Mengwalls Rederier,
(P/R Arne Elmer Pettersson)
(Rederi AB Castor)
(Rederi AB Alpen)

M/T CASTOR (1946 - 1961)

Build 1944 at Furness S.B. Co. Ltd., Haverton Hill-on-Tees. #
Tonnage: 456 grt, 159 nrt.
Dim: 45,16 x 8,25 x 3,35 m.
Engine: Oil 2SA 6-cyl., British Auxiliaries Ltd., Glasgow.
Swedish 8808.


May 1944: Delivered to Ministry of War Transport, London, England as CHANT 64.
1946: Sold to P/R Arne E. Pettersson, Skarhamn, Sweden and renamed CASTOR.
1959: Transferred to Rederi AB Castor, Uddevalla, Sweden.
1961: Sold to S.P. Christensen, Vejle, Denmark and renamed HERMAN RASK.
1966: Sold to H. E. Bergmann, Odense, Denmark and renamed BELLAN.
1972: Broken up in Odense, Denmark


M/S DAGÖ. (1950 - 1956)

Build 1919 av Kalundborgs Skipsværft A/S, Kalundborg, Danmark. # ?
Dim: 26,53 x 6,94 x 2,69 m.
Tonnage: 158grt, 90 nrt, 230 dwt.
Engine: Crude Oil 120 bhp Frederikshavn Jernst & Maskin.
Swedish 6373.
IMO. 5083992.

1919: Delivered as a Aux 3m schooner to A/S Falken, Svendborg, Denmark, as SIRIUS
5/5 1920: Sold to TGO, Stockholm, Sweden.
8/3 1922: Sold to AB Carlsson, Goteborg, Sweden.
1927: New engine fitted. (Crude Oil 2-cyl, 130 bhp J.V. Svenssons Motorfabrik.
24/1 1928: Sold to H.F. Lonnquist, Borga, Finland.
21/1 1938: Sold to AB Kristensen Ltd, Stockholm, Sweden.
5/5 1938: Sold to Alfons Servin, Helsinki, Finland.
28/7 1938: Sold till AB Kristensen Ltd, Stockholm, Sweden.
17/8 1939: Transferred to AB Juni, Stockholm, Sweden.
8/1 1943: Company name changed to Rederi AB Turego, Stockholm, Sweden.
Jan. 1943: Sold to AB Bensintransport, Stockholm, Sweden.
1943. Arrived Lodose varv, Lodose to be lengthened and fitted with a new engine. New dim: 33,13 x 6,91 x 3,04 m. 285 grt, 124 nrt, 280dwt. Engine: C 2-cyl Lundby, 120 ihp.
26/6 1943: Re-delivered and renamed BT II.
15/2 1950: Sold to P/R Arne Elmer Pettersson, Skarhamn, Sweden. Renamed DAGÖ.
April 1950: Transferred to Rederi AB Castor, Uddevalla, Sweden.
Dec 1952: New engine fitted (Oil 4-cyl, Alpha diesel, 240 bhp.
21/8 1956: Sold to P/R Knut Botvid Julin, Vrango, Sweden.
11/9 1963: Sold to Handelsbolaget Gullmar, Ferm & Co, Lysekil, Sweden. Renamed BROTANK.
3/1 1966: Sold to A.D. Papadoupolos, Piraeus, Greece. Renamed CHANIA.
1969: Transferred to The Megalonissos Co Ltd Sea Transport & Marine Exploitation, Piraeus, Greece.
1985: Sold to Karponidis Shipyard, Eleusis, Greece to be broken up.
8/5 1985: Works started. 


M/T SVANÖ (1953 - 1967)

Build 1947 at N. V. Scheeps. v.d. Werf, Deest. # 220
Engine: Oil 4SA 6-cyl., 400 bhp build at N.V. Werkspoor, Amsterdam.
Swedish  9404
IMO: 5346411.

Sept.1947: Delivered to AB Finland Sydamerika Linjen OY, Helsinki Finland as T 2.
1953: Sold to Rederi AB Castor, Uddevalla, Sweden and renamed SVANÖ.
1956: Lengthed with 6,3 m. (New tonnage: 472 grt, 278 nrt, 691 dwt. Dim: 52,02 x 7,62 x 3,33 m)
1967: Sold to Captain Koutlakis, Piraeus, Greece and renamed AGIOS DIMITRIOS.
1998: Registered on Hydronauta MTME, Greece


AGIOS DIMITRIOS (Photo: L. Pettersson)

M/T THELL (1955 - 1967)

Build 1941 at N.V. De Groot & Van Vliet N.V., Slikkerveer. #
Tonnage: 449 grt, 195 nrt, 610 dwt.
Dim: 54,07 x 7,90 x ? m.
Oil 4SA 8-cyl. KHD AG, Köln, 400 bhp
Swedish 9608.
IMO: 5358232

Ordered by A/S Rederiet Oddfjell, Bergen, Norway
26/5 1940: Contract transferred to Deutsche Kriegsmarine
1941: Delivered to Deutsche Kriegsmarine as JUNGFERSAND.
1945: Returned to Skibs A/S Oljetransport (A/S Rederiet Oddfjell), Bergen, Norway and renamed HEGG.
1955: Sold to Rederi AB Alpen (A.E. Pettersson), Uddevalla, Sweden and renamed THELL.
1957: New engine fitted. (Oil 2SA 4-cyl., 480 bhp, Alpha-Diesel A/S, Frederikshavn.
1967: Sold to Rederi AB Brevik (Rolf Eliasson), Ockero, Sweden
1972: Sold to Willo Issakainnin, Lappeenranta, Finland and renamed MIKI.
1974: Sold to Oy Lake Saimaa Ltd., Kuopio,
1975: Sold to Seppo Pirttilä, Helsinki,
1976: Sold to Severus Oy, Helsinki, Finland.
1977: Sold to unknown owners in Liberia. Probably rebuild to a tank lighter.

THELL (Photo: K. Andersson)

THELL (Photo: B. Palm)

M/T NORD (1957 - 1960)

Build 1945 at I. Pimblott & Sons Ltd, Northwich. # 662
Tonnage: 297 grt, 125 nrt.
Dim: 40,97 x 7,34 x 2,92 m.
Engine: Oil 2SA 6-cyl., British Auxiliaries Ltd., Glasgow.
Swedish  9726
IMO: 5334494

Jan. 1945 Delivered to Ministry of War Transport, London, England as EMPIRE TAPLEY.
1946: Sold to A/S Tankskibsrederiet (K.V.Tersling), Denmark  and renamed HAIFA.
1957: Sold to
Rederi AB Castor, Uddevalla  Sweden and renamed NORD.
Rebuild (new tonnage:  366grt, 167 nrt, 536 dwt, Dim: 50,11 x 7,34 x 2,92 m.
1960: Sold to S.P. Christensen, Vejle, Denmark and renamed SOREN RASK
1973: Sold to Argonaftis Argo Maritime, Greece and renamed DORIFOROS.
1980: Sold to Cyprus Star Shipping Co, Cyprus and renamed CYPRUS STAR.
1981: Renamed NEWLUCK and registered in Panama for Cyprus Star Shipping Co.
1984: Scrapped at Barry, Wales.

NORD (Photo: Nils Erik Olsson)
M/T SVANFJORD (I) (1965 - 1971)

Build 1965 at Broderna Ekeroths Metallkonstruktioner, Norrkoping, Sweden. #
Tonnage: 497 grt, 241 nrt, 918 dwt.
Dim: 60,78 x 9,55 x 4,03 m.
Engine: Oil 2SA 7-cyl., 900 bhp, Alpha-Diesel A/S, Frederikshavn.
Swedish 10561
IMO: 6416964

Jan. 1965: Delivered to Rederi AB Castor, Uddevalla, Sweden as SVANFJORD.
1971: Sold to Tankerska Plovidba, Yugoslavia and renamed LENDAVA.
July 2001: Sold to Meerwali / Kalaf, Georgia and renamed AL HUSSIN I.

M/T BELLONA (I) (1967 - 1973)

Build 1963 at Grotvaagen Verft, Kyrksaeterora, Norway. # 27
Tonnage: 498 grt, 284 nrt, 929 dwt.
Dim: 62,02 x 9,47 x 4,03 m.
Engine: Oil 4SA 6-cyl., 800 bhp, Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz, Koeln.
Swedish 10397.
IMO: 6360696.

1963: Delivered as THUNTANK 10 to H. Kallsson, Lidkoping, Sweden
19/12 1963: THUNTANK 10, collided in Kielchannel, near Oldenbüttel with Polish steamer BYTOM (8.530 dwt). THUNTANK 10 was heavely damaged in the stern, and was taken in to Brunsbüttelkoog for repair. BYTOM developed a leak in her forpeak and cargo hold.
1967: Sold to Rederi AB Alpen, Uddevalla, Sweden and renamed BELLONA.
1973: Sold to Torquato Vechiarelli, Rome, Italy and renamed VETOR.
1975: Transferred to Torquato Vechiarelli, Anzio, Italy and renamed VETOR QUINTO.
1979: Sold to Vetor Srl., Italy, no change of name.

THUNTANK 10 (Photo: Horst Dein)

BELLONA (I) (Photo: K. Bång)
M/T LINDFJORD (I) (1961 - 1963)

Build 1946 at Sarpsborg M.V. A/S, Sarpsborg, Norway. #
Tonnage: 471 grt, 174 nrt, 514 dwt.
Dim: 51,05 x 7,87 x 3,47 m.
Engine: Oil 4SA 6-cyl., MWM
Swedish 9512.
IMO: 5413123

Launched as BREMANGER.
1946: Delivered as VILDKAT to ?
1947: Sold to The Eastern Shipping Co. A/S, Oslo, Norway and renamed KLOVERSUND.
1950: Sold to Skibs A/S Widan, Bergen, Norway and renamed WIDAN.
1951: Sold to A/S Tanis, Bergen, Norway and renamed TANIS.
1955: Sold to ? and renamed TANUS.
1959: Sold to Thunrederierna AB, Linkoping, Sweden and renamed THUNTANK III.
1961: Sold to Rederi AB Castor, Uddevall, Sweden and renamed LINDFJORD.
1963: Sold to Polish Government, Gdynia, Poland and renamed REGLE.
1979: Broken up in Gdansk, Poland.

LINDFJORD (I) (Photo: K. Bång)
M/S WENIA (1962 - 1974)

Build 1958 at Lidingöverken K.B. AB, Lidingö, Sweden. #27
Tonnage: 499 grt, 273 nrt, 965 dwt.
Dim: 60,57 x 10,03 x 3,81 m.
Engine: Oil 4SA 6-cyl., 755 bhp., Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz.
Swedish 10296.
IMO: 5387594

Oct. 1958: Delivered to Skibs A/S Randi, Oslo, Norway as TUSKEN.
1962: Sold to Rederi AB Alpen, Uddevalla, Sweden and renamed WENIA.
1974: Sold to Compania de Navegacion Ashanti S.A., Panama and renamed COMET.
1974: Renamed COMET 1.
1984: Sold to K. P. Bousses, S.A. Pappas & I.D. Tsimounis, Piraeus, Greece and renamed DIMITRIOS L.
1986: Renamed GEORGIA I.
1988: Sold to Vigia Shipping Co., Piraeus, Greece and renamed EVANGELIA D.
1996: Sold to Arkadi Shipping Co., Piraeus, Greece and renamed AGIOS MINAS.
1997: Sold to Zenith Shipping & Trading S.A., Belize and renamed HURRICANE.
2000: Transferred to Zenith Shipping & Trading S.A., Bolivia and renamed KLEIVI.
Nov.2002: Sold to I. Hasanaj, Albania.

WENIA (Photo: Terje Fredh)

WENIA (Photo: C. G. Nyström)

M/T SVANFJORD (II) (1971 - 1980)

Build 1963 as Lodose Varf, Lodose, Sweden. # 138
Launched: 20/12 1962
Tonnage: 1.583 grt, 923 nrt, 2.150 dwt
75,69 x 11.55 x 5,20.
Engine: Oil 4SA 8-cyl., 1.500 bhp., MWM.
Swedish 10384.
IMO: 5360572

5/4 1963: Delivered as THULE to P/R Lars Georg Johansson (OT-Rederierna), Skarhamn, Sweden.
3/6 1966: Heavely damaged in ice at Baltic Sea, but repaired.

10/6 1971: Sold to Rederi AB Castor, Uddevalla. Sweden and renamed SVANFJORD
1976: Rebuild and deepened at Nissanvarvet Halmstad, Sweden. (New tonnage: 1.599 grt, 905 nrt, 2.184 dwt, Dim: 75,70 x 11,56, 6,10 m).
1980: Sold to Sten Goran Haggerud, Kalmar, Sweden and renamed SUNDEX.
1988: Sold to Rroduct Carrier Ltd., Cayman Islands and renamed SUNDEXE.
Dec. 1995: Sold to Matala Maritime S.A., St. Vincent and renamed ANITA.
1997: Sold to Dolphin Marine Charterers, St. Vincent.
27/2 2001: Laid up in Immingham, England with a damaged engine.
2001: Sold to unknown owners, Nigeria and renamed ZANITA.
Nov. 2001: Departured Immingham for Ghana in tow of tug TEMPEST.
2005: Sold to Unknown owners, Nigeria and renamed MERCURY.
2009: Sold to
Daped Nigeria Ltd, Nigeria and renamed MERCY.

M/T BELLONA (II) (1974 - 1974)

Build 1965 at Lodose Varf, Lodose, Sweden. # 143
Launched: 2/2 1965.
Tonnage: 2.307 grt, 1.323 nrt, 3.187 dwt
86,78/80,0 x 12,5 x 6,1 m.
Oil 4SA 8-cyl., 2200 bhp, Motorenw. Mannheim
Swedish 10610.
IMO: 6506628

28/6 1965: Delivered as LUNA to p/r Lars Georg Johansson, (OT-Rederierna), Skarhamn, Sweden

1974: Sold to P/R Arne Mengwall, Uddevalla, and renamed BELLONA.
9/7 1974: Sold to Ludvig Svensson & Co Skeppsmäkleri AB, skeppsmäklare K A Sjögren and kamrer O Kjellander, Sweden.
1/8 1974: Sold to Clondusc Partnership, Dublin. Irish Republic
Dec. 1974: Renamed RATHOWEN.
1980: Sold to Dublin Shipping Ltd, Dublin, Irish Republic.
25/9 1981: Arrived Malta in tow of tug ”Salvamar”. Water in engine room.
4/1 1982 Deprtured to Tarragona.
31/3 1982: Laid up in Barry. 
18/9 1983: Departured Barry renamed BALTIC PROSPERITY, owned by Lavinia Corp, Panama.
18/12 1996: Fire broke out whilst at anchor in Berkeley Sound, Falkland Island, and the accommadation was gutted. She was carrying marine gas oil for distribution to fishing vessels in the Falkland area. Crew saved.
The cargo was transffered to a russin tanker and  BALTIC PROSPERITY was towed to Montevideo wich she arrived 2/1 1997 for inspection.
2005.12: Noted in "Equasis" as a "dead ship".
2008: Still here


LUNA (Photo: D. MacFie)
M/T BELLONA (III) (1975 - 1978)

Build 1966 at Lodose Varf, Lodose, Sweden. # 145
Tonnage: 2.269 grt, 1.282 nrt, 3.184 dwt.
Dim: 87,79 x 12,53 x 6,10 m.
Engine: Oil 4SA 8-cyl., 2.200 bhp, MWM
Swedish 10686.
IMO: 6603165.

1966: Delivered as LISA to O. T. Rederierna, Skarhamn, Sweden
8/4 1968: Went aground off Fredrikstad when inward bound from Antwerp and although refloated next day, had sustained heavy bottom damage.
1975: Sold to A.E. Mengwall, Uddevalla Sweden and renamed BELLONA.
1978: Sold to Corinthian Maritime Inc., Piraeus, Greece and renamed SIDON.
1988: Sold to Florinta Maritime Co., Piraeus, Greece and renamed ARKADIA.
1994: Sold to Abdul Salam Obaid Doei, St. Vincent and renamed AL FALAH.
1995: Renamed LISA.
1999: Sold to Texas Offshore Service, Honduras and renamed RANIA.
2000: Sold to Alshekargy R.M.R., Georgia and renamed SAFEER I.
2002: Sold to Al Modather General Trading, Tonga.
2004: Sold to Ghorban Asgari Jafarabadi, Panama and renamed SEA GULF.

M/T BELLONA (IV) 1978 - 2009)

Build 1965 at Oskarshamns Varv, Oskarshamn. # 388
Tonnage: 1599 grt, 919 nrt, 2.949 dwt
Dim: 87,02 x 12,44 x 6,01 m. Draft: 5,45 m.
Engine: Oil 4SA 6-cyl., 2.400 bhp, MaK.
Swedish 10617
IMO: 6514376.

1965: Delivered as STELLA ATLANTIC to Rederi AB Bertil Skanse & Co., Skärhamn, Sweden.
1978: Sold to Rederi AB Castor, Uddevalla, Sweden and renamed BELLONA.
1997: Widened in Poland (New Tonnage: 2.366 grt, 1.173 nrt, 3.794 dwt, Dim: 87,50 x 12,43 x 6,02 m).
2009.02: Sold to Lukoil Bulgaria Bunker Ltd, Bulgaria. No change of name


BELLONA (IV) (After widening 1997)

M/T LINDFJORD (II) (1980 - 1997)

Build 1971 at C. Lühring, Brake, Germany. # 7101
Tonnage: 1562 grt, 987 nrt, 3100 dwt.
Dim: 86,72 x 12,53 x 6,35 m.
Engine: Oil 4SA 8-Cyl., 1.800 bhp, Atlas-MaK Masch. Kiel.
Swedish 12697
IMO: 7113375

1971: Delivered as STÖR to m.s. Stör See-tank Schiff.ges m.b.H & Co (Carl Büttner), Bremen, W. Germany.
1980: Sold to P/R A.E. Mengwall, Uddevalla, Sweden and renamed LINDFJORD.

30/9 1997: Sold to Petronavia Shipping Co., Piraeus, Greece and renamed VASSILIKI.


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