Transport Company, Panama.=
10/3 1964 PUERTO DE AZPIROZ, went agroundbetween Cabo de San Antonio and Cabo de la Nao, but was refloated 25/3/64.
PUERTO DE AZPIROZ, 511/55-m.v., owned by Afortunadas S.A., Spain.)
11/3 1964 JAN BRONS, went aground one mile N.E. of Dunmore East, near Waterford, while on passage from Londonderry to New Ross, and became a total loss. Her crew was saved. She was refloated 13/5 1964.
JAN BRONS, 487/57 m.v. owned by the Rederij m.s. "Jan Brons" (Managers E. Wagenborg's S.V. & E.B.), Netherlands.)
14/3 1964 DAINES, grounded off Cape Bon, and sank.
DAINES, (Condor I-61, Porta Edda, Vittorio-47, Thetis-32, Countess), 753/96—m,v., owned by Navaltirso S.p.A. di Nav. Italy.)

MARIA G. L., went aground near Suno Saki, in a position 34.53 N, 139.49 E, while inward bound from Long Beach to Chiba, and after being abandoned by her crew, broke in two and became a total loss.
(MARIA G. L. (Pacific Ocean-60, George M. Culucundis-56, Seawizard-53, Mount of Olives-52, Louis Marshall-51), 7,238/43, owned by Elshipper, Inc., Greece.)

OOTMARSUM, suffered heavy damage as a result of fire which broke out while she was lying at Marseilles during a voyage from Chittagong to Rotterdam. She was unberthed, towed to the outport and beached, being refloated 27/3/64 for examination and probable repair.
, 6,165/51-m.v., owned by N. V. Stoomv. Maats. "Oostzee" (Vinke & Zonen), Netherlands.)

15/3 1964 BOOGABILLA, struck the base of the Drogden Lighthouse off Copenhagen and had to be beached. She was, however, refloated 19/3/64 and taken to port.
5048174; 5,837/46-m.v., owned by the Rederi AB Transatlantic, Sweden.)

CUYAHOGA, went aground some twenty miles south of Callao in a position 12.16.30 S,76.50.30 W, but was refloated 30/3/64.
CUYAHOGA, 19,600/57—ore/oil carrier, owned by Torvald Klaveness, Norway.)

TADDEI VILLAGE, went aground herself while endeavouring to assist MARIA G.L. (see above 14/3). She is hard aground, and heavily damaged. At the time of her casualty she was on a voyage from New York to Okinawa. She was later declared as a total loss.
(Emilia—63, Plandome—54, Siboney—54, Agwiking—50, Pampero—47) 8,244/44, owned by Consolidated Mariners, Inc., United States.)

19/3 1964 TOBAGO, was driven aground at the entrance to Lowestoft harbour whilst returning to port in a near-gale. She was abandoned by her crew and turned onto her side. She was refloated 29/4/64.
(TOBAGO, 168/50-motor trawler owned by the Colne Fishing Co., Ltd.)
20/3 1964 NECATI PEHLIVANZADE, went aground at Kefken in the Black Sea during fog while on a voyage from Zonguldak to Istanbul and was abandoned by her crew.
NECATI PEHLIVANZADE, (Pehlivan-57, Dea-50, Sangstad), 2,418/11, owned by Necati Pehlivanzade, Turkey.)
21/3 1964 TERRA NOVA, was abandoned by her crew after sustaining ice damage some 80 miles north of Gandero the previous day and sank shortly thereafter in a position 50.19 N, 55.12 W.
(TERRA NOVA, (Maneco-60), 224/31-wooden motor saling vessel owned by the Earle Freighting Service Ltd, Canada.)
22/3 1964 BETH, was abandoned by her crew in a position 16.58 N, 71.5 W, some one hundred miles south of the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean, after fire had broken out while she was on passage from Beaumont, Texas, to Martinique. She drifted ashore two days later in a position 18 N, 71.8 W, near Barahona, but is a total loss.
(BETH, (Terinen-63, Insco Cuba-59, Trajan -55), 2,231/47, owned by the Maraliento Cia. Nav., S.A., Panama.)
23/3 1964 ASPEN, sank in the Gulf of Riga. She had sustained rudder and ice damage the previous day while on passage from Norrkoping to Riga, and sank while being towed by the Russian icebreaker KAPITAN MELEHOV, 3,416/56—d.e. Her crew was saved.
(ASPEN, 1,332/45-m.v., owned by O. F. Ahlmark & Co. Eftr. AB, Sweden.)

IRVANA, went aground in Red Bay, near Cushendun, Co. Antrim. Her crew was saved. She was refloated 24/4 1964. But is not worthy of repair and has been sold for scrapping.
(IRVANA, 317/53 motor trawler owned by J. Marr & Son, Ltd.)

25/3 1964 FIREBIRD, sank in a position 12.10 N, 64.49.30 W, near Isla La Blanquilla, after developing leaks while on passage from Pertigalete to Hamilton, Bermuda.
(FIREBIRD, (Golfo-63, Arica-63, Coral Merchant-60, Silja-59), 696/50-m.v., owned by the Maracaibo Shipping Corporation, Liberia.)
26/3 1964 GAVINA, heeled over when leaving the repair slip at Teneriffe, and came to rest on her side, part in, and partly out of, the water. She was righted 2/4 1964
(GAVINA 276/41-motor tanker, owned by Alada S.A., Spain.)

SAN JACINTO, broke in two after an explosion when in a position 37.48 N, 74.27 W, off the Virginia Coast, while on passage from Portland Maine to Jacksonville. One member of her crew lost his life, but the two part-ships were later taken in tow and both were brought in Norfolk, Va, 28/3/64, whence they were to go to the yard of the Newport News SB & DD Co.
(SAN JACINTO, 11,257/45-t.e. tanker owned by the Trinidad Corporation, United States.)

HOAN MARU, was wrecked on Chino Island.
(HOAN MARU, 679/60-m.v., owned by the Daito Kaiun K.K., Japan.)

28/3 1964 TAJO, was grounded by her master at Poor River, near Tabou, after water had started entering one of her holds in that area a couple of days previously while she was bound from Takoradi to Rotterdam. Salvage is not practicable.
TAJO, (Nantes-60, William S. Young-47), 7,202/43, owned by West African Carriers Corporation, Liberia.)
30/3 1964 TRANSASIA, went aground in the Suez Canal while bound from Mena al Ahmadi to Gulfhavn, but was refloated 8/4/64 after lightning.
TRANSASIA, 10,663/44—t.e. tanker owned by Cia. Nav. Continental, Liberia.)
31/3 1964 NORTH COCK, 149/03-tug, recently sold by the Liverpool Screw Towing Co. to J. R. Routledge for scrapping, foundered at her berth in Dukes Dock, Liverpool, 31/3/64. Refloated 6/4 1964.
1/4 1964 BALTICA, went aground off Hasslo, near Karlskrona. She was refloated 2/4 1964
5035244; 487/56 motor tanker, owned by the Malmo Rederi AB, Sweden.)

HEDGE HAVEN, which suffered from engine trouble near Bahrain during 12/63, and was com­pletely disabled while in the Mediterranean in the latter part of 1/64, being towed into Palermo 26/1/64, has been found not worth the expense of repair, and having been sold to Italian shipbreakers, arrived at Spezia, 1/4/64 for scrapping.
(HEDGE HAVEN, (Texaco Wisconsin-61, Wisconsin- 60, Torrance Hills-50), 10,622/45-t.e. tanker, owned by Hedge Haven Farms, Inc., United States.)

TWINHORSE, which was in trouble with leaks during 1/64 has been found not worthy of repair, and arrived at Tokuyama 1/4/64 to be scrapped, having been sold to Japanese shipbreakers.
(TWINHORSE, (Beaconsfield-58), 4,889/38, owned by the United Shipping & Investment Co., Ltd.)

4/4 1964 NORDMARK, foundered three miles west of the Borkum Riff Light Vessel during heavy weather while on passage from Hamburg to Hull. Her crew of six was lost.
(NORDMARK, 282/39-m.v., owned by G. Hilck, West Germany.)

KOSHIN MARU, have been lost off Izu.
(KOSHIN MARU, 337/48-m.v., owned by the Arai Unyu K.K., Japan.)

7/4 1964 ESSO MARACAIBO, struck the bridge linking Maracaibo with the rest of Venezuela, demolishing a stretch some 850 feet long, and throwing a number of cars and their occupants into Lake Maracaibo. Repairs to the bridge are expected to take six months to effect and damage is estimated at $5,000,000. Six people are now known to have lost their lives.
ESSO MARACAIBO, 24,727/59—tanker, owned by the Creole Petroleum Corporation, Venezuela.)
8/4 1964 ALLIPEN, went aground in the channel between Wellington Island and Connor Islet while bound from Puerto Montt to Montevideo. She was refloated 10/4/64 but grounded again, being finally freed 12/4/64. She has sustained extensive bottom damage.
(ALLIPEN, 4,711/55-m.v., owned by the Cia. Naviera Haverbeck & Skalweit, Chile.)

IRENE X., grounded in a position 20.37 N, 107.12 E, in the Gulf of Tonkin while bound from Haiphong to Korea. She was refloated 11/4/64, but had sustained extensive damage. She was towed to Hong Kong, arriving there 10/5/64.
(IRENE X., 7,210/42, owned by Blessing S.A., Lebanon.)

10/4 1964 IRUNE, caught fire while lying at Corunna and became a total loss.
(IRUNE, 128/50-wooden motor trawler owned by Francisco Lavino Garcia, Marcelino Garcia Cuervo and Picardo Montero Muino, Spain.)
11/4 1964 BALTICIA, sank between Landsort and Farosund. Her crew was saved.
(BALTICIA, (Baltica-60), 167/40 wooden motor vessel, owned by Bo. E.I. Eklund, Sweden.)
13/4 1964 ANAPA, sank five miles N.W. of Falsterbo after being in collision with the Danish frigate ESBERN SNARE. Her crew of 23 was saved. She was raised, and was brought into Copenhagen 26/5/64 for examination.
(ANAPAS, 686/56-trawler owned by the Sovtorgflot, Russia.)

BRUNSECK, was extensively damaged amidships, including the engine room and bridge structure, by fire which broke out when oil fuel which had leaked became ignited while she was fitting out at Lubecker Flenderwerke. The damage was estimated at between 3,000,000 and 4,000,000 DM, and delivery of the ship, which was scheduled for 20/4/64, is likely to be delayed by about three months.
(BRUNSECK, 4,500/64-m.v., W. Bruns & Co., West Germany.)

CHEN TEH, sank in shallow water at Kaohsiung and is reported to be a total loss. She had been delivered to her new owners 6/4/64 and was loading for her first voyage (to Kobe) when fire broke out forward 12/4/64. The fire could not he brought under control and she foundered the following morning.
CHEN TEH, (Sandhamn-64), 3,201/41—m.v., owned by Chen & Co., Panama.)

15/4 1964 DONA NATT, collided in fog in Ise Bay with the Japanese YASUSHIMA MARU 9,440/54. The ships were locked together and were not separated until 21/4/64. They were then docked, both damaged extensively.
(DONA NATT, 7,356/51-m.v., owned by the National Development Co., Inc., Philippine Islands.)
16/4 1964 DEBRETT, arrived at Recife with a fire in her engine room while on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Liverpool. Extensive damage is reported.
(DEBRETT, 8,105/40-m.v., owned by the Lamport & Holt Line, Ltd.)

MANHATTAN, went aground in the River Mississippi while outward bound from Baton Rouge to Russia with 79,800 tons of grain. She freed herself and grounded again several times before refloating 18/4/64. She grounded once again 20/4/64 while still on her way to the Gulf of Mexico and was not finally refloated until 28/4/64, after part of her cargo had been discharged.
MANHATTAN, 65,740/62-tanker, owned by the Manhattan Tankers Co., Inc., United States.)

SHINTOHOKU MARU, went aground at Omaisaki and was abandoned by her crew who were all saved.
(SHINTOHOKU MARU, 377/25-m.v., owned by T. Imura, Japan.)

VERDI, sustained bow damage when she was in collision in fog off Gibraltar, with the Liberian tanker PENTELIKON, 24,502/56 while outward bound from Genoa to Valparaiso. She berthed at Gibraltar the same day and then returned to Genoa for permanent repairs.
(VERDI, 13,226/51-m.v., owned by the Italia S.p.A. di Nav., Italy.)

17/4 1964 BREMER WAPPEN, grounded at Svelmo while on passage from Bremen to Svendborg. She was later refloated.
(BREMER WAPPEN, 415/54-m.v., owned by the Bremer Reederei Bruno Bischoff & Co., West Germany.)
18/4 1964 The Norwegian BENCOMO, damaged following collision in fog with the tanker ESSO CARDIFF, 31,676/63 while outward bound from London to Teneriffe that morning.
(BENCOMO, 3,609/50—m.v., owned by Fred Olsen & Co.)
19/4 1964 NORCO, went aground on Little Corn Island, off the East coast of Nicaragua.
(NORCO 1,512/15, owned by J. M. Chabot, Nassau, Bahamas.)

BRARENA, sustained very heavy damage forward when she was in collision off Raffles Light with the Japanese RIYO MARU 28,452/62-motor tanker, while on passage from Singapore Roads to the Persian Gulf, has been declared a total loss and sold for scrapping.
BRARENA, (Navbor—60), 9,802/47—motor tanker, owned by Ludv. G. Braathen, Norway.)

21/4 1964 PROODOS, experienced fire in her cargo while at Mercedes port, San Miguel Bay (14 N, 123 E). She was beached at Manila 27/4/64, but was refloated and berthed 2/5/64.
(PROODOS, 7,106/42-m.v., owned by the Agelef Cia Nav., Panama.)
22/4 1964 MERVILLE, foundered in a position 19.39 N, 73.44 W.
(MERVILLE, (Omoa II-61, Omoa-54, Viki-49), 577/43-m.v., owned by Omoa Shipping Co., Ltd.)
26/4 1964 DAIJU MARU No. 8, foundered some 60 miles east of Muroto-Saki, Shikoku, after encountering heavy seas while on her maiden voyage from Nagasaki to Tokyo. Three of the twelve people on board were saved.
DAIJU MARU No. 8, 500/64—m.v., owned by the Daiju Kaiun K.K., Japan.)

KOJO MARU, foundered in a position 23.1 N, 154.32 E after springing a teak.
KOJO MARU, 100/60—wooden motor fishing vessel owned by Takaaki Tsurui, Japan.)

2/5 1964 COMMANDANT MILLIASSEAU, was heavily damaged when she struck the quay when arriving at Bastia from Marseilles.
(COMMANDANT MILLIASSEAU, 596/53-m.v., owned by the Cie Generale Transatlantique, France.)
5/5 1964 MERCURY, collided in Lake St Clair with ERNEST T. WEIT, 12,746/53, and was beached to prevent her sinking. She was, however, refloated 7/5/64.
(MERCURY, 4,154/12-tanker, owned by Cleveland Tankers, Inc., United States.)
9/5 1964 RIMANDI MIBAJU, went aground on a reef off Grand Cayman. Was abandoned as a total loss.
(RIMANDI MIBAJU, 1,790/43, owned by the Marcand Shipping Corporation, Liberia.)
10/5 1964 ALCYONE, was abandoned by her crew in a position 16.49 N, 16.29 W, off the West African coast, where she was acting as a refrigerating ship for trawlers. This followed fire and explosions in her engine room which completely gutted the ship, which sank 11/5/64 in approximately 16.47.30 N, 16.32 W.
(ALCYONE, Phrygia-64 64, Astrid Sven-58, Bogota-55), 1,230/38-m.v., owned by the Alcyone Maritime Transport & Fishing Co., S.A., Greece.)
11/5 1964 CHUNG KAI, sank in a position 30.55 N, 128.30 E after an explosion in her ammonium nitrate fertiliser cargo while on passage from Keelung to Pusan. Of her crew of 44, 19 were saved.
(CHUNG KAI, (Hai Ming-46, Francis Bursley-46, Northern Adventurer), 1,873/45, owned by the China Merchants S.N. Co., Ltd, Nationalist China.)

MARTAND, went aground in the River Hooghly at Ulubaria while homeward bound from Chittagong to London/Continental ports, broke in two and became a total loss.
(MARTAND, 8,055/39, owned by Thos. & Jno. Brocklebank, Ltd.)

12/5 1964 PACIFIC BREEZE, grounded two miles north of Patenga after experiencing trouble with her cargo of coal which necessitated the flooding of the forward holds.
(PACIFIC BREEZE, 7,256/46-m.v., owned by the South Breeze Nav. Co., Ltd (John Manners & Co., Ltd, managers)

ALETTEHAD, is reported to have stranded at Berbera and become a total loss.
(ALETTEHAD 107/60—motor fireboat, owned by the Port & Lighthouse Administration of the United Arab Republic.)

15/5 1964 RHONE, went aground some five miles from Porto Alegre while on passage from Rio Grande to Porto Alegre. She was, however, refloated 27/5/64.
(RHONE, 7,969/61—m.v. owned by the Bernine Hochsee Schiffahrts A.G., Switzerland.)

SOUTHPORT, went aground when leaving Briton Ferry for London, and although she refloated shortly afterwards she again went aground and was not refloated until 23/5/64. Upon examination she was found not worthy of repair and has been sold to T. W. Ward, Ltd., for demolition at Briton Ferry, berthing at their yard 25/6/64.
(SOUTHPORT, (Copthall 59, Samev-50, Lysaker II 39, Emilie Dunford 32), 973/22, owned by the Valmar Cia. Nav., Panama.)

17/5 1964 AMAZON RIVER, went aground on Serranilla Bank, some 200 miles S.W. of Jamaica, while on a voyage from Cuba to Japan, and although refloated 27/5/64, had suffered extensive bottom damage.
(AMAZON RIVER, 7,234/43, owned by Cardinal Seafaring Lines Ltd.)

VIJGENDAM, sank some seven miles N.E. of Tangier after being in collision, while on passage from Teignmouth to Valencia, with the Greek LEANDROS, 10,514/62—m.v. There were no casualties.
(VIJGENDAM, 499/57—m.v., owned by the Rederij Vijgendam (Mgrs: Van Nievelt Goudriaan & Co.'s Stoom. Maats), Netherlands.)

18/5 1964 SANDANGER, was abandoned some 450 miles south of Long Beach, Calif. after fire had broken while she was on passage from Vancouver to Le Havre. 44 of the 55 people on board were saved. The blazing ship was later taken in tow by two tugs and beached near Coronado, Calif. Part of her cargo of metal has been recovered, but the ship is not likely to be repairable. She was towed into San Diego 3/7/64. She was sold by auction 22/9/64 to T. Hudson, a scrapper, of San Diego for $47,000.
SANDANGER, 5,628/51—m.v., owned by Westfal-Larsen & Co. A/S, Norway.)
21/5 1964 SAXAREN, sank off Stora Kron Bridge, near Stockholm,  after grounding, and is regarded as a constructive total loss.
(SAXAREN, (Gustavsberg-VII), 308/12, owned by the Waxholms Nya Angf. AB, Sweden.)
27/5 1964 ACCOMAC, was heavily damaged by fire at Portsmouth, Va., when the pier, alongside which she was lying, was on fire. It is believed she is a total loss.
ACCOMAC, 1,345/28 m.v., sold by the Chesapeake Bay Ferry District, U.S.A., to B. B. Willis.)

GLORIA, was driven aground at Hong Kong 27/5/64 by typhoon conditions. She was refloated and remoored 8/7/64.
(GLORIA, 7,128/43, owned by the Universal Marine Corporation, Greece.)

28/5 1964 RUGELEY, was driven ashore at Lanto after dragging her anchors in typhoon conditions at Hong Kong. She was to be renamed MADURA by her new owners, but the name change had not taken place by 28/5/64. She was refloated 10/7/64, but with extensive damage. Sold to local shipbreakers as repairs would not be economic.
(Chulmleigh—61, Empire Northfleet),7,311/46—m.v., owned by the Union Fair Shipping Co., Liberia.)
2/6 1964 Salvage operations on the wreck of CERES, 298/53—m.v. began 2/6/64, and part of the ship was brought into Hamburg 6/6/64, where it will be sold later in the month. The two parts have been sold to Walter Ritscher for scrapping at Harburg.
4/6 1964 ARMADORES, sank in about 48 fathoms after being in collision with AGAMEMNON, 5,557/53 three miles off Piraeus. One member of her crew was lost. Salvage of the tug is unlikely.
ARMADORES, 136/44 motor tug owned by the N. E. Vernicos Shipping Co., Ltd., Greece.)
6/6 1964 BRITISH LIBERTY, which sustained a main engine breakdown North of New Guinea while on passage from Nauru to Abadan, and was subsequently towed to Hong Kong by BRITISH OFFICER 11,362/55—m.v., arriving there 27/6/64, has been sold to Hong Kong shipbreakers.
(BRITISH LIBERTY, 8,589/49 motor tanker owned by the BP Tanker Co. Ltd.)
8/6 1964 AGUGLIA, capsized NNE of Capo d'Orso, Sardinia, while on passage from Torre del Greco to Porto Torres, and later drifted ashore in shallow water. One of her crew of six was lost.
AGUGLIA, 211/11—m.v., owned by G. Ievole, Italy.)

BRASILMAR, sank after running aground about 12 miles north of Imbituba while on passage from Recife to Rio Grande. Her crew was saved.
BRASILMAR, (Rita—54, Zulia—35, Karibia, Roma, Dordrecht), 1,753122-m.v., owned by Nav. Continental Ltda., Brazil.)

SUNRISE, was driven ashore at Ancona during stormy weather encountered while anchored in the Roads after arriving from Zhadanov. She subsequently became submerged and is a total loss.
(SUNRISE (Merete Basse—64, Brabant—61), 2,686/47—m.v., owned by Allseas Friendship Sun Line S.A., Panama.)

9/6 1964 FROST, sank after grounding north of Sandoyan, Hustadvika, while on passage from Kristiansund N to Aalesund. Her crew was saved.
(FROST, 186/46 wooden m.v., owned by P. Gjerde, Norway.)
10/6 1964 BHARATLAXMI, laid up at Bombay awaiting scrapping, was torn adrift by monsoon weather, and went aground in shallow water at Hadjibunder. She was refloated 9/7/64. Her engines are to be transferred to BHARATDEEPAK, 2,426/47.
BHARATLAXMI (Maid of Athens-47, H.M.C.S. Petrolia, H.M.S. Sherborne Castle), 1,541/44, owned by the Bharat Line, Ltd., India.)
11/6 1964 LURO, grounded near Timmerholm while on passage from Stromma to a Swedish port. She was refloated 13/6/64.
(LURO, 237/15—m.v., owned by the Rederi AB Luro (E. Holmberg), Finland.)
12/6 1964 FRIESLAND, sank in the Seine Estuary off Honfluer after striking a wreck while on passage from Granville to Rouen. Her crew was saved.
(FRIESLAND, (Heleen—55, Houtman-53, Flying Norseman—38), 384/31—m.v., owned by B. Leefoge (P. Dohle, manager), West Germany.)
14/6 1964 RAHIOTIS, grounded on the lles Musha, in a position 11.45 N, 43,10 E, while bound from Djibouti to Suez. She was, however, refloated 25/6/64.
(RAHIOTIS, 7,138/43, owned by the Strovili Cia. Nav., Greece.)
18/6 1964 BRUNSWICK, capsized when leaving drydock at the Howaldtswerke, Hamburg, following examination consequent upon her sale by W. Bruns & Co., West Germany, to the Russian Sovtorgflot. Salvage operations began 1/7/64. She was righted 2/8/64.
(BRUNSWICK, 3,128/56—m.v.,)
19/6 1964 STENSUND, went aground on rocks off Kjerringoy and after salvage attempts had been unsuccessful, slipped off into deep water and sank 22/6/64.
STENSUND 177/43 wooden motor vessel owned by Leif Myklebust, Norway.)
21/6 1964 UNION ATLANTIC, was abandoned by her crew after developing a leak the previous day in a position I2.7 N, 85.58 E. while on a voyage from Calcutta to Kobe.
(UNION ATLANTIC, (Perm Mariner—62, George A. Lawson—57), 7,255/45, owned by the Union Navigation Corporation, Panama.)

STELLA NOVA, went aground in Alexandria Bay, River St. Lawrence, while outward bound from Duluth to Bombay. She was refloated 24/6/64, but with severe bottom damage.
(STELLA NOVA, 5,181/37 m.v., owned by Einar Salvesen Norway.)

24/6 1964 OOSTERBURGH, sank in the River Scheldt after being in collision with KLOOSTERDYK 5,635/57—m.v., while on passage from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. She was, however, refloated at the end of the month and taken to Amsterdam.
(OOSTERBURGH, 499/53 m.v., owned by Wm. H. Muller & Co., Netherlands.)
28/6 1964 PACIFIC TRADER, sustained severe engine room damage when fire broke out after an oil pipeline had fractured while she was lying at Brisbane.
(PACIFIC TRADER, 10,534/54 motor tanker, owned by Skips A/S Braaholt (B. G. Braathen), Norway.)
30/6 1964 JUNO, was driven ashore at Manila during a typhoon. She was, however, refloated 6/7/64.
(JUNO, 1,385/27, owned by the Cia. Globo de Nav., Panama.)

TAURUS, went aground off Burias Island, Masbate, during typhoon conditions while on a voyage from Manila to Bulan, and was abandoned by her crew. She was later also abandoned by her owners as a total loss, although salvage attempts are continuing. She was refloated 31/8/64.
TAURUS, 633/43—m.v., owned by the Madrigal Shipping Co., Inc., Philippine Islands.)

2/7 1964 ANTONIA, was reported to have gone aground near Porpoise Light, Guia Narrows (South Chile) and later became a total loss.
(ANTONIA, 998/53 m.v., owned by Martinez, Pereira & Cia. S.A. Naviera, Chile.)

HINODE MARU No. 1, sank after being in collision some 60 miles east of Tokyo in fog with KYOWA MARU. Three members of her crew were lost.
(HINODE MARU No. 1, 499/60—m.v., owned by the Hinode Kaiun K.K., Japan.)

SHAUKIWAN, went aground in fog in the Inland Sea of Japan in a position 33.33N, 131.45 E while on passage from Yawata to Yokohama. She was, however, refloated 8/7/64, though with extensive bottom damage.
(SHAUKIWAN, 7,136/43, owned by the Oceania Industrial Corporation, Ltd., Hong Kong.)

EIWA MARU, sank after being in collision some sixty miles east of Tokyo with HINODE MARU No. 1, 499/60 m.v., while on passage from Kamaishi to Yokohama. This corrects the report regarding HINODE MARU No. 1, which did, in fact, not sink.
(EIWA MARU, 622/64 m.v., owned by the Saishin Sangyo K.K., Japan.)

CHUNG HSING No. 5, sank after being in collision with the Greek OCEAN SEIGNEUR, 10,120/56—m.v. while ona voyage from Shanghai to Dairen. The collision occurred in a position 37.43 N, 122.13 E.
(CHUNG HSING No. 5, (Chung Hsing Wu. Norina-51, Hsin Kong—50, San Antonio--46, Nea Thyi39, Maid of Thyra, Horncap), 4,518/12, owned by the Government of the People's Republic of China.)

3/7 1964 AQUILINA, sank off El Aiun, Spanish Sahara, apparently after developing a leak.
(AQUILINA, 350/62—motor fishing vessel, owned by Manuel Veiga, Spain.)

BONIFAZ, sank some nine miles west of Cap Finisterre, in a position 42.53 N, 9.30 W. after being in collision with the French motor tanker FABIOLA, 32,125/59, while on passage from Corunna to Carthagena. Fire broke out immediately after the collision and the ship sank within half an hour. 25 of those on board are dead or missing.
(BONIFAZ, 12,942/59 motor tanker, owned by Naviera de Castilla, Spain.)

5/7 1964 FRISNES, went aground east of Oskoy, at Hummerskjaerene.
(FRISNES, 178/36—auxiliary galeas, owned by Stangeland & Tyse, Norway.)
6/7 1964 FUKUMIYASAN MARU, went aground near Omaisaki. She was refloated 3/8/64.
(FUKUMIYASAN MARU, 335/49—m.v., owned by the Senko Unyu K.K., Japan.)

KANO MARU No. 5, went aground near Omaisaki. She was refloated 12/7/64.
(KANO MARU No. 5, 234/59—m.v., owned by the Mukaishima Kaiun K.K., Japan.)

8/7 1964 CHIPCHASE, sank off Blyth after capsizing while assisting BLACKWALL POINT, 1,776,/51—m.v. Her crew was saved, and salvage operations began 12/7/64. She was docked 29/7/64 after being raised 27/7/64 and beached.
(CHIPCHASE, 106/53 tug, owned by the Blyth Harbour Commissioners.)
10/7 1964 CASTELLACCIO, foundered off Marina di Pisa after developing a leak in heavy weather while on passage from Spezia to Leghorn. Her tow and the crew were saved.
(CASTELLACCIO, (Vernazza, Levanto), 111/46—tug, owned by Lugari & Filippi, Italy.)
11/7 1964 GERMANE, grounded in the Kalmarsund and although quickly refloated, had sustained extensive bottom damage. She was at the time on passage from Runcorn to Domsjo.
(GERMANE, 368/54—m.v., owned by F. Hilck (P. Dohle, manager), West Germany.)

DOROTHIE, went aground on a reef on the southern side of Jomard Islands in a position 11.16 S, 152.8 E whilst on a voyage from Auckland via Sydney and Guam to Hong Kong, and was abandoned by the crew.
(DOROTHIE, 1,058/35—m.v., owned by Australia Pacific Shipping (HK) Ln., Hong Kong.)

13/7 1964 ARES, was reported to have gone aground near Elephant Point whilst bound from Djibouti to Japan and subsequently became a total loss.
(ARES, (Hydraios II-59, Inger Johanne—48, Dalcross-47), 4,557/30, owned by the Cia. Nav. y de Comercio Ares Ltda, Lebanon.)
14/7 1964 SORANA DEL MAR, was abandoned by her crew after an explosion followed a leak while on a voyage from Espiritu Santo to Vila, via Malekula. She drifted ashore on a reef near Tutuba Island and became a total loss.
(SORANA DEL MAR, (Rosalie 63), 239/46—wooden m.v., owned by A. Rusden.)
17/7 1964 TRESPASSEY, was abandoned by her crew in a position 43.10 N, 63.10 W, (about 100 miles east of Cape Sable) after fire had broken out in her engine room. She was on a voyage with 90 tons of explosives, and after being abandoned she blew up and sank.
(TRESPASSEY 336/45—wooden m.v., owned by Trepassey Shipping Co., Canada.)

SYRA, was reported to have gone aground north of Callao, Eru, in a position 6.7 S, 81.6 W. Salvage attempts continue. She was refloated 23/8/64.
(SYRA, 8,634/43, owned by the Syra Cia. Mar., Greece.)

19/7 1964 HEIWA MARU No. 2, have been wrecked at Daio Zaki.
(HEIWA MARU No. 2, 460/60-m.v., owned by the Koyo Kaiun K.K., Japan.)
21/7 1964 MARQUETTE, was abandoned by her crew in a position 45.15 N, 35.35 W, some 800 miles E.S.E of Cape Race, after fire had broken out while she was on a voyage from Chicago to Marseilles. She was taken in tow by PENTELLINA, 12,922/61 m.v., and brought into Brest 29/7/64, but is beyond economical repair.
MARQUETTE, 1,838/53—m.v., owned by the Cie. de Nav. Fraissinet et Cyprien Fabre, France.)

YUTAKA MARU, sank off Katsuura, after being in collision with KOMEI MARU, 6,609/50.
(YUTAKA MARU, 499/61-m.v., owned by the Tanaka Sangyo K.K., Japan.)

23/7 1964 STAR OF ALEXANDRIA, blew up at Annaba (Bona), causing at least 98 deaths and between £6,000,000 and £7,000,000 worth of damage the port area of the town being substantially devastated. She had brought a cargo of munitions from Egypt, and had docked 20/7/64. It is believed that the explosion was due to the detonation of a time bomb.
STAR OF ALEXANDRIA, 2,738/53—m.v., owned by the United Arab Maritime Company, Egypt.)
24/7 1964 CASTILLEJOS, sank at Las Palmas after capsizing while assisting in the unberthing of the Finnish ATLANTA, 5,153/52—m.v. She was refloated 8/8/64.
(CASTILLEJOS, 168/44—motor tug owned by the Cia. Espanola de Petroleos, Spain.)
25/7 1964 DEMOKRITOS, went aground off Alexandria, while inward bound from Archangel.
(DEMOKRITOS, 4,524/29—m.v., owned by the Filiki S.S. Company, Greece.)
31/7 1964 PELLA, went aground on Amrum Island during fog while inward bound from Carthagena to Bremen, broke in two and became a total loss. Her crew was saved.
(PELLA, (Palma–62, Tricape—57, Elin Park 46), 7,081/43, owned by Northern Marine Corporation, Lebanon.)
1/8 1964 CORRIENTES, put back to Lisbon 1/8/64 with engine trouble encountered while on a voyage from Genoa (and Lisbon) to Buenos Aires. Repairs to the damage were regarded as uneconomic and she has been sold to Continental shipbreakers.
(CORRIENTES, (H.M.S. Tracker—49), 12,053/43, owned by Empresa Lineas Maritimas Argentinas, Argentina.)
5/8 1964 LIVORNO, sank some twenty miles east of the Stockholm Archipelago after encountering heavy weather while on passage from Helsinki to Oxelosund. Her crew was saved.
LIVORNO, (Ruth Lindinger—62, Hoburgen—61), 499/59—m.v., owned by Axel W. Arneklev, Sweden.)
6/8 1964 GUERNSEY COAST, sank about 38 miles N.E. of Cap La Hague, after being in collision with the Liberian CATCHER, 7,238/44, while on passage from Guernsey to Shoreham. One member of her crew lost his life.
(GUERNSEY COAST, (Welsh Coast—55), 646/38 m.v., owned by the British Channel Islands Shipping Co., Ltd.)
7/8 1964 CARL LEVERS, was torn from her moorings at Bombay during a cyclone and cast aground against a pylon carrying electric power lines. Was further extensively damaged by fire which broke out on board 24/8/64.
CARL LEVERS, 1,325/36, owned by the Gill Amin S.S. Co. Private, Ltd, India.)

JAYSHOOR, was driven ashore at Bombay by the cyclone.
(JAYSHOOR, 5,970,41, owned by New Dholera Steamships, Ltd., India.)

SHEILA MARGARET, was driven ashore at Bombay by the cyclone.
(SHEILA MARGARET, 682/44, owned by the Gill Amin S.S. Co., Private, Ltd., India.)

SUNSHINE, was driven ashore at Tamal, near Aparri, Philippine Islands, during a typhoon, but was refloated 10/8/64 with bottom damage.
(SUNSHINE, 3,541/44, owned by the Sunshine Nav. Co. Panama.)

8/8 1964 DOROTHY, was torn from her moorings at Hong Kong by a typhoon and went aground off Kowloon.
(DOROTHY, 11,360/54 motor tanker, owned by the International Union Marine Corporation, Liberia.)

RUBI, went aground in Panabuta Bay, Zamboanga (Phillipine Islands), but was refloated 20/8/64.
(RUBI, 1,440/25, owned by the Thames Shipping Corporation, Panama.)

9/8 1964 ADMIRAL HARDY, went aground on Arena Island in a position 9.14 N, 120.45 E whilst on passage from North Borneo to Shanghai. She was, however refloated 15/8/64.
(ADMIRAL HARDY, 1,929/44, owned by Sig. S. Arstads Rederi A/S, Norway.)

CAMPANARIO,, sustained severe damage aft when fire broke out in her engine room while she was in the River Guadalquivir, near Seville. She was towed into Seville the following day for examination.
(CAMPANARIO, 5,586/28—tanker, owned by the Cia. Arrendataria del Monopolio de Petroleos, Spain.)

FEROCIA, sank in a position 56.4 N, 16.44 E after being in collision off Oland with the Panamanian POPI, 2,561/38—m.v. Her crew was saved.
(FEROCIA, 394/47 m.v. owned by Stig Gustavsson Partrederi, Sweden.)

OMUROSAN MARU, 13, went aground on Scarborough Reef in a position 15.6 N, 117.45 E while bound from Bandar Mashur to Kawasaki. She was, however, refloated 17/8/64.
(OMUROSAN MARU, 13, 103/53—motor tanker, owned by the Mitsui Sempaku K.K., Japan.)

10/8 1964 HERMITAGE, went aground when entering Burgeo and sus­tained some damage. She was taken in tow 13/8/64 by BURFISH, 273/61 m.f.v. with the intention that she should be towed to Sydney, N.S., for repairs, but filled and sank some 40 miles off Burgeo later the same day.
(HERMITAGE, 202/52—wooden motor fishing vessel, owned by Gaultois Fisheries Ltd., Canada.)
12/8 1964 NEWBRUNSWICKER, went aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway. She was refloated 17/8/64.
(NEWBRUNSWICKER, 18,192/63, owned by Calvert Distillers, Ltd., Canada.)
14/8 1964 SEA WOLF, sank some 900 miles NE of Honolulu after an engine room fire had caused her crew to abandon ship while on passage from Portland, Oregon, to Honolulu with the barge LUMBERJACK in tow.
(SEA WOLF, 287/44—wooden motor tug, owned by Tug Sea Wolf Inc. (Shipowners & Merchants Towboat Co., Ltd, managers), United States.)

JOHN BAKKE, grounded off Kokkola while inward bound from Murmansk to Yksihlaja, and sustained such heavy damage that she is being offered for sale for scrapping.
(JOHN BAKKE, 4,731/29—m.v., owned by D/S A/S Varoy (Knut Knutsen), Norway.)

18/8 1964 MONTANO, went aground two miles SE of Almadies Light, near Cap Verde, while outward bound from Dakar to Casablanca. Salvage prospects are not good.
(MONTANO, 5,423/44—m.v., owned by the OverSeas Freight & Shipping Co. Panama.)

PROA EUROPA, was abandoned by her crew in a position 45.48 N, 7 W after developing a list while on a voyage from Barcelona to Amsterdam, and later sank.
(PROA EUROPA, 1,686/62—m.v., owned by Naviera Proa S.A., Spain.)

19/8 1964 PROSPERO, sustained heavy bottom damage when she grounded in the Sault Ste Marie River while on passage from Hartlepools to Fort William.
(PROSPERO, 12,175/51—m.v., owned by the Bowring S.S. Co., Ltd.)
22/8 1964 SEA LION, capsized and sank in heavy seas in the Bay of Panama, some 35 miles WSW of Cape Mala, while towing the former battleship ALABAMA from Seattle to Mobile in company with two other tugs. One member of her crew lost his life.
(SEA LION, (Kathleen C. Tracy-55), 198/44—motor tug. owned by Tug Sea Lion Inc. (Ship-owners & Merchants Towboat Co., Ltd, managers), United States.)

TIMA, was thrown aground onto a reef off the coast of Guadeloupe near Basse Terre by hurricane "Cleo". She was refloated by 22/9/64.
(TIMA, 487/19—m.v., owned by G. C. Marshall & J. R. Tibbetts. Trinidad.)

23/8 1964 ANTONIOS, foundered at Santorin Island, after taking on cargo there. Salvage prospects are not good.
(ANTONIOS, 472/39—m.v., owned by N. Diakos & C. Koutouvalis, Greece.)
24/8 1964 ESSO NORWAY, suffered an engine room explosion when she was off the coast of Muscat and Oman, in a position 16.35 N, 54.57 E, during a voyage from Ras Tanura to Augusta. Fire broke out and the ship had to be abandoned. She was later taken in tow by H.M.S. ANZIO and after once breaking adrift, was beached 27/8/64 in a position 16.59 N, 54.17 E, where salvage operations have been in hand. Three members of the ship's crew were lost. She was refloated 6/10/64.
(ESSO NORWAY, 31,642/61, tanker, owned by Standard Tankers (Bahamas) Co., Ltd.)

TRENTBANK, sank about five miles off Port Said in a position 31.18 N, 32.32 E. She had been involved in a collision 18/9/64 some 70 miles NNW of Alexandria with the Portugese tanker FOGO, 17,778/58 while on a voyage from Kawieng to Liverpool. She was taken in tow, practically awash, by the Liberian tanker HAROLD H. HELM, 51,320/58 and brought to the position where she foundered, 23/9/64.
(TRENTBANK, 6,310/62—m.v., owned by the Bank Line Ltd (Andrew Weir & Co., Ltd.)

26/8 1964 ISABEL F. SPINDLER, sank 8 miles WSW of Harbour Island, N.F., after being gutted by fire which had broken out the previous afternoon.
(ISABEL F. SPINDLER, 165/29—wooden auxiliary fishing schooner owned by V. M. Flander, Canada.)
27/8 1964 DALMACIJA, 5,600g, fitting out at the Brodogradiliste "Uljanik", Pula, was extensively damaged by an explosion. Three people were killed and the ship settled on the dock-bottom.
(DALMACIJA, 5,600g, owned by Jadranska Linijska Plovidba, Yugoslavia.)

MORGAN WEDLIN, sustained extensive bottom damage when she was aground in the Sound while on passage from Nordenham to Helsingborg.
(MORGAN WEDLIN, 499/56—m.v., owned by Mortimer Wedlin, Sweden.)

29/8 1964 E.A.B., was completely gutted by fire which broke out in her engine room when she was at Ile aux Coudres, some 65 miles east of Quebec.
(E.A.B., 123/42—wooden auxiliary cutter owned by J. C. Demeules, Canada.)

FRAKTEMANN, sustained heavy damage, and had to be beached, when she grounded off Maaloy while on passage from Romsdal to Porsgrunn. She was later refloated and repaired.
(FRAKTEMANN, 300/37—m.v., owned by A/S Haugesunds Slip, Norway.)

JOKUL, foundered twenty-six miles west of Lista Lighthouse. Her crew was saved.
(JOKUL, 146/37—motor fishing vessel owned by Ragnvald Sordal and partners. Norway.)

NEUWIED, capsized and sank in the River Scheldt, off Hanswaert, when outward bound from Antwerp to Bilbao. Her crew was saved.
(NEUWIED, 819/53—m.v., owned by the Hans Kroger G.m.b.H., West Germany.)

31/8 1964 MONDALINDO, capsized and sank in a position 47 N, 5 W, while on passage from Antwerp to Bilbao. Her crew was saved.
(MONDALINDO, 650/60—m.v., owned by Cia Espanola de Transportes Maritimos (Cetramar), Spain.)
1/9 1964 MEDINA PRINCESS, which has been lying at Djibouti since 3/8/62 after grounding and boiler damage sustained during a voyage from Bremen to China, broke her moorings and went aground in a position 11.32 N, 43.11 E.
(MEDINA PRINCESS, 7,069/44, owned by Helmville, Ltd.)
3/9 1964 LORD TAY, was severely damaged by fire which broke out in her engine room while she was lying at Hull.
(LORD TAY, 509/37—trawler owned by the Lord Line, Ltd.)

ST. LEON C., was abandoned off Murray Bay after fire had broken out. She was, however, later towed into Murray Bay for examination.
(ST. LEON C. 133/45—wooden auxiliary cutter, owned by R. Cote, Canada.)

5/9 1964 A. & J. MID-AMERICA, was driven ashore on Lantao Island, when the typhoon "Ruby" struck Hong Kong, where she was lying. She was refloated 5/10/64, but was driven aground on Lantao Island by typhoon "Dot", 13/10/64. She was refloated 21/10/64.
(A. & J. MID-AMERICA, 7.201/44. owned by the Mid-America S.S. Corporation (Pacific Sea­farers, Inc., managers), United States.)

AMONEA, was driven onto Datum Rocks, Hong Kong by typhoon "Ruby" . Salvage prospects are poor.
(AMONEA, 4,401/21, owned by the Cia. de Nav. Victoria Neptuno S.A. (Teh Hu S.S. Co., Ltd, managers), Panama.)

ANJI, which had been laid up at Hong Kong since 25/6/64, was driven ashore by typhoon "Ruby".
(ANJI, 7,202/43, owned by Seafarers, Inc., United States.)

BOGOTA, which had been laid up at Hong Kong since 13/6/64, was driven ashore by typhoon "Ruby".
(BOGOTA, 5,033/40, owned by the Pan Norse S.S. Company, Panama.)

CEDAR TRADER, which had been laid up at Hong Kong since 4/5/64, was driven aground by typhoon "Ruby".
(CEDAR TRADER, 8,325/29—m.v. owned by the Trader Line, Ltd.)

CORAL RIVER, was driven aground at Hong Kong by typhoon "Ruby".
(CORAL RIVER, 7,889/29—m.v., owned by the River Line, Ltd.)

DORAR, was driven aground at Hong Kong by typhoon "Ruby" and sank off the east coast of Chau Island with the loss of eleven lives.
(DORAR, (Zeus—63, Iron Warrior—57, Eugowra), 3,389/23, owned by the Cia. Nav. Immanuel S.A., Panama.)

FAIRHURST, went aground in a position 22.45 N, 1 15.2.30 E, after breaking tow from the tug TOKO MARU, 589/46—m.v. the previous day while being towed from Shanghai to Hong Kong—it is understood for demolition. She broke in two and cannot be salvaged.
(FAIRHURST, (City of Kimberley—60). 6,281/25, owned by the People's Republic of China.)

KOWLOON BAY, was driven aground at Hong Kong by typhoon "Ruby".
(KOWLOON BAY, 1,838/50, owned by the Pan Asiatic Lines, Inc., Panama.)

LEECLIFFE  HALL, sank in the River St. Lawrence, near Ile aux Coudres, some 65 miles from Quebec, after being in collision with the Greek APOLLONIA, 11,127/61—m.v. while on a voyage from Sept Iles to Lackawanna. Three members of her crew were lost.
(LEECLIFFE  HALL, 18,071/61, owned by the Hall Corporation of Canada.)

MELBO, was driven aground at Hong Kong by typhoon "Ruby". She was refloated 5/10/64.
(MELBO, 1,447/48, owned by Rolf Gruner-Hegge, Norway.)

SHUN FUNG, was driven ashore at Hong Kong by typhoon "Ruby".
(SHUN FUNG, 7,148/45, owned by the Yick Fung Shipping & Enterprises Co., Ltd, Hong Kong.)

TAICHUNGSHAN,, which had been laid up at Hong Kong since 1/5/64 was driven ashore there by typhoon "Ruby".
(TAICHUNGSHAN, 2,171/14, owned by the Tai Ping S.S. Nav. Co., Ltd (Shun Cheong S.N. Co.. Ltd, managers)

TEH MING, was driven through the Mobiloil Pier at Hong Kong and then thrown ashore by the typhoon "Ruby".
(TEH MING, 355/42—m.v., owned by the Tall Teh Nav. Co., Ltd, Nationalist China.)

7/9 1964 KIRK MAID, sank some four miles off Port Royal, Jamaica, when inward bound from the Dominican Republic.
(KIRK MAID, (Fordmac—61, Gowrie—58, Edina-48), 489/39—m.v., owned by N. F. Kirk-Connell, Cayman Islands.)
11/9 1964 BLAARVAER, caught fire in a position 57.51.30 N. 5.8 E, and sank shortly afterwards.
(BLAARVAER, (Espevaer—59), 153/47—wooden motor fishing vessel owned by Nils J. Blaalid and partners, Norway.)

GLOBE EXPLORER, was abandoned by her crew after fire had broken out when she was in a position 38.2 N, 67.30 W—some 270 miles east of Cape Charles with a cargo of coal from Hampton Roads to Rotterdam. She was subsequently taken in tow for Norfolk, Va. Arrived at Hampton Roads 21/9/64 in tow of the American tug EDMOND J. MORAN, 336/40—d.e.
(GLOBE EXPLORER, 13,795/43—t.e., owned by Sea Liberties Inc. (Maritime Overseas Corporation managers), United States.)

13/9 1964 PATRICIO MURPHY, sustained heavy damage when fire spread to three holds after breaking out in her engine room while lying at the Wilton Fijenoord yard at Schiedam.
(PATRICIO MURPHY, 3,475/35—m.v., owned by Cia. Franco Argentina de Nav. S.A., Panama.)

SIERRA ARANZAZU, was attacked by armed boats, apparently manned by Cuban exiles, off the NE tip of Cuba in a position 21.30 N, 74.8 W, white on a voyage from Alicante to Havana. Fire broke out on board and the ship was abandoned by her crew, apart from the three members who were killed in the attack. She was, however, later taken in tow by two Cuban tugs and brought into Banes 16/9/64. She was later reported to have sunk in about 18 ft. of water following her arrival at Havana.
(SIERRA ARANZAZU, 1,600/64—m.v., owned by Maritima del Norte, Spain.)

SKROYFA, sank some 70 miles NW of Egersund after developing a teak the previous day in a position 58 N, 4.46 E.
(SKROYFA, 118/15—wooden motor fishing vessel owned by the Partsrederiet Skroyfa (Harald Hov, manager), Norway.)

MARIONGA MARIS, went aground on Etna Bank, some 45 miles north of Djakarta while on passage from Manila to Canadian ports, but was refloated 13/10/64.
(MARIONGA MARIS, 9,172/46, owned by Ardena S.A., Greece.)

14/9 1964 AL-KUWAIT, capsized and sank at Kuwait while taking on bunkers after a voyage from Adelaide. She was towed to Rotterdam for repair by Wilton-Fijenoord, arriving there 19/5/65, left Rotterdam again 19/11/65 upon completion of the work, which has also included the lengthening of the ship by about 32 feet.
(AL-KUWAIT, 7,747/64—m.v., owned by the Kuwait S.S. Co., Ltd, Kuwait.)
17/9 1964 KUROSHIRO MARU No. 77, sank in a position 2.11 S, 8.11 E. in the Gulf of Guinea.
(KUROSHIRO MARU No. 77, owned by the Nichiro Gyogyo K.K. Japan.)

MAJULA, went aground in a position 5.35 S, 114.25 E, off the south coast of Borneo, while on passage from Sourabaya to Hong Kong but was refloated 11/10/64.
(MAJULA, 1,032/22, owned by the Panamanian Oriental Steamship Corporation (Wheelock Marden & Co., Ltd.), Panama.)

18/9 1964 KAPTAJN NIELSEN, capsized off Brisbane and sank upside down. There were 15 survivors, nine members of the crew losing their lives.
(KAPTAJN NIELSEN, 1,599/61—hopper dredger owned by the Dansk Entreprenorselskab (Christiani & Nielsen A/S), Denmark.)
19/9 1964 ORFEO, was beached after being in collision off Schiedam with the Norwegian VISUND, 13,383/56 while bound from Bahia Blanca to Rotterdam. She was, however, later refloated and towed to Rotterdam for repair.
ORFEO, 12,893/64—m.v., owned by the Soc. Ligure di Armamento, Italy.)
20/9 1964 NIKKA MARU, sank 15 miles south of Nagoya after being in collision with EASTERN TAKE, 11,223/63—m.v., owned by the Medal Shipping Co., Ltd. (World-Wide (Shipping), Ltd). Nine members of her crew lost their lives.
(NIKKA MARU 339/62—chemical tanker owned by the Nikka Kisen K.K., Japan.)
(EASTERN TAKE, 11,223/63—m.v., owned by the Medal Shipping Co., Ltd. (World-Wide (Shipping), Ltd).
21/9 1964 GORDIAN, went aground in Tokyo Bay while bound from Yokosuka to Nagoya. She was, however, refloated 2/10/64.
(GORDIAN, 10,689/59—m.v., owned Hilmar Reksten, Norway.)
24/9 1964 ORIENTAL, was driven aground in a position 31.24 N, 130.13 E off Kominato Kasedashi, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, during the night of the 24-25/9/64 by the typhoon "Wilda" while on passage from Dairen to Chiba, and broke in two.
(ORIENTAL, (Shozan Maru—64), 7,451 /45—m.v., owned by the Sigma Shipping Co., Ltd.)
25/9 1964 ADRI XIV and described as a military transport, was thrown onto her side at Kobe, by typhoon "Wilda" and was abandoned by her crew.
(ADRI XIV 7,891/46, owned by the Indonesian Government.)

DON RAMON, was thrown onto the sea wall at Osaka by typhoon "Wilda" and heavily damaged. She was, however, refloated 4/10/64.
(DON RAMON, 7,133/43, owned by Century Shipping Lines Inc., Philippines.)

KUNIANG, was driven aground at Shikama, near Kobe, by typhoon "Wilda". She was, however, refloated 2/10/64.
(KUNIANG, 7,200/44, owned by the Sycamore S.S. Co., Ltd (World Wide (Shipping) Ltd).)

SURNA, was driven aground near Kobe by typhoon "Wilda". She was, at the time, on a voyage from Ashtabula to Manila.
SURNA, 9,677/59—m.v., owned by Skibs A/S Akersviken (Torvald Klaveness) Norway.)

TERUKAWA MARU, was driven aground near Kobe by typhoon "Wilda".
(TERUKAWA MARU, 8,323/56—m.v., owned by the Kawasaki Kisen K.K., Japan.)

28/9 1964 LUTADOR, was burned to the waterline by fire which broke out while she was fishing on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.
LUTADOR, 801/45—wooden motor fishing vessel owned by the Empresa de Pesca de Lavadotes Ltda, Portugal.)
29/9 1964 LIVANITA, went aground in the Clyde, off Scotstoun, while inward bound from Sept lles to Glasgow. She was refloated 6/10/64 after discharging some 5,000 tons of her cargo and after causing dislocation of Clyde shipping
(LIVANITA, 18,763/62—m.v., owned by A/S Uglands Rederi, Norway.)
30/9 1964 AMARAGY, was driven aground near Necochea during a storm.
(AMARAGY, 1,848/15, owned by Navegacao Mercantil S.A., Brazil.)

AUREA CONDE, was driven ashore five miles north of Necochea after dragging her anchors in Necochea Roads during a storm while inward bound from Buenos Aires.
(AUREA CONDE, 1,501/47 m.v., owned by Luciano Castro & Cia., Ltda., Brazil.)

ESITO, was driven aground near Necochea during a storm and broke in two.
(ESITO, (West Indies—54, Sandra—53, Esito—53, Dundrum Bay—52, Charles Treadwell—50), 1,814/43, owned by Transmaritima Comercial S.A., Brazil.)

SWAN, went aground in the Bahia Blanca entrance channel while inward bound from Italy. She was refloated 10/ 10/64.
(SWAN, 9,598/48—m.v. owned by the Cia de Nav. Gaviota, Liberia.)

1/10 1964 SIGNY, which sustained engine trouble during a voyage from Tuapse in 4/64 and had been at Malta since 28/4/64, has been found to be beyond economical repair and has accordingly been sold to Yugoslavian shipbreakers. She left Malta 1/10/64, bound in tow for Split.
SIGNY, (Svenor—59), 10,105/47—motor tanker owned by Rederi AB Sally (Algot Johansson), Finland.)
2/10 1964 E. B. BARBER, was reported to have sustained heavy bottom damage when she struck an obstruction at Depot Harbour, Ontario.
(E. B. BARBER, 8,619/53, owned by the Algoma Central & Hudson Bay Railway Co., Canada.)
5/10 1964 DENMARK HILL, grounded off Porkkala Lighthouse in a position 59.51 N, 24.11 E while inward bound from Nicaro to Porkkala. She was refloated 7/10/64, but with considerable bottom damage.
DENMARK HILL, 7,150/44, owned by Acadia Overseas Freighters, Ltd. (Counties Ship Management Co., Ltd.,)

OCCIDENTAL, a floating restaurant in the Virgin Islands foundered  in a position 33.2 N, 77.55 W, some 200 miles east of Georgetown, S.C., while in tow from Baltimore to the Virgin Islands.
(OCCIDENTAL, (City ofRichmond-64), 1,924/13 ,Tolchester Lines Inc.)

7/10 1964 SOLCHIARO, was beached near Cap Serrat after developing leaks in a position 37.20 N, 9 E.
(SOLCHIARO, 1,757/07, owned by Vincenzo Mura fu Nicola, Italy.)
8/10 1964 MUNIN, went aground at Sydostbrotten while on passage from Ornskoldsvik to Burea.
MUNIN, 1,477/50, owned by Stockholms Rederi AB Svea, Sweden.)

PANAGHIA TINOU, went aground near Velirat (near Trieste), broke in two and became a total loss. Five crew was saved.
(PANAGHIA TINOU (Panaghia Odoghitria—63, Panaghia Tinou—61, Eleoussa—58, Laeveld-52, Homeford—47, Killygordon), 579/ 18—m.v., owned by J. Meleas, J. Constantineas & Co., Greece.)

RIO PASTAZA, was beached at Pimentol after developing uncontrollable leaks.
(RIO PASTAZA, 2,146/18, owned by Industrias Alimenticias Huacho, Peru)

13/10 1964 BORUS, sank at her moorings in the latest Hong Kong typhoon.
(BORUS, 3,735/45 recently sold by Shell Tankers (U.K.) Ltd., to Hong Kong Shipbreakers.)
14/10 1964 DIA, sank in a position 44.12N, 8.38W after 'developing a leak while on passage from Antwerp to Bourgas.
(DIA, (Hispania—60, Angusbrae—56, Hawkinge—51, Empire Beaconsfield—46), 2,865/43, owned by the Westend Corporation, Greece.)

DORIS, sank off Naples after being thrown against the breakwater in heavy weather after arriving from Iskenderun.
(DORIS, 3.002/56—m.v. owned by the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maats, Netherlands.)

16/10 1964 EIKOKU MARU, sunk 10 miles N.E. of Daio Zaki, Shimagun.
(EIKOKU MARU, (Sakaki Maru-59), 275/34-m.v., owned by the Koki Kaiun K.K., Japan.)
21/10 1964 ALTANIN, sustained extensive damage when she was in collision with NAESS COMMANDER, 25,294/57 some 40 miles from Tangier, in a position 35.57N, 6.20W while on a voyage from La Skhirra to Havre.
(ALTANIN, 52,000/64—tanker, owned by the Alvion S.S. Corporation, Panama (Liberian flag)
22/10 1964 KONAN MARU No. 8, aground in a position 9.2 N., 116.39 E, and become a total loss.
(KONAN MARU No. 8, 471/52-motor whaler owned by the Nippon Suisan K.K., Japan.)
25/11 1964 KENZAN MARU, have been lost at Sagaminada.
(KENZAN MARU, 320/44-m.v., owned by Y. Hayakawa, Japan.)
31/1 1965 MARIANNA PELLERANO, which went aground at Penisola Magnisi, 31/1/65 but was later refloated, has been found to be beyond economical repair and is to be scrapped.
(MARIANNA PELLERANO, (Douce France-54, Kolga), 292/19-aux., owned by E. Bogazzi, Italy.)
4/2 1965 CORAL QUEEN, have gone aground near Santa Ysabel Island. Her future is undecided.
(CORAL QUEEN, 206/58-m.v., owned by the Western Pacific High Commission.)
4/3 1965 PENA VIEJA, wrecked on the coast of Morocco.
(PENA VIEJA, 167/46-trawler owned by Jose Hernandez Pedraza, Spain.)
16/7 1965 RANDY, was damaged beyond repair by an engine room fire 16/7/65.
(RANDY (La Gloria-52), 138/43-wooden motor tug owned by W. H. Parry, Vancouver, Canada.)
8/11 1965 CRAIG FOSS, capsized and sank in Cook Inlet during pipelaying operations. Her crew was saved.
(CRAIG FOSS (Major Henry James Connor), 179/42-motor tug owned by the Foss Launch and Tug Co., U.S.A.)

ST . APOLLO, sustained engine trouble off the Norwegian coast and was later towed into Bergen for examination.
(ST . APOLLO, 658/48-trawler owned by the Firth Steam Trawling Co. Ltd.)

11/11 1965 CARL, foundered off Simrishamn during the night 11-12/11/65 after, she had capsized in heavy weather during a voyage from Karlshamn to Denmark. Two of her crew of five were saved.
(CARL, 333/24-m.v., owned by the Rederi I/S Carl (H. Hermansen, manager), Denmark.)

JABLANICA, went aground some fifteen miles south of Miami while on a voyage from Poti to New Orleans, but was refloated 25/11/65.
(JABLANICA, 7,241/43, owned by Slobodna Plovidba, Yugoslavia.)

BAKONGAN, was wrecked on Hainan Island.
(BAKONGAN, (Batavia-63), 1,327147-m.v. owned by the Cia. Nav. Thompson S.A., Panama.)

12/11 1965 MERCO, which had a fire in her engine room while at Kingston, Jamaica, sank 26/11/65 in a position 18.41 N., 78.48 W., while being towed to Grand Cayman.
(MERCO, 235/42-wooden m.v., owned by E. D. Merren, Cayman Islands.)

NAVACERRADA, 971/59-m.v. went aground but was refloated 27/12/65.

14/11 1965 COUP DE ROULIS, foundered off Ushant after being abandoned, leaking, by her crew in a position 49.7 N., 5.41 W.
(COUP DE ROULIS (Christian Regine-63), 110/59-wooden motor fishing vessel owned by Roy, Burgain et Cie, France.)

FRANCINE M., sank near Ile de Sein  after grounding near Armen Lighthouse late the previous night. She was, at the time, on a voyage from Barry and Brest to Lisbon. Two members of her crew were lost.
(FRANCINE M. (Lievin-65), 2,622/47, owned by the Cia. de Nav. Patricio (Liberia), Ltd., Liberia.)

SHINYO MARU, went aground on the east coast of Sakhalin Island and was abandoned by her crew.
(SHINYO MARU (Meisei Maru-60, Harberton-51), 5,842/30-m.v. owned by the Hokuyo Suisan K.K., Japan.)

15/11 1965 NAVACERRADA, was reported to have gone aground in the Almeria River.
(NAVACERRADA, 971/59-m.v., owned by the Cia. Espanola de Transportes Maritimos S.A., Spain.)
16/11 1965 ISERNIA,  arrived at Peterhead 19/11/65, grounding as she entered the port, after sustaining extensive damage as a result of a stokehold fire 16/11/65.
(ISERNIA, 580/43-trawler owned by the Great Grimsby & East Coast Steam Fishing Co. Ltd.)

LAWRENCECLIFFE HALL, was beached on Orleans Island in the River St. Lawrence after being in collision nearby with SUNEK, 12,576/58 earlier that day while on passage from Port Cattier P.Q. to Conneaut, Ohio. The LAWRENCECLIFFE HALL, loaded with some 23,000 tons of ore concentrate, will take some considerable time to raise as she is awash and lying on her side.
HALL, 17,820/65-m.v., owned by the Industrial Acceptance Corp. Ltd (Hall Corporation of Canada, managers) Canada.)

PROTOSTATIS, went aground again 16/11/65 on Wolfe Island in a position 44.14 N. 76 11 W., while being towed from Kingston, Ont., to Montreal, and was abandoned by her crew. Salvage is possible, but the ship is very extensively damaged. PROTOSTATIS, was refloated 31/1/66 by Ship Repairs and Supplies, Ltd., who have apparently bought the wreck.
(PROTOSTATIS (Taxiarchis-60, Erato-54, John Philip Sousa-46), 7,259/43, owned by the Protostatis Cia. Nav., Greece.)

17/11 1965 CAPO VENTO, capsized near the island near Palmarola during 11/65, with the loss of her crew of seven. She sailed from Cagliari 12/11/65 bound, via Arbatax, to Anzio and was found 17/11/65 floating upside down near Palmarola. She was towed into Gaeta 18/11/65.
(CAPO VENTO, 167146-motor wine tanker owned by the "Enotria" Cia. di Nav., Italy.)

EL ARISH, left Newport 13/11/65 bound for Piraeus, and after reporting 17/11/65 from a position 140 miles North of Cormina, disappeared with her crew of 32. She was, at the time, bound for Corunna in heavy weather for shelter.
(EL ARISH, 2,034/63-m.v., owned by the United Arab Maritime Company, Egypt.)

PANAGIS VENETSANOS, went aground on Unije Island, in a position 44.38.30 N, 14.16 E, while seeking shelter in heavy weather during a voyage from Trieste to Longiette. She was abandoned by her crew, and later by her owner as beyond economical recovery.
(PANAGIS VENETSANOS (Ranen-58), 468/18-m.v., owned by A.P. Venetsanos, Greece.)

18/11 1965 ZUIDPOOL, sank north of Walcheren in a position 51.36.30 N., 3.23 E., after being in collision with the Dutch GAASTERDYK, 7,222160-m.v. while on a voyage from Antwerp to Rotterdam. Her crew was saved.
(ZUIDPOOL, 491/57-m.v., owned by L. Mulder and G. Wedema (Wijnne & Barends, managers), Netherlands.)
19/11 1965 BANORA, went aground near Cabo Villano after being abandoned by her crew the previous day when she developed leaks during heavy weather while on a voyage from Casablanca to Hamburg. She had been taken in tow to Camarinas, but her anchor-chain broke and she drove ashore.
(BANORA (Cap des Paimes-57), 3,082/35-m.v., owned by the Soc. Marocaine de Nav. Fruitiere, Morocco.)
21/11 1965 ACHILLES, went aground at Muroran when her anchor chain broke in heavy weather. She was, however, refloated 2/12/65.
(ACHILLES, 7,185/45, owned by the Cia Nav. Terra del Fuegos, S.A., Greece.)

ANTONIOS, foundered between Cephalonia and Skinarion after developing leaks while on a voyage from Argostoli to Elefsina.
(ANTONIOS, 135/90-m.v., owned by A. Georgiou and others, Greece.)

BRENDA MARGUERITE, foundered in St. Mary's Bay, N.F. after developing leaks.
(BRENDA MARGUERITE 149/39-wooden auxiliary owned by A. Elliott, Ltd., Canada.)

MARIANNA, went aground at Finsnesrenna, south of Tromso, but was refloated 5/12/65. She was on a voyage from Archangel to Hartlepools.
(MARIANNA, 4,998/39-m.v., owned by the Cia. Nav. Marianna, Greece.)

23/11 1965 BURGERMEISTER SMIDT, developed engine trouble south of Greenland and while being towed home for repair, broke away 25/11/65 and struck an iceberg off Julianehaab. She was abandoned by her crew the following day and after being taken in tow again, foundered 29/12/65.
(BURGERMEISTER SMIDT, 1,102/61-d.e. stern trawler, owned by the Hanseatische Hochseefischerei A.G., West Germany.)

ESSO WANDSWORTH, which was in collision in the River Thames23/11/65 with the Dutch MOERDYK, 11,127/65-m.v., has been declared a constructive total loss, and sold to T. W. Ward, Ltd. for demolition.
(ESSO WANDSWORTH (Guarico-56), 4,352/43-tanker owned by the Esso Petroleum Co., Ltd.)

24/11 1965 GLUSZEC, foundered in heavy weather off the Norwegian coast near Ryvingen Lighthouse. Her crew was saved.
(GLUSZEC, 184/56-motor fishing vessel owned by P.P.D. i U.R. "Gryf", Poland.)

PING AN, went aground near the Hook of Holland after developing engine trouble and her anchors had dragged. She had been undergoing trials at the time, and was abandoned by her crew after her grounding. She may be refloated, but is very extensively damaged.
(PING AN (Bermuda Hibiscus-65, Beaverglen-63),  9,824/46-t.e. owned by the Cia. Nav. Pearl (Teh Hu S.S. Co. Ltd, managers), Panama.)

SANTA KYRIAKI, went aground one mile south of Ymuiden after developing engine trouble when inward bound for that port from Cork.
(SANTA KYRIAKI, 2,802/45, owned by the Nereid Cia. Mar., Liberia.)

25/11 1965 RIO ATUEL, went aground about ten miles from Chatham, N.B., while on a voyage from Boston to Buenos Aires.
(RIO ATUEL, 7,634/45, owned by Empresa Lineas Maritimas Argentinas, Argentina.)
26/11 1965 CLIPPER, left Klaipeda for Raahe 26/11/65 and disappeared with her crew of nine. She is believed to have foundered north of Gotland in heavy weather.
(CLIPPER (Werner Felter-62, Mollex VI-55, H.M.S. Deodar-47), 498/40-m.v., owned by W. von Essen & W. Jacoby, West Germany.)

MARISALVA, went aground on lie ties Embiez, off Toulon, during the night 26-27/11/65 while on a voyage from Lisbon to Marina di Carrara, broke in two 30/11/65 and became a total loss.
(MARISALVA (Bjorno-55, Nord-52, Sigurd I-35, Sigurd Hund, Tron, Nystrand, Signemin), 483/19-m.v., owned by Schiano di Cola, Italy.)

ODUNA, went aground at Cape Pankor, Ikatan Peninsula, Alaska, while on passage, from Adak to Seattle and after being abandoned by her crew became a total loss.
(ODUNA (Southport-64, L R. Lashins-57, Liberty Bell-56, Francis A. Retka-51), 7,252/45, owned by the Alaska Steamship Corporation, United States.)

27/11 1965 DYRNESVAG, was extensively damaged by fire while slipped at the Storviks M.V., Kristiansund N.
(DYRNESVAG, 163/01-motor trawler owned by the Brodrene Holm, Norway.)

FRED EVERARD, went aground at Ravensear, south of Whitby while on a voyage from Flekkefjord to London and after being abandoned by her crew became a total loss.
(FRED EVERARD, 1,542/58-m.v., owned by F. T. Everard & Sons Ltd.)

UTE, grounded and sank near Sandhamn, with the loss of all but two of her crew of nine.
(UTE (Anke Henrici-58), 493/54-m.v., owned by the Zippa Reederei G.m.b.H. (Peter Dohle, manager), West Germany.)

28/11 1965 BLUEFIN, foundered about 60 miles west of La Rochelle in a position 46.20 N., 3.25 W., after her cargo had shifted in heavy weather while she was on a voyage from Antwerp to Barcelona. Her crew was saved.
(BLUEFIN (Pozarica-64, Empire Dove-53, Hermes-49), 2,514/41-m.v., owned by Tuna S.A., Panama.)

JOAO JOSE PRIMEIRO, sailed from Lisbon 28/11/65 bound for Oporto and disappeared. The bodies of her crew were later washed ashore near Aveiro.
(JOAO JOSE PRIMEIRO, 242/17-m.v., owned by Vieira & Silveira, Ltd, Portugal.)

29/11 1965 PINELLA, foundered in the Gulf of Porto Vecchic, during the night 29-30/11/65 after her cargo had shifted in heavy weather while she was on a voyage to Olbia. Her crew was saved.
(PINELLA (Bracha Fold-57, Fenice-52, Enrico M-46, Alma, Jocelyn-34, Rotterdam), 313/18-m.v., owned by the S.p.A. Servizi Ausiliari, Italy.)
30/11 1965 MANDY, was beached off Estaca de Bares in a position 43.43 N., 7.37 W. after she had developed leaks while on a voyage from Setubal to Granville. She later broke in two and became a total loss.
(MANDY (Nanny-63, Olympia-69, Primo-52), 1,889/30, owned by the Cia. Saint Fanouris, Panama.)
1/12 1965 HERBANIO, went aground at Teneriffe while on a voyage from Las Patinas to Santa Cruz and is so badly damaged as to be a total loss.
(HERBANIO, 134/23-wooden auxiliary owned by Jose Perez Fierro, Spain.)
2/12 1965 FORSO, went aground at the entrance to the Sepik River in a position 3.50 S., 144.30 E., and was abandoned by her crew.
(FORSO (Mil 30-55), 199/46-motor tanker owned by Forso Transport Pty., Ltd, Port Moresby.)

JOHN LYBE, was abandoned by her crew in a position 41.52 N.. 9.25 W., after fire had broken out in her engine room while she was on a voyage from Archangel. She was towed into Vigo by the Spanish tug VOLCANO 3/12/65 and beached, but is very extensively damaged.
(JOHN LYBE (Samuel Bakke-65, Nybakke-57, Samuel Bakke-55), 4,734/29-m.v., Owned by the Kapechico Cia. de Nav. Greece.)

SANTO ANTAO, went aground on Sal Island, C.V.
(SANTO ANTAO, 543/56-m.v., owned by the Governo da Provincia de Cabo Verde, Portugal.)

5/12 1965 WANA, sank in the Cottica River (Dutch West Indies) after being in collision with ERICH SCHRODER, 2,144/56-m.v. Five of her crew were lost. The tug was raised 2/1/66.
(WANA, 181/52-motor tug, owned by Suriname Transport Co., N.V., Holland.)
13/12 1965 ALWADI, sank in shallow water at Alexandria where she was laid up. She was, however, refloated and dry docked later in the month.
(ALWADI, 7,830/28, owned by the United Arab Maritime Co., Egypt,)

MAGDEBURG, left Gravesend bound for Piraeus, in tow of the German tug ALBATROS, 880/65-in.v., to be reconditioned. However, when some 20 miles off Brest she developed a leak and foundered 17/12/65 in a position 48.13 N., 5.1 W.
(MAGDEBURG, 6,629/58-m.v. sold to Greek interests.)

OSTKUST, went aground in Kappelshamnsviken, and was abandoned by her crew.
(OSTKUST, (Hans Georg-36, Resy), 152/06-auxiliary owned by the Rederi AB Halmia (O. Magnuson, manager), Sweden.)

VESPER, was abandoned by her crew following an engine room explosion in a position 37 N., 1.38 W., while on a voyage from Marseilles to Abidjan. She caught fire, but was towed into Carthagena 15/12/65.
(VESPER, 7,314/45, owned by the Panafrica Atlantic Corporation, Panama.)

14/12 1965 NORDSTERN, went aground in Lake Venern while on a voyage from Bremen to Karlstad, and although refloated 17/12/65 had sustained extensive bottom damage.
(NORDSTERN, 472/56-m.v., owned by the Partenges. Jess-Poll (Walter Jess, manager), West Germany.)
15/12 1965 NORSEMAN, was very extensively damaged as a result of a fire which broke out when she was lying at Guayanilla, P.R. She was towed from the harbour and beached, being refloated early in 1/66 and towed to San Juan, P.R., for examination.
(NORSEMAN, 11,436/54-motor tanker owned by Odd Godager & Co., Norway.)
16/12 1965 GUISA, was extensively damaged by fire which broke out while she was fitting out.
(GUISA, 9,400g, launched 17/7/65 by the Cia. Euskalduna Bilbao for Transimport, Cuba.)
17/12 1965 ZAFIRIS, went aground on the Mull of Galloway in a position 54.38 N., 4 . 55 W., while on a voyage from Rouen to Glasgow, and after being abandoned by her crew, broke in two. 23 of her crew of 24 were saved.
(ZAFIRIS, (Vicia-65), 1,585/45-m.v. owned by the Alexander Shipping Corporation S.A., Panama (Greek flag)
18/12 1965 GRONAAS, grounded in the Trondheimsfjord and sank. Her crew was rescued.
(GRONAAS, (Silfjord-55), 101/02-m.v., owned by Brodrene Wilhelmsen A/S, Norway.)
19/12 1965 IMPALA,  sank off Cap Verella, Vietnam, while on a voyage from Saigon to Danik. 21 of her crew of 30 were lost. It has been variously reported that she struck a rock and that an explosion took place, and it has also been stated that she had hull defects before sailing from Saigon.
(IMPALA, (Leeivana-62, Bonalbo-57), 960/25, owned by the Panamanian Oriental Steamship Corporation (Wheelock Marden & Co., Ltd, managers), Panama.)

SHINSEI MARU No. 3; foundered north of Hokkaido with the loss of her crew of ten.
(SHINSEI MARU No. 3; 486/57-m.v., owned by the Shinsei Kisen K.K., Japan.)

20/12 1965 CASABLANCA, went aground on Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde Islands, while on a voyage from Santander to St. Vincent, C.V., and has been abandoned as a total loss.
(CASABLANCA, 499/51-m.v., owned by the N.V. Zeerederij Holland-Utrecht (Dammers & Van der Heide, managers), Netherlands.)
21/12 1965 SOLVSKJELL, was beached at Amtmannsnes, Alta, after sustaining grounding damage. She was, however, refloated 28/12/65.
(SOLVSKJELL, 473/51-motor tanker owned by Jacob Sannes & Co., Norway.)
22/12 1965 PAPADIAMANDIS, went aground at Faja Grande, Flores Island, Azores, while on a voyage from New Orleans to Hamburg and after being abandoned by her crew, broke up.
(PAPADIAMANDIS, (Caribbean Wave-63, Langeais-59, Ardeshir-54, Rainier-48), 14,130/44 -63-t.e., owned by the Crestview Shipping Co., Liberia.)

YOUSUFBAKSH, has been found to be beyond repair and has been sold to shipbreakers at Hamburg, where she arrived in tow 22/12/65.
(YOUSUFBAKSH, (Treglisson-60), 5,975/50-m.v.)

24/12 1965 ISABEL, sank alongside the quay at Dundee.
(ISABEL, 287/15, sand suction dredger, owned by the Tay Sand Co., Ltd.)

SAGA, went aground at Falsterbo while on a voyage from Klaipeda to France and after being abandoned broke in two and became a total loss.
(SAGA, (Gertrud C. Ertel-64, Hudson Bank-59, Empire Pioneer-46), 2,415/42-m.v., owned by the Deutsche- Nordische Schiffahrtges, West Germany.)

26/12 1965 ANKAA, foundered off Chanaral, though without loss of life.
(ANKAA, (Carmelita, Rio Verde-55, Rio Neuquen-36, Jolly John, Salcombe Regis), 611/21, owned by the Cia. Nav. Latinamericana, Ltda, Chile.)
27/12 1965 NOEMI, went aground on the Masirah Reef, in a position 20.10 N., 58.38 E., while on a voyage from Matanzas, Cuba, to Basrah, and after being abandoned by her crew became a total loss.
(NOEMI, (Sabrina-61, Ovingdean Grange-59, Empire Buckler-46), 7,070/42, owned by the "Marcasa" Cia Nav., Lebanon.)
30/12 1965 CITY, sank in the River Scheldt after being in collision with the Belgian tank lighter FINA II while on a voyage from Rotterdam to Hoboken. CITY, was raised and beached 29/1/66.
(CITY, (City of Waterford-65, Killiney Coast-54), 558/54-m.v. very recently sold by Palgrave Murphy (Shipowners), Ltd to H. Sandoy, Norway.)
31/12 1965 CATEMI, went aground near Gelibolu and after refloating was beached as she was leaking. She was refloated by heavy weather 5/l/66, but again went aground. At the time of stranding, she was on a voyage from Novorossisk to Molfetta.
(CATEMI, 1,759/11, owned by Anna Ambrosino, Italy.)
2/1 1966 PYTHEAS, was beached at Aghios Minas, Rhodes Island, after developing leaks in heavy weather the previous day while on a voyage from Gocek to Baltimore, and after being abandoned, became a total loss.
(PYTHEAS, (Captain Farmakides-61, James M. Goodhue-47), 7,176/43, owned by the Armonia Cia. Nav., Greece.)
4/1 1966 FARO, went aground off Nojima, near Tokyo in a position 34.53 N., 139.55 E., during cyclonic weather while on a voyage from Muroran to Keelung.
(FARO, (World Loyalty-62, Algonkin-56, Mohawk-55, James Fenimore Cooper-51), 7,231/42, owned by Panamanian Marine Enterprise S.A., Liberia.)

HIKOSAN MARU, was driven aground at Onahama during cyclonic weather, and is heavily damaged.
(HIKOSAN MARU, 6,369/51, owned by Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Japan.)

TAI KAO, went aground at the entrance to Naha while on a voyage from Kaohsiung to Oita, and after being abandoned, broke up.
(TAI KAO, (Meiji Maru-65), 2,193/45-m.v., owned by the Taiwan Maritime Transportation Co., Ltd, China (Taiwan).)

5/1 1966 BRA, went aground off Larkollen, Oslofjord, in fog while on passage from Hoyanger to Oslo. Her crew was saved.
(BRA, (Hvitskjael-56), 138/21-m.v., owned by Kr. D. & T. Anensen, Norway.)
6/1 1966 KAYO MARU, foundered 25 miles off Aomori, Honshu, with the loss of all her crew.
(KAYO MARU, 500/61-m.v., owned by the Kayo Kisen K.K., Japan.)

KIYO MARU No. 8,  was wrecked near Omaesaki. Her crew was saved.
(KIYO MARU No. 8, (Keiyo Maru No. 103),154/48-motor fishing vessel owned by S. Hashimoto, Japan.)

9/1 1966 EASTERN ARGOSY, went aground on a reef about 130 miles north of Cooktown, Queensland in a position 14.4 S., 144.12 E., while on a voyage from Hong Kong to Sydney.
(EASTERN ARGOSY, 6,907/56, owned by the Indo-China S.N. Co., Ltd.)
10/1 1966 LOMBOK, was reported to have sustained serious damage by fire while lying at Surabaya.
(LOMBOK, 3,165/30-m.v., owned by the Pan Norse S.S. Co. (Wallem & Co., managers), Panama.)

MONTE PALOMARES, foundered about 900 miles N.E. of Bermuda, in a position 37.40 N., 46.29 W., after her cargo had shifted in heavy weather during a voyage from Hampton Roads to Spain. 27 of her crew lost their lives.
(MONTE PALOMARES, 5,973/61-m.v., owned by the Naviera Aznar S.A., Spain.)

11/1 1966 JABADAO, capsized 22 miles south of Penmarch, Finisterre, and sank. Seven members ofher crew were lost.
(JABADAO, 116/58-motor trawler owned by R. le Gall et Cie, France.)
12/1 1966 EILEEN M., went aground on the Mull of Oa, while on a voyage from Ardrossan to Port Ellen and became a total loss.
(EILEEN M., 323/38-motor tanker owned by Metcalf Motor Coasters, Ltd.)

PATRICIA MORAN, sank off Staten Island after being in collision with MORANIA MARLIN, 1,056/56-motor tanker. Four members of her crew were lost.
(PATRICIA MORAN, 288/62-d.e. tug owned by Tug Mary Moran Inc., United States.)

13/1 1966 LAMPSIS, sank some 600 miles E.N.E. of Bermuda in a position 34.18 N., 51.22 W., after her hull had fractured 11/1/66 during a voyage from Casablanca to Philadelphia. Her crew was saved.
(LAMPSIS, (Irenestar-60, Governor Miller-49, J. D. Ross-47), 7,229/43, owned by the Proteus Shipping Co., Ltd, Greece.)

TILOS, was reported to have gone aground near Katakolo and foundered.
(TILOS, (Este-47), 236/38-m.v., owned by G. & N. Angelakis, Greece.)

14/1 1966 KUUTSALO, sank some 14 miles north-west of Gotska Sandon after her cargo had shifted during a voyage from Kolobrzeg to Holmsund. Two members of her crew were lost.
(KUUTSALO, 1,251/55-m.v., owned by Brunila & Co. O/Y (Anella Shipping Ltd. O/Y, managers), Finland.)

LE TREGOR, sank about five miles west of Cap Gris Nez after being in collision with SI-KIANG, 6,998/57-m.v. Six of her crew of seven were lost.
(LE TREGOR, (Kathe Jonas-49), 255/37-m.v., owned by the Soc. Bretonne de Cabotage, France.)

15/1 1966 ANGARA, foundered off the East coast of Hokkaido in heavy weather.
(ANGARA, 946/50-m.v., owned by the Sovtorgflot, Russia.)

ISELGARTH, sank off Penarth after coming into contact with HORORATA, 12,090/42 during berthing operations. Three members of her crew lost their lives. ISELGARTH was raised 5/2/66 and dry-docked at Cardiff.
, 152/49-tug, owned by R. & J. H. Rea, Ltd.)

17/2 1966 No.2, drove aground in Ballymoney Bay, Co. Wexford, after breaking adrift a couple of days earlier from the tug EMPIRE DEMON which was herself en route to Passage West for scrapping.
(No.2, 213/30-suction dredger, owned by Haulbowline Industries, Ltd.)
(EMPIRE DEMON, 262/43, owned by Haulbowline Industries Ltd.)
18/1 1966 HEINZ WILHELM, was extensively damaged by fire which broke out in her engine room off Middelgrunden when she was on a voyage from Oxelosund to Oslo.
(HEINZ WILHELM, 315/40-m.v. owned by H. Litmeyer, West Germany.)
20/1 1966 KREMSERTOR, foundered off the Cornish coast in a position 49.58 N., 4.46 W., after her cargo had shifted during a voyage from Tuapse to Nordenham.
(KREMSERTOR, 12,889/62-m.v., owned by the Ister Reederei (Schlussel Reederei, managers), West Germany.)

NARUTO MARU, capsized and sank about 300 miles east of Formosa in a position 21.54 N., 124.15 E., during a voyage from Borneo to Japan. Her crew was saved.
(NARUTO MARU, 2,986/65-m.v., owned by the Tokushima Kisen K.K., Japan.)

FRAM, went aground off Langeland while on a voyage from Copenhagen to Nakskov and was later abandoned.
(FRAM, (Viod-55, Annegiena-50), 177/31-m.v., owned by A. Van Vessem, Netherlands.)

21/1 1966 BRIGHT STAR, was abandoned after grounding on a reef 50 miles S.E. of Da Nang in a position 15.32 N., 109.9 E. the previous day.
(BRIGHT STAR, (Debora-65, Mentakab-53, Empire Mayport-47), 554/45 owned by the Progress Shipping Co., Ltd S.A., Panama.)

JOSELIN, sank in the Baltic between Oland and Gotland after her cargo had shifted during a voyage from Storugns to Helsingborg.
(JOSELIN, 1,113/61-m.v., owned by Lars Rej Johansen, Norway.)

MONELOS, foundered off the Balearic Islands in a position 38.57 N, 6.21 E during a voyage from Rijeka to Palma, Majorca. Two of her crew of sixteen were saved.
(MONELOS, (Marili-61), 996/56-m.v., owned by Corunesa de Pesca y Nav., S.A., Spain.)

NOTRE DAME DU PONT, sank about 50 miles WNW of Dakar after fire had broken out and she had been abandoned by her crew.
(NOTRE DAME DU PONT, 111/58-motor fishing vessel owned by Eveno et Cie, France.)

22/1 1966 BIRGIT MULLER, sank in the River Humber after being in collision about half a mile below Swinefleet with the Dutch WESTRIDGE, 442/51-m.v., while inward bound for Goole. She was, however, refloated 3/2/66.
(BIRGIT MULLER, 499/57-m.v., owned by Otto A. Muller, West Germany.)

CITY OF VICTORIA, went aground in the Maldive Islands in a position 5.26 N, 73.55 E, while on a voyage from Khorramshahr to Male and was later abandoned by her crew.
(CITY OF VICTORIA, 1,838/50, owned by the Leecho S.S. Co., S.A., Panama.)

MARIKA, was towed into Brest after grounding 20/1/66 in a position 48.52 N, 3.34 W while on a voyage from Melilla to Honfleur.
(MARIKA, 700/06-m.v., owned by D. Tsangaris, Greece.)

NIVES, foundered  some 15 miles off Capri after developing leaks while on a voyage to Sicily.
(NIVES, 266/46-wooden auxiliary barquentine owned by Filomena Ambrosino di Micci, Italy.)

OKA, was beached on Terschelling Island after being in collision with the Liberian FLORA M, 7,244/41-m.v., in a position 53.31 N, 5.16 E while on a voyage from Klaipeda to Rotterdam. She was later abandoned.
(OKA, (A. Andreev-62), 2,847/35-m.v., owned by the Sovtorgflot.)

SANTA MAFALDA, went aground in the River Tagus off Lisbon after her steering gear had jammed, and she was broken up in the subsequent storms.
(SANTA MAFALDA, 1,220/48-motor trawler owned by the Empresa dt Pesca de Aveiro Lida, Portugal.)

23/1 1966 CHIELWOOD BEACON, went aground at Sandy Hook while on a voyage from Punta Cardon to Port Reading.
(CHIELWOOD BEACON, 21,352/60-tanker owned by the Medomsley S.S. Co., Ltd.)
24/1 1966 NANKAI MARU No. 25, sank some 350 miles off Carnarvon, West Australia, after being in collision with the Norwegian HERVANG, 9,959/57-m.v.
(NANKAI MARU No. 25, 253/63-motor fishing vessel owned by the Nankai Gyogyo K.K., Japan.)
25/1 1966 LADY OF THE LAKE, sustained damage, especially to her engines, by fire and explosion when lying slipped near Howtown.
(LADY OF THE LAKE, 43/77-m.v., owned by the Ullswater Navigation and Transit Co., Ltd.)
27/1 1966 KOM, went aground during the night 27-28/1/66, near Molozburnu, Turkey, during a voyage from Varna to Istanbul.
(KOM, 317/62-m.v., owned by the Bulgarian Government.)
28/1 1966 PAOLA, Extensive damage was caused to the engine room when fire broke out on board while she was lying at Lagos.
(PAOLA, 375/45-motor tanker owned by Farrell Lines, Inc., Liberia.)

WESTAR, was completely gutted by fire which broke out while she was lying in Sarroch Roads for bunkers during her delivery voyage from Piraeus to Vancouver. She went aground near Cagliari after being abandoned by her crew.
(WESTAR, (Stella Maris-65, Capri-58, Chilcotin-58, H.M.C.S. Hespeler-47, H.M.S. Guildford Castle-44), 1,924/44, owned by Canadian interests.)

30/1 1966 BLUFF, went aground four miles S.W. of Capetown, and after being abandoned by her crew, became a total loss. One member of her crew was lost.
(BLUFF, 262/34-trawler owned by Irvin & Johnson, Ltd., South Africa.)

MASTROLIAS, foundered north-west of Polykandros Island after breaking up in a position 36.35 N, 24.50 E during a voyage from Piraeus. Her crew was saved.
(MASTROLIAS, (Hansestadt Lubeck-62, J. C. Ertel-56, Hernia-51, Markelo, Eva), 762117m.v., owned by M. Rigas, Greece.)

31/1 1966 TIRRANNA, went aground at Finsnes during a voyage from Murmansk to Rostock, broke in two and sank.
(TIRRANNA, (Taiwan-59), 5,463152-m.v., owned by Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Norway.)
1/2 1966 PILAR COUSIDO, reported to have been lost in Stompneus Bay, South Africa, although without loss of life.
(PILAR COUSIDO, 179/57-trawler owned by Sebastian Soto Cousido, Spain.)
3/2 1966 CONCEICAO MARIA, sustained heavy damage when fire broke out on board after she had been in collision in the River Ems with the Dutch SIMONSKERK, 9,830/61-m.v. while on a voyage from Lisbon to Hamburg. She was towed into Emden 4/2/66 for examination.
(CONCEICAO MARIA, 1,815/48-m.v., owned by the Soc. Geral de Comercio Industria e Trasportes, Portugal,)
4/2 1966 HANSA EXPRESS, sustained extensive damage when fire broke out on board while she was undergoing repairs at Kiel.
(HANSA EXPRESS, 2,977/62-m.v., owned by the Merivienti O/Y, Finland.)
5/2 1966 ROCKPORT, sank in a position 30.46 N, 168.23 W. She had been abandoned by her crew 1/2/66 in a position 32.59 N, 168.1 W after her hull had split during a voyage from Vancouver to Japan, and attempts were being made to tow her to port when she foundered.
(ROCKPORT, (Ioannis Daskatelis-64, Edison Mariner-61, Wilfred R. Bellevue-47), 7,247/45, owned by the Altema Cia. Mar., S.A., Liberia.)

SAN SPYRIDON, arrived in tow at Hamburg after being beached for two days following collision in Brunsbuttel Roads with the Swedish VINTERLAND, 4,282/54-m.v., during a voyage from Cuba to Rostock.
(SAN SPYRIDON, 7,260/43, owned by the Olistim Nav. Co., Ltd., Lebanon.)

6/2 1966 REEF BAY, sank near the Grip Light on the West Coast of Norway, after going aground while on a voyage from Sarpsborg to Glomfjord. Her crew was saved.
(REEF BAY, (Seeadier-63), 999/63-m.v., owned by D. Ahrens, West Germany.)
8/2 1966 HERTA GIESE, sank in the River Scheldt after being in collision with the West German MOSSEL BAY, 4,060/54-m.v.
(HERTA GIESE, (Ulmbrueder 4-56), 328/50-m.v., owned by A. Giese, West Germany.)

JOHANNE, disappeared in the Weser Estuary during a voyage from Cuxhaven to River Weser ports.
(JOHANNE, 160/30-m.v., owned by H. Hebbelmann, West Germany.)

ORANJEPOLDER, sank in a position 36.21 N, 3.19 W after being in collision with the French YANG TSE, 6,998/58-m.v., while on a voyage from Gandia to Bremen
(ORANJEPOLDER, 500/54-m.v., owned by S. M. Westpolder N.V., Netherlands.)

TRESSUND, capsized off Skolmen when hauling in her nets and although taken in-tow, sank. Three of her crew were lost.
(TRESSUND, (Lofoten II-56), 130/44-wooden motor fishing vessel owned by the Abr. K. Austevall Partrederi, Norway.)

URABA, went aground near Turbo and has been abandoned by her crew.
(URABA, (Airgsten-57), 1,586/22, owned by Maderas del Darien, Colombia.)

10/2 1966 PADRE ISLAND, went aground near Great Isaac Light in the Bahamas in a position 25.59 N, 79.9 W while on a voyage from Emden to Pascagoula.
(PADRE ISLAND, 9,853/42-tanker owned by Steam Tanker Padre Island Inc., Panama.)

THOMAS P, sustained extensive damage when she went aground off Hong Kong when inward bound from Abadan. She was refloated 15/2/66.
(THOMAS P, 10,830/57-motor tanker owned by the Marexpedita Cia. Nav. Liberia.)

12/2 1966 MEGALOCHARI, was driven onto rocks at Piraeus while on trials and sustained such heavy damage that she is a total loss.
(MEGALOCHARI, (Hellas-55, Adele-34, Ashantian, Fordefjord, Kaggefos), 2,959/16, owned by N. G. Nicoleris and J. A. Pappazoglu, Greece.)
14/2 1966 SOUTH AMERICA, was beached in the Maasvlatke near the Hook of Holland after fire had broken out in her cargo when off the Dutch coast during a voyage from Chimbote to Rostock and Gdynia. The fire became uncontrollable and the ship has been completely gutted.
(SOUTH AMERICA, (Rio Teuco-64), 5,361/47, owned by the Empire Shipping Corporation, Liberia.)
15/2 1966 PENSACOLA, sank in Mona Passage, between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, after developing leaks in a position 17.25 N, 68.27 W while on a voyage from Mobile to Trinidad. Her crew was saved.
(PENSACOLA, (Caribe-61, John Leckie-48), 1,897/45, owned by Motonaves del Este, Liberia.)
16/2 1966 WHITE MOUNTAIN, sank about nine miles from Singapore in a position 1.19 N, 104.18 E after being in collision with the British FUNABASHI, 7,325/45-m.v. during a voyage from Bangkok to Colombo. After the collision, WHITE MOUNTAIN capsized, and FUNABASHI was beached on the nearby island of Pulau Ramunia in a position 1.22 N, 104.15 E.
(WHITE MOUNTAIN, (Atlantic Ocean-61, Mary Bickerdyke-46), 7,176/43, owned by the United White Shipping Co., Ltd, Liberia.)
12/1 1967

HMS ALLIANCE went aground off the Isle of Wight, she was refloated two days later .

14/11 1967

USS Auxilliary VANGUARD (T-AGM 19) damaged by collision with dock at Bermuda.

18/12 1967

USS Aircraft Carrier KITTY HAWK (CVA 63) sustained slight damage by fire while docked at Subic Point

22/12 1967 ABDULLAH  (TUR) (2.014/45, Owned by A Hilmi Ozmelek ve Ogullari Donatma Istiraki, Turkey), was reported 22/12/67 to be on fire at Tenedos Island. Sustained only relatively minor damage.
23/12 1967

Odense Staalskibsvaerft A/S delivered turbin tankern EVELYN MAERSK of 101.200 ton d.w. to Rederiet A. P. Möller, Copenhagen, Denmark.

MARINDI JUBAMI, 4,576/48, owned by the Andmare Shipping Corporation, Liberia, had a serious engineroom fire while lying at Cartagena, Colombia.

ROYAN (Horace H. Lurton-46), 7,176/43. By the French Government to German shipbreakers and arrived in tow at Bremen 23/12/67.

ODYSION (Isigny-65, Ezra Cornell-47), 7,309/43, owned by the Northern Marine Corporation, Greece, foundered about 250 miles S.W. of  Walvis Bay in a position 25.49 S, 11. 13 E, after being abandoned by her crew the previous day when she developed leaks during a voyage from Ancona to Shanghai.

BLUE WAVE (Maria-Eleni-67, Sunset-65, City of Colchester-59, Samlea-47), 7,252/43. By Island Marine Associates S.A., Liberia to Japanese shipbreakers and left Osaka 23/12/67 for Matsuyama.

NAM YANG, 3,914/49-m.v., owned by the Cho Yang Shipping Co. Ltd, South Korean, sustained extensive damage by fire while lying at Pusan.

KATHARINA, 398/54-m.v., owned by Tim Schepers & Sohne, West Germany, foundered in the Baltic off the island of Gotland after encountering heavy weather whilst on a voyage from Landsort and taking in water. Her crew was lost.

DEVON (Jagersfontein-67, Elandsfontein-48, Rielfontein), 10,574/50-m.v. By Embajada Cia Nav., Greece to Taiwan shipbreakers and arrived at Kaohsiung 23/12/67.

USS KEARSARGE (CVS 33) damaged by fire while at Sasebo.

24/12 1967

USS Submarine GUARDFISH (SSN 612) ran aground in the entrance to Pearl Harbor

25/12 1967 DIANET, (5,204/62-m.v., owned by Chr. J. Reim, Norway), sustained heavy damage aft when fire broke out when she was moored in the Hudson River, off New York. She is to be towed to Porsgrunn for repair by her builders, the Porsgrunds M.V.

GULFSUPREME, (18,776/61 -tanker, owned by the Gulf Oil Corporation, U.S.A.), arrived at New Orleans with heavy damage caused by fire and explosion resulting from a collision with two barges in the Mississippi River earlier in the day while inward bound from Port Arthur.

MARY (Julia C. Ertel-67, Nigella-63, Olga Torm-60, Olga S-51, Gro-46), 4,585/46m.v., owned by Filomar S.A., Liberia), went aground off Ceuta while on a voyage from Beirut to Colombo, and later broke in two and sank.

ALOUETTE, 4,509/53-m.v., owned by the Cia. Corinthia de Nav., Greece, went aground off Schiermonnikoog 4/12/67 while on passage from Hamburg to the West Indies via Rotterdam. She was, however, refloated 23/12/67 and arrived at Rotterdam in tow.

ANATINA, 10,589/63-m.v., owned by M. Chr. Stray, Norway, arrived at Yokoharna with considerable internal hull damage sustained during a voyage from Xeros to Osaka when, in heavy weather, salt water reached her cargo of copper concentrates and set up a reaction which ate into her plating.
26/12 1967 SUSSEX (Ruthenic-67, Durango-66), 9,801/44-m.v. By Embajada Cia Nav., Greece to Taiwan shipbreakers and arrived at Kaohsiung 26/12/67.

USS Destroyer LYNDE McCORMICK (DDG 8) was damaged by an explosion while at Sasebo,

28/12 1967

NIKOS V (Dynamikos-65, Fireside-62), 2,757/43, owned by the San Mitrofanes S.A., Panama went aground 16 miles from Benghazi during a voyage to that port from Varna. After being abandoned by her crew she became a total loss.

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH (Jeanie Deans-66), 839/31-paddle steamer. Formerly owned by the Coastal Steam Packet Co. Ltd, has been sold by the Admiralty Marshal to Belgian shipbreakers and arrived in tow at Antwerp 28/12/67.
29/12 1967

ADVANCE, 300/66-m.v., owned by Lars Fredriksen, Norway, went aground on the south pier of the Hook of Holland when inward bound from Rouen to Rotterdam. After being abandoned by her crew she became a total loss. ADVANCE, was refloated 10/2/68 and beached, prior to being removed 14/2/68 to a repair yard at Vlaardingen.

HINRICH QUAST (Grohn-64), 425/56-m.v., owned by Peter & Isle Quast, West Germany, went aground in the north Aland Islands during a voyage from Oulu and after being abandoned was broken up by heavy weather.

LADY CAROLINA, 498/66-motor supply ship has been towed to Rotterdam, arriving in the Nieuw Waterweg 29/12/67 for repair by Boele's S.W. & M.F., Bolnes.
30/12 1967 ST. JOHN (San Jorge-54, Andres Almonaster-48), 7,176/44. By Classic Shipping Corporation, Lebanon, for £51,250 to Chinese (Communist) Mainland shipbreakers and arrived at Shanghai 30/12/67.
31/12 1967 NOGIN (Ewa-43, Tacoma-37, Eldridge), 7,003/19. By Sovtorgflot, Russia to Italian shipbreakers and arrived in tow at Spezia 31/12/67.
9/1 1968

Swedish submarine TUMLAREN towed away for scrapping.

16/1 1968

ADRIATIKI, (2,040143, owned by Aegean Steam Navigation Typaldos Bros. Ltd, Greece), foundered in Keratsini Roads whilst under tow after breaking adrift from her lay-up moorings at Perama during a gale the previous day.

FRED H. BILLUPS, (2,887/60 motor l.p.g. tanker, owned by Marine Caribbean Lines Inc., Liberia), went aground on the Venezuelan coast in a position 12.27N, 71.41W, but was refloated 28/1/68.

17/1 1968 ZUIKO MARU, (5,617/32-m.v., owned by Nippo Kisen K.K., Japan), went aground off Yakeyama Saki, Aomori and was abandoned by her crew.
18/1 1968 OU-VAS-TU (Helena Cornelis-65), 153/65-motor fishing vessel, owned by J. Ropert, France), disappeared off the Ulster coast during 11/68. Wreckage from her was found in a position 55.50 N, 8.12 W, and she is presumed to have foundered during the storm with her crew of ten.
19/1 1968 BIDURI, (662/53-m.v., owned by the Indonesian Government), was beached just off Singapore after colliding with the tanker CANOPUS, 3,143/45-m.v. while inward bound.

SEIUN MARU No. 3, (630/64-m.v., owned by the Tsurumi Kisen K.K., Japan), foundered off Iro Saki while on a voyage from Namikata to Tokyo.

23/1 1968

USS Auxilliary PUEBLO (AGER 2) was seized by North Korean boarding party on the high seas near Wansan 23 Jan. 1968 & remains in North Korean custody

6/2 1968

USS Destroyer BACHE (DD 470) was driven aground while at anchor at Rhodes by a sudden gale and was extensively damaged

9/2 1968 USS Auxilliary SEVERN (AD 61) ran aground off Jamestown , R. I.
14/2 1968

ADVANCE (300/66-m.v., Owned by Lars Fredriksen, Norway), went aground 29/12/67 on the south pier of the Hook of Holland when inward bound from Rouen to Rotterdam. After being abandoned by her crew she became a total loss. She was refloated 10/2/68 and beached, prior to being removed 14/2/68 to a repair yard at Vlaardingen.

13/1 1969 An explosion ripped through the US aircraft carrier Enterprise off Hawaii, killing 28 crewmembers with a further 344 men being injured. In addition, 15 aircraft were destroyed and 17 damaged. The dreadful chain of events was started by an exhaust "cooking" off a pod of Zuni rockets which were on a wing pylon of an F-4 Phantom.
19/1 1969 The USCGC Absecon, while on ocean station duty, was directed to assist the sinking M/V Ocean Sprinter. The Absecon launched a small boat and rescued all of the merchant vessel's crew. The five Coast Guardsmen manning the small boat received the Coast Guard Medal for their actions.
10/2 1969 Greek steamer LUKIA (M. Liminship Cia.Nav, Greece). Sprang leak in Yellow Sea, abandoned and towed to Shanghai. Seized by China - no further trace
11/3 1969 Somalian steamer SHUN TAI (Chan Moo Chu, Hong Kong (Somali flag) sunk at 01.12N 103.51E in collision off Singapore with s/s WORLD CARRIER.
29/4 1969 Motor tanker MOBIL APEX (12 755/60) owned by MobilTankship Ltd., London, damaged by explosion and fire during loading at St. Croix, Virgin Island. Towed to Ponee P.R.. She was later sold and repaired.
1/5 1969 Canadian motor ship KORALLE struck a submerged object and was forced aground in Kosak River  near Fort Chimo, Ungava Bay, Canada.
25/6 1969 Steamer ANDROMACHI (Dalia Cia Nav, Panama (Greek flag). Damaged and set on fire by Israeli shelling at Suez. Scrapped 1976 at Adabiah, Suez.
18/8 1969 Liberian steamer HULDA (International Marine Development Corp, Liberia). Aground in hurricane at Gulfport, total loss.
9/9 1969 Greek motor ship IRENE stranded and wrecked near Ras Selata.
23/10 1969 Destroyer HMCS Kootenay while on exercises off the UK. suffered a gearbox explosion, 8 crew lost, (in addition one died 3 days later) 53 injured, towed to Plymouth, by HMCS Saguenay & commercial tug Elbe. Subsequently towed to Canada.
25/11 1969 The Liberian steam tanker Pacocean was on a voyage from Bahrain to Nigata with a cargo of 29,000 tons of crude oil, when she broke in two in heavy seas off the southern tip of Taiwan in lat 21.28N, long 129.32E. The two sections drifted apart, the crew taking refuge on the afterpart. Numerous vessels arrived on the scene to assist in rescuing 45 of her 48 all-Chinese crew. Three others were lost. The fore section sank later in the day, while the after part sank the following morning.
29/12 1969 Panamanian steamer HORIS (Concordia Kinabatangan Shipping Co, Panama). Capsized and sank at 03.53N 119.23E.
11/1 1970 American tanker SABINE SUN Wrecked Las Minas Bay and broken up Castellon on 04/19/1970
26/5 1974 Norwegian bulkcarrier SYGNA ran aground and wrecked during a major storm on Stockton Beach, Australia.
On 4 September 1974 a salvage team led by Japanese millionaire Kitoku Yamada refloated the ship after repairing several holes in the hull and then pumping out thousands of tonnes of water. The stern section was refloated first, followed by the bow, which had been resting deep in the sand. The bow remained afloat but unfortunately for the salvagers the stern again went aground about 80 m (262 ft) out from the beach and gradually settled in the sand as salvage crews stripped it of all items of value. In November 1974 another salvage attempt was made of the stern of the Sygna. This caused a very heavy oil spillage, which spread along a 16 kilometres (10 mi) stretch of Stockton Beach. Bulldozers attempted to bury the oil in the sand above the high water mark. After lying in Salamander Bay in Port Stephens for almost two years the bow section was towed away and broken up in Taiwan.
12/1 1975 Greek tanker MASTER STATHIOS (1960 / 12927gt). On voyage Aden to Las Palmas, she was abandonned by her crew after fire broke out in her engine room, 50 milles off Durban. She was then towed to Durban by tug SEEFALKE. She stayed there till May 1976, when she proceeded in tow towards Kaohsiung for demolition. (launched at Cadiz in 1960 as Spanish MEQUINENZA )
23/11 1976 SOUTHERN SUN (Imo: 7033264) wrecked off Zuetina, laid up at La Spezia and broken up Barcelona on 5/30/1980
5/3 1977 M/V Ofotfjord stranded outside Arendal. The vessel was on a journey from Fredrikstad to Bergen when the accident occurred. At two o'clock in the night the vessel stranded on Mellombåen reef. The vessel takes after she stranded in to much water so the crew immediately calls for assistance. They are soon after picked up by the rescue vessel Tønnes Puntervold and brought to land. In the meantime Ofotfjord sinks. In the days that follows some of the cargo were salvaged together with some inventory. It was also planned that the wreck was to be removed form her current location, but after a storm the vessel breaks in two pieces and Ofotfjord then finds her last resting place in the deep.
13/5 1977 Panamanian motor vessel CIRCLE VISION (ex: (Sw) 8906 GUNILLA) gruonded at Gulf of Kutch near Navinal Point . Crew was saved, the ship was abandoned as a wreck.
14/5 1977 SIETE DE AGOSTO, (Benigno Montenegro-77) (929/64—m.f.v. owned by Ventura S.A. Maritima Commercials e Industrial, Argentina), Foundered off the Canary Islands.
7/7 1977 MIDNIGHT SUN, (180/65—m.survey/supply ship Owned by Guzzetta Offshore Marine Services Inc., U.S.A.), was,so extensively damaged by fire when in a position 28.16 N. 95.21 W off Freeport, Texas that she later has been declared a constructive total loss. She is however, being repaired by her owners.
16/8 1977 M/V CEANG was a vessel which was loaded with 576 tons of stone and was on a journey from Høgsvik to Bergen when she went on a reef. In the accident three of the crew of six men perished. Two of them were found after the accident. Divers from Falken were down on the wreck after the accident, but could not find the missing person. The divers could also tell that the vessel had sunken quickly since one of the lifeboats still was attached on the wreck. A rift in the bottom with a length of ten meters gave the unlucky not more than some minutes to get into the water during the accident.
23/8 1977 STOLT ARGO (10.699/56—m,tanker)  was towed to Brownsville, Texas, arriving there 23/8/77 for demolition by Brownsville Steel Inc. She was renamed TOLT for her last voyage.
31/8 1977 TABILAI, (291/71—m.v. Owned by the Government of Fiji), sank off Vanuambalavu Island 31/8/77 during a voyage from Suva to the outer islands
9/9 1977 TOMMY II, (11.048/58—m.v. Owned by Lyndhurst Financial Corp., Panama), was reported 9/9/77 to have grounded off Sulina.
26/10 1977 TSESIS, russian motor tanker grounded at Fifång, south off Nynäshamn, Sweden.
6/11 1977 Greek coastal tanker PIRAEUS II (Ionian Tank Shipping (G.Kalogeratos & Co, Greece) Afire and sank Eleusis Bay, Greece. 1978 Raised and scrapped Piraeus.
11/11 1977

ARISTOTELES, (4.305/52—m.v. Owned by Matagre Cia. Nav. S.A., Greece), went aground on Sestrice Island 11/11/77 in a position 42.58 N. 17.13 Eduring a voyage from Ploce to Bar.

ISVANIA, (1.000/38—m.v. Owned by Beharrys Cia. de Nav. Panama), went aground about four miles north of the entrance to Montrose during a storm 11/11 /77 when inward bound from Leith. She was, however, refloated 15/11/77.
12/11 1977

HERO, (4.493/72—m.roll‑on, roll‑off ferry. Owned by Domino Container Ships Ltd. and DFDS (U.K.) Ltd.), was abandoned by her crew 12/11/77 in a position 54.30 N. 05.37 E after developing a list during a storm while on a voyage from Esbjerg to Grimsby. She sank the following day. One member of her crew was lost.

SEATTLE, (299/53—m.v. Owned by Leif Andass, Norway), sank in shallow water near Lysekil after being towed there when she had developed a heavy list 12/11/77 during a gale while on passage from Norway to Germany.

13/11 1977

SUN CASTOR, (6.737/75—m.v. Owned by Grand Castor Inc., Panama), was driven aground in Lingayen Gulf, Philippine Islands, 13/11/77 in a position 16.02 N. 120.14 E by typhoon 'Kim'.

DAYAKA TIGA, (3.223/69—m.v. Owned by 'Pahoka', Indonesia), was driven aground in Lingayen Gulf during the night 13‑14/11 /77 by typhoon 'Kim'. She lies partly sunk in a position 16.03 N. 120.14 E.
14/11 1977 JERSEY, capsized and foundered off the Norfolk Coast, west of Dudgeon Light Vessel, in a position 53.14 N. 01.11 E after her cargo had shifted during a storm while on passage from Whitstable to Leith. Her crew was saved.

KYUNG JUN, (296/55—m.f.v. Owned by Korea Ocean Fishery Co. Ltd., South Korea), was reported 14/11/77 to have grounded N.W. of Hokkaido.

NIMROD, (378/48—m.v. Owned by Forumcastle Ltd. (Tower Shipping Ltd., managers) Jersey), capsized and foundered off the Norfolk Coast, west of Dudgeon Light Vessel, 14/11/77 in a position 53.14 N. 01.11 E after her cargo had shifted during a storm while on passage from Whitstable to Leith. Her crew was saved.

WAN FU, (9.180/50—m.v. Owned by Wan Fu. S.S. Co. S.A. Panama) was beached in Singapore Roads 14/11/77 after being in collision with NIKKEI MARU No. 3,17,872/69—m.v. during a voyage from Kaohalung to the Persian Gulf.
16/11 1977

UNION CRYSTAL, (Timrix-75, Majo-72) 499/65—m.v. Owned by Jencar Ltd. and others, Singapore, sank in a position 50.27 N. 05.34 W 16/11/77 after being abandoned about twelve miles north of Cape Cornwall when she developed a heavy list during a storm while on a voyage from Kilroot to Poole. Only her master survived of her crew of six.

17/11 1977 EAGLE III, (Dargle-77, Schokland-75, Energie-65), 400/56—m.v. Owned by Panamanian interests) foundered about six miles S.E. of the mouth of the Tyne 17/11/77 in a position 54.09 N. 01.1; W after being abandoned by her crew the previous night when she took on a heavy list during a voyage from Tayport to Bergen‑op‑Zoom.
18/11 1977 MANO No. 5., (Sankei Mare-72), 3.942/70—m.v., Owned by Bando Lumber Co. Ltd., South Korea), foundered 18/11/77in a position 26.51 N 127.12 E during a voyage from Malaysia to Busan. Her crew was saved.
19/11 1977 DAGNY SKOU, (9.623/71—m.v. Owned by Ove Skou, Denmark), was towed into Manzanillo, extensively damaged, after being abandoned by her crew 14/11/77 following explosions and fire when she was in 16.39 N. 105.15.30 W during a voyage from Yokohama to Callao.
21/11 1977 CHATON, (Dani-77, Daniel ‑73), 486/53—m.v. Owned by Pigi Shipping Co. Ltd., Panama), was driven aground near Hendaye 21/11/77 during a storm while on a voyage from Lowestoft to Bilbao. Three members of her clew were lost.
22/11 1977 MARIDAN C., (1.018/46—m.v. Owned by Orleans Navigation Inc., Canada), was reported 22/11/77 to have gone aground in the Detroit River.
23/11 1977 SEA CORAL, (Tria-75, Arak-62), 500/51—m.v. Owned by Sea Coral Shipping Co. Ltd., Greece), stranded near Cabo Roca 23/11/77 after leaving Cascais during a voyage from the Mediterranean to Cork.
24/11 1977 ROYAL SAKURA, (Nipponham Maru No. 1 ‑76, Reiyo Maru-67, Soho Maru-63) 1.593/57—m.v. Owned by Kingstone Nav. Corp. S.A., Panama), sank in the East China Sea 24/11/77 in a position 27.43 N. 127.07 E during a voyage from Kaohsiung to Kobe. Her crew was saved.
3/12 1977

British Tug EMPIRE ROSA (The Admiralty). Ashore at Drummore, Galloway - total loss.

20/12 1977 Greek motorship EMMANUEL C. (11.515 grt/1959, Nea Ninemia Ship Co., Piraeus, Greece) grounded near St. John’s, New Foundland when on a voyage Piraeus- Montreal. 7/7 1978 arrived in tow at Brownsville U.S.A. to be broken up.
27/12 1977

Cypriotic motor vessel LAS MINAS (ex: SWE 8758 DIANA) sank in Red Sea when on a voyage to Saleef with a cargo of 3.000 ton cement. 12 crewmembers saved by motor vessel ADIB.

3/2 1978 Italian motor vessel MARIA DORMIO sprang leak and sank about 56 miles SW of Cape Miseno, Tyrrhenian Sea. Crew saved. (Owner: Ant Scotto di Santolo, Italy)
17/3 1978 The oil tanker Amoco Cadiz runs aground on the coast of Brittany, breaks in half and spills 220,000 tons of crude oil. The spill created an oil slick 18 miles wide and 80 miles long causing an environmental ecological disaster in the area.
18/4 1978 U.S. Senate voted 68-32 to turn the Panama Canal over to Panamanian control on Dec. 31, 1999.
5/5 1978 Greek motor vessel KATERINA grounded off Kamaran Island in the Red Sea when on a voyage from Aden, refloated and towed to Palermo where she arrived 22/5 and declared as a constructive total loss. Towed to Split for demolision and arrived at Brodospas 25/9 1979. (ex: KALAVRIA-74, MARILION-73, JALAVIHAR-71. Owners: Katerina Armadora de Nav. S.A., Greece. 7.310grt, build 1955)
28/6 1978

British steamer MARGARET SMITH  sprang leak, capsized and sank at 52.42N 01.28W. (Owner: Bowen & Caine, Southampton).

19/8 1978

Soviet submarine K-116, another Echo II-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine suffers a propulsion failure west of Scotland and must be towed home.

20/10 1978

The USS cutter Cuyahoga sinks after colliding with M/V Santa Cruz II near the mouth of the Potomac River. 11 Coast Guard personnel are killed.

8/11 1978

SS Glacier Queen (ex-HMCS Orangeville) sank as a hulk Cook Inlet AK. Jan 1979, raised towed to sea scuttled.

24/12 1978 Swedish motor vessel ALSTERN sunk in the North Sea.
25/12 1978

Motor tanker KOSMAS M. (12 360/57, Owned by Minos Shipping Transports Co. Lts., Greece) was abandoned by her crew after fire had broken out in her engine room when she was in pos. 40,13 N, 26.25 E in the Dardanelles during a voyage from Odessa to Yugoslavia. She was anchored aff Akbas where the fire was subsequently extinguished.

8/1 1979

French oiltanker BETELGEUSE, (121.000 ton) exploded in Bantry Bay, Ireland during discharge. Over 50 crewmembers and terminalworkers killed.

10/1 1979

AB Oskarshamns Varv, Oskarshamn, Sweden deliver yard.no: 426 GULF EXPRESS, a roro-ship, to OT-Rederierna, Skärhamn, Sweden.

19/1 1979

FEAB, Uddevalla, Marstransverken, Sweden deliver yard.no: 138 RAGNA GORTHON, a ro-lo-ship, to Gorthons Rederi AB, Helsingborg, Sweden.

24/1 1979

Uddevallavarvet AB, Sweden deliver yard.no: 299 POLYTRAVELLER, a motor tanker, to Einar Rasmussen, Kristiansand, Norway.

1/1 1979

AB Lödöse Varv, Lödöse, Sweden deliver yard.no: 180 LINNÉ, a roro-ship, to OT-Rederierna, Skärhamn, Sweden.

16/2 1979

Greek motor vessel MARGARET (3.361 grt / 1953). Sustained damage to her main switchboard during a engine room fire at Casablanca, and as a result laid up in the outer harbour.

20/2 1979

Kalmar Varv AB, Kalmar, Sweden deliver yard.no: 445 MERZARIO ARCADIA, a roro-ship, to Ångbåts AB Kalmarsund, Göteborg, Sweden.

22/2 1979

Öresundsvarvet AB, Landskrona, Sweden deliver yard.no: 266 WINTER WATER, a reefership to Salénrederierna, Stockholm / Rederi AB Zenit, Göteborg, Sweden.

23/2 1979

Götaverken-Arendal, Gothenburg, Sweden deliver yard.no: 913 WINTER MOON, a reefership to Salénrederierna, Stockholm / Rederi AB Zenit, Göteborg, Sweden.

14/3 1979

Öresundsvarvet AB, Landskrona, Sweden deliver yard.no: 267 WINTER WAVE, a reefership to Salénrederierna, Stockholm / Rederi AB Zenit, Göteborg, Sweden.

23/3 1979

Karlskronavarvet AB, Karlskrona, Sweden deliver yard.no: 395 BALTIC PRESS, a roro-ship, to a Swedish Shipping company.

30/3 1979

Götaverken-Arendal, Gothenburg, Sweden deliver yard.no: 915 WINTER STAR, a reefership to Salénrederierna, Stockholm / Rederi AB Zenit, Göteborg, Sweden.

6/4 1979

Götaverken-Arendal, Gothenburg, Sweden deliver yard.no: 903 NORRLAND, a PROBO-carrier, to Rederi AB Zenit, Göteborg, Sweden.

7/4 1979

Launching of first Trident submarine, USS Ohio (SSBN-726) at Groton, CT.

Northern Pearl . Prawn trawler. Capsized and sank off Mornington Island, NT.

27/4 1979

Öresundsvarvet AB, Landskrona, Sweden deliver yard.no: 269 ANNA ODEN, a roro-ship to Rederi AB Oden Line, Skärhamn, Sweden.

10/5 1979

Collapse and sinking of mobile offshore drilling unit RANGER I in the Gulf of Mexico with loss of life.

15/5 1979

FEAB, Uddevalla, Marstransverken, Sweden deliver yard.no: 139 LOVISA GORTHON, a ro-lo-ship, to Gorthons Rederi AB, Helsingborg, Sweden.

29/5 1979

Götaverken-Arendal, Gothenburg, Sweden deliver yard.no: 898 BULLAREN, a roro-ship, to Rederi AB Transatlantic, Göteborg, Sweden.

8/6 1979

Uddevallavarvet AB, Sweden deliver yard.no: 303 SIBOFIR a obo-ship to Tschudi & Eitzen, Oslo, Norway.

14/6 1979

Falkenbergs Varv, Falkenberg, Sweden deliver yard.no: 175 GUTE, a roro-ship, to Rederi AB Gotland, Visby, Sweden.
AB Åsiverken, Åmål, Sweden deliver yard.no: 126 VERONICA, a motor tug, to Luleå Bogserbåts AB, Luleå, Sweden.

15/6 1979

Karlskronavarvet AB, Karlskrona, Sweden deliver yard.no: 396 BALTIC PRINT, a roro-ship, to a Swedish Shipping Company.
Eriksbergs M.V. AB, Gothenburg, Sweden deliver yard.no: 708 ATLAND, a product tanker, to Broströms Rederi AB / Rederi AB Ejdern, Gothenburg, Sweden.

21/6 1979

Öresundsvarvet AB, Landskrona, Sweden deliver yard.no: 264 MOORDRECHT, a bulkship to Phs. Van Ommeren, Rotterdam, Netherlands

1/7 1979

AB Oskarshamns Varv, Oskarshamn, Sweden deliver yard.no: 427 FINNEAGLE, a roro-ship, to OT-Rederierna, Skärhamn, Sweden.

6/7 1979

Uddevallavarvet AB, Sweden deliver yard.no: 300 ABBEY, a bulkcarrier to Grosvenor Leasing Co., London, U. K.

25/11 1979 The Bohai No. 2 jack-up rig was operated by the Ocean Oil Company and sank on 25 November 1979, resulting in the deaths of 72 out of the 74 personnel on board. The jack-up encountered a storm with force 10 winds while under tow in the Gulf of Bohai between China and Korea.
11/8 1986 The Atlantic waters off the coast of Virginia would seem a safe enough sea- lane for an American tanker. But for a moment the crew of the 30,000-ton Western Sun must have wondered if they were in the Persian Gulf. Seemingly out of nowhere, an AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile blew a 2 1/2- ft. hole in the ship's superstructure. Fortunately, the errant missile was not armed with its customary exploding warhead and missed the ship's cargo of 26,000 bbl. of oil. The 9-ft. projectile was apparently launched during training maneuvers by an F-14 fighter from the Naval Air Station at Oceana, Va.
26/8 1987  British general cargo ship MARAL R. hads a engineroom fire 1 mile E of Longstone lighthouse, Farne Is. Abandoned by crew and beached off Seaton Sluice. (Sold to C&J Marine Ltd, Newcastle and scrapped in situ. Built as ORTOLAN for General Steam Navigation Co Ltd. 1978-sold to Boston Offshore Maintenance Co Ltd, renamed JUDERT. 1979-renamed MARAL R. )
16/10 1987

AEOLOS (3,834/68-m.v.) was sold to Ferromar Inc., and arrived 16/10/87 at Brownsville, where demolition began in 11/87

4/12 1987 ACTINIA (CYP) (IMO: 7386207) (Gibraltar-87) 109,567/75-m.tanker. Cadiz #98. Owned by Actinia Shipping Co., Cyprus), was badly damaged when she was attacked by Iraqi aircraft when she was in a position 27.37 N, 51 .20 E during a voyage from Kharg Island to Larak Island. She was abandoned by her crew but was later taken in tow for Larak Island.
7/5 1988

ABOUDY  (Eg) (IMO: 5060732) (Cap Saint Jean-79, Ville de Tenes-62) 499/60-m.v. Kootstertille # 111 Owned by Nakhla & Sado Maritime Services, Egypt), sank during bad weather in a position 28°20' N, 33°08' E whilst on a voyage from Suez to Jeddah.

18/5 1988

ACE CHEMI   (Pa) (IMO: 8421406) Lch.as Ace. 4,072/85-m.tanker. Kochi # 2420. Owned by Great Sky Shipping Co. S.A., Panama), was attacked by three iranian gunboats when in the Strait of Hormuz in a position 26° 34' N. 56° 20' E. She was set on fire aft and was abandoned by her crew. She was taken in tow and arrived in tow at Dubai 19/5/88.

29/5 1988 ABEER 2  (ARE) (IMO: 6615089) (Jvonne-87, Divona-79, launched as Sunnanhav) 1,290/66-m.v, Falkenbergs Varv #144, Owned by Emirates Saudi Shipping Co., United Arab Emirates), sank in the Red Sea in a position 22.20 N, 64.10 E after an explosion during a voyage to Dubai.
15/12 1988 Capsizing and sinking of the mobile offshore drilling unit ROWAN GORILLA I in the North Atlantic Ocean.
24/3 1989 The Exxon Valdez, a 987-foot oil tanker, ran aground on a reef and ripped holes in its hull, spilling crude oil into Alaska's Prince William Sound. The Tanker spilled over 200,000 Barrels of Oil or more than 11 million gallons of crude oil leaving a Five Mile Slick making it one of the largest and most devastating environmental disasters at sea.
After 3 months when environmentalists and biologists did a study it was found that nearly 250,000 seabirds,3,000 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles and up to 22 killer whales died as a result of the spill, and the fish stocks in the area were also devastated due to the oil .
8/11 1989 Whilst on tow to a new location in the North Sea, the Interocean II oilrig ran into a gale with 85 mph winds and 25 foot seas. After losing one of its towlines, the UK coast guard was notified and two choppers were scrambled from Bristow's North Denes base in Norfolk to extract 43 of the rig's 51 crew. The first chopper reached the rig 30 minutes later to find the rig pitching and rolling, with the helideck tilted at 10 degrees. In driving rain, with the rig heaving up to 25 feet, the first 10 crew were airlifted and flown to a neighbouring platform. The rig capsized and sank as a result of structural failure and flooding.
7/2 1990 The American Trader (ex: America Sun), owned by Attransco, leaking approx. 400,000 bbls. of Alaskan Crude off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif. The leak was caused from the ship running over it's own anchor. It was estimated it cost $35 million to clean up this spill.
28/9 1994 MS Estonia (Estonia) - The MS Estonia sank in rough water. An investigation claimed that the failure of the bow visor door allowed water from the Baltic Sea to enter the ship. The accident claimed almost 1000 lives. Only 137 survived.
21/5 1996 MV Bukoba (Tanzania) - The overloaded Bukoba sank on on Lake Victoria. While the ship's manifest showed 443 aboard, it is estimated that about 800 people died in the sinking.
11/3 1997

Westhaven. Fishing trawler out of Arbroath. Lost 100 miles NE of Aberdeen, in the area of the Piper oilfield. Nets believed to have snagged. 4 persons lost. Wreck located on sea bed.

Gora Lass. Fishing vessel, lost two and one half miles NW of Portreath, Cornwall. 2 lives lost, one person missing. Wreck located on sea bed.
26/3 1997 Cita. Cargo ship, registered in Antigua, 3000 tons, on passage from Southampton to Belfast with 200 containers on board, ran aground on rocks at Porth Hellick, on the eastern side of the island of St. Mary's, Isle of Scilly. Around 100 of the containers broke free. The crew of 8, one having sustained a broken leg, were rescued by the St. Mary's lifeboat after the ship began taking on water. It settled partially submerged with a 45 degree list to port. Later sank in shallow water.
6/5 1997 HANDE S. (TUR) sold to Gesa Gemi Makina San ve Tic Ltd., Turkey to be broken up.
14/5 1997 A collision occured between the 180 foot, USCG Cutter Cowslip and the 757 foot container ship Ever Grade. The collision took place in restricted visability on the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the incident. Cowslip was up bound on the Columbia River while returning to her home port of Astoria, Oregon. The cutter's commanding officer was on the bridge at the time of the collision. The Ever Grade was down bound on the river having left Portland, Oregon earlier in the day. A 1 to 1.5 knot ebb current was adding to the large ship's speed.
12/7 1997 Finnish motorship NAJADEN bound from Kotka, Finland for Hamburg, Germany a Finnish Feeder-class cargo vessel grounded off Estonian coast. The officer on watch had fallen asleep soon after he took the watch. He had not altered the course to follow the traffic separation but the vessel carried on across the Gulf of Finland over three hours until she grounded. The bottom of the vessel was damaged. Those onboard were not hurt and no environmental harm was caused.
25/8 1997 BALASHIKHA (m.general cargo) (UKR) build 1965, 10.069 grt. Discharge of cargo suspended at Aden due cargo allegedly wet and infested. Arrested. Still anchored in outer harbour 15/02/1999. To be sold at auction.
9/9 1997 CORDIALITY (m.bulk) (PAN) build 1979, 20.284 grt. Set fire by Tamil rebels off Pulmoddai. Accommodation and engine-room severely damaged. Flooded and listing by stern. Sank 30/9 and obstructing loading point of Mineral Sand Corp. Still lying “as is” 29/5 2000.
11/10 1997 BLUE BAY (m.bulk) (PAN) build 1972, 13.436 grt. Had engine problem about 250 miles north of St. Michael’s and taken in tow for Lisbon. Arrived Lisbon 17/10 in tow of tug. Reported 17/11 no repairs commenced as crew on strike. Reported 11/12 under arrest.
19/10 1997 Maisie Graham. Struck rocks around 35 miles off the Isle of Mull, Scottish Western Isles. The crew were rescued from the boats rafts by the Islay RNLI Lifeboat
1/11 1997 M/V NOL AMBER (Singaporean-registry 38,541-dwt, 2,308-TEU containership.) ran aground off Goods Island in Queensland, Australia. The ship, fully loaded, was sailing from Singapore to Brisbane, Australia as part of the Australia Asia Express;
2/11 1997 1 crewmember was killed and 2 are missing after an explosion aboard the M/T HAN CHANG No. 5 (South Korean) while anchored at Ulsan, South Korea, waiting to load cargo
4/11 1997 Three people of 10 that hid in a container loaded with clothing from the Dominican Republic were found dead the after the container was unloaded from M/V PAMPERO (5,660-dwt containership) at the Port of Palm Beach, Fla. It is believed they entered the tainer where it was loaded before being taken to the port. Investigators found bread, biscuits, crackers & jugs of water. A hole was drilled in to let in air but the hole was blocked by another container

A cargo of steel aboard M/V KING ACE (Panamanian.) shifted while the ship was southeast of Kagoshima, Japan. After developing a list, the vessel was towed the next day to Naha, Japan

10/11 1997 M/V BANDURA-1 sank after it was in a collision with M/V KOTA BINTANG (Singaporean-registry) at Chittagong, Bangladesh. Eight of the 9 crew of the sunken vessel were rescued and 1 is missing;
11/11 1997 M/V CHU HAI (Chinese-registry cargo ship) sank after colliding at 2340 with M/V ASIAN HIBISCUS (Panamanian-registry). The ship sank in the Kammon Strait off Kitakyushu, Japan;
12/11 1997 Five crew are missing after the sinking of M/V DON RICARDO (Antigua and Barbuda-registry general cargo) in the western Aegean Sea between the Greek islands of Kea &Macronissos. The Don Ricardo collided with M/V MUHIEDDINE VII (Syrian-registry.) in heavy fog;
15/11 1997 M/V SEIUN MARU No. 20 (Japanese) capsized and sank at 0200 after colliding with M/V SUMIHO MARU No. 75 off Iwate prefecture, Japan, leaving 1 dead and 3 missing;
19/11 1997 M/V GREEN LILY (Bahamian refrigerated), sailing from Lerwick, Scotland, to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands with frozen fish, had engine problems off the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It was taken in tow by the Gargano (Italian tug) but the tow parted and the Green Lily ran aground. Battered by high winds and heavy seas, the ship broke up 20 Nov. with 1 dead;
21/11 1997 M/V KATE MAERSK (Danish-registry containership operated by Maersk Line) lost 26 containers in the Bay of Biscay. Weather conditions included high winds. An investigation has reportedly shown that the containers were improperly stowed and lashings were too slack;

M/V NADINE (Syrian registry) sank after a collision with M/T FIANDRA (Greek) in the Aegean Sea;

22/11 1997 M/T APANCHANIT No. 5 sank 14 miles off Japan's Nagasaki prefecture
24/11 1997 M/V AN TAI (Belize-registry general cargo ship) sank at Wharf 14 in the North Port of Port Klang, Malaysia, after it began to flood at near the No. 3 cargo hold
26/11 1997 M/V KUROSHIMA (Panamanian motor refrigerated ship) has leaked about 100,000 gallons of fuel that came ashore in Summer Bay, Alaska, polluting 2,400 feet of the shoreine and another 1.6 miles of Summer Bay Lake. The ship ran aground in high winds off Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Water depth in the area is at most 7 feet and weather included winds of about 90 knots and seas of 20 feet. Three crew & the chief officer were killed while the 16 other crew members were rescued after a lifeboat was pulled to shore by a line fired to the ship. M/V KUROSHIMA had arrived to load frozen seafood and had been anchored offshore but its anchor chain snapped and it drifted; Crowley Maritime Corp. has been hired to refloat the KUROSHIMA (Panamanian-registry 4,160-gt, 4,845-dwt, 81.7-meter/268-foot refrigerated ship built in 1988, owned by Kuroshima Inc. and operated by Fukuoka Zosen K.K.). The ship had anchored off Dutch Harbor, Alaska, and was to load seafood when its anchor dragged in 98-knot winds and seas up to 6.1 meters/20 feet. On 26 Nov., the ship ran aground on Second Priest Rock off Dutch Harbor. Two Philippine crewmembers from Manila, Michael Valdellon, 46, the chief officer, and Benito Gestosani, 36, the bosun, were killed while the 16 other crewmembers were rescued after a lifeboat was pulled to shore by a line fired to the ship. The two killed were sent forward with a third crewmember to lift the anchor when a wave hit the Kuroshima. The third man, Juanito Cuerquez, 30, from Manila, fell onto the deck below and suffered a fractured hip. The master and chief engineer are Japanese citizens with the rest of the crew from the Philippines. Ruptured fuel tanks spilled 148,200 liters/39,000 gallons of Bunker C fuel. About 19,000 liters/5,000 galons was left aboard for use in propulsion during the refloating. At last report, Crowley Maritime was waiting for favorable weather to refloat the Kuroshima, using its American Salvor (U.S.-registry, 64.9 meters/213 feet long). Magone Marine Services is assisting. The ship will then be towed to Dutch Harbor for temporary repairs. It is estimated that U.S.$2.2 million has been spent so far on salvage.

M/V HOEGH MISTRAL & M/T NORDFARER (Bahamian) collided in French territorial waters south of the Isle of Wight, suffering heavy damage

27/11 1997 Fire began near the engine room of M/T SANSEN MARU (Japanese-registry) 11 miles north- northwest of Masuda, Japan. Sansen Maru is carrying 780,000 gallons of gasoline & light oil
30/11 1997 a French Dauphin helicopter & a British Coast Guard Sea King helicopter rescued the crew of the M/V MSC ROSA M (1,050-TEU containership operated by Mediterranean Shipping Co.) after they abandoned the ship in the English Channel. Weather included Beaufort Force 5 or 6 conditions. The crew boarded lifeboats after the vessel began listing off Cherbourg, France, after its cargo shifted. The master attempted to return to the ship but abandoned the effort due to the MSC Rosa M's 38-degree starboard list. The ship is to be beached so that pumping operations can continue. The vessel had been denied permission to enter Cherbourg;

M/V MSC CARLA; In Major Container Disaster as the forward section of the 2,868-TEU motor containership [built in 1972 at Landskrona, Sweden; operated by Mediterranean Shipping Co.], sank 30 Nov. in the Atlantic Ocean. The forward section took as many as 1,200 to the bottom. The ship broke into 2 pieces on early 25 Nov. during a storm 110 miles north Sao Miguel Island in Portugal's Azores Islands. The break-up was at 39 degrees 31 minutes north, 25 degrees 01 minutes west. Weather conditions reportedly included 30-foot seas & gale force winds. The ship broadcast a message late 24 Nov. that its rudder had failed and 2 Portuguese from the aft section. At least 3 crew suffered minor abrasions. The MSC Carla's stern was taken in tow by the tug FOTIY KRYLOV for San Miguel Island and was still under tow at last report at 3 knots, with a 6-degree starboard list, but was badly sheering. The MSC Carla was sailing from Le Havre, France, to Boston with 2,400 containers and the surviving section of the ship reportedly has about 1,000 containers aboard, including 410 FEUs. Forty-three reefer containers have had their reefer systems restored. More, France's Nuclear Safety Agency said 28 Nov. that some containers aboard the MSC Carla contained medical equipment with radioactive components. The agency said that 3 pieces of medical equipment contained Cesium 137.

M/V CLIPPER SKAGEN (Norwegian tanker) rammed the F/V PEDER WESSEL (Danish) in the Oresund sound between Denmark & Sweden, killing 2 crewmembers

2/12 1997 M/T Flanders Gloria (Liberian) collided with M/T Mundogas Orinoco (COSCO.) near Kaohsiung, Taiwan
3/12 1997 Four people were injured, 2 seriously, after a fire inside a cargo tank aboard M/T Mosqueen (Bahamian VLCC) off Dubai, UAE

M/V Promex Cita (11,599-dwt) sank off Ly Son Island, Vietnam. The ship was carrying granite floor tiles from China to Indone r the damage, the ship sailed towards the Vietnamese coast before it sank in 100 feet of water.

Collision between the M/V SAUDI MAKKAH and the M/V TURTLE QUEEN in the Chesapeake Bay with no injuries, no loss of life and no pollution.

4/12 1997 M/V St. Jude Express (Belize dry cargo ship) caught fire & later had an explosion off E. Cuba. The ship drifted and the 7 crew were rescued by M/V Bremen Senator (46,490-dwt containership)
7/12 1997 M/V Celtic Warrior sunk after a collision with M/V Annegret off Greece. Details are few, but there are no reports of lives lost. HMS Invincible is on scene. She sank off Cape Sounion on Agios Georgios Island, Greece. The 9 crew of the Celtic Warrior, all Polish citizens, were rescued by the Annegret. Celtic Warrior remained afloat 5 hours. Several containers were reported floating in the area after the ship sank;

M/V Megane (St. Vincent), carrying timber, sank in a storm 80 miles off Sicily, Italy. The master & 12 crew were rescued from 2 lifeboats

9/12 1997 M/V KASHI MARU No. 8 and M/V SETTSU MARU No. 5 collided off Japan's Izu Peninsula. The Kashi Maru No. 8 subsequently drifted and sank near Higashiizu, Japan, as the result of heavy damage on its port side amidships. Some of the ship's fuel spilled. Each ship had 5 crew but no one was injured.
12/12 1997 M/V Buffalo (11,619-gt, American Steamship Co.) struck the Detroit River Lighthouse in Michigan, causing the bow to be crushed in, extending from below its anchors to below the waterline. The ship took on water but was allowed to proceed to Toledo Shipyard. Weather conditions included clear visibility with seas up to 3 feet. The lighthouse's stone foundation had minor damage
13/12 1997 M/V Equator Joy (Singaporean- general cargo ship) was abandoned at 03 degrees 12 minutes north, 108 degrees 56 minutes east, after it began sinking. The 18 crew were rescued and taken to Singapore;

Belgium has arrested the master of M/V Ocean Transporter (Turkish-registry), which collided with F/V Noble Art (French- registry) off Brittany. The Noble Art sank 4 hours after the collision and the Ocean Transporter ignored a French order to return to assist, saying that it was carrying urgent cargo. The Ocean Transporter sailed to Ghent, Belgium, where the ship arrived 16 Dec. and unloaded Brazilian soya;

14/12 1997 M/V Canadian Explorer and M/V Island Skipper (Greek-registry 28,479-dwt) collided about midnight arnois Locks in the St. Lawrence Seaway. Aboard the Canadian Explorer, two vents, two lights & the gangway were destroyed and several ribs were bent. The Island Skipper, following the collision, hit the bullnose of a dock and suffered damage that included holing to its No. 2 cargo hold.
16/12 1997 M/V Gonave Express (Belize) sank 55 miles southeast of Miami, in a storm. A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescued the crew in 10-foot seas. The ship broadcast a distress call at 0200 after it lost propulsion and began to flood;

A fire aboard M/V Slanic (Romanian-cargo ship.) in a floating dock at Constanta, Romania, has destroyed most of its superstructure. Damage its estimated to be at least US$500,000;

Eight vessels are sunk or aground in Apra Harbor, Guam, following Super Typhoon Paka

17/12 1997 M/T Orange Star (Norwegian-registry 18,302-gt) ran aground near the Yenikoy area of Istanbul, Turkey. The Bosporus Strait was closed to allow for refloating
19/12 1997 M/V Venice (Honduran-wooden freighter) caught fire at an anchorage in Port Everglades, Fla. The Florida Marine Patrol rescued all 6 crew. The Venice drifted and came ashore, where the fire was extinguished by personnel and equipment from U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Lauderdale


20/12 1997 M/V S. Ugurlu (Turkish-general cargo), sank sailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, to Venice, Italy, when it ran aground and sank off Kimi, Greece. Eleven of the 12 crew were rescued;

M/V Kukawa (British containership.) caught fire in the English Channel. The fire began in the engine room but spread. Ten of 33 crew were taken by helicopter to M/V Triton Diamond (Panamanian) but the remainder stayed aboard to fight the fire with 26 British & 2 French firefighters;

M/V Anjana (Bahamian-registry) is believed sunk south of Norway after the ship began flooding and took on a heavy list. The crew of 12 was rescued by air;

M/V Lass Sun (German) sank after colliding with M/V Valentin PikulYE (Russian) in Skagerrak Strait between Denmark & Norway. The Lass Sun's master was killed while its 5 other crew were rescued by the Valentin Pikulye;

21/12 1997 M/V MSC Rita (Mediterranean Shipping Co.) arrived in Boston with damage to 4 cargo hatches & 4 hazardous materials incidents due to cargo damage. One hatch aft of the superstructure reportedly toppled onto the deck. About 60 containers were lost overboard
23/12 1997 M/V Lotus Islands (Panamanian-registry 15,175-dwt dry cargo) broadcast a distress call that said the ship was sinking in the Pacific Ocean. Three vessels were at last report sailing to the area to begin a search;
25/12 1997

Two tugs, thTwo tugs, the CASEY C and the LISA C, collided at a bend in the Intracoastal Waterway, 37 kilometers/23 miles west of Sabine, Texas. The Casey C, pushing four barges of coal, had a punctured hole in the bow. The Lisa C, pushing two red-flagged barges, suffered substantial damage to its port bow rake above the waterline.

26/12 1997 ARUBA (m.general cargo (ANT) build 1980, 4.904 grt). Had fire in engine-room in 01°13’N & 31°20’W. Abandoned by her crew. Fire out as of 29/12. Engine-room/accomodation burned. Towed to Fortaleza Roads 05/01/1998. Delivered to new owners 12/02/1998. Arrived Cristobal 28/02/1998. Arrested. Sold 20/10/1998.
30/12 1997 M/V Merchant Patriot. The Hong Kong-registry (17,028-gt, 21,310-dwt, 493-foot general cargo ship operated by Cenargo Ltd). began flooding 30 Dec., 310 miles east of Cape Canaveral, FL. Weather conditions included seas up to 20 feet & winds gusting to 50 knots. The crew of 28 jumped overboard after the ship's lifeboat was knocked off the stern and conditions ruled out helicopter hoists from the ship's deck. Two HH-60G Rescue Hawk helicopters from the U.S. Air Force Reserve's 920th Rescue Group at Patrick AFB, FL.; two HH-60J Jayhawk copters from U.S. Coast Guard Air Stn. Clearwater, Fla.; & a Jayhawk from the Coast Guard's Operation Bahamas in Nassau, rescued the crew from the water. It was planned to transfer them to M/V Pearl Ace (Mitsui O.S.K.), which had diverted to the area after being contacted by the Automated Mutual Vessel Assistance Rescue System (AMVER). However, given weather conditions, crew were flown to Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island, the Bahamas. M/V Merchant Patriot was sailing from Praia Mole, Brazil, to Savannah, Ga., with cargo containers & steel project cargo. A seawater pipe in the vessel's engine room burst and flooding went out of control after a patch failed. Some containers have reportedly been lost. She was last was last reported to be under tow by the tugs Maasbank (Dutch) & Samand to Freeport, the Bahamas.
31/12 1997

The OAK, broadcast a Morse Code (CW) SOS message late 31 Dec., 1,260 kilometers/790 miles west of Ireland. Official use of Morse Code formally ended 1 Jan. The Oak was sailing from Canada to Liverpool, England, with a crew of 26 Greek and Philippine citizens when its cargo of wood shifted in a storm and the ship lost power. Winds of Beaufort Force 10, 48 to 55 knots, were reported. The crew jettisoned between 300 cubic meters/390 cubic yards and 400 cubic meters/520 cubic yards of its lumber cargo overboard after the ship developed a 40 degree list and the vessel lost power. The Oak's 500 Kilohertz message was heard by Bob Baker at Stonehaven Radio/GND in the United Kingdom and relayed to the British Coast Guard at Falmouth, England. The signal was received from at Landsend Radio/GLD. "We haven't had a Morse distress message for years," said Gerry Wood, a Coast Guard spokesman. "It was almost too perfect." Oak's message stated "SOS. SOS. This is Oak. Position 53 16 N, 24 59 W. Stop engine. We need assistance." The broadcast of an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (E.P.I.R.B.) was also picked up. The  tug Anglian Prince brought the ship to the Gladstone Dock in Liverpool on 4 Jan.
(OAK, (Bahamian-registry 13,000-gt, 21,951-dwt, 155.22-meter/509.25-foot motor bulk carrier built in 1981, operated by Diana Shipping Agencies S.A.)
(Anglian Prince (St. Vincent and the Grenadines-registry 1,455-dwt tug built in 1980, operated by Klyne Tugs (Lowestoft) Ltd.)

PACIFIC MATTSU ran aground after it hit a rock leaving Lumut, Malaysia, at 04 degrees 07.2 minutes north, 100 degrees 33.6 minutes east. The ship's double-bottom tank was damaged but the Pacific Mattsu refloated 1 Jan.
(PACIFIC MATTSU (Philippine-registry 16,401-grt, 26,467-dwt bulk carrier built in 1996)

1/1 1998

The SANTA ANNA ran aground stern first the night of 1 Jan. on rocks off Torquay, England, near Hope's Nose. About 250 tons of fuel were transferred among the ship's tanks to prevent a spill and eight of the 21 cargo tanks were reportedly damaged. The Santa Anna developed a 10-degree list before 270 tons of intermittent fuel oil and 50 tons of diesel were pumped to other tanks. The vessel was refloated later the same day by the Far Minara (British-registry 1,968-dwt tug built in 1983, operated by Farstad Shipping Ltd.). The Marbella (factory trawler built in 1989, operated by Marr Vessel Management Ltd.) put a line aboard the Santa Anna until the tug arrived. The Santa Anna dragged anchor in Beaufort Force 10 weather and later anchored near Berry Head near Brixham, England, where propeller and rudder damage was found. Howard Smith is handling salvage. The Santa Anna had initially hit Thatcher Rock and was in ballast. None of the 29 crew were injured.
(SANTA ANNA (Panamanian-registry 22,600-gt, 27,648-dwt tanker built in 1974, operated by Fairdeal Group Management S.A.)

The LANCER exploded and caught fire at 2020 in Argentina's Parana River. The 33 crew, Greek and Philippine citizens, jumped overboard but two, Ross Bago, 22, and Margarito Maranga, 44, are missing. Estavros Mella, a 35-year-old Greek citizen, was hospitalized with head injuries. At last report, the Lancer had two small fires still burning and was beached outside Campana, Argentina. It was carrying 4,500 tons of industrial alcohol to San Lorenzo, Argentina. Containment booms have been installed around the area. The explosion occurred near the ship's prow. Two crewmembers was later found. Ross Bago, 22, and Margarito Maranga, 44, Maranga was found 4 Jan. and Bago was found by the Argentine Coast Guard on 5 Jan. in a tank.
(LANCER (Bahamian-registry 14,967-gt, 23,093-dwt chemical tanker built in 1975, owned by a Greek interests and operated by Multi Trade Ship Management)
2/1 1998 Cargo aboard the rig barge GRIGMAR, under tow by the tug UMKAR 104 kilometers/65 miles west of Jamaica, shifted and crushed a hand of a crewmember as the tow sailed in a storm. A U.S. Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter from Operations Bahamas and Turks and Caicos evacuated the injured crewmember. The rest of the barge's crew then requested that they be evacuated as well as the Grigmar flooded. After the injured crewmember was taken to a medical facility, the remaining seven crew were taken aboard the helicopter and flown to the U.S. Navy's Kidd-class Guided-Missile Destroyer U.S.S. SCOTT (DDG 995). The warship sailed to the entrance of Montego Bay, Jamaica, where a local pilot boat took them ashore.
4/1 1998

Two containerships have received light damage after they collided at Felixstowe, England, the afternoon of 4 Jan. The NEWARK BAY hit the MSC INSA after bad weather parted tow lines to the Newark Bay when it was berthing. The MSC Insa, already at a berth, was pushed in a mudbank. There were no injuries or pollution and no cargo was damaged. Damage is apparently limited to light external hull damage. The Newark Bay is part of Sea-Land Service's Vessel Sharing Agreement with Orient Overseas Container Line and P&O Nedlloyd Container Line Ltd.
(NEWARK BAY; U.S.-registry 59,810-dwt, 4,500-TEU containership built in 1985, owned and operated by Sea-Land Service Inc.)
(MSC INSA (Panamanian-registry 35,229-dwt, 2,400-TEU containership built in 1972, operated by Mediterranean Shipping Co.)

The 17 crewmembers of the AMANAH were rescued by helicopters late 4 Jan. after the ship ran aground off Keelung, Taiwan. Both engines aboard the ship failed. Four crew were rescued initially with the rest seven hours later at dawn. Eight crew are Indonesian citizens; four, including the master, are citizens of South Korea; three are Malaysian citizens and two are from China. The ship arrived at Keelung 2 Jan. from Japan and was leaving port in a storm when the engines failed. Some fuel has spilled from the ship, polluting a water coolant system for a thermal power plant nearby. One generator was slowed to prevent any damage.

The SONIA NACI (Spanish-registry trawler) sent out a distress call after it lost power in a storm with winds of Beaufort Force 11, 56 to 63 knots, and seas of more than 12 meters/40 feet. It was taken in tow by the fishing vessel Mapescal but the tow parted 320 kilometers/200 miles southwest of Land's Head, England. The Sonia Naci reported its position as 48 degrees 36 minutes north, 11 degrees 02 minutes west and a British Royal Air Force Nimrod MR Mk 2P from No. 18 Group at Royal Air Force Kinloss in Grampian, Scotland, dropped two liferafts but the Sonia Naci could not reach them. A French-registry containership reached the area but also was kept from reaching the Sonia Naci. The 10 crewmembers (nine Spanish and one Irish citizen) were later rescued by two Royal Air Force helicopters. One helicopter crewmember sustained slight injuries when he hit the side of the trawler while being lowered. The helicopters reported that water was breaking over the stern due to engine room flooding.

The same storm system that affected the Sonia Naci (see above) also damaged the STENA DISCOVERY sailing from Harwich, England to Hook of Holland, the Netherlands, on 4 Jan. The vessel lost panels from its bow and several vehicles aboard were damaged. None of the 900 passengers were injured. The vessel has been withdrawn from service for repairs.
(STENA DISCOVERY (Dutch-registry 1,500-dwt catamaran ferry built in 1997, operated by Stena A.B.)

The TRIAS ran aground at Kilometer 77 in the Martin Garcia Channel of Brazil's Parana River. The ship was sailing with 10,346 tons of wheat from San Lorenzo, Argentina, to Paranagua, Brazil. It was refloated by tugs 6 Jan.
(TRIAS (Greek-registry 22,649-gt, 38,568-dwt, 223-meter/730-foot motor bulk carrier built in 1977, operated by Tomazos Shipping)

The Multitank Bahia had a complete propulsion failure at 53 degrees 28.7 minutes north, 00 degrees, 53.7 minutes east. The ship was sailing to Immingham, England, with caustic soda and was towed to the port by the Lady Debbie (318-dwt tug built in 1978, operated by Howard Smith (United Kingdom) Ltd.).
(Multitank Bahia (Liberian-registry 3,726-gt, 5,800-dwt chemical tanker built in 1996, operated by Chr. F. Ahrenkiel)

5/1 1998

The Venezuelan National Guard seized half a metric ton of cocaine from the SEA RANGER before it sailed from Guanta, Venezuela, for Puerto Rico and Miami. The cocaine was hidden in a cargo of clay tiles. The cocaine has been linked to the Guajira cartel, based in Colombia, and the National Guard said several arrests have been made.
(SEA RANGER (Norwegian-registry 10,800-dwt dry cargo ship built in 1979, operated by Jahre-Skaugen-Wallem A/S)

The KARLA (Panamanian-registry 3,916-gt general cargo ship) was towed to Bilbao, Spain, on 5 Jan. by the Spanish-registry motor tug IBAIZABAL II with engine damage.

The 18-meter/59-foot fishing vessel EDNA MARIE began flooding and broadcast a distress message, 128 kilometers/80 miles east of Charleston, S.C. A U.S. Coast Guard HH-65A Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Savannah, Ga., rescued one of the crew before it had to return for fuel. A second Dolphin from Air Station Savannah rescued the three other crewmembers.

6/1 1998

The STONE REFUELER sank in the Belle Pass near Bayou Lafourche, La., while pushing a barge. An HH-65A Dolphin helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans rescued the six crew. The Stone Refueler apparently ruptured a 30-centimeter/12-inch pipeline of Chevron Corp. when it sank, spilling 743 barrels of crude oil. In addition, the Stone Refueler spilled some of its fuel. Heavy oil was found in the mud flats on the eastern shore of the pass. Port Fourchon, La., was closed to navigation the next and reopened 8 Jan. with a speed restriction. Nine of 12 polluted areas have been cleaned and salvage operations started 12 Jan.

Turkey's Bosporus Strait was closed to navigation for several hours due to heavy fog.

7/1 1998 The MANYA anchored in England's Humber River after its deck cargo of timber shifted the morning of 7 Jan. while sailing to Medway, England. The ship took on a list of 15 to 20 degrees.
(MANYA; St. Vincent and the Grenadines-registry 1,069-gt, 1,205-dwt general cargo ship built in 1967, operated by Horst Moller KG)
8/1 1998 The FILOMENA LEMBO (Italian-registry 29,498-gt, 51,293-dwt motor tanker built in 1984, operated by Trader Navigation) had an engine room fire at 0014 at 42 degrees 11 minutes north, 28 degrees 42 minutes east, in the Black Sea. It has been extinguished but damage is unknown.
9/1 1998

Pirates attacked the ISOMERIA at the Port of Santos, Brazil, around midnight 9 Jan. Two crewmembers, both British citizens, were shot while the Isomeria was unloading butane and propane at a terminal of Petroleos Brasileiros S.A. The second officer, Deborah Harrison, was shot in the chest and elbow and a watchkeeper was shot in the leg. Four armed pirates boarded the ship just before the watch change from a small high-speed boat. According to the tanker's master, John Peace, one pirate guarded a cadet and two watchkeepers while the others forced the third mate to take them to the bridge. Each pirate carried a Mini-Uzi submachine gun. Harrison was ordered to take them to Peace's cabin and her cabin as well. Walking to the second officer's cabin, the third mate escaped but the chief officer was awoken and captured. After taking a watch and some cash, the pirates put the chief officer and the master in Harrison's cabin. They escaped, since the doors cannot be locked from outside, and made their way to the bridge separately. Alerted by a passing vessel, local police arrived soon after and killed the single pirate guarding the watchkeepers in a gunfight. At the same time, the three pirates and Harrison arrived. Seeing the police, the three remaining pirates seized a cadet, a watchkeeper and Harrison as human shields. The cadet escaped when Harrison pushed him into a recess at the top of the galley stairs. During their escape, however, Harrison and the watchkeeper were shot. They have been hospitalized in Santos in stable conditions. The three pirates surrendered to police.
ISOMERIA (British-registry 47,594-dwt tanker built in 1982, operated by Shell International Trading & Shipping Co. Ltd.)

The FES sailing from Marseilles, France, to Tangier, Morocco, ran aground 9 Jan. at Punta Gudalmesi in the area of Gibraltar. It was carrying general cargo and vehicles. The Punta Mayor (Spanish-registry 1,248-dwt tug/supply vessel built in 1984, operated by Remolques Maritimos S.A.) refloated the ship 10 Jan. and towed it to Algeciras, Spain.
FES (Moroccan-registry 3,425-gt, 1,617-dwt motor ro/ro built in 1978, operated by Cie. de Navigation du Detroit S.A.)

Some 1,500 kilograms/3,300 pounds of cocaine were seized the afternoon of 9 Jan. from the COSHECTON in Key West, Fla. The Coshecton was sailing from Colon, Panama, to Freeport, Texas, when it was stopped in the Yucatan Channel between Cuba and Mexico by the U.S. Coast Guard's Bear-class Medium-Endurance Cutter U.S.C.G.C. Campbell (WMEC 909) on 8 Jan. A boarding found unlicensed crewmembers aboard and the tug was escorted to Key West where a search was conducted with the U.S. Customs Service and the Monroe County Sheriff. The Bear-class cutter U.S.C.G.C. Mohawk (WMEC 913) and the "Island"-class Patrol Boat U.S.C.G.C. Monhegan (WPB 1305) also were involved in the escort. The three U.S. citizens and one Jamaican citizen aboard were arrested after the cocaine was found hidden in a compartment just forward of the engine room. The Coshecton has been seized.
COSHECTON (U.S.-registry 30-meter/97-foot former U.S. Navy tug)

10/1 1998 The TASSOS N grounded on 10 Jan. in the Parmedia Channel in Fremantle, Australia, due to a steering failure.
TASSOS N (Cypriot-registry 41,343-dwt bulk carrier built in 1986, operated by A.M. Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies S.A.)
11/1 1998

The PULANG LUPA ran aground 11 Jan. on a sandbank five kilometers/three miles to six kilometers/four miles north of Port Said, Egypt. BHP Transport Ltd. has hired Tsavliris to refloat the Pulang Lupa.  Efforts by tugs of the Suez Canal Authority to refloat the ship failed. Tsavliris has dispatched two tugs with equipment, the Atlas and the Megas Alexandros (Greek-registry 485-dwt tug built in 1974), from Piraeus, Greece. The equipment reportedly includes bulldozers, fenders and grabs. The tugs are towing floating cranes with oversized jibs. Under the salvage contract, Tsavliris is required to provide a Handysize bulk carrier to lighter about 20,000 tons of ore. After refloating, both ships will sail to Constanza, Romania, where the Pulang Lupa was headed.
PULANG LUPA (Panamanian-registry 77,332-gt, 149,530-dwt bulk carrier built in 1989, operated by BHP Transport Ltd.)

Pirates boarded the TIOMAN near Pulau Aur, Malaysia, at 0200 11 Jan. The ship was sailing to the Gulf of Thailand with three million liters/780,000 gallons of marine gasoil. Up to 10 pirates boarded the Tioman from a small craft carrying knives and guns. According to the crew, they spoke Burmese, Chinese, English, Malay and Thai. After reaching the bridge, where they took communications equipment, they beat the crew, bound their hands and covered their eyes with tape. Personal possessions including cash and professional certificates were taken. An officer, an Indonesian citizen, was ordered to show the pirates around the vessel. The pirates then transferred a third of the cargo to another tanker and after 15 hours aboard, set the ship on a slow speed and released one of the crew before leaving. They left behind a knife and a head mask. The Tioman sailed to Singapore for installation of new communications equipment.
TIOMAN (Honduran-registry 3,077-dwt tanker owned by SEA Resources)
12/1 1998

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit against the U.S. government regarding the deaths and injuries caused when the U.S. Navy's Forrestal-class Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Saratoga (CV 60) accidentally fired a RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missile at the Turkish Navy's destroyer/minelayer Muavenet (DM 357) on 2 Oct., 1992. Five people were killed and the ship was scrapped due to the damage.

The Temryuk was detained at Suez, Egypt, after it rammed a crude oil loading terminal in bad weather. Several pipelines were damaged spilling at least 2,000 tons of oil. Damage has reportedly been estimated at 2 million Egyptian pounds/U.S.$590,000.
Temryuk (Liberian-registry 39,990-dwt tanker built in 1996, operated by Novoship (United Kingdom) Ltd.)

13/1 1998

The ALTNES capsized 13 Jan. after it collided with the SHANNON (Cypriot-registry, 9,100-gt, 14,829-dwt general cargo ship built in 1976, operated by Tropis Shipping Co. Ltd.) in heavy fog east of Anholt Island, Denmark. Visibility was 365 meters/1,200 feet. The 17 crewmembers were rescued by the Shannon and brought ashore. There were no injuries. The Shannon suffered damage to its forecastle and was said to be taking on water. It Shannon was sailing from Rostock, Germany, to Porti. The Altnes was sailing from a U.S. port on the Gulf of Mexico to Sundsvall, Sweden, with petcoke.
ALTNES (St. Vincent and the Grenadines-registry 3,961-gt, 5,995-dwt motor bulk carrier built in 1978 at Ulsteinvik, owned by Tordenskjold A.S.A. and operated by Donnelly Shipmanagement Ltd.)

The ULRIKEN ran aground at Helgelandsflesa on 13 Jan. It was sailing from Glomfjord, Norway, to Verdal with fertilizer. It refloated itself the same day and sailed to Rorvik to unload its cargo before sailing to Hitra for an inspection.
ULRIKEN (Norwegian-registry 1,470-gt, 1,626-dwt ro/ro built in 1972, operated by Hydroship A/S)

The drillship DISCOVERY ENTERPRISE, being completed by Astilleros Espanoles S.A. for Transocean Offshore Inc., broke its moorings in Ferrol, Spain, on 13 Jan. and rammed the main causeway in Ferrol. The ship's starboard side hit the bridge and from about amidships aft, destroyed a large section of the bridge. The ship sustained damage to its hull and has been refloated with four tugs.
14/1 1998

About 2.5 tons of illegal alcohol were found aboard the VIKTOR STRELTSOV at the Port of Murmansk, Russia, during a boarding by Russian border guards and customs personnel. The alcohol had bot been declared and was confiscated pending an investigation.
VIKTOR STRELTSOV (Russian-registry 1,795-dwt refrigerated ship built in 1982, operated by Murmantybprom J.S.C. - Otkrytoye AO Murmanskoye)

The J.A.W. IGLEHART was refloated about 2118 15 Jan. The ship ran aground 14 Jan. about 2.1 kilometers/1.3 miles from the LaFarge Corp. facility in Alpena, Mich. The tug Kathy Lynn (140-gt, 95-nt, 26-meter/85-foot motor tug with 1,500 brake horsepower; built in 1944, operated by Ryba Marine Construction Co.) refloated the J.A.W. Iglehart after it was lightered by the Alpena (8,018-gt, 5,452-nt, 158.3-meter/519.5-foot steam bulk carrier built in 1942 by Great Lakes Engineering Works at River Rouge, Mich.; operated by Inland Lakes Management).
J.A.W. IGLEHART (9,460-gt, 12,589-dwt, 6,028-nt, 152.9-meter/501.5-foot steam bulk carrier built in 1936 by Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. at Chester, Penn.; operated by Inland Lakes Management Inc.)

The SPERO (46,998-dwt, 201-meter/659-foot bulk carrier built in 1992, operated by Canadian Transport Co. Ltd.) hit the Queensboro/59th Street Bridge in New York about 1141 14 Jan. The Spero, carrying salt from New Haven, Conn., to Albany, N.Y., was ordered to anchor in the Bayridge Anchorage. The bridge was closed for inspection and some damage was found. Also, the East River is closed to navigation between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island.

A U.S. Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., evacuated a U.S. Navy crewmember on 14 Jan. from the Navy's Arleigh Burke-class Guided-Missile Destroyer U.S.S. ROSS (DDG 71), 130 kilometers/81 miles east of Portsmouth, Va. The crewmember, who had elevated blood pressure, was taken to Portsmouth Naval Hospital.

15/1 1998

The SUNNY GLORY (Belize-registry 1,257-ton vessel) ran aground late 15 Jan. leaving the Port of Kashima, Japan. The ship took a starboard list near a breakwater and almost capsized, with most of its superstructure submerged. Two crewmembers, the master, Chon Kun, 52, of South Korea, and the chief mate, Nyan Aung, 50, of Myanmar, are missing. Seven others aboard were rescued by a Japanese Air Self-Defense Force helicopter early 16 Jan. Heavy seas and 30-knot winds were reported. Oil leaked from the ship.

The NEW BARON (Panamanian-registry 4,400-gt, 7,000-dwt general cargo ship built in 1990, operated by Cho Yang Shipping Co. Ltd.), sailing from Okgae, South Korea, to Lae, Papua New Guniea, with 5,000 tons of cement, ran aground on rocks in strong winds and heavy seas 15 Jan., 700 meters/2,300 feet offshore near Ulsan, South Korea. The ship later flooded and is partially submerged. Five Philippine crewmembers were killed and 12 are missing, including the master, Romeo Quidon, 54. The five killed were identified as Expejeto Collado, 36; Nazareth Concepcion, 25; Marcelo Pastrana, 40; Joel Tayancona, 27; and Jaime Teodoro, 55. Three others were rescued 16 Jan. First engineer Delfin Narciso, 35, and Miguelito Ewicin, 27, were found clinging to the upper deck of the ship. Glicerto Viliacamp, 41, was found drifting in a life vest and was covered in oil.

KAPITAN SOKOLOV (Cypriot-registry 54,500-dwt combination ship built in 1983, operated by Unicom Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd.) ran aground in Beaumont, Texas, near Mobil Corp.'s facility. The ship was loaded with petroleum coke and ran aground when a towing hawser to a tug parted. The ship blocked the area to navigation and the Nueches River was closed. Some 1,500 tons of petcoke was lightered and two tugs attempted to refloat the ship without success. Another 3,500 tons were removed and a second attempt refloated the ship.

16/1 1998

The FLARE (Cypriot-registry 16,947-gt, 29,222-dwt bulk carrier built in 1972, operated by Trade Fortune Inc.) broke-up and sank 16 Jan. in the Gulf of St. Lawrence at 46 degrees 57 minutes north, 56 degrees 51 minutes west. A Canadian government helicopter rescued four crewmembers from a capsized lifeboat but 15 others were killed and six are missing. One of the survivors has a broken arm and all have hypothermia. They include three Philippine and one Romanian citizen. The Flare sank off St. Pierre and Miquelon, two French islands. The Flare was sailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to Montreal to load grain. A garbled distress call from the ship at 0500 was received by the Canadian Coast Guard's facility at Stephenville, Newfoundland.

17/1 1998 The AGIOS PANTELEIMON (Honduran-registry 1,847-gt, 1,252-dwt, 72-meter/236-foot motor bulk carrier built in 1972, owned by Greek interests and operated by Tepster Shipping Ltd.) sank the afternoon of 17 Jan., 27 kilometers/17 miles southwest of Italy's Sardinia Island at 38 degrees 50 minutes north, 07 degrees 59 minutes east. It was sailing from Castellon de la Plana, Spain, with 2,000 tons of bulk ammonium sulphate to Vasto, Italy. Of the nine crewmembers (five Pakistani and four Greek citizens), two (the Greek first officer and a Pakistani crewmember) were rescued by Italian Coast Guard helicopters after they were found floating amid debris. The Pakistani crewmember was taken to a hospital in Cagliari, Italy. Weather conditions included seas of seven meters/23 feet and winds of 52 knots. According to the first officer, the Agios Panteleimon was hit by a "huge wave" and the vessel sank soon after. At least two bodies have been recovered, including and Kotza Mehmet Suladin, of Komotini, Greece, and Pakistani citizen Mehmet Piaz.
20/1 1998

The DAE WON (South Korean-registry 473-gt, 1,208-dwt motor chemical tanker) had an explosion and fire in its No. 1 cargo tank on 20 Jan. while anchored at Ulsan, South Korea. The crew was cleaning the ship's tanks. Four people were rescued, three were killed and one is missing. The fire has been brought under control

The METTE KOSAN (Danish-registry 2,323-gt, 2,530-dwt motor liquefied petroleum gas carrier built in 1982, operated by Lauritzen Kosan Tankers), sailing from Teesport, England, to Leixoes, Portugal, suffered damage to its turbo blowers on 20 Jan. at 49 degrees 49 minutes north, 02 degrees 48 minutes west, in the English Channel. It has called at Portland, England, for repairs.
21/1 1998 The SOLOMBALA (Russian-registry 1,161-gt, 1,765-dwt motor bulk carrier built in 1966 in Hungary, owned by Ukraina and operated by Kamchatgeologaya) capsized at 0535 21 Jan. in Russia's Tatar Strait between Sakhalin Island and the mainland. The ship was sailing from Vanino, Russia, to Japan, with timber when it began taking on water. The trawler Sibirtsevo rescued the 20 crew and took them to Kholmsk on Sakhalin. At last report, the Solombala was partially submerged and adrift in the strait
23/1 1998

The ADRIATIC-C (U.S.-registry 1,558-gt, 72.8-meter/239-foot fishing vessel) sank, 166 kilometers/104 miles north of American Samoa. A vessel from American Samoa rescued the 22 crewmembers.

The Stena Line ferry JUTLANDICA and the tanker BREVIK collided in Rivofjord in Gothenburg, Sweden, at 1700 . No one was injured. The ferry had minor damage and it sailed to Denmark after a four-hour delay. It was carrying 1,053 passengers. The Brevik, carrying heating oil, had more damage and one tank had a leak. The spill was said to be small. Weather conditions included strong winds and snow.

The RED SEAGULL (Gibraltar-registry 200,598-gt, 406,258-dwt, 361.8-meter/1,187-foot steam tanker built in 1976, operated by Societe de Services Maritimes S.A.), sailing from the Juaymah Terminal to the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, had a leak in its No. 6 port slop tank about 80 kilometers/50 miles off Galveston, Texas, on 23 Jan. Some 500 barrels of oil were spilled and a sheen five kilometers/three miles by 30 meters/100 feet was seen.

24/1 1998

At least 57 people are missing after a passenger vessel sank in heavy seas off Indonesia's Sumatra Island before dawn on 24 Jan. The SAMBU SAKTI-1 sank near Tanjungbatu, Indonesia, while sailing between two ports on the eastern coast of Sumatra. Twenty-three people were rescued. The number of passengers aboard is unclear.

The NATACHA I (Honduran-registry 3,507-gt general cargo ship) hit a rock south of Port Sudan, Sudan, on 24 Jan. The location is 18 degrees 44 minutes north, 38 degrees 29 minutes east.

26/1 1998

A Russian Navy captain was killed and four crewmembers were injured in a gas explosion aboard a Project 671 nuclear-powered attack submarine on 26 Jan. The submarine, known to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as Victor-series submarine, was undergoing maintenance at the Zaozersk naval base at Zapadnaya Litsa, near Murmansk, Russia, when the explosion in a pipe released ammonia gas or nitric oxide as equipment was being repaired. Capt. Third Grade Sergei Solovyov, who was only ashort distance from the explosion, died in a hospital on 27 Jan.

During routine tests aboard a moored Soviet nuclear-powered submarine, a cooling system pipe breaks, releasing ammonia and nitrogen gas into the compartment. A total of 5 crew members are injured, and one, a Captain of the 3rd Rank, succumbes to his injuries while in the hospital on 28 January. This submarine is reportedly the Oscar-II nuclear-powered guided missile submarine Tomsk.

27/1 1998

The Canadian Maritime Command's Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel H.M.C.S. GLACE BAY (MCDV 701) and the MATTHEW JOHN (U.S.-registry 13.5-meter/44.3-foot fishing vessel homeported at Gloucester, Mass.) collided at 1200 27 Jan., 40 kilometers/25 miles northeast of Boston. There were no injuries and visibility and weather conditions were good. The pilothouse and the port gunwale of the Matthew John were damaged and it returned to port under its own power. In addition, some 80 lobster traps were lost overboard. Two people, Don Howarth, 39, and Dan Teel, were aboard. The vessel is insured for  .S.$85,000. The H.M.C.S. Glace Bay had minor damage.

28/1 1998

A search began for the UNIVERSE 808 (Belize-registry 496-ton ship) after it failed to arrive at Yokkaichi, Japan. The ship, with 10 Chinese citizens aboard, left Kawasaki, Japan, at 07.30 27 Jan. and was to arrive at Yokkaichi at 03.00 28 Jan. It was to load cargo including polystyrene before sailing to China

The fishing vessel PENELOPE sank at 1400 28 Jan. and the four crew boarded a liferaft 120 kilometers/75 miles off Montauk, N.Y. Two people were rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard HH-65A Dolphin helicopter and taken to Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn, N.Y. One of the two had a broken collar bone. A third person was recovered by a Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, Mass., HH-60J Jayhawk and taken to Gabreski Airport on Long Island, N.Y. Chester Gaskins, 39, of Newport, R.I., was found unconscious and later died. Weather conditions included rain, 30-knot winds from the northeast, 4.6-meter/15-foot seas and visibility of 14 kilometers/nine miles. The water temperature was 6 degrees Celsius/43 degrees Fahrenheit. The 20-meter/65-foot Penelope was homeported at Newport and owned by David R. Greenley of Milford, Del. The three others were identified as Vernon Bowens, 33, of Newport; Brian Morse, 37, of Kennebunk, Maine; William Sims, 28, of Portland, Maine. Crewmembers said the Penelope may have flooded through loose stern hatches.

The HASAN BEY (Turkish-registry 10,200-gt, 17,911-dwt motor bulk carrier built in 1970, operated by Kurtlar Denizcilik) suffered an engine room fire 28 Jan., 19 kilometers/12 miless off the Cavo Doro Peninsula on Evia Island, Greece, as it was sailing without cargo from Dakar, Senegal, to Istanbul, Turkey. None of its 20 crewmembers were injured and the fire was contained. The Hasan Bey was towed to Izmir, Turkey.

The BARBAROS OKTAY (Turkish-registry 10,056-dwt bulk carrier built in 1975, operated by Kiran Gemi ve Makine Sanayi-Turgut Kiran) ran aground 28 Jan. 150 meters/490 feet off Cape Ammoglossa, Greece. The ship left Novorossiysk, Russia, and was sailing with cargo to Haifa, Israel. It has refused local assistance. She was refloated 31 Jan. by Greek tugs.

A U.S. Coast Guard boat assisted the three crewmembers of a tug the morning of 28 Jan. after it sank in the Chesapeake Bay south of Thomas Point, Md. The three people boarded the boat from Coast Guard Station Ananpolis, Md., an hour before the 8.5-meter/24-foot tug sank in 1.2 meters/four feet of water. The tug anchored after losing steering control and in 30-knot winds and 1.2-meter/four-foot seas, it flooded. An empty barge under tow broke loose and was later recovered. The three men, Bob Gazza, 48, from Baltimore; Joe Jordan, 31, from Baltimore; and John Perdue, 38, from Glen Burnie, Md., are employees of Industrial Marine Services, which owned the tug.

The IBERIAN COAST (Bahamian-registry 1,029-gt, 1,391-dwt bulk carrier built in 1979, operated by Charles M. Willie & Co. (Shipping) Ltd.) developed turbo charger problems 11 kilometers/seven miles off Lizard Point, England. The ship was sailing from Leixoes, Portugal, to Mistley, England, with granite and timber and was towed to Falmouth, England, by the motor tug St. Pirian, arriving at 0510 28 Jan.

Aker RGI A.S.A.'s bid of 80 million German marks/U.S.$44.8 million for MTW Schiffswerft GmbH was accepted on 28 Jan. Aker RGI has reportedly offered to guarantee 1,550 jobs until the end of 2002.
29/1 1998

The YU HWA 2 (Panamanian-registry 1,320-gt, 1,608-dwt liquefied petroleum gas carrier built in 1974, operated by Yamashita Unyu), sailing from Pusan, South Korea, to Yosu, South Korea, with butadiene, sank 29 Jan. at 34 degrees 46 minutes north, 127 degrees 46 minutes east. Eight of the crewmembers were rescued and one is missing.

Knud Erik Moeller Nielsen, executive vice president of Maersk Line's liner division, died the morning of 29 Jan. during a meeting at the corporate headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was 51. A Danish citizen, his positions with the firm included manager of the container department in Japan and was an executive in the company's U.S. division. He was expected to be promoted this spring.

The INCE EXPRESS (Turkish-registry 25,980-dwt, 170-meter/557-foot bulk carrier, owned by Dezas Deniz Shipping) suffered structural damage at Wake Island after four storms. The vessel is time-chartered to Shinwa Inc. and was sailing from Chile to Japan, including a call at Niihama, with copper concentrate. An inspection has found six vertical fractures below the waterline in the forward hull area. Water flooded the No. 1 cargo hold to the waterline due to side shell and hatch coaming damage. The damage caused hogging to the Ince Express, with fractures on the main deck and cargo hatches 3 and 4. Stabilizaton has been underway through dumping the cargo overboard but work stopped 20 Feb. due to financial problems.

30/1 1998

The KIRRE (Estonian-registry 1,798-gt, 82-meter/270-foot motor vessel built in 1970), sailing from Riga, Latvia, to Seaham, England, with 1,000 tons of timber, had a cargo shift in rough weather 30 Jan., 72 kilometers/45 miles off Klaipeda, Lithuania. The Kirre had a 10-degree starboard list and 40 percent of its cargo was dumped overboard to prevent capsizing. The ship sailed to Klaipeda and none of the 12 crew was injured.

31/1 1998

The GOLD STAR (Singaporean-registry 2,746-gt, 4,182-dwt tanker built in 1977 by Uchida Zosen K.K. in Japan, owned by Golden Key Shipping Pte. Ltd. and operated by Sun Ocean Bunkering Pte. Ltd.) has been released from arrest in Honolulu and left port 31 Jan. The ship was seized on 23 Dec. for a debt of U.S.$831,788 owed by charterer Kohap Inc. to BHP Petroleum Americas Refining Inc.'s BHP Hawaii Refinery. Kohap bought 26,000 barrels of marine diesel fuel on 8 Nov. and payment was due 8 Dec. After the date passed, a seizure order was requested for the payment as well as interest and legal fees. Kohap paid the money in three installments by 19 Jan. but the Gold Star remained at Pier 31 with daily fees of U.S.$249 because the interest and legal fees remained outstanding. Kohap has now satisfied the outstanding debts by paying more than U.S.$934,000. Before leaving Honolulu, the Gold Star took aboard another load of marine diesel fuel from the BHP Hawaii Refinery. The Gold Star has been used to refuel fishing vessels in the Pacific Ocean and has 15 crewmembers.

A.P. Moller's Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd. officially took control of Volkswerft Stralsund GmbH. A.P. Moller paid 25 million German marks/U.S.$14 million and said it would keep 1,170 of 1,600 employees. The sale was approved in December. A 679 million mark/U.S.$380 million modernization is underway at Volkswerft Stralsund for completion by mid-1999.
1/2 1998 The CUBA (Russian-registry 2,583-gt passenger vessel), under tow from Bulgaria to Izmir, Turkey, for scrapping, ran aground at 0500 near Tarabya, Turkey, after the tow separated.
2/2 1998

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. announced 2 Feb. it has signed letters of intent with three shipyards for as many as seven new passenger ships. Four are firm orders and three are options. The first two ships are Millennium-class ships for Celebrity Cruises Inc., the next is a Voyager-class for Royal Carribean International and the last is the third Eagle-class, also for Royal Carribean International. The two Millennium-class ships are 85,000-gt and will carry about 1,900 passengers each and will be built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique in St. Nazaire, France. They will be delivered in June 2000 and January 2001. The Voyager-class will carry just over 2,500 passengers and will be built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, for delivery in 2002. The 85,000-gt ship is 292 meters/858 feet long and has more than 1,000 cabins. The ship will sail at 24 knots. The Eagle-class will be built by spring 2002 by Kvaerner Masa-Yards Inc. in Turku, Finland. The ship will carry 3,100 passengers and at 142,000-gt is the largest passenger ship design in the world. The order is worth about U.S.$500 million.

The DELFIN DEL MEDITERRANEO (Spanish-registry 4,614-gt, 6,332-dwt, 100-meter/328-foot motor bulk carrier built in 1979, operated by Tramp SL) capsized and sank 400 kilometers/248 miles off Cabo San Vincente, Portugal, on late 2 Feb. The location was 35 degrees 34 minutes north, 13 degrees 04 minutes west. Thirteen crewmembers were rescued from three lifeboats by Spanish government personnel and one person, Chief Engineer Angel Gomez, was killed. The ship was sailing from Gijon, Spain, to Spain's Canary Islands under charter to Contenamar. It has been reported that containers  were torn loose and damaged the Delfin del Mediterraneo as the fell overboard. Helicopters from the British Royal Navy's Aviation Support Ship H.M.S. Argus (A 135) rescued the crew. Three other ships were involved in searching for the crew, the Canadian Maritime Command's Halifax-class Frigate H.M.C.S. Toronto (FFH 333), the Royal Netherlands Navy's lead ship of the H.N.M.S. Tromp (F 801)-class Guided-Missile Destroyer and the U.S. Navy's Oliver Hazard Perry-class Guided-Missile Frigate U.S.S. Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49). The four ships are part of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization naval group. Dozens of containers and other debris were found floating in the area, which including rough weather. During the search, a searchlight aboard the H.M.C.S. Toronto was knocked out.

The DOGRUYOLLAR IV (Turkish-registry 1,241-gt, 2,100-dwt general cargo ship built in 1979, operated by Demir Finansal Kiralama A.S.) sank, 48 kilometers/30 miles southeast of Cape Carbonara, Sardinia, Italy. The sinking was roughly at 38 degrees 43 minutes north, 09 degrees 51 minutes east. The 11 crewmembers were rescued. The Dogruyollar IV was sailing from Canakkale, Turkey, to Porto Vesme, Italy, with zinc and lead concentrate.

Three vessels ran aground off Florida on 2 Feb. in a storm. The PACIFIC MAKO (6,879-dwt, 130-meter/428-foot ro/ro built in 1972, operated by Seaboard Ship Management) ran aground on a reef three kilometers/two miles north of the entrance to Port Everglades, Fla., at 2045. It was refloated at 2140 3 Feb. by the tug Fort Lauderdale of Hvide Marine Inc. after the ship's port anchor chain was cut. It had become tangled with the starboard anchor chain. The ship will be towed to Freeport, the Bahamas. The grounding apparently was due to a steering problem. A 62.8-meter/206-foot dredging barge ran aground about 46 meters/150 feet off Boca Raton, Fla. The tugs Miss Robin and Vigilant have secured the barge and will attempt to refloat it. Resolve Towing is involved in the salvage. The Meridian will be towed to West Palm Beach, Fla. The barge grounded after it broke loose from the anchorage area during the storm. It has 18 crewmembers. Finally, the 20-meter/65-foot tug RUTH MARINE ran aground on Boynton Beach, Fla. At last report, some 17,100 liters/4,500 gallos of fuel was being lightered from the tug. The tug grounded after a line tow a barge in tow snapped and tangled in its propellers. The three crew jumped overboard and swam to shore. Also, a U.S. Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla., rescued the three crew of a 15-meter/50-foot fishing vessel some 96 kilometers/60 miles west of Fort Myers Beach, Fla., at 0600 2 Feb. They were taken to St. Petersburg, Fla.

3/2 1998

The NORTHUMBRIA LASS (641-gt, 51-meter/167-foot general cargo ship) ran aground at 0500 3 Feb. at Belfast Lough near the Bangor breakwater outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. The vessel was not carrying any cargo and has a crew of six. The area where the ship is aground is mostly sand.

The Tirgu Neamt (Romanian-registry 10,394-ton vessel owned by Compania de Navigatie Maritime) was arrested by Egypt at Suez after the owner failed to pay U.S.$300,000 in repair bills to a local business. The ship was sailing to Constanza, Romania.

Charges were filled 3 Feb. against the Hellenic Shipping Registry and AGET/Heracles Shipping Co. over the loss of the DYSTOS (Greek-registry 6,197-dwt bulk carrier built in 1972, owned and operated by Heracles Shipping). The Dystos capsized 29 Dec., 1996, off Kimi, Evia Island, Greece, in bad weather and sank 2 Jan., 1997. Seventeen crewmembers and three relatives aboard were killed. One person survived. The ship was carrying 5,300 tons of cement from Volos, Greece, to Piraeus. The charges "against all persons responsible" are for manslaughter, causing a shipwreck through negligence, making a false declaration for the purpose of unlawfully deriving benefit and moral complicity in an unlawful act. According to a report by four people filed with the court, the ship sank due to overloading, the presence of metal plating on the deck and stern, inadequate fitting of hatches, defective and illegal maintenance and bad weather. 
4/2 1998 M/V Bushey (Equitorial Guinea) is being held for ransom off Somalia by PIRATES. A group of about 20 heavily armed pirates forced their way onto the ship as it sailed off the country by firing across its bow from a speedboat.  The Bushey was sailing with salt between Masawa, Eritrea, & Mombasa, Kenya; 

M/V Malabo (Belize) took on water in its engine room. The flooding was barely controlled and the ship sailed to Brest, France

5/2 1998

The CRISTALLO (British-registry 5,038-gt, 8,091-dwt chemical tanker built in 1991, operated by Finbeta SpA) had a fire in its mess room at 59 degrees 50 minutes north, 25 degrees 24 minutes east. It was sailing from Oulu, Finland, to Kotka, Finland, and after the fire was extinguished, called at Kotka.

The ANTELOPE (Honduran-registry 1,165-gt motor vessel built in 1979), sailing from Shimizu, Japan, to South Korea with aluminum coils, capsized and sank 47 kilometers/29 miles south of Cape Irago, Japan, at 0010 5 Feb. in a storm. The location is 34 degrees 18 minutes north, 137 degrees 25 minutes east. Of the crew, six were rescued and two are missing. However, three of the six later died. The crew included five Myanmar citizens and three South Korean citizens.

6/2 1998 The Pacific Swan (British-registry 3,792-dwt vessel built in 1979, operated by British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. with James Fisher), carrying 24 metric tons of reprocessed nuclear waste, was to transit the Panama Canal on 6 Feb. Reportedly, three members of Greenpeace boarded the ship in protest. The French nuclear firm COGEMA is shipping 60 glass logs of reprocessed nuclear waste sealed in stainless-steel canisters aboard the Pacific Swan to Mutsu Ogawara, Japan. The ship left Cherbourg, France, on 21 Jan., and should arrive at Mutsu Ogawara early next month.
7/2 1998

The FEI CUI HAI (Chinese-registry 18,972-gt, 32,300-dwt bulk carrier built in 1973, owned by Qingdao Ocean Shipping and operated by COSCO Bulk Carrier Co. Ltd.) sank the night of 7 Feb. at 09 degrees 31 minutes north, 110 degrees 33 minutes east. The location is in the South China Sea off southern Vietnam. Thirty-one of the 34 crew are missing. The Fei Cui Hai was sailing from New Mangalore, India, to Nanjing, China, with 27,499 tons of iron ore concentrate. The Pioneer Leader (Panamanian-registry 17,859-dwt ro/ro built in 1980, operated by Eisho Sangyo K.K.) and the Venus Diamond (Singaporean-registry 14,360-dwt ro/ro built in 1978, operated by NYK Ship Management (Hong Kong) Ltd.) diverted to search for survivors. The Fei Cui Hai was classified by China Classification Society. Thirty crewmembers are missing and four were rescued in the South China Sea off southern Vietnam. The Fei Cui Hai was sailing from New Mangalore, India, to Nanjing, China, with 27,499 tons of iron ore concentrate. The ship was launched as the Bravenes and was later the Silverdon. The last annual servey was in September and another visit was made in October. The Fei Cui Hai cleared port state control inspections in November and December in Russia and South Korea.

M/V Agan (Russian dry cargo ship) sank 100 miles off Ulung Do, South Korea. It was carrying scrap from Nakhodka, Russia, to Masan, South Korea. Four crew were killed;   

M/V Jade Sea (China, Qingdao Ocean Shipping Co) of 30 crew sank in S. China Sea. The vessel was 30,000 tons

The DEEZEMEOW (Belgian-registry 200-ton fishing vessel) caught fire in England's Liverpool Bay. The Grampian Supporter (1,942-dwt offshore support vessel built in 1976, operated by North Star Shipping (Aberdeen) Ltd.) rescued the five crewmembers. The Deezemeow was later towed to the Canada Dock in Liverpool, England, by the Oakgarth (British-registry 136-gt tug built in 1984, operated by Cory Towage (Tees) Ltd.) not the Rowangarth (173-dwt tug built in 1981, operated by Cory Towage (Tees) ) as previously reported. The vessel has a gutted bridge and accomodation area.

8/2 1998 The HA THANH (Vietnamese-registry 1,442-gt, 2,230-dwt general cargo ship built in 1980, operated by Northern Waterways Transport Corp.) dragged anchor in bad weather outside Shimonoseki, Japan, on 8 Feb. as it waited to berth at Kokura. It ran aground at 33 degrees 58.6 minutes north, 130 degrees 54.9 minutes east. The 21 crewmembers were rescued by helicopter. Flooding of the engine room and cargo holds have been reported as well as some pollution.
10/2 1998

The first Russian-registry vessel to dock in Taiwan in decades arrived in Kaohsiung. The YELENA SNATROVA (7,200-dwt dry cargo ship built in 1990, owned and operated by Far Eastern Shipping Co.), loaded with chromite, arrived from Vladivostok, Russia. Direct sailings between Russia and Taiwan were agreed to on 9 Jan.

The NP UNITY (Bahamian-registry 2,757-gt, 4,132-dwt liquefied natural gas carrier built in 1986, operated by Trindad & Tobago Shipping) ran aground in bad weather at Canefields Mooring off Dominica. It was sailing from Antigua with gasoil and jet fuel. The ship's engine room is reportedly flooded.

The AIU (Canadian-registry 11-meter/35-foot tug) sank off Comox Bar, British Columbia.
11/2 1998

A 101-meter/332-foot tank barge broke free from the tug Osprey on the night of 11 Feb. in rough weather and the crew anchored it 32 kilometers/20 miles east of Cape Hatteras, N.C. The barge was carrying 12.77 million liters/3,360 million gallons of liquid styrene. The Osprey remained in the area overnight and was to tow the barge to Huntsman Chemical in Chesapeake, Va., on 12 Feb

A fishing vessel collided with a containership and sank just after 2300. All 33 crewmembers of the Alaska-1 (198-ton, 59-meter/198-foot long fishing vessel homeported in Seattle) boarded two liferafts and were taken aboard the fishing vessel Dominator. The ALASKA-1 collided with the HANJIN BARCELONA (Panamanian-registry 62,723-dwt, 300-meter/984-foot containership built in 1992, operated by Hanjin), 54 kilometers/34 miles north of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The fishing vessel had 361,000 liters/95,000 gallons of diesel fuel aboard. The Hanjin Barcelona was sailing from Oakland, Calif., to Taiwan with 4,000 containers. Weather was clear with 1.8-meter/six-foot seas and winds of 15 to 20 knots. Water depth in the area is about 850 meters/2,800 feet.

The U.S. Navy's Los Angeles-class Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine U.S.S. LA JOLLA (SSN 701) and a South Korean-registry fishing vessel collided before dawn 11 Feb., 11 kilometers/6.6 miles off southern South Korea. The fishing vessel sank and its five crew were rescued by the submarine, which is part of the Seventh Fleet in Japan. The U.S.S. La Jolla was sailing to Chinhae, South Korea, for supplies and maintenance.

The GREAT LAND (16,559-dwt ro/ro built in 1975, operated by Interocean Ugland Management Corp.) reported that it suffered a 17-meter/55-foot long transverse hull fracture while sailing in bad weather from Anchorage, Alaska, to Tacoma, Wash. It is now moored at Todd Pacific Shipyard Corp. in Seattle.

13/2 1998

The AGAN (Russian-registry 1,522-gt, 1,650-dwt motor dry cargo ship built in 1977, operated by Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Co.) sank  75 kilometers/40 miles north of Ullung-do Island, South Korea. It was carrying scrap from Nakhodka, Russia, to Masan, South Korea. Four Russian crewmembers were killed but 11 others were rescued. The Agan sent a distress message stating it was flooding in a cargo hold and four vessels responded. An icebreaker took the survivors and the four bodies to Vladivostok, Russia, on 14 Feb.

14/2 1998

The tug B. RAY MILLER, pushing 25 coal barges, ran aground in the Mississippi River near mile marker 94 at Chester, Mo. Two barges took on water. The river was closed between mile markers 93 and 95. Two other tugs broke-up the tow and the river section reopened the next day.

The BEGI (Belize-registry 1,079-gt, 500-dwt vessel) broke its moorings in Poti, Georgia, and drifted into the Black Sea during a storm. It later sank and the five crewmembers are missing.

The ALBA CIERRO (Cypriot-registry) was detained 14 Feb. at Skagway, Alaska, for violations of the Safety of Life at Sea convention. It was originally detained for a fire pump problem, a lifeboat problem and a small hull fracture. During the detention, additional problems with sea chest and valve failures as well as  crewmember labor disputes were reported to the U.S. Coast Guard's Marine Safety Office in Juneau, Alaska. Another inspection for additional mechanical problems, uneven cargo loading and crew allegations that may affect vessel operation.

15/2 1998

The MANZUR (3,650-dwt dry cargo ship built in 1985, owned by Foroohari Shipping Co. and operated by Herbert Drewes), carrying calcium oxide and other chemicals, caught fire in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship reached the Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River the next day, by which time the fire was contained. The vessel has 11 crewmembers.

The ELIZABETH S. (133-gt tug built in 1944) sank on near New Orleans during a storm. The Samson (196-gt, 88-nt, 35.11-meter/115.2-foot tug built in 1966 by Pacific Coast Engineering Inc. at Almeda, Calif.; operated by Crowley Marine Services Inc.) ran aground near New Orleans at East Bell Pass the same day.

16/2 1998

The TRACY (226-gt, 113-nt, 30.8-meter/101-foot tug built in 1953 by Avondale Marine Ways at Westwego, La.; owned by Inter Development Corp.), towing the Hawk (49-gt, 24.0-meter/78.9-foot tug built in 1945 by Tampa Marine Corp. at Tampa, Fla.; owned by Inter Development), ran aground off Miami Beach, Fla.

The barge CHEROKEE hit the offshore petroleum platform WEST DELTA 106 in the Gulf of Mexico at 1345 and both caught fire. The rig is located about 24 kilometers/15 miles south of the Southwest Pass at the mouth of the Mississippi River. The barge was being pushed by the tug Gulf Cajun and the nine crewmembers of the tug extinguished the fire aboard the barge. Eight were injured aboard the tow, including six with smoke inhalation and two with severe abrasions. Six people were aboard the rig. Two were rescued by a helicopter and four used an escape capsule that was picked up by another vessel. The West Delta 106 is owned by Walter Oil and Gas and blazed for more than four hours.

The Chinese newspaper Liberation Daily reported 16 Feb. that 30 of the 34 crew of the FEI CUI HAI (Chinese-registry 18,972-gt, 32,300-dwt bulk carrier built in 1973, owned by Qingdao Ocean Shipping Co. and operated by COSCO Bulk Carrier Co. Ltd.) are missing and four have been rescued. The ship sank the night of 7 Feb. at 09 degrees 31 minutes north, 110 degrees 33 minutes east. The location is in the South China Sea off southern Vietnam. The Fei Cui Hai was sailing from New Mangalore, India, to Nanjing, China, with 27,499 tons of iron ore concentrate.

17/2 1998

The SHINE (Honduran-registry 199-gt fish carrier) sank in rough seas about 27 kilometers/16 miles east-northeast of Iki, Japan. Four crewmembers were rescued and one was killed. A fishing vessel rescued the four South Korean citizens but the fifth, Engineer Kim Chong Kun, 62, of South Korea, was found dead. The Shine was sailing from South Lorea to Uwajima, Japan, with rockfish.

The MARIE BOUANGA (Congolese-registry 2,875-gt, 4,100-dwt general cargo ship built in 1970, operated by European Maritime Services Agency) collided with the ZIRCONE (Italian-registry 5,045-gt, 8,091-dwt chemical tanker built in 1993, operated by Finbeta SpA) at 53 degrees 48 minutes north, 06 degrees 21.2 minutes east, off the Netherlands. The Marie Bouanga was sailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with aluminum. The Zircone was sailing to Rotterdam with caustic soda, gasoline, kerosene and methlyine chloride. The Marie Bouanga was towed by Eemshaven, the Delfzyl, the Netherlands, by Smit International. One of its crewmembers is missing and the ship has damage to its aft port area near the engine room. Eight crewmembers were taken off by helicopter while the master and one other remained aboard for the tow. The Zircone has some bow damage.

The Augusta (Honduran-registry 1,243-gt general cargo ship) anchored at Mutsune with leakage in the forward end of its stern tube. The vessel was towed to Moji, Japan, the next day. The Augusta was sailing from Xingang, China, to Katagami with 1,538 tons of bauxite.

The FRONT LORD (Singaporean-registry 149,000-gt, 284,497-dwt tanker built in 1991), operated by Frontline Management) suffered hairline cracks in cargo tank No. 4 following Beaufort Force 9 winds and seas up to 10 meters/33 feet for 48 hours in the Atlantic Ocean. As of 18 Feb., an 800-meter/2,600-foot wide slick trailed the ship 15 kilometers/9.4 miles. It has 263,000 tons of Brent blended crude oil aboard for Galveston, Texas, but only 10 tons of oil was reported lost. On 19 Feb., Portugal denied permission for the Front Lord to enter a port in the Azores Islands. At last report, the Front Lord was 400 kilometers/250 miles west of the Azores and headed for Ponta Delgada in the Azores. A Portuguese Navy vessel has been shadowing the Front Lord and a Portuguese Air Force aircraft has monitored the ship as well.

The GREEN WAVE (U.S.-registry 9,521-gt, 12,891-dwt, 154.57-meter/507.12-foot dry cargo ship built in 1980 by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG at Kiel, Germany) had a crankcase explosion  410 kilometers/256 miles off New Zealand. The ship was sailing from McMurdo Station, Antarctica, to Christchurch, New Zealand, and has a crew of 22 with nine passengers. The U.S. Coast Guard's lead ship of the U.S.C.G.C. Polar Star (WAGB 10)-class icebreaker, which was sailing to Melbourne, Australia, after three months operating around Antarctica, responded and took the Green Wave in tow. The Green Wave is chartered by the U.S. Military Sealift Command from Central Gulf Lines Inc.

18/2 1998

Sweden officially ended its investigation of the sinking of the Estonia on 18 Feb. No legal action will be taken. At least 852 people were killed when the vessel sank in the Baltic Sea off Finland on 28 Sept., 1994. The Estonia, a 15,989-ton ro/ro and passenger ferry, was sailing from Tallinn, Estonia, to Stockholm, Sweden, when its bow door opened in a storm. Only 137 survived. The 155-meter/509-foot ferry was built by Meyer Werft in 1979.

The CONQUESTVENTURE L (Liberian-registry tanker built in 1980, owned by B&H) hit a submerged object near Robben Island in South Africa's Table Bay. Liquid caustic soda spilled into the water from two cargo tanks for two hours. The tanker was sailing from the United States to Cape Town, South Africa.

19/2 1998 The HOLLGAN STAR (Ghanaian-registry 663-gt general cargo ship), sailing with emergency food supplies from Monrovia, Liberia, to Freetown, Sierra Leone, took on water off Freetown.
20/2 1998  
21/2 1998

Stocznia Szczecinska S.A. Szczecin, Poland launched its third containership this year on 21 Feb., the 1,728-TEU capacity HELEN RICKMERS.

The SCOT TRADER (Bahamian-registry 1,584-gt, 1,900-dwt dry cargo ship built in 1986, operated by Scotline Ltd.) ran aground in the Humber River off Brough, England, on 21 Feb. and developed a 50-degree list. The crew evacuated and the cargo of timber was lightered to barges to enable refloating of the ship the next day. The Scot Trader was sailing from Varberg, Sweden, to Goole, England.

U.S. Navy vessels stopped two vessels in the Persian Gulf on 21 Feb. that are suspected of smuggling petroleum from Iraq in violation of United Nations sanctions. The two joined four other vessels northeast of Bahrain in custody of enforcement vessels including the Navy's Arleigh Burke-class Guided-Missile Destroyer U.S.S. Carney (DDG 64). Each is carrying 4,000 metric tons of oil and six Navy personnel are stationed aboard each as guards. One of the vessels was the MILAD with a crew of 10 Iraqi citizens and one Sudanese citizen. Another suspected smuggling vessel was being tracked.
22/2 1998

The HEKABE (Bermudan-registry 43,386-dwt, 219-meter/720-foot tanker built in 1977, operated by Bergesen dy A/S), carrying ammonia, lost power the morning of 22 Feb. while sailing to Kenai, Alaska. A crewmember aboard is also injured. Winds of 147 kilometers per hour/92 miles per hour and 12-meter/40-foot seas were reported. The tanker was last reported 107 kilometers/67 miles southwest of Amatignak Island, Alaska. The Hekabe was headed to the Unocal Corp. fertilizer plant at Nikiski to load more ammonia before returning to South Korea. It currently has 80 tons of ammonia vapor and 130 tons of liquid ammonia aboard. The ship lost power when weather conditions caused a spare engine cylinder head to hit the cooling system about 0715. An engineer, Romeo Parrilla, 32, suffered a broken leg in the incident and was treated with morphine. Thirty-three other crewmembers were not injured. U.S. Coast Guard efforts to reach the ship were delayed by weather conditions.

 The ADRIA (Romanian-registry 2,075-gt, 2,400-dwt motor dry cargo ship built in 1977, owned and operated by Navrom S.A.) caught fire at 2355 22 Feb. at 34 degrees 43 minutes north, 07 degrees 11 minutes west. The location is 80 kilometers/50 miles of Casablanca, Morocco. The Adria was sailing from Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, to Ravenna, Italy, with general cargo including baled cotton. It was bareboat chartered with Donau Sealink. The fire followed an explosion in the engine room. Three crewmembers were killed and 13 were rescued by two vessels. The ship was last reported adrift and still on fire.

25/2 1998

The LAURA (Noumea-registry 1,283-gt, 90-meter/295-foot motor general cargo ship) sank in the Arafura Sea on 25 Feb., 600 kilometers/370 miles northeast of Darwin, Australia. The location is 10 degrees 28.5 minutes south, 137 degrees 05.5 minutes east. All 11 crewmembers were rescued by the Royal Australian Navy's Fremantle-class Patrol Boat H.M.A.S. Wollongong (206), homeported in Darwin, at 0930, four hours before the ship sank. Earlier, three Australian aircraft dropped liferafts. The Laura was sailing to Port Vila, Vanuatu, when it experienced engine problems and anchored for repairs. Heavy seas and 20-knot winds then caused the cargo of bitumen and cement to shift. The crew includes eight New Caledonian citizens and three Malaysian citizens.

At 0111, the EAGLE MEMPHIS (Malaysian-registry 53,483-gt, motor tanker) and the ORIENTAL VIOLET (Panamanian-registry 4,989-gt, 9,061-dwt motor tanker built in 1992, operated by New Shipping Kaisha Ltd.) collided 32 kilometers/20 miles northwest of the United Kingdom's Guernsey Island in the English Channel. The location was 49 degrees 50.7 minutes north, 03 degrees 10.9 minutes east. The Eagle Memphis was in ballast and sustained a holed port ballast tank. It was sailing from Flotta, Scotland, to Falmouth, England. The Oriental Violet has 4,000 tons of corn oil and orthoxylene and also sustained port ballast tank damage as well as forepeak tank flooding and its starboard anchor was stove-in. It was sailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to Lavera, France. The Eagle Memphis has a crew of 25 and the Oriental Violet has 18. Weather included a Force 3 northwest wind, only slight seas and visibility of 16 kilometers/10 miles. The Eagle Memphis was sailing towards the eastbound lane while the Oriental Violet was leaving the westbound lane. There are conflicting reports on where the Memphis Eagle sailed but the Oriental Violet went back to Rotterdam.
26/2 1998