Uddevallavarvet AB,
Uddevalla, Sweden

Uddevallavarvet AB around 1952.
The ship to the right is m.tanker ASTRID ELISABETH
(handcoloured photo from Firma H. Lindenhag, Göteborg.)
Uddevallavarvet AB 1952.
The newbuilding on the left is the Norwegian tanker ASTRID ELISABETH (launched 2/7 1952)
The white ship in the background is HJÖRDIS THORDEN (delivered 20/12 1953)
(Postcard from T-Delta no: 7780)
Uddevallavarvet AB around 1955
(Postcard from Pressbyrån no: 55621)
Uddevallavarvet AB around 1955.
(Postcard from Pressbyrån no: 21255)
The m.tanker in the foreground is AUSLAG TORM from D/S Torm A/S, Denmark
Uddevallavarvet AB around 1950.
(Postcard from TREAB)
Uddevallavarvet around 1960
(Postcard from A.B.Almquist & Cöster, Helsingborg. No. 407-59)
Uddevallavarvet around 1957
(Postcard from Firma H. Lindenhag, Göteborg)
Uddevallavarvet AB 1969.
S.tanker THORSHAMMER during fit out.
(Postcard from Carla-förlaget, Lysekil. No:467)
Uddevallavarvet AB (year not known)
On the right the shipyard with the slip ways and on left the floating dock.
(Postcard from TREAB)
Uddevallavarvet AB (around 1960 -1965)
A newly launched bulker from the shipyard.
(Postcard from: Lindenhags, Göteborg)
Uddevallavarvet AB around 1950
ROSA THORDEN at the left.
(Postcard manufacturer: Helsings Pappershandel, Uddevalla)